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This source code is KILLER. We are selling the universal Mustache Bash photo booth source code for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Mustache Bash has over 750,000 downloads and 900 reviews (with an average of 4.5 stars for all versions)! That's CRAZY!

You can check out the original App here.

All you need to do for the reskin is create a new icon, new Loading and Home screens, new transparent .png feature images to replace the mustaches (1 free pack and other packs for in-app purchase), and a handful of other buttons.

You must change the theme and the images. Otherwise, your app won't stand out enough to be a success. A Single Use license entitles you to create one app and distribute it in binary form through the App Store. But the Unlimited license entitles you to create and distribute in binary form as many reskins as you want.

The app is coded in Objective-C, and includes the following:

  1. iOS 8 Compatibility 
  2. Automagical dropping of free feature images on original image (utilizes eye detection)
  3. Remove Ads in-app purchase with red (x) that triggers the IAP pop-op
  4. 6 image packs available for in-app purchase (you can add as many as you want!)
4. Unlock All – An in-app purchase that will unlock all in app purchases
5. Pick Friend feature for editing Facebook friends' profile pics and posting them on their timelines
  5. Share app to Facebook feature
  6. Share app to Twitter feature
  7. Email app to friends
  8. Follow on Facebook
  9. Follow on Twitter
  10. Contact Support (via email)
  11. Share to Facebook to Unlock Secret Pack feature
  12. Invite Facebook Friends feature
  13. Share edited photos via Facebook, Twitter, and Email
  14. Post edited photos on Instagram

  15. Pop-up for asking users to review the app

  16. Revmob integration
  17. Flurry analytics integration
  18. Flurry AppSpot integration
  19. Playhaven integration
  20. Vungle integration (HD video ads)
  21. Sincerely Ship SDK integration
  22. Playhaven More Apps plug-in
  23. Instructions overlay screen
  24. Color wheel icon (for when users have multiple color options for certain features)
  25. iPhone 5 image support (optimized for the iPhone 5)
  26. Shopping Cart gallery for in-app purchases
  27. Send a Postcard feature via Sincerely Ship (you earn a commission every time!)
  28. iOS8 Ready

And much, much more!   At this price, the Mustache Bash code is an absolute steal. Creating this code from scratch would require approximately 260 development hours (or around 6 weeks).

Licensing the code will save you quite a bit of time and money.

We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and help guide you through the process.

You never know…you could be the next appreneur to make it big. Mustache Bash has over 640,000 downloads and 830 reviews (with an average of 4.5 stars for all versions)!

App Source Code Instructions

Changes Needed for Mustache Bash Source Code

  1. Set up your Bundle ID in your Apple Developer account.
  2. Create your development provisioning profile.
  3. Download and install your development provisioning profile.
  4. Create your iTunes provisioning profile.
  5. Download and install your development provisioning profile.
  6. Change the Project Name in xcode to one that is relevant to your app's theme.
  7. Create a New Schema in xcode for the app.
  8. Set up your Facebook app by going to
  9. Set up a new account with Tapjoy ( and Sincerely Ship (, if you haven’t already. Download the SDKs and put the folders into the ThirdParty folder. For legal reasons, no developer is allowed to distribute these SDKs as a part of licensing source code, so you need to put them back into the app yourself.
  10. In xcode search for 238923342858696 (found in the FacebookManager.m, MustacheBash-Info.plist files) and replace with your new app id from Facebook.10. Set up your app in iTunes Connect.
  11. In the InfoViewController.m file, go to the method (void)reviewOnAppstore: (id)sender and replace the current iTunes url with the url for your game.
  12. In AppDelegate.m find the code that says “rate.appStoreID =“ and replace the numbers after it with the Apple ID for your app from iTunes Connect.
  13. In the same file, find the code "rate.message" and you can change the text for your review pop-ups to whatever you like.
  14. Change Your Bundle Display Name.
  15. Change the bundle ID to the Bundle ID for your app.
  16. Create new design assets to replace the following: • App icon • Loading screen (for iPhone 4 standard; iPhone 4 retina; iPhone 5 retina) • Home screen (for iPhone 4 standard; iPhone 4 retina; iPhone 5 retina) • Feature button (in the Picture Edit toolbar; currently the mustache button in Mustache Bash) • In-app purchase "banners" (for the Shopping Cart screen)
  17. Create new images and preview thumbnails for the free and in-app purchase packs.

Currently Mustache Bash has two folders for each mustache pack inside the “staches” folder. These two packs are titled “mustache” and “thumb.”

The mustache folder contains the images that actually drop on the picture. Each of the images in the mustache folder has a different size, depending on the size of the original image from which the feature was taken. And each mustache has a standard (.png) and retina display (@2x.png) version.

The thumb folder contains the small thumbnail images that show in the mustache gallery. Each of these thumbnail images in thumb folder is the same size (87x72 for standard .png and 174x144 for retina @2x.png). 

