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This article is a guest post from Nextpeer, creators of an easy-to-use multiplayer SDK. The Nextpeer SDK helps you to add multiplayer functionalities to your game or create a multiplayer game from scratch, without having to worry about servers, matching players, communications and other complicated technical challenges that normally face multiplayer game developers.

In this post, we explain the advantages of multiplayer games to both players and developers, and introduce you to an open-source, multiplayer game called UFO RUN, created by Nextpeer, that you are welcome to download and reskin for free. We hope you enjoy the post!


UFO RUN inside the “Share my moment” screen in the Nextpeer SDK

Multiplayer games improve the gaming experience for all types of players: for competitive players, who want to beat their opponents and show off their skills, and for socializers, who simply want to play together or interact with other players. Both types of players enjoy an improved gaming experience when playing multiplayer games.

Not only does this make sense intuitively, but Nextpeer has data, from both its own research and from real-life examples, to prove it. One of our research studies showed that players who used multiplayer functionality played 40% more sessions than players who did not use multiplayer. Moreover, for games with good multiplayer integration, we saw increases of more than 100% in the average number of sessions for players who played using the multiplayer version of the game versus those who played only the single-player version of the game. An increase of this magnitude can be a real game-changer for games with only mediocre sales or rankings, as you can read in the paragraph below.

“A Bike Race of Ninja Temple” was a single-player, reskinned game without much sales success in the AppStore. After integrating the Nextpeer SDK into the game and turning it into a multiplayer game only, the game became an incredible hit. It reached the top 3 rankings in the US and UK AppStores, as well as similar rankings in many other stores. With millions of users, the game served as irrefutable evidence for Nextpeer’s amazing ability to take an unknown game and bring it to the top of the AppStore rankings.

With Nextpeer, you can add multiplayer functionalities to your game in a few hours. The simplicity of the Nextpeer SDK means that even relatively inexperienced developers can do this. Whether you are creating your own game or buying a game source code, you can easily upgrade your game with Nextpeer. You can also enlarge your game portfolio by creating a sequel to your game which is multiplayer only.

To help you understand the process of integrating multiplayer functionalities into your games, Nextpeer created a demo game which you can download for free, and reskin to use as the base for you own real-time multiplayer game. UFO RUN is an open source, online, real-time, cross-platform (iOSAndroid) multiplayer race game for smartphones and tablets which incorporates all of Nextpeer’s most advanced functionalities. In the game, players compete against each other to reach the finish line first. During the race, players can attack their opponents and use various power-ups to gain an advantage over their rivals.

You are welcome to download the game for free, reskin it and create your own real-time multiplayer game. You may study the game’s tutorial to learn how to develop multiplayer games. You can also reuse UFO RUN’s code available on Chupamobile and integrate its multiplayer functionalities into your own games to save yourself time and resources. Some of the classes in the game were developed to be generic and easy to copy: we encourage you to make use of them.

To sum up, Nextpeer helps developers create multiplayer games easily with its easy-to-use SDK. Multiplayer greatly improves the gaming experience and increases the number of player sessions, which can be a game-changer for some games. You can download UFO RUN – Multiplayer Race from Chupamobile and reskin it to create your own multiplayer game for free, or use the game’s tutorial to learn how to add multiplayer functionalities to your own game.


We all get tangled in strange responses from our search engines and apps like Google Now for Android and Siri for iOS. And what’s a smartphone without a user related search engine app? The problem with Siri and Google and other search based iOS and Android Apps now is that they function based on artificial intelligence and algorithms stored in them related to the most frequently asked questions from the users like knowing the directions to a famous restaurant.

oolooA new search engine based Android and iOS app which works in a little old fashioned but effective way was launched on the first Friday of August this very year. The name Ooloo which is Hindi for owl symbolizing intelligence and wisdom has never been so apt. The app is a search engine which answers all your questions like other apps but without giving all the useless details to it. It has been designed by the people working at iDrive and the most amazing thing about this app is that real people are there to answer your questions and we all know how easier it is to ask questions to another human being than to ask them to a machine. Because, let’s face it, a human can actually understand and the artificial intelligence right now, sadly can’t.

The app works like any other search engine. You speak the related words via your smartphone’s microphone and the person on the other end searches the web for your answer and sends you the required data along with a link to the site containing the related article. Instead of giving details to Siri, you can easily categorize your search with tags to make it more understandable for the person at the other end answering your questions like if you wish to know the directions to the most popular restaurants in an unknown town. You just categorize it with the suitable tag and the person on the other end answers after searching for the most related site and also gives you the directions after the app asks permission for using the location of your phone.

