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A few weeks ago Apple developers had received an email from the Apple Developer Technical Support reminding us that beginning in February 1, 2015 all the new applications uploaded to the App Store must be compatible with 64-bit runtime environments. This restriction will take effect for app updates beginning in June 1, 2015.

Apple EventBut, what differences a 64-bit runtime environment from a 32-bit runtime environment? There are two major differences:

  • On one hand, in the 64-bit runtime, several data types used by Objective-C have increased its size in memory or its memory alignment has change.
  • On the other hand, the 64-bit runtime environment requires using function prototypes when calling functions.

Data types

The 32-bit runtime environment uses a convention whose name is ILP32. This name comes from the fact that Integers, Long integers, and Pointers are 32-bit quantities. Now, the 64-bit runtime environment uses the convention called LP64, which means that integers remain being 32-bit quantities while Long integers and Pointers are 64-bit quantities.

This change implies the following:

  • Pointers’ size and alignment in memory has increased from 4 bytes to 8 bytes.
  • Long integers’ size and alignment in memory has increased from 4 bytes to 8 bytes.
  • Types such as size_t, CFIndex, and NSInteger have increased its size and alignment in memory from 4-bytes to 8-bytes.
  • Long long integers, fpos_t, and off_t data types have increased its alignment in memory from 4-bytes to 8-bytes.

These changes will impact in some ways to our applications when compiling them for both 32 and 64-bit runtime environments. Depending on the runtime environment, the app could face performance or compatibility issues so you should take into account the below points:

  • Memory increasing: Due to the LP64 convention, the apps will take more memory than the 32-bit runtime environment so we will need to dedicate more effort to increase the performance on 64-bit runtime environments.
  • Sharing data between 32 and 64-bit runtimes: In case we submit both 32 and 64-bit versions we need to make sure that all the data uses a common memory layout (the sizes and offsets are identical). We need to keep it in mind while consuming information from 32 to 64-bits or viceversa.
  • Data calculations: Due to the LP64 convention, data types such as integer supports a bigger range of possible values in 64-bit than 32-bit runtimes. That’s why we need to take care when working with these data types as the result may vary in each version of the app.
  • Truncated values. When developing our app we could have assumed that data types such as NSInteger and int are similar, and they are so in 32-bit runtimes. But when developing for 64-bit runtime environments and trying convert values between them can cause data loss.

Function prototypes

When we make a function call in our app this is transformed in a set of registers in memory containing the parameters being passed from the caller to the called. In 64-bit runtime we need to take care when calling functions that accept a variable number of input arguments.

That’s why:

  • Every function has to count with a prototype.
  • When casting a function, we need to be sure that the casted version of the function uses the same signature as the original.

As you can see there are few things to take into account but they are critical. Don’t worry and stay tuned with Chupamobile, as we are going to publish a guide that will help you convert your 32-bit apps into 64-bit soon.

If you are a Chupamobile author, you can update your apps here.

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To create a WatchKit app we need to have an existing common iOS application so to achive it, in the existing Xcode project for this application, we will need to add a new target: a WatchKit app target, which will configure the resources and the bundle for the WatchKit app and the WatchKit extension.

To publish this app to the App Store we need to take into account that all these resources and bundles must be uploaded as a unique package.

This new WatchKit app target will contain all the resources needed for an initial WatchKit app such as glances or notification interfaces and luckily, the Xcode (version 6.2 or later) simulator contains an environment to test the WatchKit app.

Adding a WatchKit app target

To add the new target on the existing project we need to follow the below steps:

  1. Open the iOS app project in Xcode.
  2. Navigate to File | New | Target | Apple Watch section.
  3. Choose WatchKit App and click Next.
  4. Choose the glance or custom notification interface depending on the purpose of your app and click Finish.

Xcode will configure automatically the targets for both the WatchKit app and the WatchKit extension providing the required files to the iOS app so we don’t need to worry about it.

This process will generate two new bundle IDs so at this point your app will count with three bundle IDs: the original iOS app bundle, the WatchKit app one, and the WatchKit extension bundle.

