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This source code is KILLER. We are selling the universal Mustache Bash photo booth source code for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Mustache Bash has over 750,000 downloads and 900 reviews (with an average of 4.5 stars for all versions)! That's CRAZY!

You can check out the original App here.

All you need to do for the reskin is create a new icon, new Loading and Home screens, new transparent .png feature images to replace the mustaches (1 free pack and other packs for in-app purchase), and a handful of other buttons.

You must change the theme and the images. Otherwise, your app won't stand out enough to be a success. A Single Use license entitles you to create one app and distribute it in binary form through the App Store. But the Unlimited license entitles you to create and distribute in binary form as many reskins as you want.

The app is coded in Objective-C, and includes the following:

  1. iOS 8 Compatibility 
  2. Automagical dropping of free feature images on original image (utilizes eye detection)
  3. Remove Ads in-app purchase with red (x) that triggers the IAP pop-op
  4. 6 image packs available for in-app purchase (you can add as many as you want!)
4. Unlock All – An in-app purchase that will unlock all in app purchases
5. Pick Friend feature for editing Facebook friends' profile pics and posting them on their timelines
  5. Share app to Facebook feature
  6. Share app to Twitter feature
  7. Email app to friends
  8. Follow on Facebook
  9. Follow on Twitter
  10. Contact Support (via email)
  11. Share to Facebook to Unlock Secret Pack feature
  12. Invite Facebook Friends feature
  13. Share edited photos via Facebook, Twitter, and Email
  14. Post edited photos on Instagram

  15. Pop-up for asking users to review the app

  16. Revmob integration
  17. Flurry analytics integration
  18. Flurry AppSpot integration
  19. Playhaven integration
  20. Vungle integration (HD video ads)
  21. Sincerely Ship SDK integration
  22. Playhaven More Apps plug-in
  23. Instructions overlay screen
  24. Color wheel icon (for when users have multiple color options for certain features)
  25. iPhone 5 image support (optimized for the iPhone 5)
  26. Shopping Cart gallery for in-app purchases
  27. Send a Postcard feature via Sincerely Ship (you earn a commission every time!)
  28. iOS8 Ready

And much, much more!   At this price, the Mustache Bash code is an absolute steal. Creating this code from scratch would require approximately 260 development hours (or around 6 weeks).

Licensing the code will save you quite a bit of time and money.

We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and help guide you through the process.

You never know…you could be the next appreneur to make it big. Mustache Bash has over 640,000 downloads and 830 reviews (with an average of 4.5 stars for all versions)!

App Source Code Instructions

Changes Needed for Mustache Bash Source Code

  1. Set up your Bundle ID in your Apple Developer account.
  2. Create your development provisioning profile.
  3. Download and install your development provisioning profile.
  4. Create your iTunes provisioning profile.
  5. Download and install your development provisioning profile.
  6. Change the Project Name in xcode to one that is relevant to your app's theme.
  7. Create a New Schema in xcode for the app.
  8. Set up your Facebook app by going to
  9. Set up a new account with Tapjoy ( and Sincerely Ship (, if you haven’t already. Download the SDKs and put the folders into the ThirdParty folder. For legal reasons, no developer is allowed to distribute these SDKs as a part of licensing source code, so you need to put them back into the app yourself.
  10. In xcode search for 238923342858696 (found in the FacebookManager.m, MustacheBash-Info.plist files) and replace with your new app id from Facebook.10. Set up your app in iTunes Connect.
  11. In the InfoViewController.m file, go to the method (void)reviewOnAppstore: (id)sender and replace the current iTunes url with the url for your game.
  12. In AppDelegate.m find the code that says “rate.appStoreID =“ and replace the numbers after it with the Apple ID for your app from iTunes Connect.
  13. In the same file, find the code "rate.message" and you can change the text for your review pop-ups to whatever you like.
  14. Change Your Bundle Display Name.
  15. Change the bundle ID to the Bundle ID for your app.
  16. Create new design assets to replace the following: • App icon • Loading screen (for iPhone 4 standard; iPhone 4 retina; iPhone 5 retina) • Home screen (for iPhone 4 standard; iPhone 4 retina; iPhone 5 retina) • Feature button (in the Picture Edit toolbar; currently the mustache button in Mustache Bash) • In-app purchase "banners" (for the Shopping Cart screen)
  17. Create new images and preview thumbnails for the free and in-app purchase packs.

Currently Mustache Bash has two folders for each mustache pack inside the “staches” folder. These two packs are titled “mustache” and “thumb.”

The mustache folder contains the images that actually drop on the picture. Each of the images in the mustache folder has a different size, depending on the size of the original image from which the feature was taken. And each mustache has a standard (.png) and retina display (@2x.png) version.

The thumb folder contains the small thumbnail images that show in the mustache gallery. Each of these thumbnail images in thumb folder is the same size (87x72 for standard .png and 174x144 for retina @2x.png). 

So when your designer creates new images, he or she should create the new images for both the mustache folder and thumb folder. These images have the same name but difference sizes. If you follow the naming conventions, the code will be able to “call” the appropriate image file.

  1. Take screenshots to load on iTunes Connect.
  2. Take your In App Purchase Screenshots to load onto iTunes Connect.
  3. Set up Your In app purchases in iTunes Connect.
  4. Set up all your new app placement IDs: • Revmob IDs (fullscreens and banner ads) • Playhaven IDs (interstitials and More Apps plug-in) • Flurry IDs (analytics and banner ads) • Sincerely Ship ID • Vungle ID (Vungle HD video ads appear after a social share action)
  5. Double check to ensure that all the SDKs are the latest versions.
  6. Replace all relevant information in the strings with your app's information: • Review on App Store link • Facebook fan page link (for Follow on Facebook) • Twitter account link (for Follow on Twitter) • All strings and App Store links (for Share via Text, Email to Friends, etc) • Contact Support email • Do a "Replace All" in the local notifications and replace Mustache Bash with your app's name. Even better, rewrite the local notifcations to make them more relevant to your app’s theme. • Support email addresses • Instagram account tag information
  7. Submit that sucker for review!

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