The app is currently only available for the US audience but, seeing as how quickly and rapidly it is gaining a fan following, it only a matter of time when it dominates the entire world market. Till then, let’s just hope for much more improvements in the whole model because the app does have great potential to give Android’s Google Now and Apple’s Siri a run for their money.


Here we are, with another interview with our new developers. Today with us, we have Nicolas Campourcy, which you may recognize as nicampou. He is the developer of the ‘Image it’ app,  an innovative application for both iPhone and Android that allows you to communicate with people around the world who don’t speak the same language as you. Nicoals dedicated the app to travelers, why? Keep reading to find out more about Nicolas and his story.

imagine itChupamobile: Hi Nicolas! It’s a pleasure having you here today! Can you please describe yourself to the community and tell everyone what kind of “developer” are you!

Nicolas: Hi! My name is Nicolas, 35, I am a French entrepreneur working on Lean engineering consulting and software development. I traveled to tons of countries including Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. During a trip to Laos, I fell from a motorcycle and found myself faced with the difficulty of asking a villager where to find disinfectant and bandages. The idea of ​​Image It, my first smartphone app, was born, in 2011. As a developer, my philosophy is very simple, bring added-value to the customer and create innovating functionalities, under the pillar of “Make it simple”

C: That’s great! You seem determined! Why did you choose iOS/Android/Unity to develop your apps?

N: I chose iOS and Android as platform to develop my apps because they are the 2 most used platforms on smartphone around the world.

C: As an indie dev, do you think you have a chance in front of big agencies? Why?

N: As an indie dev, in software development, I deeply think we can compete in front of big agencies, because innovation is the key. The essence of an idea, it’s quality, the value-added and all the genius you can bring to a concept will make the success or not of an app. Past successes of indie developers have proven that. Big agencies have marketing and financial power, but it’s not sufficient to make a great product.

C: In your opinion, how can mobile apps serve the user needs – do you have any example?

N: Mobile apps have proven that they can facilitate our daily life, in things like, organizing our agenda, sharing items with friends (Facebook), recognize song titles (Shazam). The aim of mobile apps is to use a device (smartphone) and a technology (iOS/Android platform) and meet the needs of people and facilitate our ability of doing it. The variety of needs and expectations of people are immense, we want the technology to facilitate everyday more and more our life, with small basics thing (display an interactive recipe for cooking) and big things (organize our live).

C: That’s a good answer! As we can see, big social networks like Facebook or Foursquare decided to split their service in different applications, do you think it is better to get a multi-function app or an app for every use? Why?

N: I think it’s a better strategy to be a specialist than a generalist. The aim of big social network to split their services in different applications is to catch much audience. Customers mainly identifie one use with one app (intagram=pictures; facebook=social network, whatsapp=chating etc.).

C: According to you, what is the phone of the future?

N: I don’t know if the phone is a device of the future, tomorrow, we’ll have connected glasses, lenses, watches, implants and so on. Device is just “something”, but I think that the device of the future, will be one that will encapsulate the best Artifical Intelligence. What we will need in the future, is something that help us on every decision-making we have to make, that can assist us the best, for sports activities and trading stock exchange. Intelligence will be the key.

C: How do you think your work will evolve in the next few years? Are you thinking about making applications for the different wearable devices that are coming?

N: The internet of things is going to be a huge revolution in the coming years, and connected devices/items will be in the center of our life. Of course, the more an app is present on a device, the more buzz it makes. I think that in the future, the challenge for developer will be to encapsulate in an app a wide set of functionalities, that will allow apps to auto-adjust to the device, and also to send/push data to the customer. What is also important for a developer, is to get information from users. Today, with Google analytics, we can get information from the user, his mobile, his location; but to make a good product, the developer needs to know the real need of the customer.

C: What do you think about the wearable technology? Success or fail? Why?

N: Wearable technology is the next challenge for both manufacturer and developer. We will see a lot of successes and failures, and the customer will always be the referee. I think the wearable devices that will succeed need to be easy-to-fit, ergonomic and simple. For developers, the challenge will be to adapt software and intelligence all around this new set of technology.

C: When you were a child how did you imagine the world would be? Are you happily surprised or disappointed? Why?

