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App games are fun activities that don’t have to be played alone. You can play some great games with interaction with other players virtually as well.Perfect for the Christmas break, these apps can bring the family together and give them something to play against each other, or as a team with other people from all around the world. A good way to play multiplayer games, is with a larger screen of an iPad, and considering that some of you might receive one for Christmas, here are some of our favorites apps for you to try this holiday season.

Small World 2


This game is a strategy board game on the iPad, which has really good reviews. The game brings excitement to the players as they try to conquer the board. With its strategic gameplay and fun gameplay, it is addictive and challenging to play. The game costs $9.99 and is compatible with iOS 5.1 or later, but it will certainly keep you interested.

Fantastic 4 In A Row Free


Here we have a digital versions of the famous game in which you play against another person trying to put 4 counters in a row to win. Although the game is simple, it is extremely fun and addictive, especially when you are playing against your friends. The game is free and it is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later.



Who doesn’t love Scrabble, the game in which you have to make words out of the tiles you have available to you? You play against other players and for each word you create you earn points, and for using certain letters you earn extra points. It is very challenging and can improve your vocab, whilst having fun in the process. The game is created by EA and although pricey, is a great version of the game we all love.

Tank of Tanks

tanks of tanks

Tank of Tanks is a four-player game, so if you’ve friends round, it’s a perfect game for all to play. In essence, it is a simple game and all you need is one button to control the movement of each tank and attack other players. The game is very easy to master and you’ll have great run trying to blow each other up. It also has a variety of different arenas and new elements as you progress.

Steel Mill

steel mill

This game is like a spin-off of Tetris where you play either as a builder or a bear. The aim of the game is to stack the blocks and make them match and fit together so that you can add more blocks. Just ensure that the stack doesn’t reach the top or you will lose. You can play against the CPU or against a friend. Watch out though, this is very addictive!



Achtung is a great game to play with friends and family. It is a simple and an exciting game and it is the number one iPad family game in the USA and several other countries. The game is a lot like the classic game “Snake” where the aim of the game is to turn the glowworm and ensure that it doesn’t hit the sides or hit any other objects. The game features high quality graphics and you have the chance to set a world record as well as improve your personal best. The game costs $2.99 on the app store and is compatible with iOS 6.0 or later.


There are many multiplayer games to play on the iPad that feature great gameplay and will really make a night in more fun. And if you’d like to make your very own multiplayer game have fun with these great app templates: Avalanche Mountain, Vlad the angry Viking, Avalanche Mountain 2. They are easy to reskin and you can be as much creative as you’d like.

Whether strategic games which will get your brain working, or fun addictive games they are challenging and exciting, spend some time playing with your friends and family, and make the Christmas break a multi-player one!


If you have ever been frustrated by rejection (or even just really long review processes) for iOS, you are going to love the process to get an app on Google Play. Not only is it fast and easy (less than 24 hours,) it is also cheap – it costs just $25 to be registered as a Google Developer.  And that is a one-time fee, as opposed to Apple’s $99 annual fee.


Step 1 – Register as a Google Developer

This is really a two-part step, but you have probably already done the first part and did not realize it.  It should be no surprise that registering as a Google Developer uses the same account that you use for Gmail, Google+ and other Google properties.

Step 1a – Set up Google Account

Whether you have a Google account or not, to get started go to

If you already have a Google account, you can sign in with it.  You should give some thought to whether it is better for your situation to use your existing (personal?) Google Account, or create a new one dedicated to your app business.

If you do not have a Google account (or if you want a new one,) you will be directed to create one.  As you can see in the image below, it is very straightforward and completely free.

publish mobile app

Step 1b – Register as Google Developer

Once you have set up your Google Account, you will be given the option to become a “Developer”!

publish mobile app

The only thing you have to do on the screen above is read and agree to the terms of service, then click “Continue to payment” which opens a smaller Google Wallet.


Simply fill in the requested information and click “Accept and Continue.”   Follow the instructions of any further confirmation screens and/or emails, and you will soon be taken to your Developer Console.  Bookmark your console because you will return here often over the life of your apps.

