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Are you tired of battling every day with your mail app? Luckily for you, Google has joined the group of companies that tried to solve the problem of e-mail overload and it might just have succeeded doing it with its brand new Inbox app.

Gmail Inbox

Our smartphone’s e-mail inbox it’s surely a chaotic place to be, having to look for an e-mail can become a nerve-racking hunt among plenty of worthless messages from socials, shopping sites and much more. So trying to find an important e-mail from a co-worker or a friend could sometimes demotivate you. Many apps have tried to fix this problem but no one succeeded, or at least until now. Gmail has recently built an app that is supposed to be better than any previous attempt. The app is called Inbox and it launched October 22nd for the web, Android and iOS.

Is it truly different?

You might be wondering, is it really different from all the others or it’s just another mail app? Well, it is different! In fact the app, despite the name, doesn’t look like a mail inbox at all. Instead it looks like a social network’s feed. And that’s exactly what the lead designer of Gmail and Inbox, Jason Cornwell, wanted. “It looks different because we are trying to solve a different problem. We’re trying to be the best place to get back to the things that matter to you.” said Cornwell.

The Inbox app is free but only works if you have a Gmail account. You will obviously still see every single mail you receive but what’s different is that each mail will be scanned an just the most relevant one will surface. This app won’t mean that Gmail will be compromised, it would practically be like having an assistant reordering your e-mails by priority.

The functions

Among the features that allow you to prioritize the mails you’ll find: Bundles, which will automatically group your similar mails together; Highlights, which will bring up all your travel information, event details and media from friends and family; and other functions similar Google Now which include Reminders, Assists and Snoozes that act just like a to-do list.

How can you get it?

Initially the app was available to a limited user-base. Now if you are an owner of the Inbox app you have 3 invites at your disposal to send to your family, friends or whoever you like.  To send out the invites all you have to do is to click on the golden ticket.

By doing so Google wants to create a sense of exclusivity around the Inbox app. People even started to sell their invited on e-bay for about $50.

So if you have already tried the app let us know in the comments how you liked it. But if instead, you’d like to create your own mail app we have a template that will just help you customize it to best reach you ideal app. Here is it: Mail app template.


Technology makes dating a little easier today. You don’t have to do all that walking around just to find that special someone, and as most of us carry smartphones, it makes perfect sense to have your dating life with you at all times, and certainly increases your chance of finding the right match for you. With this in mind, we introduce the best 6 dating apps around, that could help you be luckier in love!

Grouper Social Club

grouper app

Created by Grouper Inc and compatible with iOS 7 or later, Grouper is simply a social hub that connects between two groups of friends, i.e. 3 girls and 3 boys and vice versa. The people behind this app say you just need to press a remote and partners will show up. To get a feel of how this app works, sign up with Facebook, wait for your ideal match, grab your friends, pay for the first round of drinks, and let the rest become history.

How About We

how about we

This is one of the apps that practically guarantees the fact that you’ll go on real dates in the real world. As we speak, there are over 2 million dates that have already been posted, plus there are thousands of new members joining the app every single day. This app is free to download and use. But you’ll pay when you need to use advanced features.

To get started, all you have to do is post a date idea. Give a description of what you’d like to do and who you’d like to do it with. View other people’s ideas, their photos and profiles, then connect with them. When you find your match, you’ll have some great dates planned for sure.

Are You Interested (AYI)


AYI is simply a mobile dating Facebook app which was designed with mature singles in mind. It’s the only dating app that is 100% integrated with Facebook. With AYI, you can chat, flirt, or meet new people. This app boasts of over 2 million active users, so it’s one of the largest mobile dating apps on Facebook you’ll ever find. It doesn’t matter whether you’re divorced, widowed or separated. This app will organize your date virtually and deliver it in the real world.


okcupid app

This is based on the website of the same name. However, when you’ve registered your information you can download their OkCupid dating app to make it easier for you. The app is also highly rated by real users at Google Play stores – a good sign that it has gained popularity. With OkCupid, you can meet and chat with new people, rate their profiles and find new people based on your preferences. And the best thing is that it’s free.