N: I grew up reading sci-fi books and movies like Blade Runner, Back to the future, Terminator, that were describing a future (2007 for terminator) with a lot of advance technology (cyborgs, advanced AI, auto-adjust sneakers, flying skateboard). But today in 2014, we have nothing of that. It is not a problem, we are going to this, but at a very slow pace. I want to see all these things, but by then, I will be gone, and it is frustrating.

C: What about your next app?

N: My next app, Crazy Roulette, has already been released on Google Play, since 1 month. It is a Russian roulette game that can be played online by challenging other players. This game proposes you a unique gaming experience because you just have to put the phone on your ear to pull the trigger, then enjoy the amazing sound and screen animation.

Another project is the box, but for the moment it’s a secret!

C: Thanks so much for answering our questions and being with us today! ;)


Remember when we told you that Android was the most used Operating System among mobile users? Today, we will further talk about Android’s great expansion throughout the years. Opensignal, this month – august 2014 -,came up with a research entirely dedicated to Android fragmentation, and after reading the report we found it so interesting that we decide to share all the great news with you.

fragmentationWe are aware that there are many tech companies developing Android phones, but would you have guessed there are 18,796 different Android mobile models in the market? Crazy, I know! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, each aimed for a specific performance. Android fragmentation can therefore be both a strength and weakness for its ecosystem. Developing an app that works for all the different devices can be highly challenging.

According to the phone signal startup, in 2012 the Android devices were just below 4,000 and in 2013 the figures increased three times as much. Android fragmentation in the last year has therefore seen a growth of almost 60%.  But how can this be also a benefit? Well, first of all we can see how the increase in fragmentation slowly creates a wider global reach than iOS ever did. As the Apple monopoly in smartphone has slowly diminished, also the gap that was left from Nokia’s Symbian decline is getting filled. From an economic point of view, Android’s fragmentation helps much more than it hurts.

As a manufacturer, Samsung obviously dominates the Android mobile market with a 43% market share, even though, the share is slightly lower compared to last year’s 47.5%. Sony comes second in line, with a 4.8%  share; and from this, we are able to see how immense is the gap between the first and the second manufacturer. It’s very impressive indeed.

The Android operating system not only is extremely diverse but now, is the most fragmented it has ever been. While doing its research, Opensignal found out that there is a clear correlation between the devices fragmentation and the GDP per Capital. As a matter of fact, the majority of people in less economically developed countries cannot afford to pay $600 per phone. In this relies Android fragmentation greatest strength, the ability to offer its customers a wide variety of mobiles to chose from, with characteristics that can fit any personal need. OpenSignal’s data shows that 35% of Android devices in countries that have a GDP per Capita greater than $20,000 are of the latest version. Instead, in less economically developed countries the latest Android models used are of just 12%.

What do you think is going to happen in the next years in the Android market? Will new companies enter the market and break Samsung’s domination or will it stay the same? We are excited to find out! If you enjoyed reading this article and learned a few things or two about the Android world, leave a comment below and let us know what your thoughts are on the matter.


In the recent years we have seen some of the most tremendous gaming titles in the iOS and Android app world which have gained a very special place in all our hearts. And by this I mean being simply so awesome that they have very successfully dominated their particular target demographic in no time, enjoying top positions in app charts all over the world. If there is one thing that you learn from some of the most amazing games in the history of apps is that simplicity and creativity goes a long way. And what better example to demonstrate this beautiful truth then the recent success of the hit game Amazing Brick.

amazing brickAt first look, Amazing Bricks does not manage to impress anyone with its simple graphic and decent interface, and I believe it isn’t aiming for it either. But as soon as you plug in and taste the fruit, as they say, you get hooked!

The game is a brilliant combination of talent and creativity and shows the same potential of fan praise and addictiveness as the Flappy Bird did. Amazing Brick is a rather simple game with the core objective of making the highest score by carefully tapping the part of the screen to move your “brick” in the right direction.

As simple as it sounds, the game is ridiculously amazing and so much addictive. The game quickly got great ratings from users and critics alike and has thus gained top position in many app charts around the world. The app released on August 14th, and just 5 days after, the game was ranked 1st on U.S. Arcade, 2nd on U.S. Action and 3rd on U.S. Games.  Why? Simply because of its addictive nature and creative gameplay that requires utter determination and dedication from an individual to gain any noticeable score achievement. That’s the key! The iOS and Android game makes you fall in love with it and does so in such an amazing way that you don’t care if it isn’t a game with great visual graphics anymore.

