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Our weekly newsletter has a new face! Have you checked it? The 6 slots of our old template weren’t enough to feature all the amazing Apps and Games our authors publish every week on our marketplace. Now, every week you will receive 9 amazing products in your inbox, together with a blog post to keep you up-to-date of news, tips, and other interesting stuff about the World of Apps!

Let’s see now the 9 best products of this week. Are you ready? Here we go!

iOS App Templates


Odd Koo – One Hour Reskin

Another of Rebeloper’s 1 Hour Reskin Series Template: buy it, reskin it and publish your App TODAY! A reskin of this Game has already been featured by Apple!


Ride – Complete Taxi/Uber/Lyft Template iOS

Have you ever wanted to compete against Uber or Lyft? Or simply wanted to create a ride-sharing app of your own?

Ride is the answer! It comes with a clean user interface that can be easily re-skinned and a code that has been passed through the QA (quality assurance) teams at BMC (multi-billion-dollar company).


Mega Blaster

Mega Blaster is a successful endless-shooter style game that has reached the top 1000 Arcade games for iPhone in 77 countries and 58 countries on iPad. Insane, isn’t it? Now you can reskin it and replicate its success!

Android App Templates


Photo App Fisheye

An App that has reached 4M downloads and $40K so far! Do you imagine what you can do with an App Template like this? A photo App built in Android Studio and full of stunning Lomo effects.


Flying Bird

Fly with this cute little bird as far as possible! Choose your color (multiple bird skins) and fly through all obstacles. This is the best Flappy Bird style game available!


Photo Album Android App with PHP Backend

Photo Album App is an Android native app source code which has a web-based backend in PHP. It is the perfect solution to build an app for your photos and albums. The template has important modules such as multi-categories, multi-albums, download, share, set wallpaper, etc.

Unity App Templates


Sweet Halloween Match 3 Game

Sweet Halloween Bubble Shooter is a great template for your match 3 game. Throw candy in a candy of the same color to gain more sweets for the little witch.


Captain Rocket

Captain Rocket is the new TOP DOWNLOADED GAME featured by Apple & Google Play! This App Template has the same gameplay to let you reach the stratospheric success of the game!

UI Graphic Assets


Mafia Card Set & Poker Chips

Full Deck of 52 Playing Cards and Poker Chips in 5 colors, design inspired by 1930’s. You’ll get .ai, .eps and .png files to modify them as you prefer.

Have you already chosen the App you want to launch? If you need any help with the decision, do not hesitate in leaving a comment below!

We wish you an amazing weekend : )



Did you know that it is 10 times easier to reach the App Stores Top Charts for the Educational category compared to the Gaming category? With this in mind, I have chosen one of the most successful Apps for kids listed on Chupamobile: Colouring App for Android.

Colouring App for Android costs $149 and now, for 48 hours only, you can get it at $49. The promotion includes both free and paid versions of the App!


An App loved by both kids and parents: it helps children get started with the alphabet and numbers while enhancing artistic creativity and learning about animals in their natural surroundings. Along with the alphabet, basic words are also introduced in their vocabulary. Discover more of its features here:

  • A soothing voice guides the child through correct pronunciations
  • Playful animations to keep the child interested in learning and focused on fun
  • 26 animal alphabets colouring pages
  • 10 colouring pages of numbers
  • 35 different colours for painting
  • 3 brush sizes for painting and erasing
  • Beautiful sounds for kids to understand the User Interface
  • Share creations through Facebook and Twitter
  • Email sharing
  • Includes free and pro versions
  • Revmob, Chartboost and Airpush integrated
  • 2 in-app purchases to unlock other colouring pages

If you are either a veteran, or want to get started in the Educational Apps Business, this is a golden opportunity for you. Get Colouring App now for Android at 67% off!


Every week we publish a bunch of new (awesome) App and Game Templates. These are the chosen of the 3rd week of April:

iOS App Templates


Smove for iOS

Its gameplay is based on a Top Chart hit! The goal is to move around the nine squares and collect the spinning boxes that randomly appear. Three ad networks and in-app purchases available!


iOS – Studio Cam FX

This incredible Template will help you blow people’s minds with its several effects and filters!