Congratulations – you are now officially a Google Developer!

Step 2 – Upload Your App and Some Images & Then Answer a Few Questions

This part takes a little longer than step 1, but it too is straightforward.  To get started, go to your individual developer console that you bookmarked above or use this generic address –

Step 2a – “+ Add new application”

At the top of your console, you will see a big blue button that says “+ Add new application”.  Click it.

publish mobile app

A smaller window will open.

publish mobile app

Set the “Default Language,” then enter your app name.

Your app name can be up to 30 characters and factors in to App Store Optimization, or ASO.  Note:  this article is intended to show you HOW to submit your app, and do so quickly.  It is not intended to dive deeply into App Store Optimization, pricing strategies or other important topics. To stay on task, I will ignore ASO in this article, but you should not – for more on ASO, read the great articles here at Chupamobile by Gabriel Machuret.

Click “Upload APK” or “Prepare Store Listing.”  These are two of the three required screens that you will ultimately need to complete to submit an app.  The third required screen, “Pricing & Distribution” is not listed here, but we will get to it soon.  Whether you start with the upload or the store listing is purely personal preference, so just pick one and let’s go.   For this article, we start with the upload.

Step 2b – Upload APK

If your APK (Android application file) is 100% ready, you can simply click “Upload your first APK to Production.”  If you first want to do some Alpha or Beta testing, click on the appropriate tab and upload the APK that way.  And/or if your app is paid or has in-app purchases, click “Services & API” link to get a license key.

publish mobile app

Once you have uploaded your APK, Google will tell you how many device types your app supports and will try to sell you translation services.  Let’s just move to the next section.

publish mobile app

Step 2c – Store Listing

This screen has several field to fill in but do not let it stress you out.  You can change any of them at a later time (daily if you like, even after you have published) and all are self-explanatory.  You start with you App Title (which you entered earlier, but can change here, then enter a short description (up to 80 characters) and a long description (up to 4,000 characters.)

You then move on to what Google calls your Graphical Assets – your images and a video if you have one. The first images you will upload are your screenshots.  You must have at least two.  They can be JPEG or PNG.  The images can be for a phone, 7-inch tablet, 10-inch tablet or TV.

Then you upload your Icon.  Google calls it your “Hi-res icon” and describes it as follows – “The high-res icon does not replace your app’s launcher icon, but should be a higher-fidelity, higher-resolution version that follows the same design guidelines.” It is the main image people see in Google Play.  Considering the influence this little image has on download decisions, you should indeed make it as high a resolution as possible, but the maximum file size is 1024KB which can make things tricky.  The dimensions need to be 512px by 512px and it must be a 32-bit PNG (with alpha).

Next you will upload your Feature Graphic.  Until a few months ago, this was an optional image. Even if it were not required, you would want to spend time creating and uploading a nice image because it is “featured” at the top of your app’s page in Google Play.  I have neglected to go back and add Feature Graphics to all my apps.  When you look at two of my listings side by side below, the importance of the Feature Graphic is evident.

publish mobile app

The Feature Graphic should be a JPG or PNG that is 1024px wide by 500px in height.  Optimally, you will not have much text – Google considers this a teaser, not an ad.  Any text should be large and very easy to read and centered vertically and horizontally.  Background colors should be vivid since Google Play background colors are white and black.  You can localize your image for different languages.

One good thing is that I have not seen any image size limitations for Feature Graphic.  In fact, Google emphasizes that the resolution of this image needs to be fantastic because it will need to scale to very large or very small and still look great.

Thinking of a really great Feature Graphic can be challenging since you should not simply use your icon or screenshots, which will already be on the app’s Google Play page.  Remember, if you do not have a Feature Graphic ready, you can still save everything else and return to it later.  In fact that goes for everything here – you can save your submission as a draft and resume work at a later time.

The last three graphical assets are optional and will probably be skipped by most of you:

  • Promo Graphic – used for older versions of Android and is optional. If you have a JPG or 24-bit PNG  that can scale to 180px by 120px, then use it.  If nothing comes to mind, you can skip this image.
  • Banner Asset (Android TV) – only displayed on Android TV devices.
  • Promo Video – if you have a video, great! For this one, instead of uploading a file, you link to the YouTube video that you want to use.

