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In today’s world, the average person is more likely to spend time sitting in front for their computer or glued to their smart phone than they are to go outside and take a nature walk. Technology has made us worse at communication and really taken the human element out of nature. Fortunately, many app developers have noticed this and have come up with a variety of apps to get us motivated to head outside. technology nature

Apps to explore the nature

One of the bigger nature exploration apps is the Project Noah app. This app lets you document various organisms you see outside, and helps you identify them. You can also take that information and document it on their website, and use community help to identify the various creatures that you have seen. The app is very educational and can be fun for those people who enjoy ‘scavenger hunt’ type expeditions. You can even earn patches for the stuff you identify. Chimani National Parks is another fun educational app to get you motivated to explore the world around you. This app has information on the national parks all over the U.S. It includes educational facts about the park, and allows you to create your own virtual in app passport, so you can share your adventures on all of your social networks.

Nature survival apps

Army Survival is a fantastic app to look at if you plan on going hiking/camping in a remote area. This app teaches you all sorts of skills based on military survival tactics. You can learn how to start a fire, make a shelter and learn survival information for whatever climate you are currently in or are going to. It’s great to brush up on these skills before heading off on your trip and keeping it in case you find yourself lost in a remote area. What Knot to Do is another great app to keep handy while on a hiking trip. This app has instructions and illustrations for just about any type knot you can think of. This is also another great app to use to brush up on some skills before heading into a remote area.

Improving communication with apps

A downfall of having so much technology is the lack of actual communication between individuals in this day and age. The art of communication and intimacy has gone by the wayside, however it is possible to use that same technology to increase your communication skills with those you love. The Gottman Institute has created a great series of apps to help you to communicate with your spouse and children. The Love Maps app is a popular app that gives you question prompts to ask your significant other about their life. This allows you to connect with them on a much deeper level than where you already are. This same style app is also available for parents to use with their children. It contains over 100 questions for you to ask/answer about your child and really allows you to connect with them deeper. Table topics is another fun app that can really help with connecting with others. This is a great app for connecting with friends! It contains a list of topics and conversation starters to spark conversation each time you have a gathering. While technology may sometimes deter us from connecting with the world, both the outside world and our own interpersonal relationships, can also help with reconnecting. Apps designed to get us moving outside and exploring the world around us are very useful for this. And, while out there,  apps come in handy to keep everyone engaged.

If this post inspired you to create your own app, on Chupamobile you can find thousands of app templates to create an app to strengthen communication skills. Here’s one you’ll love: iXplore.


Tiempo is the new addition to business apps and it’s available for both Android and iOS. It facilitates companies and individuals by providing assistance for efficient tracking of working hours of their employees, aiding the employers to adopt a swifter mode of payment for their work staff.


This business app is quite simple to work with. When using the Tiempo iOS app, the employees will be required to log in their working hours, which in turn will be sent to the concerned manager. Once the working hours are received by the manager and are approved, the invoice is paid in the least amount of time. The payments are expected to be transferred to employee’s bank account within a time period of three days.

The Tiempo business app was created with the idea of aiding the employees to achieve improved productivity levels, allowing them to completely concentrate on their work, not having to divert attention to keep a record of their working hours, and worry about getting paid accordingly. The Tiempo iOS app significantly speeds up the payment process, facilitating the employers and the employees equally.

How Tiempo works

By using Tiempo, companies will be able to shift their payment operations to automated, computerised work mechanisms, considerably increasing the work efficiency. The Tiempo business app, make the payment procedure virtually instantaneous, in comparison to the estimated 60 day process of paper-based operations and proceedings.

The Tiempo allows users to provide the relevant information of the employees i.e. their working hours and contact details, which eventually leads to the timely and quick payments for their work. According to Ted Milbourn, co-founder and CEO of the Tiempo iOS app, the first beta consumers of the business app were paid within an hour of the commencement of the payment procedure.