POF Free Dating App

pof app

Dating is an expensive business, so why spend more on finding a date. The advantage of using POF is you don’t pay for most of the advanced features you’d pay for in other apps. POF’s advanced matching algorithm is free to use. Checking out other people’s profile is free. You can even send unlimited messages to one another for free. Statistics even say that in every 2 minutes, a couple makes a connection using POF.


tinder app

Tinder is a great way of connecting to people who are interested in you. You just swipe right to like and left to pass on photos. When someone likes you, it’s a date! You can chat with all your matches, or even snap a photo and share it with them. With Tinder, you can find a number of dates lined up waiting for you.

social dating

As you can see, there’s such a vast choice of dating apps you can try for free. However, if you’d like to create your own app, and think you can do better, why not use this location based social dating template to create a better way of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right.


By know you should know that Friday means we are about to reveal the best apps of the week. What’s special this week? You’ll find photo related apps to please all the camera lovers and of course, a Halloween app as the spookiest day of the year is at the doors.

iOS Apps

Bonza World Puzzle

bonza app template

A puzzle generator tool, to easily create and manage packages and puzzles. The original game is a top game in the paid category and has thousands of 5 stars reviews. Hint and ask friends power-ups, local notifications and sound control option. Monetize with five ad networks and in-app purchases. Flurry analytics included!

Vintage Camera

vintage camera app template

Super Elegant camera app, that help you to make those boring modern pictures into elegant, vintage and retro looking photos. The app is really easy to reskin all you have to do is to get the code, produce screenshots, make a stunning icon and you have an app ready to be published.

Melon Drop

melon drop

Vine star Jerry Purpdrank presents Melon Drop! We all know how much Jerry loves his watermelons. Help him catch them all, don’t let them fall! We all know how much Jerry loves his watermelons. Help him catch them all, don’t let them fall! All you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen to catch the watermelons. In-app purchases and Admob are included. Additionally this app is optimized for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6/ 6 Plus.

Android Apps

Circle Style Game


The easier the better! A simple gameplay for a great success. Make the circle jump and avoid hitting the line.  Monetize with nine ad networks (AdMob, AdColony, Chartboost and more), Facebook share is included!

Halloween Pumpkin Crush

halloween app templates

Very simple yet Addictive Match 3 style game in two awesome modes. When you feel like taking a break from trick-or-treating keep the Halloween spirit by playing this fun and simple game. It has two modes of Gameplay: Time Trial and Limited Moves. Smash the pumpkins and save Halloween!


photography app templates

Photogram is an image sharing posting app to post photos with comments just like Instagram! View other posts also which posted by other members Membership system Powered by

I Hope you enjoyed this week’s hits and I’ll see you all soon! Have a nice week-end!


We recently saw the release of iOS 8 and among many new features an exciting one was specifically thought for developers. They will now be able to bundle and sell their app together this gives the chance to users to buy a set of apps at once from the App Store at a lower price.


Developers have often criticized the fact that the App Store didn’t give them enough  freedom but instead were often constrained from the store’s regulations. This time we can firmly say that Apple had a special consideration for its developers by providing them a set of promotional tools to gain new customers.

iOS users can now find a new ‘Bundles’ section on the iOS App Store page under Featured, where developers have posted their collection of games to social to photo editing apps. Bundles can be purchased at discounted price and it consists a one-time purchase.

Why should you use bundles?

An app bundle allows a developer to create a package of a set of app in a single location. It’s a great way to boost sales of those apps that didn’t see much movement.  Placing an ‘unlucky’ app together with a top selling one and wrap everything up in a low price bundle can have a positive impact on the overall distribution of sales in a developer’s app portfolio. This is the same concept that we have seen with computer software bundles.

App Previews

With the use of App Previews, short videos  where the developer can show a video of the app, users can have real-feel of the app and would be more willing to buy it. App Preview is very similar to a free trial, so the more completing is the video the more chances it has to sell.

What do you think about Apple’s new feature? If you have something to say, leave a comment below!


How many times have you taken a picture or shot some video footage with anticipation and excitement as to what the recipient’s reaction would be? Well the time for wondering is no more! With Samba you can now watch the reactions of friends and family as they play out your message.

samba app

Sounds cool, how does it work?

