Sky Hero Scrolling Parallax iOS Starter

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Sky Hero Scrolling Parallax iOS Starter | App Code for Sale | Hero



Easy XCode and Cocos2D Project with Tiled Map and Joy Stick Integration

This starter kit includes the complete source code of "Sky Hero" for iPhone build with cocos2d with extensive documentation. This is parallax scrolling game that have fun interaction control with friendly joystick set with collectible and collidable objects.

General :

  1. Complete Source Code for iPhone

  2. Tiled Map Integration

  3. Easy Joystick Integration

  4. Customized HUD Layer

  5. Customized Font and Particle

  6. Documentation & Tutorial

Level Editing :

Customization of the game can be easily done in Tiled Map Editor ( This is very simple map editing just like using stamp with multiple layer. This program allow you to define collidable and collectable object easily in the map.

About Game :

This is background scrolling game with joystick control to collect as many as diamond for collectible item, but must avoid brick and rocket for collidable item. You can modify this game with multiple level and make your own store to spend diamond you got and many more ideas you can make.

Suggestion :

You need to make significant artwork changes prior submitting this application to Apple. If many buyers use this kit and there is no significant changes or improvement, Apple will consider this submissions duplicates each other. That would be rejected by Apple and not good for you as developer. Please use you own background, player, asset, and it will be good to use customized sound effect and music background.


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