The feasibility and usability of the Tiempo business app has further increased with its compatibility for various other softwares, as it allows the users to conveniently incorporate it with the concerned software to work with improved effectiveness. As suggested, the company presently works in partnership with QuickBooks Online, providing assistance with the tracking and recording of necessary documentation to facilitate accounting procedures. Taking this as an example, if the users wish to benefit from the integrated services of the Tiempo app and avail these services, any data that they feed into the application will be automatically registered with the company’s accounting system.

Tiempo’s services

Though, the integrated services offered with Tiempo are not free, but are reasonably priced. Availing the integrated services, users will be required to pay $10 monthly, along with the 1% transaction fee as invoice charges. And as the company processes payments through the platform of Stripe, the total payment sums up to 3.9%. However, if the users do not wish to avail the offered integrated services, they can enjoy using the Tiempo app free of any charges.

Tiempo is created to particularly facilitate small business, working as a part of the service sector. However, the feasibility of the business app may also be expanded to benefit larger organizations and individuals.


When it comes to creating an app, being in a very specific niche is really the best way to go. Think about it this way, if someone has access to thousands and thousands of apps, most of which do a lot of things but don’t do them well, then they are likely to gloss over them. However, if  someone’s hobby is sewing and they are looking for the best app around to show them techniques for various types of stitches, and it just happens to be the app you’ve developed, you are substantially more likely to get that app downloaded. apps for niche markets

Creating Niche Apps for Hobby-ists

Hobbies are a large part of many people’s lives. They are the ‘break’ that many people need, and they enjoy doing them. Hobbies can also be very expensive and time consuming, thus making them a great market to get into when developing apps. Researches have shown that people willingly spend time and money on their hobby because of their love for it. Therefore developing an app based on your hobbies could be profitable. Geocaching is becoming widely popular, and many people are constantly looking for apps to help them with their geocaching hobby. While GPS apps are readily available everywhere, there are many areas of geocaching that are not saturated quite yet, such as an app to give you geocache hiding tips or one that shows you a good way to make geocaches. Another very popular hobby is classic cars. An app that lets you take pictures at car shows and store various information about the favorite cars seen, would be popular among classic car enthusiasts. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to hobby related apps. Think of the hobbies of your friends and family and ask if they have any ideas on apps that could make their hobby more enjoyable.

Niche Apps for Small Businesses

Small business owners are among the busiest people around. They work non stop to make sure their business runs the right way and is successful. Because of this, they typically have a lot going on at one time and could use all the help they can get from their smartphone and its apps. Small businesses are as diverse as the people that own them, and developing an app for a small business niche could be profitable. Small pub restaurants that brew in house beer are becoming increasingly popular businesses to open. Apps that can record which beers are served on which days, along with ingredient inventories could prove very useful for these small business owners. A similar app would actually prove useful for any small restaurant owner, as they would quickly and easily be able to see what ingredients they need to create the dishes they will be serving later on in the week, especially if the app gave them some type of warning notification when they were running low on something. Privately owned doctors offices could use a wide variety of apps to help explain diagnoses to patients in easy to understand language, send reminders to patients, and perform a variety of other tasks that would make an otherwise difficult job a little bit easier. Niche market apps may seem like a small market to tap into, but the return is great. Marketing to a smaller number of people, and doing it well and in a way that meets their needs, is much more effective than marketing to anyone and everyone and risking to get lost in the shuffle. When creating your next, or first, app, keep niche markets in mind.


