E-Course Maker iOS Starter Kit

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E-Course Maker is the perfect starter kit to create full-featured iPad learning apps without writing a single line of code.

The E-Course Maker project has the following features:

  • iOS7 ready!

  • Zero-code needed: designed so you won't have to write a single Objective C line. Just edit the configuration files, bring in your audio, video and html files and you are done.

  • Supports iOS 6.x to 7.0 devices: iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad mini, iPhone 4, 5, iPod touch 4, 5.

  • Universal App, iPad and iPhone support in one application.

  • E-course content defined in plain xml .plist files, easy to edit visually with XCode's built-in editor.

  • Ad support. Monetize your application with AdMob account. (optional)

  • In app purchase support. You can provide part of your course for free and other chapters only after purchasing. (optional)

  • Get student's progress for every chapter and give them certificates. (Required Parse account)

  • 5 types of learning content: video, audio, text (with decoration and images support), quiz and todo list

  • Dynamic: any number of chapters and any number of files in each chapter

  • Video player: App remembers the current position for every video file

  • Audio player with ability to play 2x faster and 2x slower

  • Text files (HTML format with text coloring and images) App remembers the current position for every file

  • Quiz supports unlimited number of questions

  • ToDo list supports unlimited number of tasks

  • Make very small application. All you video/audio content can be hosted on your server. User can download content of e-course for offline usage.

  • Beautiful: select one of 9 color schemes, or easily make you own scheme

  • Ready for localization. There are English and Russian localizations.

  • Cross promotion page for other your applications.

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