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Ultimate Screen Recorder with Finger Gestures | App Code for Sale | Hero



--Developers -

Have you ever wondered how to make the ultimate walkthrough video showing with finger gestures how to use your app?

Frustrated by having to use the simulator and Camtasia? Need to access things only available on the device?

Well here is your solution. Simply drop this code into your app, change and launch a version with screen record and touches as well as gestures - a new iOS7 feature.

Show what cannot ever be seen unless you record the interaction of a person with your app. This is truly the best way to create a walkthrough for any user.

Simple to install into your own app. Simply Tap three times with two fingers to start the prompt. Triple tap with two fingers to stop recording.

Create videos of just the screen record without a colored status bar, or screen record with finger gesture marks, screen record with fingers, and video camera or add the microphone to everything listed.

Tutorial made with screen record


You will find the following demos: 1- Demo Using NRTouchPoints only. 2- Demo Using CaptureScreen only

The new integrated iOS Static Framework Project, with following properties: 1- Using the ScreenCapture Framework guide. 2- Adding NRTouchPoints functionality. 3- Ability to record Screen , Touches, Gestures, Camera if any and Microphone.

The included documentation contains the screenshots with step by step instructions for adding the framework inside new application, and try it.


This SDK uses a private function UIGetScreenImage to record the screen. It is potentially unsafe and you should only use this for testing or generating videos. Although this private function call is obfuscated, you shouldn't submit apps to the store with this framework included.

Binary Adding

Developer's Instructions

Follow these steps in order to use the Screen & Gesture Recording SDK within your own Xcode project as a statically linked framework. Download the latest SDK release and drag the modified CaptureRecord.framework into your project’s Frameworks section, adding it to your target.

Add the following libraries to your app target's Link Binary With Libraries build phase:

  1. AssetsLibrary.framework
  2. AVFoundation.framework
  3. CoreMedia.framework
  4. CoreVideo.framework

In the application delegate, import the framework:

#import <Record-Screen-Gestures/CaptureRecord.h>

Specify CRUIWindow as the UIWindow class:

// This allows the framework to record touch events. if Added programmatically 

self.window = [[CRUIWindow alloc] initWithFrame:[[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]];

If your window is defined in interface builder, you'll need to change the window to use a Custom Class CRUIWindow


  This function is called When using storyboard, to retrieve the Main UIWindow of application,


 * @return

 * CRUIWindow object, that enables screen touch tracking feature, Screen recording.


- (CRUIWindow *)window


    static CRUIWindow *customWindow = nil;

    if (!customWindow) customWindow = [[CRUIWindow alloc] initWithFrame:[[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]];

    return customWindow;


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