Everyone these days is obsessed with getting rid of their clutter for cash. Firms such as eBay have spurred thousands of app developers to create their own app to assist those who want to make some money by selling their stuff. A similar app that is very popular right now is Shout. shout appShout is a real time classifieds app that enables people to exchange anything with other people on the service. The iOS application allows users to put up something for sale, like a reservation or a ticket, or make a request, like a delivery. “Shouts” are linked to a short description, a location and a price and they can either cost a certain amount or be free. The cofounders of the app were inspired to come up with the application by a conjectural question they had as they were travelling to an airport: how much would it cost to coax someone to relinquish their seat on a plane? They realized that although it was easy to broadcast your thoughts publicly online, it was difficult to establish communication with individuals in your immediate neighborhood — people who may have similar needs. To use Shout, you need to sign up, and you can then create a listing for, say, a reservation to a local hotel. You will then wait for somebody in your area to say that they want it, they’ll pay you, and you transfer the reservation. Simple eh? Shout manages the life cycle of the transaction, verifies user identities, holds money in escrow, and gives sellers profiles where users can leave reviews of their transaction. Of course, where you allow anything for sale, you’re always going to get someone selling something ridiculous like a jar full of air, but Shout’s “Anything Else” section allows users to buy and sell nearly everything — train tickets, music tickets, magazine subscriptions, the offer to wait in line for you at the movie theatre or someone willing to proofread your job application! The app, will finally make its way to Android soon, where users will be able to conduct their business with a good level of trust and safety, which is always a good point. It’s pretty obvious that there’s a big potential in developing Apps, so if you’ve a great idea and you want to use apps to make some cash, you can create your own apps from thousand templates without having to learn how to do complicated coding.  If instead you want to create an app with a similar concept to Shout, here are two great app templates: Ecommerce Store, Social E-commerce. Why not give it a go?


AmazingThiefBlueprintHeroImage_v_1_0One of our best authors here on Chupamobile has just added another app template to his collection. Who am I talking about? Rebeloper of course! Sandor Nagy is his real name and if you’re a developer on our platform, I’m sure you have already heard about him. All of his apps have had a great success but today, let’s talk about his new entry: Amazing Thief Blueprint.

Rebeloper proudly presents an app that can be customized in just 15 minutes and it offers an A+ source code with support.

As you already know, these kind of apps have a high rise on the App Store but a relatively short lifespan, so you have to act fast to catch the “Amazing Thief Wave”. And remember, the more creative you are the more chances you have to succeed.

The app is about a thief jumping from one rooftop to the other. What is he running from? He’s probably being chased but we don’t know for sure and for that, we’ll let you use your imagination!

Ride the wave of publicity and make your own version of Amazing Thief. One more reason to get your hands on it? The app is iOS8 ready.


After the announcement of the iPhone6 and the Apple Watch, we were curious to know what were our developers’ reactions. Zois Avgerinos, iOS developer of numerous apps (Hyper Connect, iNeedu, Blustick, Zapem, PlayerX, neatCalc), is joining us today to talk about it. Let’s take a look!

ineeduChupamobile: Hi Zois, we know you are an iOS developer but we’d like to know more! Can you present yourself to our community?

Zois: I live in Greece and I am a “mad” physics scientist with a passion for software engineering. I’ve been a professional developer for the past 7 years and I am currently employed by a leading company in the software industry. For the last 3 years, I became extremely interested in mobile development and started creating my own apps for iOS.

C: What are your first impressions after having watched the keynote?

Z: It’s a good thing that Apple still hangs on its creator’s vision of challenging everything (to remember an old slogan from EA games NFS series). However the competition is now harder than ever and what you present must be 100% what you can offer. Well, in my honest opinion Apple is willing and can hold this percentage at its maximum value for many years, so my first impression for the new Apple era is quite positive. And I am sure this will change to excitement as I dig deeper into the new technologies as a developer.

C: Higher screen resolution, better battery, bigger screen… do you think the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are finally different than the other iPhone generations? Why?

Z: This could be a great topic of debate! Just to be completely honest, I am not very fond of big screens. But iPhone6 is way more than an iPhone with a big screen. It’s a completely new design, both interior and exterior that try to give you the best possible handheld device out there. It is exactly what the previous iPhones did and for that they are the same perfect devices, but with all the new tech you can get. So same as idea? Yes, indeed. Same as devices, no.