Samba is a video messaging app, which started off being exclusively available on iOS.  However, developers have recently announced that Android users can now get in on the action and download from their respective Play stores. On release, Samba had been likened to Snapchat, also used for social video, but the difference between the two was in the end result – media sent via Samba could be saved onto the recipient’s device while Snapchat only allowed for limited viewing and no capacity to store. However in an age where privacy is of increasing importance, Samba allows you the option of deleting your reaction on both your phone and that of the person, who sent you the original video.

What’s the purpose of the App?

Samba’s creators had a very clear purpose. They wanted to get as close as they could to real time face to face communication, a means for people who were not in the same place to be able to tell/show each other how they felt there and then. Imagine the possibilities! Watch relatives on the other side of the world react to the video you’ve just sent them of your daughter’s first step or delight in your friend’s horrified face seeing what you’ve just done to their car. Anything and everything whether it is meant to be funny, surprising or sentimental.

samba app



What’s different to other photo or video sharing apps?

Of course, Samba is not the first of its kind, there are many other choices that allow audiences to record and share videos, although you could argue that Samba has the privacy advantage as well as the added bonus that you don’t have to have Samba installed to receive a Samba video message. Therefore Windows Phone users will have to wait a little bit longer before they can respond in kind.

Put simply, when you go back and watch videos you have taken and sent on, Samba lets you view at the same time the reaction to the clip of the person who you sent it to. The reaction is displayed in a round window, not much different to the ‘chat heads’ used by Facebook messenger. The reaction window can be moved around the screen or enlarged for a better viewing experience. Swiping movements on the main video indicate that you wish to forward or rewind and the app makes it easy to link to other areas of the interface such as your inbox or friends list. Conveniently all the sent videos are lined up next to the relevant contact’s names and you can scroll through using swipe action.

Will Samba be your preferred social video messaging option?

If you have an idea of a unique video/ messaging app then why not create it? Your app could become the next hit. And if you have no clue from where to start or if you just want to save time and money on the development part then our templates are here to make your process a ton more fun and easier. You can customize them the way you like to best fit your idea. Start with these ones: Quickie, Photo_Text, iMessage share.


If you’re a developer and your apps are still running on iOS 7, you need to get down to work! Apple announced that in 2015 all the submitted apps should meet their requirements. Find out what you need to do!

apple iOS8 64 bit update

What you need to do

Starting from 1st February 2015, all the new apps submitted to the app store must be built with the iOS 8 SDK. This obviously comes as no surprise, as it did the same last year with the iOS 7 SDK.

But that’s not all. This time, iOS devs should also include a 64-bit support. Right now, developers can choose whether they want to submit just 32-bit or universal binaries. Starting from February 1st this will no longer be an option. According to Apple, shifting all the existing apps and the new ones to 64-bits will increase not only the performance but the apps will take less memory storage on the devices that have an A7 or A8 chip. 32-bit apps in fact, need further loading of resources into the system’s memory.

The first time we saw 64-bit supported device was with the release of the iPhone 5s and the introduction of the A7 chip. There was a lot of fuss about this chip, many developers thought it would not bring additional benefit on a device’s performance but apparently, it’s no longer like this. We have seen many manufactures that started using the 64-bit chip in their product.

For the moment, Apple will not remove any app from the App Store, therefore apps would be affected only if these have to submit additional features or fix any bug in the app.

How can you update your apps?

If you want to enable the 64–bit in your app, Apple suggests to use the default Xcode build setting of “Standard architectures” to build a single binary with both 32-bit and 64-bit code.

Luckily for all the iOS developers, adapting to the change will take only a few days of development at the very most. As you already know most of our apps are already updated to iOS 8, similarly we encourage all our developers to do the same and to submit all the new apps in 64-bit.



App monetization is a big deal.

After all, if you mess it up or don’t monetize properly, it could mean seeing the life of your dreams as a successful appreneur vanish into thin air.


IAPs (in app purchases) are one of the classiest ways to monetize your apps because they cater to the needs of your prime users without bothering everyone with unwanted ads that disrupt the user experience. Therefore, learning how to place IAPs within your app to optimize their conversion can make a huge difference in the financial stability of your app.

