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Best App Templates Of the Week – Last Week Of January

Are you struggling to guess which app will be the next hit in the app stores? Worry no more, we are here with the most promising app templates of the week. Get inspired, set your goal and launch your app.

iOS App Templates

aa Nodes

aa nodesA fun arcade iOS game easily customizable! The gameplay features several levels with increasing speed and game difficulty.  Four skin colors available: black, blue, pink and yellow.Among the included features you’ll find: share and rate options, increasing difficulty and level selection, sound on/off button and iAds advertising to help you boost your revenues.

Flip Flip Fox

FlipFlipHeroThis endless tap-flip game is extremely versatile. The code serves equally well as a rewarding yet basic iOS tutorial for beginners and a simple, inexpensive reskin option for experienced developers. In-app purchases and iAd ads are included!

Q Mystery Phrase

q mysteryQ Mystery Phrase is a game where you have to match question or words with the response on the center of the screen, note that you can add unlimited questions. This game has Game Center Leaderboards implemented and iAd are provided!

Android App Templates

Dash Up!

Dash UpDash up the ball as high as possible in this incredibly addictive and minimalist game! Sounds pretty simple, right? You’ll be surprised how hard it is! All built in Unity and includes features like Google Play Services, Facebook Share and Rate Pop-Up.

Hunter Willie

Hunter WillieHunter Willie is an interesting arcade style side scroller that has you taking down all manner of monsters in this spooky dungeon. It’s ready for Android 5.0 and icludes Google AdMob to monetize

Word Brain Game

Word Brain GameWord Brain Game is an addictive Word Puzzle Game where you have to find the word in 5 different game play.! Google Leaderboard, banner and interstitial AdMob ads are available!

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the most promising apps for this week and if you are about to launch an app, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Good Luck!


Finish – The Perfect App To Get Any Project Done

How many times have you failed to complete a specific task before a certain deadline? Even if you know it’s very important you still can’t manage to get it done. Part of the reason why we can’t seem to get anything done is because we suffer from procrastination on a daily basis. It’s also because we simply forget the things that must be done, but thanks to one very special app, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

finish-app-planner app templateThe Finish app – your personal task manager

With the help of the Finish app all your problems will disappear for good. It’s the ultimate to-do-list on steroids and once you look under the hood you’ll see how powerful it can be, especially to those who need a constant push to get anything done. If you were to tell someone how it works in the simplest way possible you would tell them it’s an app that will let them throw in every single task they need to complete so they all get done on time.

How does it work?

The way it works is a little different from other apps, because it’s based on specific time frames and it’s also advanced enough to take care of lots of things behind the scenes, which will free up even more of your time. When building Finish app the developers wanted to make it as effortless as possible for users, so when you enter a task into the app you only need to mention what needs done and how many days you need to complete it.

Based on the time you have to complete a task it will fall into 3 separate categories, which are short term (0-2 days), mid-term (3-7 days), and long term (8+ days). Although these time frames come as standard you can customize the number of days in each category easily from inside the app. Now that you know how easy it is to enter your tasks we’re now going to look at how Finish works behind the scenes.

Gentle reminders

You might decide to enter a task that should be completed within 6 days, so the app would automatically throw this into the mid-term category. After 4 days it would then be moved over into the short term category and you’d know you better get moving to complete the task, whereas you wouldn’t get as big a hint in other apps. It will also send you push notifications letting you know when time is running out in case you don’t keep your eye on the app all the time.

Finishing a task feels great

Once you’ve succeeded in completing a task you’re left with the most rewarding job of them all. Swipe across the task and tap on the icon indicating you’re done before giving yourself a pat on the back. Everything you complete doesn’t just disappear, so if you want to view any completed tasks you can find them easily in the archive section. Once you start using the Finish app your productivity will skyrocket and it’s the best thing on the market to ensure procrastination never haunts you again.

To Do List, planner, organizer and reminder iOSOf course it’s not the only task management app out there, and these apps are becoming more and more popular amongst those with busy lives. If you have in mind an app that is better than the Finish app, you get started by choosing one of the many templates available at Chupamobile: To Do List, Wedding Planner, Office Suite, i.Plan i.Do, i Smart Plan.

You can be launching your own task management app in a matter of days, and making people’s busy lives a little more easy to manage – now there’s something to tick off your to-do list!


7 Essential Utility App Templates

These days, almost everybody leads a hectic and busy lifestyle, which is why it is useful to have whatever help we can get in order to make our busy lives a little easier and more enjoyable. Mobile phones are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity these days. These perform a lot of functions and are also equipped with apps that make our life easier. If you’re looking at developing apps, there are a few great app templates that will enable you to bring out a utility app that not only looks good, but will perform well, ensuring your customers have nothing but good things to say about your app. Why not take a look at the app templates below and see what you could make of them.

Social Feeds Kit

Social Feeds Kit iOS

This utility app template allows iPhone users to control all their social media apps on the phone such as Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook in one place. These make the task of presenting social feeds easier because you don’t need to visit each platform separately. Time saving is a great thing, and your customers will certainly thank you for saving theirs.

Facebook Page Feeds

Facebook Page Feeds iOS

This one is meant for Facebook addicts. It is completely reusable, localizable and customizable. The app can be used for viewing the public posts on a Facebook page without being redirected to Facebook. It also offers pagination in case of excessive posts and is capable of tagging and detecting URLs in the text of posts.

Twitter User Timeline

Twitter User Timeline iOS

One of the best utility app templates for iPhone users who are addicted to Twitter, this one allows you to view tweets and reply to them directly, straight from the app. You can also view the dates on which the Tweets were posted. The app is also capable of offering tag, URL and user detection pertaining to a tweet.

YouTube Videos Controller

YouTube Videos Controller iOS

This one allows you to perform all common functions pertaining to YouTube. Not only can a user play videos of YouTube on this app but such videos can also be shared on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The app also offers pagination for more YouTube videos.

Instagram Photo Stream

Instagram Photo Stream iOS

This is an elegant solution to viewing the pictures from a person’s Instagram account instead of having to visit their Instagram page. The app gives you the ability to save the photos to the phone’s camera roll, share them on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and even view their comments all in one place.

Flickr Photo Stream

Flickr Photo Stream iOS

This utility app template displays the public photographs of a Flickr user. It makes sharing the same picture on Twitter and Facebook easier and the user interface is also extremely easy to navigate.

Vimeo Videos Controller

Vimeo Videos Controller iOS

Yet another useful app template, this one allows you to view the latest videos of a Vimeo user on the app itself and also makes the task of sharing or saving such videos a breeze.

These utility apps are recommended for usage amongst those who own an iPhone and are extremely active on social media platforms. These app templates certainly make things a lot more convenient and easy, allowing your customers more time to do what interests them. As a developer, plugging into the popularity of the major social media platforms gives you as wide an audience as possible. Simply develop your app using the templates above, and with a little promotion, you could be earning cash through your newly developed app.


Chupa, the brand new Mobile Development Marketplace

Dear mobile developers, we are proud to invite you to ChupaMobile  “quiet launch”– the online marketplace where mobile developers buy and sell, from each other,  cutting edge source-code packages and components for a variety of Mobile development languages and frameworks.

We invited a list of selected developers in start populating our MarketPlace, maybe you’re one of them, or maybe not, in any case you are warmly welcome to pitch in.

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