“Categorization” is the next section and just includes three fields – all are required but all are easy with drop-down menus:

  • Application Type – two options Applications or Games
  • Category – the options here are dependent upon which Application type you selected.
  • Content Rating – four options from High Maturity to Everyone. There is a link to pages to help you determine the appropriate rating.  The pages include Google Play Developer Content Policy.  The pages get very specific on numerous topics from the obvious (Sexual and suggestive content) to not-so-obvious (apps with user generated content.) Use the guidance that Google provides along with a little common sense.  You do not want a user reporting you for inappropriate content on an app rated “Everyone.”

Next is your Contact Details.  Your website, email and phone are requested, but only the email is required for free apps.  For paid apps and apps with in-app purchases, a physical address is now also required.

Privacy Policy is the last option.  If you have your own Privacy Policy, enter the link for it.  If you do not have your own policy, you can simply check a box that says, “Not submitting a privacy policy URL at this time.”

That is the end of your Store Listing.  Press “Save” at the top of the page, then let’s move on to Pricing & Distribution.

Step 2d – Pricing & Distribution

The first thing you are asked on the Pricing & Distribution page is whether your app is Free or Paid. I understand that some iOS publishers toggle between Free and Paid occasionally to boost download numbers, but this is not possible on Android.  Once an app is published as Free, it cannot be changed to paid.

For Paid apps, you are asked to provide a Default Price.  This default price can be used as the basis to generate prices in other countries OR, you can set individual prices for each country in which you plan to sell your app.

publish mobile app

Next you choose the countries in which your app will be distributed. The first checkbox is for all countries.  This is something you can change later, so if you have devised a launch strategy that has you starting in particular countries and rolling out to others at a later date (or multiple dates) that is perfectly fine.  This is where you can modify pricing by country for Paid apps.

The next item is odd in my humble opinion – Android TV.  There is not a checkbox to select, a field to fill in or the ability to upload anything.  Instead it simply says “Add a Leanback launch intent to distribute your app on Android TV. Learn more”.  The “Learn more” is a link to pages that tell you how to build apps for TV.

You finish this screen with a series of four checkboxes:

  • Google Play for Education – this flags Google that you would like to request that they include you in a program where the apps are provided to 3rd party teachers. For most of us, this is irrelevant.
  • Marketing Opt-out – check this box if you do NOT want Google to promote your app outside of Google Play. I cannot understand why someone might check this, but maybe you have a scenario.
  • Content Guidelines – checking this box is mandatory. You are certifying that you comply with all of the content rules that you are provided links for, which includes spam, spyware, sex and nudity, ads, intellectual property, etc.
  • US Export Laws – since I am based in the United States, this checkbox is required for me to attest that “I acknowledge that my software application may be subject to United States export laws.” There are pages provided with details on export compliance if needed.  I am not certain if developers in other countries are shown this checkbox or similar ones for their own countries.  (Feel free to let me know by commenting at the end of the article.)

That is the end of Pricing & Distribution.  Press “Save” at the top of the page.  You should be ready to submit your app.

Step 3 – Submit

When you pressed “Save” on the final screen above, the circles around the three checkmarks on the left should have become Android green.

publish mobile app

For most apps, that is all that is needed.  The quickest way to know if your app is ready to submit is to look at the upper right part of the screen to see if there is a drop down that says “Draft” or “Ready to Publish”.

If the drop-down says “Draft” you still have a little work to do.  First off, ensure the three items on the left have green checks like in the image above.  If one does not have a checkmark, click on that one.  Once on that page, Google does not always make it easy to quickly know what action you need to take. Just look at each item carefully.  It is not rocket science.  You will figure what you are missing.  Once you have corrected the oversight or mistake and pressed “Save”, you should see the “Ready to Publish” drop-down menu.