But figuring out where to start and exactly how to measure IAP A/B tests isn’t something a newbie appreneur would know right off the bat. It takes some industry know-how and backend knowledge of measuring in-app analytics, but adding this knowledge to your testing strategies will yield a far better ROI than simply relying on your gut to make changes for improving monetization.


When to Start IAP Placement Testing

The idea behind using IAPs to monetize your app rather than ads or sponsorships is to let consumers fall in love with the freemium version of your app to the point that it integrates itself into their daily lives and they want more.

Because you’ve built the loyalty and dedication on a freemium model, asking for a few dollars in order to enhance their experience won’t come across as a cheap, unnecessary demand on your part.

So, once you’ve built a significant amount of traffic to your app and have established regular usage amongst a loyal, dedicated user base, you can start monetizing them with small in-app purchases that optimize their experience.

Note: It’s important to remember that not every single user will opt for the purchases, but optimizing the ones who are willing to spend $1 to $5 here and there is crucial, especially considering only 5% to 10% of your dedicated user base are going to spend anything, and only that after they’ve had approximately 50 sessions of engaging screen time.

After all, think of the sheer numbers of people playing Candy Crush, and how many of those people that actually opt for the purchases. Not so many, right? But due to the volume of usage and dedication, they were still making $600,000+ per day last year because they have figured out how to optimize their IAPs correctly.

Which IAP Elements to A/B Test

Rather than haphazardly testing this and that in hopes of optimizing your IAP conversions, it’s better to map out a plan to optimize each stage of your monetization funnel before you start.

The first thing to pay attention to in mapping out your plan to A/B test your IAP placements is the general user cycle. Basically, you have to make sure you lead your users through the stages of acquisition, genuine engagement, retention via regular repeated sessions, and then finally monetizing the most dedicated retained users.

If too many users are dropping off before retention, that needs to be fixed first and foremost.

But once you’ve got a decent amount of dedicated users in place, your IAPs offering power ups, extra lives, more time, or general optimizations for non-gaming apps will be welcome by the ones dedicated to moving further.

Add an IAP at each stage of the app where you feel users would be willing to spend money: whether it’s to buy more time at the end of a level, the opportunity to add weapons to their arsenal before a battle, to buy more playing time when they run out of  it, or to invest in add-on features that enhance the app’s functionality.

At each stage you offer an IAP, you can test the following:

  •  Design - Just like color and layout can affect conversions on a website, it can do the same with IAP requests.
  •  Wording – This can make a huge psychological difference, especially on the final buttons. For example, does “Buy More Lives” or “Play Longer” get your users more excited?
  •  Offers – Experiment with which extensions, weapons, or IAP product combos you present to users at different stages. You’ll find newbies to your app probably have different preferences than veterans.
  •  Prices - If there’s no difference in the amount of buyers from charging $0.30 to charging $0.90, then of course you should go with $0.90. But once the number of buyers starts to fall due to price increase, you need to do a little experimenting and data tracking to figure out which price is your sweet spot for optimizing your bottom line.
  •  Frequency / Placement – You don’t want to miss out on potential purchases, but at the same time, throwing up an IAP placement every few minutes or making users navigate around one every time they start the app is going to drive them insane. Look at your usage analytics to figure out good timings to insert IAPs throughout a typical usage session.

How to Track the Analytics

So now that you know what to test, the big question is how to do it.

The easiest way to do it is to use an analytics tracking software like Flurry, which lets you see your users’ behavior patterns create trackable events so you can see which implementations of your IAP A/B tests work better than others.

flurry users

Within Flurry, you decide which types of events to track. For monetization, we suggest paying attention to things like when and why users close the app, when and how they move to a new level, what they do when they run out of in-app resources, or (if it’s a game) what they do when they get defeated in some way.

Many of our apps already have flurry integrated, if you’d like to give it a try, choose yours and start creating.

flurry apps

Your IAP Hacking Secrets

At the end of the day, even if making apps is your passion, the bottom line is still the bottom line, and if your passion doesn’t line your pockets, you’ll have to get another day job pretty quickly. So, let’s help each other out.