C: What do you think of the new graphics API, Metal, already introduced on the last June WWDC and repurposed now? Will it impact the market and change the feeling of playing on a smartphone? Or do you think playing on the phone will never be as exciting as playing on a real game console? Tell us your opinion about the future of smartphone gaming!

Z: Certainly it’s something you will need in order to get 100% out of your hardware. Faster processors, bigger screens, for sure you don’t want to use them just for browsing or e-mails. You can do more, like playing fantastic games! I prefer to distinguish console gaming and handheld gaming. They each give you different experience. Metal will help smartphone gaming to be more realistic and more device friendly, since you do other stuff with your device also. So, since device capabilities allow the development of great, complex games, you need a framework to control that. Metal, will do good job in sustaining your mobile device, but also provide you great gaming hours when you need them, without worrying of suffocating its resources.

C: Do you have the feeling the Apple Watch is going to open a new market for apps or you think is just a temporary trend? Do you see a real future in Apple Watch?

Z: Very difficult to say. It’s quite an old idea so changing that to a trend it’s something different. Can’t say if that will be just a temporary trend since as a device it’s quite impressive and can be used in many ways. As of now, I see a future for Watch for specific uses, e.g. medical or as a running companion rather than an all day gadget which is exactly what it wants to be.

C: Do you plan to work on Apple Watch applications? Why?

Z: As per my previous answer, it’s quite interesting to working with such gadgets, so yes I will give it a try. It gives you a whole new area of apps, so it’s provocative to deal with it. Will I say no?

C: Now it’s time to get your apps compatible with iOS 8, are your products ready for it?

Z: Since my apps mainly use native and core iOS capabilities they are ready for iOS8. Of course I have already started developing with the new Swift language and pretty soon all of my apps will be recoded using Swift.

C: One last question: We’d love to know if you are working on any new projects, any cool stuff to be released soon on Chupamobile? We are really curious about it! :)

Z: It’s been only a couple of days since I released PlayerX, a complete multimedia suite for iOS. My main project now is to design my iOS apps using Swift, so as to be up to date and chupamobilers to have the best experience. And many more are coming, so stay in touch…

Thanks a lot, it has been a real pleasure!


HERE me now,  let me introduce the groundbreaking GPS app that works without an Internet connection. You heard right. The app named playfully HERE was developed by Nokia and will only be available exclusively on Android. Nokia have recently announced that they are partnering up with Samsung to bring two versions of their HERE app on the Market, one for their Android devices and the other for Samsung’s Tizen-powered devices such as its new Gear S smart watch.

here-nokia-for-samsungCan’t find Google on the map

The beta version of the app is to be released in October alongside the arrival of the Gear S. The app allows you to plan and calculate your route for more than 750 urban areas across 40 countries and get maps for almost 200 countries. Currently dominated by Google’s ‘Google maps’, the arrival of HERE may spell trouble for Google. This is also particularly frustrating for them as they have been at the center of all Samsung devices, though recent rumors suggests that tensions are running high between Google and Samsung. With HERE being available on Android will only intensify these tensions as previous rivals Samsung and Nokia pair up.

A ‘glimpse’ into the features

The HERE division of Nokia that wasn’t sold to Microsoft is Nokia’s mapping and location intelligence business. Previously, HERE was only available on Windows phone, as part of a four-year licensing deal, now it seem as this area is expanding. Now with HERE on the market, Google Maps will be facing heavy competition. The app brings about many similar features as Google Maps, but also has a few tricks up its sleeve. One of these tricks that stand up tall against Google Maps is ‘glimpse’. This allows you to share your location to your friends from any location in the world; that is, if you want them to have that information. And, it also surpasses expectations in their offline mapping area, which allows you to plan your route quickly without risking loss of connection.

Sean Fernback, SVP of Nokia says “Nokia aims to deliver maps and location cloud experiences to as many people and businesses as possible, independent of their device and operating system, this collaboration is another huge step for us in that direction.”