So when your designer creates new images, he or she should create the new images for both the mustache folder and thumb folder. These images have the same name but difference sizes. If you follow the naming conventions, the code will be able to “call” the appropriate image file.

  1. Take screenshots to load on iTunes Connect.
  2. Take your In App Purchase Screenshots to load onto iTunes Connect.
  3. Set up Your In app purchases in iTunes Connect.
  4. Set up all your new app placement IDs: • Revmob IDs (fullscreens and banner ads) • Playhaven IDs (interstitials and More Apps plug-in) • Flurry IDs (analytics and banner ads) • Sincerely Ship ID • Vungle ID (Vungle HD video ads appear after a social share action)
  5. Double check to ensure that all the SDKs are the latest versions.
  6. Replace all relevant information in the strings with your app's information: • Review on App Store link • Facebook fan page link (for Follow on Facebook) • Twitter account link (for Follow on Twitter) • All strings and App Store links (for Share via Text, Email to Friends, etc) • Contact Support email • Do a "Replace All" in the local notifications and replace Mustache Bash with your app's name. Even better, rewrite the local notifcations to make them more relevant to your app’s theme. • Support email addresses • Instagram account tag information
  7. Submit that sucker for review!

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  • thomas.geley 2014-12-02 13:25:40 Thread #51615


    Is the project full ObjC or Swift ? Does it use coco2d ? 

    Is it easy to tweak ?

    Thanks in advance,


    • brightnewt Author 2014-12-02 14:50:17

      @thomas.geley Objective-C. It doesn't use Cocos2d. It's got full documentation to make it easy to tweak. 

    • thomas.geley 2014-12-02 14:52:22

      Thx for your quick answer.

  • Chinnaiyan Buyer 2014-12-01 00:53:53 Thread #51466


    I have some questions :

    1) I am getting Pushwoosh error on startup : Your provisioning profile does not have APS entry. Please make your profile push compatible.

    2) The free pack has "unlock all" button and does not display free pack we have. I have not added any, but there is one already and is not displaying.

    3)where to put chart boost id ?

    4)moustache icon is grayed down in tab down bar next to plus sign. 


    • brightnewt Author 2014-12-01 21:58:04

      @chinnaiyan Please read the reskinning documentation provided with the source code. Follow all of the directions, and if you still have questions, come back and post them here. As for ads, I would focus on Playhaven, not Chartboost.

      • Chinnaiyan Buyer 2014-12-05 15:34:35

        Thank you.

    • brightnewt Author 2014-12-01 22:14:57

      @Chinnaiyan Worth noting: Chartboost discontinued support of non-game apps, so you can no longer monetize a photo booth reskin with Chartboost ads. That's why Playhaven/Upsight is the better choice!

      • Chinnaiyan Buyer 2014-12-05 15:34:06


  • CantonaX Buyer 2014-11-23 06:10:47 Thread #50421

    How to upgrade to new version (support iOS8)

    Do you have manual?

    • brightnewt Author 2014-11-23 14:08:13

      @cantonax I'd email with that question. As for a "manual" I'm not sure what you mean. The updated code does include documentation. 

    • Chupa Team 2014-11-23 21:36:36

      Hi @CantonaX, you can download the updated version from your dashboard. Thanks 

  • Bobbywilliams2 2014-10-30 19:35:51 Thread #47587

    In relation to the what assets we can and cannot use: The documentation states: "Go to Resource/UI to replace your images". The UI folder contains over 300 .png files including translations in Chinese. These are just symbols for the menus etc and doesn't take into account the work involved in making the mustaches, banners etc. The documentation also states:

    You may not reuse any of the following assets: the Mustache Bash app icon, any
    of the .png image files
    (unless you buy a separate license), the app’s title, or the
    names of the in-app purchase packs.

    I am assuming that means I must reskin every single image in the app, seems like ALOT of work...

    • Chupa Team 2014-10-30 19:46:17

      Hi @Bobbywilliams2 can you write your request from your buyer's account? Thanks 

    • brightnewt Author 2014-10-30 19:51:57

      @bobbywilliams2 Absolutely, reskinning most apps is a lot of work. Most developers licensing source codes don't allow you to reuse any of the original assets. However, you can reuse any of the user interface assets. What you refer to in bold is in reference to the original mustache .png image files. You need to create new prop .pngs for your app, appropriate for your theme, which you'd want to do anyway to differentiate your app from the original. As for the files localized for Chinese, you can include them or not. The choice is yours. So you'll want the following: new loading screen, new home screen, new app icon, new in-app purchase packs with new prop .pngs, and new banners for those IAP packs. All in all, a relatively small number of new design assets.

  • can u provide the project without adds nd in-app purchases

    • brightnewt Author 2014-10-28 20:02:27

      @ravillathirumalanaid The Luxury version of Mustache Bash without ads and with in-app purchases unlocked is already available in the code as the Luxury target. You simply need to select that target when compiling the code.