WatchKit app target structure

After adding the WatchKit target, our project will have three executables with the following structure:


As you can see, the WatchKit app is contained in the WatchKit extension target, wich is also contained in the iOS app. This way, when a user installs the iOS app in the iPhone the system will ask to install the WatchKit app in the corresponding paired Apple Watch.

Building and running a WatchKit app

One strong point of the new iOS project is that all three targets are part of a unique build scheme, so we can build and debug them as a unique application.

Thanks to this scheme we can launch it in iOS Simulator or on a physical device (I’m looking forward to buy my first Apple Watch, who doesn’t?) but for apps that makes use of glances or custom notifications we will need to configure another build schemes (the glance scheme or the notification scheme).

For this purpose you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Right-click the WatchKit app scheme.
  2. Select the Edit Scheme option.
  3. Duplicate the WatchKit app scheme with a new name.
  4. Select the Run option in the left menu of the scheme editor.
  5. In the Info tab choose the executable for the new scheme.
  6. Click Close.

In the notification scheme case we have the option of specifying a JSON file so we can use it as the notification payload in our tests.

With this guide you will easily add the WatchKit app target to your iOS apps and test them in the simulator or Apple Watches. Have you already created and tested your own WatchKit apps? Come on, share your experience with us!



important facts mobile business2014 has been a successful year for the mobile industry, but unlike many of you might think the growth does not lie only in new mobile devices, instead, it is in the mobile advertising, commerce, apps, payments, health and software.

86% of users spend their time on mobile apps rather than browsing on the mobile web, and for apps we aren’t only talking about games but also social, utilities, entertainment, productivity, and commerce. So we see, while once it was all about who came up with the coolest smartphone now success is about mobile software development.

With this in mind let’s take a look at what happened last year in the mobile business.


Everyone loves a flutter, and there’s no better way to tap into the App market than by coming up with a great gambling game. Addictive, thrilling and great fun, these app templates will make sure you don’t disappoint, and they’re all easy to reskin so you can make them as brash or as classy as you like!

Mega Casino

mega casino

Bingo is becoming a popular online game and many developers are making apps to meet this demand. Having a good template is essential though if you want your app to stand out in the crowd. The Mega Casino Bingo game has a really fun template that will instantly attract players. It is compatible on all iPhones and iOS devices. The system runs without any bugs and uses great images and colors to add in the fun factor. Bingo is a fast and exhilarating game, popular the world over, and finding a template that is as easy to re-skin as this is will be a very big challenge indeed.

Triple Fire Slot Casino

slot casino

For slot players, one of the most important things is the style of the slot machine. After all, the rules for most slot games are similar and what really sets them apart are the images and graphics. This is an important point that every app developer must keep in mind. The Tripe Fire Slot Casino is a perfect template as it uses Las Vegas rules to create a fun environment for gambling. Many players have been shown to prefer this type of slot game to any other. It has been designed in a way that makes it similar to real life slots. Give your audience the Las Vegas experience with in app purchases and daily bonus spins to keep them coming back for more!

Las Vegas Hot Slots

last vegas hot slot

There are so many codes that are being produced for casino games right now. This is because these games are the most popular on the ‘net, and they do generate a high amount of cash flow. But the important part for developers is to get a code that is easy to re-skin and make money from. This is where the Las Vegas Hot Slots template comes in. It is very easy to work with and also has a number of useful built-in features. The skin themes are very catchy and you will be able to produce a number of games in no time at all.

Lotto Scratchers

lotto scratchers

Templates and skins for Lottery Scratcher games need to be very innovative to capture your audience’s imagination. To grab the players’ attention it needs to be the perfect blend of colors and images. Lotto Scratchers is a great online template that is being used by developers to make money out of the popular scratch card phenomenon. The reskinning cost are just a small portion copared that developing an app from scratch and there aren’t too many images that need to be replaced, but that, is entirely up to you. It will be difficult to find another Scratchers template that is as effective as this one. So don’t miss out on this chance to make most of the current trend.