Click “Ready to Publish” then select “Publish this app” from the drop-down menu.  You are done!  Now it is Google’s hands.  And remember, Google does not do Apple-like reviews.  Basically, Google validates certain things as they are submitted, and now things just need to be propagated to the servers.  Propagation usually takes less than 24 hours, so go start work on marketing the app.

Good luck! We would love any questions, corrections and additions in the comments below.


Musicians need money to promote their art. Unfortunately these days, the music scene can be a playground for schemers, and many musicians and bands are taken in by the promises of someone who only wants to make money from them. But what if the musicians and bands took control? What if you could allow more people to watch your performance beyond those who are right in front of you? This is exactly where the AppLoud app comes to the rescue. There are no two ways about it: if you are a musician or a member of a band and need to perform to larger crowds, this latest app is for you.

apploud app

Getting an audience is one thing, but we want to get paid….

If you’re looking to make money from your fan base, AppLoud can help here too. This is one of the most interesting apps to come out, allowing you to upload concert videos as well as to tag it on your band’s or performers Twitter handle using your bands hashtags to raise awareness of your band. From here, it automatically connects the video to iTunes and to the concert ticket sales and even allows the audience to tip the band directly.

So it’s like playing for a virtual audience?

Sort of. Effectively, it creates a micro-crowd funding platform targeted toward the mobile driven generation. It’s easy to use too. The content is simply uploaded by the fans, who upload the videos and tag the twitter handle of the artist or band featured. This can help you or any artist to make money through your fan base. Within 10 seconds a fan can help any artist to make good money by sharing their videos. Once the twitter handle is tagged, it adds links to pay a tip to the artist. It’s as easy as that.

Can I sell tracks or tickets through AppLoud?

You can. Through the AppLoud app, the audience can either buy music or tickets easily. In order to pay the tip, the users simply need to enter their credit card details. The tips can be as little as US $1 or as much as they think you’re worth! However, the artists receiving the amount need to have a PayPal account so do bear this in mind. The musicians also need to supply a URL for the live gig schedules.

How much does AppLoud charge me?

Overall, this app is not only the best to make some money for your music, but also to reach out to a huge audience, simply with a few clicks. 90% of the tips go to the bands or artists that is a fairly good deal- better than most of the crowd funding engines. AppLoud collects only 10% of the tips as well as affiliate fees towards the ticket sale and music.

This is the ideal app for today’s mobile generation.  So, be it a budding musician or a famous band, get your music out there and make some money with AppLoud.


Starting from next year Google plans to launch its most popular products for kids. As people are more and more concerned about the future of children in this tech-friendly world, Google makes the first step by child-proofing Google search, Youtube and Chrome.

google kids

Pavni Diwanji, one of Google executives, reported to USA Today about the company’s plans to release special versions of its existing platforms. Google hopes to make internet usage safer for kids of 12 yers old and under.

“We want to be thoughtful about what we do, giving parents the right tools to oversee their kids’ use of our products(…). We want kids to be safe, but ultimately it’s about helping them be more than just pure consumers of tech, but creators, too.” Said Diwanji.

These new products will not show inappropriate content and will give parents tools to supervise their kids.

How will parents control their kids?

This doesn’t mean that parents can become control-freeks. If that’s what will happen, the platform won’t be successful. Google needs to find the best way to meet both parents and children’s needs.

Kids today are smarter than their parent, at young ages they are already tech-friendly and know well how to google things. That’s why we can’t take it all away from them, eventually they’ll figure out a way to get around it.

“We want to enable supervision but not be regimental(…). But that’s challenging because no two parents are alike. I have friends who are helicopter parents and others are even more liberal than me, but everyone has to be accommodated by whatever we create.” said Diwanji.

We are looking foreward to see what Google comes up with and hopefully it will be something trully innovative.