The HERE app in terms of functionality is actually quite fascinating. Alongside offering the standard walking, drive and public transport options, the ability to view offline and keep them stored on your device means you can view them at any time and not have to worry about loading time or loss of signal. This function is the most appealing to me, and as I sit ‘here’ with my iPhone 5s, I can’t help but feel slightly envious. This is truly something amazing, and reflects the trajectory of exponential advancements in technology.

The online experience

You’ve only been told about how the app works when it is offline; wait till you hear what it can do when it’s connected to the Internet. With live traffic and real-time schedules, you can plan your route more strategically to make sure you don’t miss that hair appointment. Not only this, but you are also able to save and share places you’ve visited and liked and can add them to your ‘collection’. There is a bright future for Nokia in terms of growth, and since handing over their devices division to Microsoft; this transaction is one their most lucrative.

Excited about Nokis’s app? Than why don’t you create your own location based app. With just a few simple steps and many app templates to guide you, there is nothing you cannot do! Here are the templates: Route Director, Local guide app.



We always want to give you the best choices, that’s why today, we have gathered the best apps of the week just for you!

Best iOS apps

Gestures! for iOS


Perform the gesture before time runs out, how long can you last? This game is incredibly addictive app will be impossible for your users to put down. Teapp has tons of reskin potential. If you are adventurous, you could easily add your custom gestures! Features: Three gameplay modes, Game Center, share and rate buttons and Flurry analytics. Boost your earnings with: AdMob and Chartboost.

iOS – Stacker


Stacker is a classic hit game where users must show skill and determination to stack as high as they can! Every time the users stack is off his next brick becomes smaller and faster, making gameplay very addictive. Made in Sprite Kit & IOS 8 ready.

iOS – The Ultimate Quiz


The app has over 10 categories, more than 1000 questions and three modes to play. What else? Three ad networks!

Best Android apps

Music and MP3 Downloader for Android

music and mp3

For music addicts, this app guarantees your users unlimited downloads! Features: web browser for music and mp3 search, smart download manager, passcode for security manager, multiple downloads at one time and more!

Android – Jelly Crush Saga


Basic android match 3 game, drag your finger to connect jellies horizontally and vertically to get as many points as you can. This game can be easily reskinned you can simply put your own images and music

Android – Photo with Doge

photo with doge

Incredibly versatile, this app has a huge potential! “Photo With Doge” can help you to do a photoshopped pictures with Doge (or any other images) on it and share it with your friends.  Many features and monetization ways are included.

Hope you enjoyed the post, see you soon!


We previously discussed the release of Apple’s groundbreaking HealthKit platform for iOS8, which will be a game changer for many developers. The HealthKit platform will allow manufacturers of wearable devices to run their system of the platform via Bluetooth. This allows them to shift their attention on other aspects, so they don’t have to spend time developing an app. As this platform and Apple’s Health app are to contain sensitive medical and personal data, concerns are naturally raised on the effect this has on a patient’s medical history and their health data. It’s an “extremely valid” concern, says Dr Dushan Gunasekera, founder of the myHealthCare clinic. “Manufacturers must prove that their systems are secure and adhere to data protection laws,” he stresses.

health apps

New privacy rules 

A recent statement published by Apple ahead of their launch next month hopes to address these concerns by implementing tight privacy rules relating to their health apps. By implanting these rules, they hope to eliminate any privacy concerns users may have, even though after the recent iCloud hacks, whether users can rely on these ‘rules’ is questionable. Though, Apple announced that there is no ‘evidence’ to suggest that the recent hack was as a result of a breach in their security systems. However, they also stated that “Apps using the HealthKit framework that store users’ health information in iCloud will be rejected’’.

Developers who will be using the HealthKit platform have been informed that they are not allowed to sell any personal data gathered to advertisers. The rules state: “Your application must not access the HealthKit APIs unless it is primarily designed to provide health and/or fitness services, and this usage is clearly evident in your marketing text and user interface. “You and your application may not use the HealthKit APIs, or any information obtained through the HealthKit APIs, for any purpose other than providing health and/or fitness services in connection with your application (e.g. not for serving advertising).”