Whether you’re after a quick buck, or you want to be a high roller, why not explore the opportunities of making your own paid-for gambling app that could earn you money without the high Las Vegas stakes!!


happy new year (1)

Another year has passed and Chupamobile remains the leading app template marketplace on the Web.

Thanks for showing us support throughout the whole year, we look forward to keeping each one of you proud of being part of this marketplace.

Here’s hoping that 2015 is as exciting and awesome as 2014.

Happy New Year!


Being the last day of 2014 it seems appropriate to do a little recap of what have been our most popular iOS app templates of this year. Among Flappy, Swinging Copters and Candy Crunch we have seen iOS developers facing and successfully overcoming development challenges. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Flappy Crocodile Source Code iOS – Easiest Reskin

flappy crocodile

This is the app of 2014 by all means. One of the the easiest flappy to reskin that you’ll ever find. With one background, 12 pictures for character animations, menu screen and a couple of buttons, customizing this app is feasible for anyone. If you are looking for a flappy, this is your go to version!

Word Search – a real free addictive Puzzle Game


Fun to play alone and in company, this addictive game has a lot of features that can generate a lot of traffic and money. You can easily reskin it and adapt it to any puzzle style game of your choice.

Swinging Copters


Another superhit of 2014, the game is all about controlling and avoiding the obstacles which come in the path of the swaying upward flying character by tapping on the screen to change the sway directions. It’s incredibly addictive, fresh and is impossible to put down. The reskinning and customization potential of this app is limitless, making it unique is up to you.

WeLike – photo sharing social network


WeLike is a complete solution for photo sharing social network. With tons of features this app has high monetization potential. Perfect for user or company use WeLike is super-easy to reskin and does not require coding skills. And of course, it’s ios8 ready.

iOS Poker Pro – Texas Hold’em


Well here it is! The poker code you’ve all been waiting for. This is the real deal multiplayer Texas Hold’em poker. The setup is efoortless: create your MySQL database, upload server side code, link objective c app to server code and you’re done. Easy right?

Candy Crunch Match 3 Puzzle Game


Swipe your finger to connect three or more candy pieces either horizontally or vertically to clear them. The goal is to rack up as many points as you can in 60 seconds. Want to add more fun to the gameplay? Challenge your Facebook friends or play in multiplayer tournaments with other users from around the globe.

startMe – Your Social Network


You want to create your own social network? No worries, you do not need to pay tens of thousands of dollars to build one, here’s an easy template to customize. Choose the fonts, colors, image and settings of your choice, et voila.

2048 Puzzle Game Source Code iOS


Another app that marked 2014, the 2048 style puzzle game keeps gaining popularity and you if you’re looking for a great opportunity to make money this app has a lot of potential. Easy to resking ever for anyone that doesn’t have coding skills.



A blek app template is all you need to get you started. It has all the levels and all mechanics working smooth as the real game. It is very easy to reskin, simply replace the assets and you are done. It is made in cocos2d-x and can easily be converted to android. This is a well-designed game and is compatible for multi resolution. And if you want more levels, you can add as many as you want.

Crazy Poppers – Bubble Blast Style Game

crazy poppers

Another app that gained a lot of success, crazy popper is an addicting chain reaction game. Chartboost, RevMob, AppLovin already integrated to increase monetization opportunity. Reskin it the way you like most and let it be the new most addicting game of 2015!

Hoping that 2015 will bring lots of new exiting apps, we wish you a Happy New Year!


2014 has been a successful year for the app business and for Chupamobile.  We saw developers  challenging themselves with a number of great apps. It was definitely a wild year for android developers, and here at Chupamobile was no exeption. Here are the best android app templates of 2014.

One Pic One Word

one pic one word

One of the most popular app templates of the year. Downloaded by hundreds of users and used multiple times One Pic One Word is the perfect app for picture based quizzes.  Google in-app purchases, Chartboost, Admob integration, and Multilanguage support are included.