What are some of the best hacks you’ve found in monetizing your app with IAPs? Or are there any troubles you’re facing that you’re dying for help on? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be glad to help you out.



When we think about technology we often think about smartphones and other gadgets, what we tend to forget, is how much impact it can have on people with disabilities. In this article we will be talking about deaf people and about one app that can help their day to day life.


There are differing opinions as to what a deaf person considers as being important, but a good guess that would be high on their priority list is the ability to communicate with others. Traditionally they have been helped to do this with the use of sign language and for those that can, with lip reading. However, whilst both of these methods are fine on a one to one basis, they are made more difficult in group situations. Furthermore, it is not always possible to have a sign language interpreters with you at all time, you can probably arrange for someone at work but what about during social gatherings? There are also financial implications to consider – interpreters are not cheap!

What’s the alternative?

Enter Transcense, a new app on the market designed to bridge the communication gap between people with hearing difficulties and the wider world. The software is currently in private beta for Android devices with plans for wider use hinging on the success of an Indiegogo campaign. The developers have first-hand experience of the problems that deaf people face – one is deaf and the other, grew up with deaf family members. Consequently they firmly believe that their innovation is the solution to a long standing problem.

How does it work?

Transcense listens to the conversation and transcribes the words in real time onto the screen. The technology taps into mics on nearby phones to increase volume, ensuring that the conversation is captured, enabling the app to be more accurate. The software is also able to recognise different voice patterns and translate this onto screen accordingly – each person is assigned a different coloured speech bubble. Interestingly, and quite innovatively, Transcense allows two way communication. Users can choose to have the app relay their message through a digital voice or there is the option to have the software alert the group on their behalf that they want to engage.


If Transcense achieves its crowdfunding total of £25,000 and the app goes live, the costs are estimated as $360 dollars a year unless you take a leap of faith and do it now through Indiegogo where a yearlong subscription is reduced to $150. There are other similar technologies available right now that profess to do what Transcense does (MotionSavvy and Mimic Mouth) but unlike these others, Transcense is the first to capitalise on smartphone technology and the added advantages of real time conversation. This appears to be a huge leap as far as communication is concerned and can only service to benefit the wider community.


Yesterday, Google announced the acquisition of the cloud base service Firebase, the platform is used to help developers build web and mobile apps in real time. Strategic move? Let’s find out!


Firebase has already been added to Google’s Cloud Platform. Currently the service has over 110,000 registered developers and according to its team, it will continue to work as it is

The platform can be used to develop both iOS and Android apps and can store and sync data instantly.

The Reason Behind

Google believes that acquiring Firebase will help expand its platform  end-to-end mobile applications. Moreover, the web giant believes the deal will bring new technology and talent to its platform. This is Google’s third big acquisition for its Cloud Platform, should the competition start worrying about it?

What’s in it for Firebase

Firebase, which was launched almost three years ago, through the acquisition will be able to offer better cloud infrastructure to its developers and it will be able to provide a better service that will reach to wider audience.

Despite the recent news, Firebase will remain platform-agnostic, so that its developers won’t be facing drastic changes for now. The company will work complementary with Google

The Google Cloud Platform Live Event happening the 4th of November in San Francisco, will be talking in more details about  the two companies.


Apple’s iOS has come a long way. We have already gone through 7 years of innovative development since the first generation iPhone was released. If you have been loyal to Apple through all these years or if you’re just a fan of the company and a tech savvy then take a trip with us down memory lane.

It was January 9th, 2007 when one of the greatest presentations took place. Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone to the world and it was a great success. The device revolutionized the entire industry of mobile computing. Since then, Apple came out with new iPhones, iPads and iPods (Touch). Just recently we have seen the launch of the new devices including a brand new OS, but as the world moves, iOS is already among the oldest mobile operating systems in active development.

This doesn’t absolutely mean that Apple’s age has come to an end, on the contrary, iOS is still the leading platform on the market. To remember this, we decided to create an infographic that would brush up the life and history of iOS with some fun facts you might have not known!


History and fun facts on iOS infrographic

So, did you know that Apple in 2011 earned more than the U.S. Governement? I guess that’s the price of innovation! ;)

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