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Best App Templates Of the Week – Last Week Of January

Are you struggling to guess which app will be the next hit in the app stores? Worry no more, we are here with the most promising app templates of the week. Get inspired, set your goal and launch your app.

iOS App Templates

aa Nodes

A fun arcade iOS game easily customizable! The gameplay features several levels with increasing speed and game difficulty.  Four skin colors available: black, blue, pink and yellow.Among the included features you’ll find: share and rate options, increasing difficulty and level selection, sound on/off button and iAds advertising to help you boost your revenues.

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Finish – The Perfect App To Get Any Project Done

How many times have you failed to complete a specific task before a certain deadline? Even if you know it’s very important you still can’t manage to get it done. Part of the reason why we can’t seem to get anything done is because we suffer from procrastination on a daily basis. It’s also because we simply forget the things that must be done, but thanks to one very special app, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

The Finish app – your personal task manager

With the help of the Finish app all your problems will disappear for good. It’s the ultimate to-do-list on steroids and once you look under the hood you’ll see how powerful it can be, especially to those who need a constant push to get anything done. If you were to tell someone how it works in the simplest way possible you would tell them it’s an app that will let them throw in every single task they need to complete so they all get done on time.

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7 Essential Utility App Templates

These days, almost everybody leads a hectic and busy lifestyle, which is why it is useful to have whatever help we can get in order to make our busy lives a little easier and more enjoyable. Mobile phones are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity these days. These perform a lot of functions and are also equipped with apps that make our life easier. If you’re looking at developing apps, there are a few great app templates that will enable you to bring out a utility app that not only looks good, but will perform well, ensuring your customers have nothing but good things to say about your app. Why not take a look at the app templates below and see what you could make of them.

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Chupa, the brand new Mobile Development Marketplace

Dear mobile developers, we are proud to invite you to ChupaMobile  “quiet launch”– the online marketplace where mobile developers buy and sell, from each other,  cutting edge source-code packages and components for a variety of Mobile development languages and frameworks.

We invited a list of selected developers in start populating our MarketPlace, maybe you’re one of them, or maybe not, in any case you are warmly welcome to pitch in.