Perkutut is a source code of location-based mobile application that run under Android platform. you can create your own location-based app such as a tourism app, store locator app, restaurant locator etc. With this app template you won’t have to insert data within application, all the location data can be managed via admin panel on server.

Stick Line Runner


Run as fast as you can with Stickman Runner, but watch out, ‘game over’ is just around the corner. Addicting game with tons of reskin possibilities. Choose different obstacle images for ground and above obstacles. Great music and gameplay, easy touch controls makes this game a great time killer. And of course it includes admob, interstitial ads and mobilecore ads.

World Cup 2014 Application for Android

world cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was the 20th FIFA World Cup, an international men’s football tournament, that took place in Brazil. If you are a football fan, you should not ignore this mobile application. View all match schedules with device timezone, enable  the live, auto and reminder feature for some real-time fun

Flappy Crocodile Source Code – Easiest Reskin

flappy crocodile

If you’re looking for a flappy style android game, the is the one for you. One of the easiest templates to reskins you’ll ever make. One background, 12 pictures for character animations, menu screen and a couple of buttons. That’s it.

Quiz App Starter kit – All In One for Android

quiz app

All In One Quiz App Starter Kit allows you to create a unique objective type quiz app with different types of questions text, picture and video types of question in each of the categories. This is a starter-kit for building Quiz or survey android apps with multiple choice questions. Question types include text, images, videos and yes / no questions. Configure it in 15 minutes with no programming skills.

Word Search Game – WOSEGA

word search

WOSEGA is a word search game is a simple and fun word search game which contains over 3000 words which will help you overcome boredom and  helps you improving brain power. Unlimited new puzzles, large database of English words and colorful display.

Colouring App for Android

colouring app7

Enjoy an animal safari while coloring 36 beautiful pages of Alphabets and Numbers with Anitrek Coloring. Children can choose from 35 different colors and learn the alphabet at the same time. Enhance artistic creativity and learn about animals in their natural surroundings. Along with the alphabet, basic words are also introduced into their vocabulary. The soothing voice guides them through correct pronunciations and playful animations keep them interested in learning and focused on fun.

Piano Tiles – Don’t Tap The White Tile Source Code

piano tiles

Piano Tiles is an app with a lot of potential and it’s a total fun to play. This source code and documentation will give you with so many opportunities to monetize. There are 5 different game modes implemented that present different ways to challenge the players and have them compete with their friends for high scores

Jetpack Pig

jetpack pig

Do you prefer games with stick figures and doodle art backgrounds but still like the nonstop action and awesome heart-pounding thrills of more intense game genres? Jetpack Pig is your pick. One of the coolest new family games from where you can fly with the craziest characters ever seen in a game, fly with the jetpack piggies!

Happy New Year Androiders!


What better way to keep yourself occupied over the festive period than downloading some new holiday themed apps. They can help you relax or just give you a nice bit of escapism when you’re stuffed full of turkey dinner. We’ve put together a list of our 6 favorite apps to keep you entertained over the Holiday season….. drumroll please!

Angry Birds Seasons

angry birds season

As the seasonal version of the much loved Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons is a must have on your app list. This seasonal version offers 25 snowy levels to complete and updates appropriately with each holiday.

justWink Greeting Cards


Do you keep putting off sending your Christmas cards? Well now there’s no need, this free greeting card app gives you over 200 cards to choose from with some great festive themes. justWink Greeting Cards allows you to send personalised Christmas cards straight from your iPhone via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and even in the post.



Shatoetry is the perfect app to get people giggling this Christmas. This app allows you to make a festive “Shatism” by picking out your own words and deciding which ones you want to leave out of your sentence. All you have to do then is listen to the dulcet tones of William Shatner reciting it back to you! Genius!

Snoopy’s Street Fair


Snoopy’s Street Fair has gone all Christmassy for the holidays. Snoopy Claus is coming to town and everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit. Make your street fair festive and explore what options are on offer in this exciting seasonal version.