  • ringdimasser 2014-10-16 23:18:52 Thread #45635

    so when making say a mask like the lone ranger, we make the asset, and crop it tight, thats it? Eye detection knows how big to put it on screen and where? Seems vague, I dont see how it knows how big and where to put it, asset list? I have to re skin exactly the same assets as you have used? I don't want to make a moustache app, that wont sell, its been done 'already', this has to be something else, masks, hats, fake noses, 'something'. But not moustache. The multi license would be what Im after (IF) it has multiple re skin 'capabilities', but I like to know what I can do with a project. It would be usefull if you showed how one can skin, or what other possibilities there are, what the process is. Other apps I have bought I could download the app instructions that actually come the app, ie what to swap and how, you have a lot of nice apps for sale (on your site) Im interested in, but I have to know how I can re skin them before I buy.

    • brightnewt Author 2014-10-17 00:57:39

      @ringdimasser All of the Bright Newt codes available for sale come with step-by-step reskinning documentation, as well as an assets list that tells you the proper dimensions for each design slice. The app has multiple reskin capabilities as evidenced by the great variety of photo booth apps in the App Store. 

    • brightnewt Author 2014-10-17 16:35:19

      @ringdimasser Any changes you want to make to eye detection, you make at the code level. But if the new .png props are similar in size to the original prop images, then you can leave the settings the same. No, you don't have to use the same THEME (i.e., mustaches), but using the same SIZES for the different design slices will save you time on recoding the user interface. In other words, you can change the colors and designs, but keeping the screen layouts similar to the original will save you money on development. 

  • ringdimasser 2014-10-16 19:45:48 Thread #45616

    I cant test this as my device only goes up to ios 5, so Ill have to understand this by a video I saw demonstrating it.

    Does it need a particular version of xcode to open or compile, or to test in the simulator.

    Is this adaptable to other items like hats etc, or arms holding props. I want understand how it works, in the video it looks like it may have some form of face recognition, it looks like it calculates a face size and calculates a box to the face as a guide. I presume that we save images on a png, and that we use a template with a square on, which gives a rough idea of positioning of the item, place accessory where it is best lined up, then delete the square layer, save the png file, add to the stock images. Does that make any sense? I want to know how we make our props and have them be roughly the right place, because in the example vid, it looked like it was detecting the face, and then items are positioned relatively to this box.

    • brightnewt Author 2014-10-16 19:59:08

      @ringdimasser I wouldn't recommend working on any code with less than Xcode 6 or iOS 8. Yes, you can adapt the code for other props. I'm not sure what you mean by the "box." The code uses eye detection to automagically drop the props designated at the code level. All new prop images should be exported in .png format. If you're trying to make the props look somewhat realistic, then transparent edges are a good idea. You can use the original .png assets for reference and use the assets list to ensure that you export the .pngs with the right dimensions. 

  • sivakorn 2014-09-20 09:45:03 Thread #40873


    I'm interesting to purchase this sourecode. but firstly I just want to make sure that your app is compatible to iOS8 and any of latest ad network SDK integrated?


    • Chupa Team 2014-09-22 00:14:14

      Hi @brightnewt, is the iOS 8 version coming soon? Thanks ;) 

    • brightnewt Author 2014-09-23 17:35:53

      @sivakorn @Chupa Team The update compatible with iOS 8 is currently waiting for review. As soon as the update is approved, I plan to update the product here.

    • Chupa Team 2014-09-23 18:30:51

      @brightnewt Thanks for your prompt reply... We are looking forward for the update! 

  • CantonaX Buyer 2014-09-19 12:46:24 Thread #40800

    Your code can not upload to App store
    error photo :

    • brightnewt Author 2014-09-19 15:34:27

      @cantonaX Looks like you need to update all of the SDKs in your app, particularly Vungle and Flurry. Also, remove the Mobclix SDK entirely.

      • CantonaX Buyer 2014-09-20 08:46:02

        Hi I update all SDKs in my app but error build app

    • brightnewt Author 2014-09-23 17:36:24

      @CantonaX The update compatible with iOS 8 is currently waiting for review. As soon as the update is approved, I plan to update the product here. You should receive a notification and can download the updated code.

    • CantonaX Buyer 2014-09-24 03:34:11

      Thank you so much

  • CantonaX Buyer 2014-09-05 04:11:44 Thread #38947

    Now iOS8 change interface size. We need a change source code?

    • brightnewt Author 2014-09-05 16:11:10

      @cantonaX Yes, if you want your game to be compatible with iOS 8, you should ask your programmer to do some testing and see if the code requires any updates. Though we'll be doing that with the original app/source code ourselves, you will save time and money if you make the changes to your own source code rather than waiting for the Mustache Bash source code and having to reintegrate all of the graphics for all aspect ratios.