Amazing Bricks is a great game and it truly deserves the praise it has received for its gameplay, its visual and its awesome conceptualization.

But wait, here is the best part, the amazing concept and design that makes Amazing Brick an outstanding and memorable experience could just easily be yours. If you are interested in developing a game much like the awesome Amazing Brick, just head down to our website and check out these Amazing Brick app templates: Amazing Brick Blueprint, Amazing Bricks Template, Amazing Brick. These app templates do not in any way require you to know anything about coding or programming. Be creative with your template and launch a new game just as addictive as the great Amazing Brick.

amazing brick blueprint


Many were the details discussed by Apple during the WWDC on the new iOS 8 but since then, the rumors on the specifics have been plenty. Today, we are here to discuss with you all the latest features of the upcoming Operating System of the technology giant.

During the WWDC, Apple spent a whole lot of time describing the features of the upcoming operating system, which, if you missed, can read in our previous iOS 8 post. Instead of a drastic redesign the company opted for a functional system, this time you can expect a phone that is tied together. The design is going to follow the usual trend: fast, smart and polished.

ios8Health and security gadgets are those where Apple puts more weight on. The Healthkit by itself, is going to be revolutionary in the medical world, allowing app device users to monitor all their activities and generate data that can be successively shared and analyzed in a safe and secure way.

The notification centre will get some work done and have additional features that will simplify our lives. Interactive alerts will allow users to reply to messages directly from the notification centre and from the lockscreen. Group messaging is also going to be more interactive.With the additional function of name threads you can remove people from conversations, leave a thread, share your location (for a limited time or forever) and send self-destructing audio and video recordings like other popular social networking apps.

Even though the iPhone 6 wasn’t mentioned at all during the WWDC we know that is coming out, and let’s say it, it’s definitely time for a new iPhone. Most probably the two will be released together, this fall, in the month of October. As usual, Apple releases their iPhones on tuesdays and the system update will be available the wednesdays, so we can predict it’s going to happen the same this time as well.

But just like any Apple product there are plenty of details that are kept under wraps. To know more all we can do is wait for an official update, until then stay tuned for an update.


From one of our previous post, you know that location based messaging has been there for a while and the iOS app, Drop, is a new innovation in the world of location based messaging.

Using the Drop iOS app, you will be able to drop a message for your friends or acquaintances, at a particular location, referred to as the geo-fenced region. The concerned people will receive your message once they enter the specified vicinity of the geo-fenced area. In simpler words, you ‘drop’ a message at a particular spot for an individual, and the concerned person will receive the message as soon as he or she reaches the specified place.

drop messagesThe social networking app template of the Drop app is fairly uncomplicated and you will be able to easily navigate your way through it. The Drop app provides you with a map as soon as the application is launched. You may work your way through the provided map to drop your message in the desired location. The Drop iOS app has the auto-drop feature, which allows the users to drop a message at their current locations, or they might opt to choose a particular location other than their current location, where they would want their message to be dropped. The new social networking app template of the Drop app has been updated, to now allow the users to drop a message at an instant for more than one person.

Using the Drop iOS app, you may also leave behind a photograph of the addressed person, along with your message, or multiple photographs, in case you intend to send a message to more than one person.

Dropping off messages at designated spots, through the Drop app, you can have the opportunity of making a day memorable for your loved ones, with personalised, encouraging and heart-warming messages, which might work as their source of relief from a hectic day at work.

The new social networking template of the Drop app, allowing the users to communicate with more than one person at a time, has brought it closer to work as social networking platform, rather than a medium that facilitates one-to-one communication. The now updated social networking template of Drop app also has the added features of ‘like’ and ‘comment’, where the addressed group of people will be able to like or comment on a message, as they would do on a social networking platform.

my locationThis iOS app, which may prove to be a forerunner in the world of location based networking, was created by DeWitt and Eric Noeth. They believe that location based networking has a lot of scope for future development and room for exploration. With the creation of Drop app, which was the winner of inaugural Boston TechCrunch Pitch-off, the creators aimed in adding new dynamics to the field of location based messaging.

Realising the foreseeable importance and growth prospects of location based messaging, you may avail our services at Chupamobile, to design a location based app for yourselves, using various social networking app templates, like My location and NearBy’s, available on our website.


We live in a world where technology is part of our daily life, who can imagine having to live a life without it? Think about even the most basic tasks in our daily routine, from buying the train ticket to taking a quick note on your phone, almost anything you do requires the use of technology; and the trend that in the past couple of years has revolutionized our lives is coding. If you want to bet on something sure, bet on this, become a developer and you’ll be successful.