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition

robot unicorn

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition is a great festive take on the original game. This game continues to be out of this world and will have you feeling super festive whilst you’re running through this winter wonderland.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out


This festive update brings Christmas to Springfield. It’s not all plain sailing though as there’s been an error with the number of gift cards handed out. Your job is to find a way to deal with all the money that will be spent, plus you get to play the limited edition, festive missions to find out the true meaning of Christmas. The Simpsons, as always get it right with a fun filled game that will keep you sane, or send you crackers, depending on how good you are!

Hopefully these have given you some food for thought. Whether you’re looking to get organised, or just get into the festive spirit in a fun way, these apps all have something to offer. And if you’d like to create your own holidays themed app here you’ll find plenty of app templates to inspire you. Wish you all H”app”y Holidays!


merry christmas chupamobile image flat app

Also this year, Chupamobile has continued to grow and innovate and this wouldn’t have been possible without you. During the holiday season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. We are truly honored to have you in this community.

We are thankful to everyone that has purchased on Chupamobile, to each and every author for publishing great products on the platform and giving support to the users. Many of you have bought on Chupamobile multiple times and continue using the marketplace for new projects, all this, speaks volumes to us too, and we are extremely grateful for it.

Thank you for contributing to Chupamobile’s growth and being part of a community we’re all proud of.

Over the next couple of weeks, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we hope you’ll be able to spend some time with your loved ones, in between rounds of your favorite mobile game and of course, a delicious meal!

In this spirit we say, simply but sincerely, thank you and best wishes for the Holiday season!

The Chupamobile Team.



Architecture of a WatchKit app

In our previous post about WatchKit we saw that an application developed for Apple Watch need two components: the WatchKit app and the WatchKit extension.

  • The WatchKit app is the executable that will be run on the Apple Watch. It will contain the storyboards and the files needed to render the different screens.
  • The WatchKit extension is the executable that will be run on the iPhone. It contains the business code and resource files to manage the application’s screens and it will also handle user interactions.

Both components need to work together in order to configure the interface shown by the user. The steps taken by an application when a user interacts with it are typically the below ones:

  1. A user interacts with the WatchKit app.
  2. The WatchKit app analyzes the interaction and selects the storyboard that will manage the interaction.
  3. The WatchKit communicates with the iPhone to run the WatchKit extension.
  4. The WatchKit extension initializes and creates the objects needed to provide the resources to the WatchKit app storyboard.
  5. The storyboard generates the scene from the objects created by the WatchKit extension and it’s displayed on the Apple Watch.
  6. The WatchKit app and the WatchKit will share information until the user stops interacting with the app. In this moment iOS will suspend the WatchKit extension until a new interaction.

The below diagram illustrates this process:

WatchKit app architecture

One important concept on the above process is the way the storyboards respond to user interactions and configures the screens to be shown. This is thanks to the interface controller objects (instances of WKInterfaceController), which are equivalent to view controllers in iOS apps.

The difference with view controllers is that interface controllers don’t manage the actual views on screen, as WatchKit does this task transparently. Usually, a WatchKit app will contain several interface controllers that will display different type of data but just one of them will be shown at a time.

Life cycle of a WatchKit app

A WatchKit app can be launched by three different ways:

  • The user touches the home screen icon on the Apple Watch.
  • The user interacts with the app glance.
  • The user interacts with the notifications.

Each of the above ways initializes the WatchKit app and its WatchKit extension. Depending on which of the above cases happens, WatchKit loads the scene by using the corresponding storyboard and asks the WatchKit extension to initialize the corresponding interface controller.

The below diagram illustrates this process:

Launching WatchKit App

As you can see, the interface controller objects manage interactions in the user interface.

The WatchKit extension runs while the user interacts with the application on Apple Watch. Once the user stops interacting or exits from the app, iOS will deactivate the current interface controller and suspend the extension. As these interactions between the user and the Apple Watch are typically brief, the interface controllers should be lightweight and perform quick tasks.

The below diagram illustrates this process:Interface controller lifecycle