A smartphone becomes truly yours when it represents your personality, style and interests. In other words, it is only yours when you customize it. The basic customization tools within the iPhone allow you to change the wallpaper to suit your personality and by using the best wallpaper apps for iOS 8, you can give your device the look that you have always wanted. So whether you are looking for something wild and bold or something feminine and soft, you’ll be sure to find something you love on one of these wallpaper apps for iOS.


wallax app

Many people love the Wallax wallpaper app. It was one of the first wallpaper apps to change the wallpaper layout version in iOS 7. This app has since been upgraded with several new and better features added including the capability to create your own personal gradient wallpapers, integrate all types of effects such as text, blur and patterns, to mention but a few. Wallax manages scaling and cropping on your behalf so you can create the ideal fit no matter the device you have. If you want to create your own gradient look or simply want to tweak your picture, Wallax allows you to do exactly that.

Wallpapers Plus for iOS 8

wallpaper plus

Wallpapers Plus brings hundreds of new wallpapers each day for you to select from. You can choose from various categories and different high-resolution pictures. Wallpaper Plus also offers a cute preview animation, which allows you to view precisely how your screen will look like once it is fully enabled. For optimum viewing, the app has hundreds of different settings to apply each day.

Pimp Your Screen

pimp your screen app

This is another great app that allows you to customize your screen. It provides you with great tools to make new styles for your wallpaper and is one of the best when it comes to creating optical illusions. Available at just £0.69, Pimp Your Screen provides hundreds of onscreen features, including shelves, backgrounds and icons. You can combine and match different items in various layouts and save hundreds of images for your screens so you can change them as often as you want to.

10,000+ LockScreens with ActiveBlur

10000 lockscreen app

This app searches the web for the best images using search engine image searches. Just use a keyword to search for a variety of different images and 10,000+ LockScreens provides plenty of exciting results. Once you have found the image, you can integrate a blur effect with various intensity levels to suit your needs. You definitely won’t have the same lock screen as your friends with this one!


Changing the appearance of your iPhone screen is a great way to make your device truly unique. Use one of these apps to customize and make your device feel more personal and be the envy of all your friends. It’s up to you whether you let them into your little secret! And if you want more, you can always create your own wallpaper app and include everything you want. Here are some templates to start with: Monogram , Wallpape.



One thing that makes Android popular is its apps. Developers have a lot of freedom when creating apps for Android smartphones and this shows in the creativity applied to some of its most popular applications. Although many apps are launched on both Android and iOS, there are some pretty good ones that are available solely for Android users, and we’ve listed some of the best ones here!

android apps


Locale is an automation app that is used to customize your phone. You can customize how your phone behaves based on who calls, where you are, battery life, the phone’s orientation or even the time. Although you have to pay for this one, it gives you an opportunity to have your phone, your way!


This app is a handy anti-theft program that is used to track your stolen device. The app allows you to control your phone remotely using website or text message, sounding an alarm, wiping everything on the device, locking the device with a code or hiding the app so that the thief doesn’t recognize it. With the rise of smartphone theft, it’s a wise choice.


Cover puts your favorite apps on your lock screen, but that’s not all. It will sense where you are and display the apps that fit your location on the lock screen. For instance, when you are at work, home, or anywhere else you frequent on a regular basis, Cover will put apps that you frequently use during those times on the lock screen. It’s a free app, and saves you precious seconds scrolling through your phone for your favorite apps, wherever you are!


UCCW lets you create your own custom widget. It allows you to design your own widget for your home screen allowing you to have exactly what you want on there, from weather reports to battery life, and better still, it’s free.


HoverChat is an app used for messaging continuously without the need to mess about closing other apps that you are running. All you need to do is to re-size and decide how transparent the messaging window needs to be. Another great app, and this one is also free!

Link Bubble Browser

Link Bubble Browser will change how you browse the Internet. For example, when you click an online link, the app will load it in the background and will leave you free for browsing. Once it has loaded, you just tap the link bubble and you’ll see the fully loaded page. Simple, but very handy.

Light Flow

Light Flow lets you hack into the LED of your smartphone for custom notifications. If your phone has an LED light for notifications, Light Flow will let you assign a custom color for when you receive a phone call, text, calendar reminder, email, or even when you’re running low on battery. Perfect for when you need to keep your phone on silent.


