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 Google has decided to make Android N official between May 18th and May 20th, when the annual I/O Developer’s conference will be held. With Android N, you will enjoy features like multi-window support, dark UI themes, enhanced Doze mode, bundled notifications, a rich power menu, bug fixes and much more. The newest version will save data, power and memory and have better performance at the same time.

The new release, Android N, will be limited to Nexus devices for a few months, and then it will slowly make its way to other devices and carrier networks. Android N comes with a plethora of new features that everyone will like.

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We live in a world where using a smartphone is almost as common as drinking water. People today can’t imagine living without a mobile phone. But mobile phones are popular for one reason: the many exciting apps they provide you.

Ideally, an app developer builds an app and others download it because of the fascinating features it provides. But many apps fail to get traction in the market because of faulty design or app functionality.

This post has been written to teach you what general design mistakes app developers do.

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The days when mobile users were seen as the future of accessing web content are long behind us. It has been almost two years since mobile users took over PC users when it comes to Internet use. One of the results of such a huge number of people using their mobile phones all the time is the immense amount of data that is being used by mobile users.

This brings us to the other constituent of our Combo of the Future – Big Data.

What is Big Data?

The jury is still out on what exactly big data is. Namely, there is no final and true definition of the word. In essence, big data is a set of data which meets three attributes starting with “V” – volume, velocity and variety. In other words, big data is huge, the information is varied and it is obtained quickly.

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A constellation of factors make an app successful. But user experience (UX) holds the 1° position of most influential factor. The vast majority of popular apps offer unmistakably great UX.

UX is not an element that can be chosen from various ready-made options. Here are 8 highly effective and time-honored steps to build an app with a UX design that results in increased user engagement and conversion.

Know your audience

Have you researched your target audience? Are you confident that you know the diverse user persona destined to use your app? Knowing your audience is the first step any app developer should consider, and it should be done long before the UX design sketch begins. You should create several user personas from the target market segment your app is addressing, and try to make a UX strategy that meets their expectations.

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With new technologies evolving and new gaming environments booming, you can expect a new game design and game development trend every other day. With the fast-paced evolution of mobile games, it is difficult to assess which trends will take the lead and which will be left in the dust Mobile gaming will continue to grow, leaving behind gaming consoles. Expect a lot of action in mobile gaming in the future.

Mobile game developers earned an estimated $30 billion of revenue last year alone. According to latest prediction, by 2018, this figure is likely to get past a whopping $45 billion in revenue. The continuing, massive growth of mobile gaming will get a boost from new game engines, enhanced device features, and improvement in animation, graphic output, and simulation technology. Each year a bevy of new trends and innovations drive the mobile gaming experience forward, and 2016 will be no different. Here are our 9 mobile gaming trends that will rock 2016.

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Will it be a success or not? Most of the app developers rely on the popular parameters like the number of downloads, revenue collected, reviews, etc. but knowing the current trends of app development and distribution, you cannot just rely on these conventional parameters to analyze the scope of your mobile app in the market in the future.

To improve and escalate this process, various tools have been introduced to get a deep insight of the user behaviour towards your app. These tools efficiently generate data to help in optimizing and initiating further changes in your app project.

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The official release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now an event of past. However, this very Android version has successfully registered its presence among the already established versions like Honeycomb, Jellybean etc. Talking particularly about Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it comes packed with a bundle of features. The new version overrules Android Lollipop that used to be the Android’s biggest update before Android Marshmallow was made available for users.

Prior we focus on the core features of Android Marshmallow, let’s talk a little about the trends of naming these versions by the Google. The giant search engine i.e. Google has been following a trend of using sugar candies for Androids that include Lollipop (5.0), KitKat (4.4), Jellybean (4.1) and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0). In the attempt of increasing the series, Marshmallow has been included in the list. Marshmallow brings a series of features to let the Android user experience an advanced feature-packed platform over their smartphones. Let’s explore the most important ones.

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Mobile app marketing has soared in recent years. Today, business marketers are engaging audiences at unprecedented levels with distribution, support and incredible features. In 2015, 83 percent of marketers considered mobile apps vital to their content marketing strategy. An even higher percentage of consumer time spent on mobile is dedicated to app use.

While mobile apps are, indeed, incredible marketing tools, they require a lot of effort to launch. Unfortunately, too many marketers fall into the many pitfalls of app creation, branding and promotion. Mobile app marketing strategies are integral to an overall business platform—and your brand deserves total cohesion as it rolls out great features.

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Designing apps for Apple Watch is the new design challenge for iOS designers and developers because the smaller screen of this new platform has more constraints for user interaction. The Apple Watch is still a new and challenging frontier that requires having in-depth knowledge of the dynamics and visual challenges of creating a winning user experience.

Basic Aspects of Apple Watch UI

It is important to know that most Apple Watch apps are merely slimmer, slicker, and in some cases stripped down versions of traditional iOS apps made for iPhone and iPad devices.  Most Apple Watch apps are far from independent, and they only work in conjunction with their mobile apps that are used in the connected iPhone or iPad.

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Numerous apps are launched on an everyday basis but a few of them are able to make the cut. Although there is a bunch of reasons behind why an app fails, not collecting feedback and acting upon it is one of the major reasons. When an app is launched, it is based on the probable users’ requirements but how far the app is being successful in meeting them needs to be assessed all the time. This assessment can be made when the app developers collect the feedback.

What Exactly Is Feedback For Mobile Apps?

Feedback for mobile apps is similar to the literal meaning of the term feedback. It is the view of the general users installing and using the mobile in addition to some expert users who evaluate the app on the basis of its performance. The feedback can be in the form of review on the app store, opinions shared on blogs, social platforms, discussion forums and reviews written by the experts.

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