Android App Templates


Bubble Shooter for Android

Create addictive bubble shooter games with this incredible Template! Features: 8 types of color balls, 100 levels incorporated and unlimited levels option available!


Android – Crocodile Man

Users need to survive as long as possible, while jumping different platforms and killing multiple enemies!

Unity App Templates


Unity – Toon Racer

Make users test their driving skills with multiple unlockable cars and three different environments!


Unity – Jump Car

This Top Selling Template is has been integrated with the best ad networks to monetize. Try it now!


Say hello to Snapify! It’s a full, complete, and meticulously handcrafted app for iOS 8 ready to be submitted to the App Store. You know Instagram, right? Well, Snapify lies along the same lines, with a social image sharing network complete with Facebook login and the possibility to comment and like photos.


For 48 hours only, you can get this Premium App Template for $59 instead of its full price, $199.

Snapify is powered by a Parse backend to manage user accounts, user photos, photo comments, photo likes, and the Facebook login. It’s the complete and simply gorgeous solution for a Social Photo Sharing App.

It has never been this easy to launch a Social Network App, don’t miss the chance!



Android developers have used Eclipse for years. Now Android Studio is considered “the official Android IDE” (Integrated Development Environment.) But what if you have an app that you created in Eclipse or what if you just bought a template at Chupamobile? Is it difficult to import these into Android Studio? What are some of the pitfalls?

The short answer is that it is easier than you probably think, but there are a few things to watch out for.  Let’s walk through an example.  First, if you have not yet installed Android Studio, click here before continuing with this tutorial.

File Formats

The first question for some may be whether you need to create Gradle build files in Eclipse and then import that into Android Studio. The short answer is that you can, but it is not necessary. Eclipse does allow you to build files using Gradle but it can create issues, mostly around versioning.  And with the Production version of Android Studio, I do not see a compelling reason to deal with this.  For this article, I assume you have a set of Java and XML files structured in typical Eclipse fashion somewhere on your computer.

Android Studio cannot import from a ZIP file, so extract any ZIPped projects before attempting an import.

And for this exercise, I use a Windows 8 PC.

1. Open Android Studio

When you open Android Studio, you are presented with several options in a Quick Start screen.


2. Select the Fifth Option

Click the fifth option on the Quick Start.  It will say “Import Non-Android Studio project” or “Import project (Eclipse ADT, Gradle, etc.)” depending upon your version of Android Studio.

3. Navigate to Your App

Navigate to the top level folder of your app and select it.

select eclipse or gradle project to import

4. Choose Destination Folder

When you select the app, you are informed that Android Studio makes a copy of it and does not alter the original. Click the button with three dots if you want the files saved to a location other than what Android Studio has selected. Once you are happy, choose “Next.” If the folder does not exist, you are asked if you would like it created. Click “OK” of course.


5. Import Options

At this point, you are informed that Android Studio can/will make some changes to your files. Android Studio makes a lot of changes to your code structure behind the scenes. Part of those changes is the replacement of some Jars and library sources with dependencies. In most cases, you will leave these checked.  These dependencies have the net effect of reducing the size of your app.

Android Studio also asks if you would like to change module names.  I’ve found no reason to uncheck this box.

Press Next.


6. Warnings (Skip If Not Applicable to You)

Each time I imported a project, I have received a Warning screen. My warning let me know that a library that I use could not be found. But the IDE has identified an alternate path that will be resolved to. Great! My warnings also indicate that a full import report will be presented to me at a later stage and there is not much I can do to change things anyway at this point, so I proceed by clicking Finish.


7. Unrecoverable errors (Skip If Not Applicable to You)

My next screen is less benign.  I am told there are unrecoverable errors which must be corrected. It was a common problem relating to resolving project paths. With a little guidance from Google and Stack Overflow, I was able to find a resolution to my issue and then re-attempt the import.

8. Import Summary Report

Read over the Import Summary. It will help you understand more about Android Studio in general and what is going on with your app in particular.

9. Build | Make Project

Now select “Build” from the menu and then “Make Project” from the drop down.  This might take a minute or two, but then… your import is complete! You can now work on your code or run your app in an emulator or device.  Congratulations.