That’s why we’ve decided to start a series that will introduce you to many useful tools for all the mobile developers (and want-to-be-developers) out there. Today, we’ll start with 7 tools for bug fixes, crash reporting, feedback and monitoring.

1. Crashlytics: This company will take crash reporting to another level. The service is available for both iOS and Android and its architecture, made for heavy traffic, is able to report in real time (18 milliseconds to be precise). The enterprise is trusted by thousands of companies and it has a great support service to offer to its clients.

crittercism2. Crittercism: This is the world’s first application performance management (APM) solution. The company offers error monitoring and service monitoring solutions for your mobile app. It allows developers and IT Operations to always have a great performance. Pinterest, Inditex and Urban Outfitters are just some of the many satisfied clients.

rollbar3. Rollbar: This is the company that will help you find and fix all the errors in the production. Rollbar can accept data from anything that can speak HTTP and JSON. You can even use their official libraries for Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, Android, iOS, or Flash. Mobile developers will love it!

newrelic4. Newrelic: ‘We are all data nerd’ that’s how the company defines itself. Newrelic is a software analytics that helps anyone who develops softwares to understand the story their data wants to tell them. Apps like Tango said that by using their service they spent less time solving issues and were able to release new features faster. Just one more fact, Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal use their services, and this, we think, sais enough about the company.

exceptional5. Exceptional: Just like Crashlytics, this company tracks errors in web apps and reports them in no time. They have more than 600 developers that used their services and most of them are still their customers. Exceptional will gather all the information you need to track the error and fix it, basically you have nothing to worry about, just sit back, relax and they’ll do the rest.

bugsense6. Bugsense: This company was created from developers for developers. Why? To satisfy a simple necessity, monitor apps and make sure they were always stable and fun to work with. Anyone that wants to develop a mobile app will find this service very useful, sometimes errors can happen, but it’s essential to fix them before it’s too late, this way you’ll be happy to have a functioning app and your clients will love using it.

bugzilla7. Bugzilla: This is a “Defect Tracking System” or “Bug-Tracking System”, as you prefer to call it, which allows individual or groups of developers to keep track of bugs in their product in an efficient way. Despite being “free”, unlike most of other vendors, Bugzilla has many features its to offer to its customers.

I hope you liked the post and found it useful. If you did, leave a comment below and stay tuned for the next post on the ‘useful tools for mobile developers’ series.


There is an new game template on Chupamobile that is having super success amongst our community, have you already guessed which it is? Right, I’m talking about Swinging Copters, an A+ source code that follows the trend of the last Dong Nguyen’s hit, Swing Copters.

We had the chance to interview its developer, Harsh Rajat, part of the 3magicshots team. It is the first app template they published – yesterday! – on Chupamobile and they have already made incredible high revenues in only 24 hours. Want to see how a top app development team works (and succeeds)? All the details in the interview below!

swinging coptersChupamobile: Hi Harsh, thanks for being with us today, I’m sure these are hectic moments for you and your team! Let’s start with a brief self-introduction; tell us your story on app development.

Harsh: Hi Chupamobile,

Well, to begin with, we are a bunch of super close three friends who started venturing out into Apps and everything related to it. It also helped that us three friends carried different specializations and I would just credit our company to weird circumstances and incredible coincidences that just worked.

We started app development at the time of iOS 4 and iPhone 3GS. The entire mobile industry was going through a revolution and we decided to give it a go which soon transformed into a full time thing, leading to a repeat of ideation and growth cycles and that’s how we reached where we are.

C: I imagine it’s not easy to find the perfect idea when developing an app. This time you managed to get the trend with perfect timing, how did you decided to start building Swinging Copters and when did you do it?

H: After Flappy Bird, we were impressed with Dong Nyugen and that really helped us when the video of his next hit, Swing Copters, was released.

We went through that video again and again, jotted down all the things which can happen and then removed everything we thought Dong Nyugen stands against. It’s kind of like following a person enough to know the choices he will make.

We knew that the timing is important and that’s where caffeine played its part so in short. It was the fan inside us which contributed to the gameplay, the developer inside us did the source code right and fast and the entrepreneur inside us which predicted the trend.

C: Usually top Chupamobile authors get this kind of success after having published some products on our marketplace, in your case you’ve touched the sky with your very first app template published! How does it feel?