Muzei is a live wallpaper that changes your phone’s home screen into a different famous work of art each day. If you’re looking to learn more about art, or just enjoy viewing, you’ll love this gentle app.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a powerful and flexible tool used to record what you have in on your mind through recording or taking notes. Wherever you are, if you have an idea you just need to get down, or want to remind yourself of something, this handy app will save you scrabbling around for a pen.


tTorrent is a peer-to-peer app that allows you to find and download torrents with your phone. It also comes with all the bells and whistles of other popular torrenting programs. It’s fast and it’s free, so if you want to download all sorts of music, movies and games, then go ahead!

All these Android apps have their uses, and better yet, your iOS locked friends won’t be able to emulate them with their iPhones. Score 1 to Android!


Launched just a year ago Yik Yak is probably one of the most popular apps among college students. To top that, the anonymous messaging app has recently raised a $ 61 million round.

Yik Yak app

What is Yik Yak famous for?

More than 1300 colleges across U.S. are now using Yik Yak. Not bad for an app that has been around for just a year.  The key aspect of the app is that it is anonymous. The app gives users an anonymous forum where they can post whatever they want, whether is school related or not. The nearest 500 users that have the app will receive the ‘yak’. In return, users can decide up vote or down vote the post.

Usually students write about teachers, other students, and the college life in general. And because of that, the app has caused a lot of controversy among  the public. The Emory University’s student government approved a resolution that denounced the app as a platform for hateful speech and harassment.

Since it launched, the app had over 2,500 posts just in the Virginia Tech campus and it has received over 50,000 up votes a day. During the month of September the app has seen the drastic increase of popularity reaching the top 10 social networking apps in the App Store.

The rumors of another fundraising was going on for a while and a couple of days ago it was confirmed by an SEC filing. Acorrding to Yik Yak rapresentatives, the Sequoia Capital were the one to lead the round.

Your chance to win


As you already know, succeeding with a social networking app is the dream of any mobile developer and lucky for you Chupamobile has many app templates for that. And if you want an extra chance to succeed here you can find an app template similar to Yik Yak. You can customize it the way you like and make it totally original while still keeping its basic concept. What are you waiting for? Now it your time to succeed!


It’s almost Christmas! Are you ready for to break the charts for this holiday season? If you still haven’t launched your app here is a great list to get started! Oh, and 2 of the apps are super-hits! Find out which.

iOS Apps

Make It Santa


Make it Santa is a very addictive and currently in the app store 200 list. Your mission is to deliver as many gifts as you can, by tapping and throwing the gifts into the chimneys. Optimized for iOS8!  Eight city background resources are available!! Easy to Reskin.

Bumpin 2 Cars

bumbpin 2 cars

Bumpin 2 Cars is inspired by the quickly rising “2 Cars” game in the App Store today. Incredibly simple mechanics, yet incredibly addicting, Bumpin 2 Cars has everything you need in a game.

Bubble Witch Style App Template Unity

bubble witch style

Unity based source code, based on the best-selling game on the app store Bubble Witch Saga. This code has all the same elements, including the bonuses and level styles, full animated objects and huge map. This is built in 4.6 Unity which can be launched on iOS and Android, it can even build for other OS with some small adjustments!

Android Apps

Kids Math Fun

kids math

An easy way to learn or teach basic Mathematical Operations to children. This app is designed and developed for small children to help them in understanding the basic rules of Math. Nice Graphics, Audio Clips and beautiful animated images are used to attract and motivate children.

Widget Reminder


Widget Reminder Android has notebook, the ultimate widget application to quickly create notes on your Android Phone. You can choose the theme you like from different beautiful themes. You can also choose font size and font color of your notes.

PT Tour Booking App With Backend PHP

pt tour

This source codes is native app for android that helps you build tour booking android app. The data is managed at website-based Backend which is coded in PHP Yii framework.

Hope you liked them. Have a nice week-end!


About the Author: Evaldo Rossi is the Founder of WordData – App Store Optimization (ASO). Follow him on Google+ and check out the WordData blog to learn more about ASO.

One of the updates iOS 8 brought to the App Store is the Scrolling Results. This was made to tackle two issues: user experience and app discovery. The new search results pages are easier and faster to navigate, so more apps will be seen in the same search before the user gives up.