Exceptions to the rule

Developers are however allowed to share data with third parties “for medical research purposes’’, if consent has been granted by users. Apple’s app will be able to collect data on blood pressure, heart rate, and stats on diet and exercise. Medical information like this can be manipulated to commit identity theft and fraud, so are we still excited about all the information this app is able to gather, to some extent, yes. Most of us will be excited about this, being able to monitor and track our health at ease, but do the new privacy rules make you feel safe?

The competition

This is a smart move by Apple who aims to be on higher ground in face of competition. Google Fit, another fitness platform that is to be released by Google are more likely to share data gathered to create ads. As a result the majority of the people are more likely to shift their loyalty towards Apple who claims to not allow developers to use their personal data. It puts Apple as a company who is more dedicated to their users rather than their developers. Not only this but it also gives a sense of security to the people who will be utilizing the information such as doctors, hospitals, or other health related companies; an important aspect in the success of the HealthKit platform. And, when it comes down to success for their platform, it all begins with trust.


Reskinning games is a relatively new business in the game industry and it’s common to make some mistakes in the process. Below you can see the 5 most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Low quality reskin

Although there are guides to make a lot low quality reskins to upload more than five games weekly to the App Store and get fast money, it’s not a good idea. Bad quality games impact in your brand: People do not like something bad designed; they will recognize you for these games and eventually they will stop playing with them.

Here’s an example of a bad Timberman reskin: The boy’s face is flattened, the icon border is cut, very simple drawings with discordance on the style (The face, cloud and one tree has no outlines and the rest does), etc.

poor app

However, making a good quality reskin, although it takes more time, it will have positive results as people will keep playing with it. It’s also important to take care of the description and the screenshots.

To counteract, here is a good Timberman reskin: Everything has the same oriental theme, good quality graphics and concordance between them.

game12. Respect the technical details

There are some technical details that you must follow in order to do not have any errors on the reskin. The first important thing isto respect the sizes of the graphics. A button can be 80x80px; if you design it bigger, it may be cut or stretched. A good graphic can be ruined because of this.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the weight of the images reskinned. The original game can be only 15MB, but if you do not optimize your images correctly it can be increased to 50MB. With programs to optimize PNG files such as TinyPNG or PNGoo you can achieve it very quickly.

3. Lack of research

You think you have a good idea, buy an app template, do the reskin and submit it to the App Store: Wrong. What’s the missing part? Researching. Between “having a good idea” and “buying a template” you need to research: Look for similar ideas to yours. See the target audience, if they are successful or not.

Seeing other games similar to yours can be useful to choose a good app template and refine your reskin design.

4. Wrong monetization system

A good choice to take the most profit of your app is to launch it both on iOS and Android. For this purpose it is a good idea to choose  a multiplatform app template like the Unity app templates available on Chupamobile. The best way to make money with your reskin is to upload it in many sites as possible: Apple Store, Android Play, Windows App Store, etc. Do not focus on just one platform.

Another important way to make money is to set up the ads correctly. If they are not already implemented on your template, you can use technology platforms to monetize your games such as Chartboost or Revmob; they are easy to implement and use. Do not be afraid of using more than one, but use them properly, do not be too aggressive or users will leave.

user experience5. Poor marketing

Uploading the reskin to the app store and just waiting for your money to come, it will not work. You need to advertise your app properly. There are a lot of ways to do it: free and paid.

For free you can advertise yourself in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. You can create your own pages, create groups, hashtags with the name of your game and/or brand. You can also advertise your game for free on forums, create a group on Steam, ask bloggers to write a review about your game, or ask youtubers to play with it.

Social media chart

If you want to pay, you can purchase Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising, which are very good as they allow you to be very specific about your target demographics.

“I don’t have any money”, “The idea is already taken”… Are a few of the excuses that you may invent for not doing it, but reskinning is cheap, quick and very profitable, so the biggest mistake is not doing it.