Once you are in Android Studio, you can easily import another app by selecting “File” from the menu at the top, then choosing “Import Project.”  You will also see an option called “Import Module.” There are diatribes online about the difference between a Project and a Module. I think the easiest way to think of them is that a Project is a stand-alone item, whereas a Module is a library or a part of a bigger entity.  So, if you want to import an app, go with “Import Project.”

You and I both have a lot more to learn about Android Studio. Stay tuned for more information on accomplishing certain tasks.  And please use the Comments below to ask questions or share your experience with others.


Hold on tight, incredible App and Game Templates have joined our catalogue! Rebeloper has published a Template which takes just 1 hour to reskin; Appindusty is riding the wave of the Top Charts with Bouncing Ball and Atik97 offers a Template ready for the Apple Watch. Besides them, other original proposals are waiting for you!

Scroll down and be amazed!

iOS App Templates


Whack Koo

Built with the leading engine for iOS indie games: Cocos2D with SpriteBuilder, all written in Swift! A simple yet engaging game has been created to launch your own app in one hour. AdMob, Chartboost and in-app purchases are included!


Color Match

This universal Template, written in Swift, is compatible with Apple Watch! IAP included.

Android App Templates


Battery Saver Pro

It provides three types of mode to save your battery: saving mode (in the lowest battery status), sleep mode (while sleeping), customised mode (with editable setting). StartApp and AdMob ad networks are included to monetize!


Flip Me

Users have to flip the sequence of tiles in this new puzzle game with 2 ad networks to monetize!

Unity App Templates


Bouncing Ball

A top Game Template with top features! 7 ad networks, IAP, share buttons and leaderboard!

kick a droid

Kick a Droid

Built with Unity3D version 5! 3 ad networks and 1 IAP installed to make you monetize!



Apps have become a big part of our mobile world . The average person has around 10-15 apps on their smartphone or mobile device (-> Tweet this!) at any given time ranging from business related syncing apps and scanners, to addictive game apps that can be played anywhere and everywhere from the palm of your hand to diet and quit smoking support apps.

Aside from the need to obsessively check our Facebook or Twitter accounts from our mobile devices, apps have catapulted from engaging games and programs to fiddle with on your smartphone or mobile device in your spare time to a necessary staple to conduct business with.

The majority of the population has at least one mobile device loaded with a variety of different apps that in most cases are being used on a daily basis.

Recently it seems that we can’t get through even one day without hearing about a new app that’s afforded thousands and in some cases millions of downloads in virtually no amount of time at all.

Why didn’t I think of that?

If you have come across an app with such a seemingly simple concept that you want to kick yourself for not coming up with it, you are not the only one. Sometimes the simplest ideas end up being the next viral sensation (-> Tweet this!).

The Dubsmash app, for example, was about the most basic concept of a fun and amusing way to communicate, but the millions of downloads say that this was nothing short of brilliant. Angry Birds sounds like a pretty primitive game on paper, but in reality everyone seems to have or know someone who has this game app.


The creators of these apps are now millionaires as a result of developing these engaging, fun and even life-simplifying apps. Do you have a great app idea? If so, you should be striking while the irons hot before someone else swoops in and reaps the rewards.

Can anyone develop an app?

Yes! Developing an app was once thought to be an endeavor exclusively available to experienced programmers and coders, but today literally anyone with an idea and a tad of imagination can develop an app worthy to stand against any of the current heavy hitter apps out there.


Now, you can launch your own Dubsmash app in just a few hours

There are many companies that offer easy to use app and game templates for people with limited to no design or coding skills to make their app ideas a reality such as Chupamobile. With a host of different templates, Chupamobile provides all the help you need to achieve app development success!

Improve an existing app

Just because someone has already come up with your app idea doesn’t mean that you can’t build on or improve it. There are few apps available today that are entirely unique. Is there an app on your mobile device right now that you can’t live without but wish it had certain lacking features? Build your own similar one! If you see flaws in an app you are using then chances are others feel the same way. Will your app be the next big thing? With the right resources and a little bit of good advertising, it could well be!