The new layout brought an unintended feature to improve the conversion rate (i.e., the percentage of users that click the app after discovering it) on the iPhone.

apple screenshots

The new Search Results page

In the old iOS 6 and 7 card-based interface, the apps had a fixed area to show their content in the search results page. Each swipe scrolled through a card. With the Scrolling Results, the swipe does not have anchors, so the finger will control vertical height movement pretty much like a webpage or Facebook feed scroll.

The interface of the iOS 8 is based in blocks instead of cards. In the iPad, you have blocks with fixed width and height for each app. In the iPhone, the block goes side to side of the screen but has a variable height, adapting to the content inside the block. By having an area with higher vertical height in the screen to display your app, you will probably stay longer in the user’s field of view and have a bigger opportunity to grab the user’s attention.

To do that, you have to work with portrait screenshots—at least the first one.

app screenshots

The trick

When using a landscape, the total height in the search results in the iPhone 5 is 476 pixels. With a portrait as the first screenshot, however, the area allocated to the app is 640 pixels high. It’s 25 percent more space.

It might look like it’s not much, but the result is the difference between occupying the whole page and dividing the user’s attention with another app, as you will notice in the image above.

This applies to the App Preview as well. Since it will appear in the search results page in place of the first screenshot, its orientation will change the allocated area for the app. A landscape App Preview will remove any screenshots you have from the Search Results page.

app screenshots

Get creative

When you know that you get more area to show your app, you can concentrate in making compelling material to stop the user from scrolling to the next app. Besides the usual guidelines and best practices to make a great app screenshot, you could think ahead and make the first two portrait screenshots combine into one big composition.

If you’re working with an App Preview, you can prepare the poster frame to be part of a composition with the first screenshot, which will be positioned to the right of the video. However, combining the first two screenshots isn’t a 100% guarantee of more downloads, since it’s not only about doing it, but also how. A bad composition won’t work just because it’s bigger on the device’s screen.


This is a nice, easy trick that will grab more attention than a single landscape. It takes more time to see the next app, giving more value to the position you get in the search results. While it’s a bit hard to precisely know the improvement, with App Store Analytics we will be able to compare conversion. It’s probably launching early 2015, so stay tuned!

To learn more about Conversion Rate Optimization and App Store Optimization, check out the WordData blog.


If you’re looking for a great app for the kids for Christmas, you’ve probably searched the App Store and been inundated with a wealth of different apps, all promising to entertain, enthrall and thrill the kids this festive time of year. However, there’s one way to tell for sure which apps are going to make their mark, and that is through the App Store top chart. No 1 US App Make it Santa is you’re sure choice of entertainment. Find out why it’s so special. 

A cute little adventure game always hits the spot, and this one does so with sweet graphics and a cute theme tune, but what really gets you going is how hard, yet addictive it is to master. Think flappy bird with a festive twist and you’re pretty close to where this one is aimed. It’s certainly hit the spot too, and we’re all addicted over here.

How does it work?

When it comes to the game itself, you start off as the Grinch sitting in a sleigh on a cold Christmas Eve. The background is a night sky with snow topped chimney tops. You have to drop the presents through the chimney as you fly past by tapping at the optimal time. The more presents you get into the chimneys, the more you’ll start looking Good Santa, but lose one chimney and you’re right back to the start. Hence the reference to Flappy Bird. There are various obstacles in your way too, from the naughty kids, who shouldn’t receive a gift, to the storms that come along once in a while, so even if you master the present dropping, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Pretty addictive right?

What bonuses can you get?

There are various Power-ups, such as gas for your sleigh (so much for reindeers) and a better sleigh too to opt for. You can pay to upgrade the app so you don’t get ads, and you pay for the extras in the game by buying packages of coins, starting at just $0.99. Since the app is free, you can master the game without having to pay for it, but we bet you’ll be tempted to purchase a few of the coin packs.

The only downside we’d say to this app is that it’s not yet available on Android, but that just gives Apple users more to brag about. It was developed by Five Bits Inc., developers of Pooka Bounce and Gelato Madness.


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