Here we are with a new 48hrs Flash Sale! The star is a Template based on an App Store hit that has already become a classic: Blek! An App that kept the undisputed #1 position Overall in 29 countries for months and that is still on the Worldwide Top Charts after more than one year.

I’m proposing you Blek for Android with a 72% discount. You can get a Top App Template worth $249 for $69!


Just to give you a highlight: did you know that a reskin of this App Template reached the #3 position of the App Store in Germany? Here some of its features:

  • Built in Cocos2dx
  • Compatible with Android 5.0
  • 50 levels included
  • Revenue strategy designed by monetization experts
  • Chartboost
  • AdColony
  • Vungle
  • Easy to reskin (just 4 images to replace, it takes around 10 minutes!)
  • Easy to make more levels

This Game Template is a bargain! Now you can launch your own Blek version with only $69 and 10 minutes of work.


Whether you are a #socialaddict, an #artaddict or a #gameaddict, we have the right Template for you! Don’t miss out our Top picks of the week.

Make your talent reach the Top!

iOS App Templates


Instagram Liker

Don’t miss the chance to make users promote their accounts! Their photos can be visible to others, they can discover and like photos to earn coins – or buy virtual coins. With Parse backend included. Two ad networks and seven IAP available.


Don’t Bird Don’t

An extremely addictive tap Game. Two ad networks and IAP are included!

Android App Templates



Zomboy, cute but still undead… always looking for new brains to eat. Users need to guide him through multiple levels to eat more brains! Features: 32 levels, 2 worlds and smooth graphics and sounds. Two ad networks included to monetize!


Paint Together

A social-painting App to allow users to paint and chat in realtime with friends. It has Firebase as backend.

Unity App Templates


League of Lords

A complete Unity Game with Photon Network! Stunning battles and heroes included!


Unity – Oribitum

This Game is a hypnotic rhythm-based reflex of light and darkness. With AdMob included!




Our marketplace changes but our goal doesn’t: we want to provide you all you need to create and monetize awesome Apps and Games, saving you time, money and effort.

We already have the most amazing catalog of App and Game Templates and, now, we are building the most incredible catalog of – drumroll – UI Graphic Assets!


UI is a vital part of Apps and Games. Did you know that graphics make up 60% of a Game? Graphics drive gameplay, graphics make user experience (good or bad)! Are you ready to know more? Let’s go!

Only one stop to make a full App or Game

What do you need to make an outstanding App? A solid source code and a beautiful user interface. If you want to create both from scratch, you are gonna need a bunch of time and money, but… if you want to save your time and your money, now Chupamobile is the answer!

The process is simple:

  1. Choose the App Template you want to reskin amongst our 2,000+ products listed.
  2. Then choose the graphics that best fit your project on our new UI Asset Catalogue.
  3. Finally, replace the old graphic assets with the new ones (or let us do it for you!) and your new App or Game will be ready to launch!

Could it be easier? Chupamobile is now the one-stop destination for creating and App or a Game!

Whatever UI you need, we have it!

An endless runner game? A quiz app? A puzzle game? A recipes app? Whatever kind of App or Game you are planning to build, we have the UI assets for it: game graphic assets, character sprites, game backgrounds, maps, icons, full app layouts… everything! Here some examples:

Character sprites: Wizard of Frost


Icons: Iconify


Backgrounds: 6 Vector Backgrounds


Game assets: Pixel-Art Game Assets #2


Maps: Map Game UI Graphic Assets


Full app layouts: Coloristic


Full game layouts: 2048 Game Style GUI


Tilesets: The Pyramid Platformer Tileset

platformer tileset

Game UI assets: Casual Mobile Game GUI


And the best news is that our catalog is growing extra fast! Make sure to be updated with the new releases! ;)

Now, the magic wand is on your hand!

We have put at your disposal all the tools you need to create and launch amazing Apps and Games; now, it’s your turn to make the magic happen! Don’t forget to share with us your creations and, if you need any help or lack ideas, let us know by leaving a comment on the space below. We are always ready (and happy) to give you a hand! :)

Let’s get down to work!