H: It feels amazing, more feelings and rush than what can be described to in words. Let just put it like that this that we had already stretched ourselves to the limit on working on this project, keeping track of deadline and still clinging to the quality controls we assert. In short, we were exhausted by the time we finished Swinging Copters and were planning to call it a day when all of a sudden we got an email of our first purchase, then another and many more which kept on just coming our way as soon as we tabbed away from our email, we had another ping on it.

That feeling of high was enough motivation for us to forget that we hadn’t had any rest and keep on reading, replying to the comments and feel good about ourselves. In my opinion, nothing can replace that.

C: Success on Chupamobile comes together with great rewards in terms of revenues. You sold over $10,000 in just 24 hours, did you expect this level of revenues in such a short time?

H: We didn’t really expect the response to be this huge but were pleasantly surprised when it happened. It’s amazing feeling to see that you are rewarded for the work you do but I will go ahead and emphasize that hard work is only half the journey, having an Idea and an Ideation process is the thing which will make it click.

C: I’m sure after this warm welcome you plan to release more app and game templates. Can you tell us which will be your next product on Chupamobile or you prefer to keep it secret for now? We are so curious to know!

H: We draw inspiration from Apple and the way they are super secret about their projects. Though let me add this that we are working on an amazing number of projects and Chupamobile will be the first one to know as soon as they are ready.

C: The Swinging Copters template is built on Cocos2D. Is this how you usually work, or do you also use other platforms? Why?

H: Actually Swinging Copters is build on Cocos2d-iPhone Version 3.0. We are a traditional bunch and prefer native deployments as in our opinion, they do justice to the users of your app by giving them something which is thoroughly optimized. This is again due to our keenness to do things like the way Apple does it (or at least try to come somewhat close to their standards).

The same reason is why we build everything natively and convert via Apportable. It’s an amazing tool which fits with our ideologies as they convert the code without any emulators, virtual machines, etc., which means that the ported code for Android runs as smoothly as it does on iOS.

C: Your game template of Swinging Copters is already optimized for the iOS 8 Beta version. What are your thoughts on the new Apple OS? Has it changed significantly from iOS 7 in terms of development?

H: Development on iOS is really pleasant because Apple is really consistent with what they do and that really helps us developers in picking up the language and becoming an expert on it in lesser time than all the other platforms out there.

There are things which you have to pick up from the new versions but they are documented well and the intuition process of Apple really nails it most of the time. There is also the fact that Apple only removes their APIs after giving Developers two years to learn it which is more than enough to come to terms with the new trends.

I guess what I am saying here is that iOS 8 is amazing when you compare to iOS 7 in terms of a developer with new language Swift coming out. It will make sure that more people pick up development which is always a good news for the community.

C: I’m sure the Chupamobile community would appreciate your suggestions in terms of app development and app reskinning. Which is the most valuable advice you could give them? Would you share with us your motto on app development?

H: Sure, I would like to suggest them to always re-iterate on their code once they finish it. During the development cycle, make sure you go through all the methods and variables you are defining and ask the question whether this plays an important role or if you would like to tweak it once the game is in testing phase. If the answer to that question is yes, then document it.

Once you are done with the development, then move all these variables to a single file. Make sure it carries all the description and you will end up with a gorgeous source code which anybody can pick and tweak by just tweaking that single file. It’s actually simple but a lot of developers try to cut corners which you shouldn’t do as you should always try to ask yourself the question: Would I prefer to have this source code if I have done this or that?

For reskinning, the answer is again the same, create everything related to Images inside a single folder, name it properly so the other developers doesn’t have to go here and there to edit it.

In short, just iterate the process of development and reskinning till the steps and time required to modify your code cannot be shortened any more and you will end up with a fantastic product.

C: Any other important comments you’d like to add are more than welcome!

H: Would just want to emphasize on the advice given above, Iteration of the process is really important for the success.

C: Thanks again for your time and availability. Keep up with the good work! We truly hope your Swinging Copters arrives to our top sellers chart! ;)

H: Thanks for the Interview and thanks for existing around to help us reach out to the masses which we alone could simply not do. As for being in the top sellers chart, we certainly share the same sentiments :).


Picture the scenario – You’re out shopping, the plan is to grab a coffee, shop around for a nice outfit and finish the day off with a nice dinner and a movie. But, hold on, this new app is telling you to sacrifice your wants for the moment and ‘Instead’ make a micro donation to any charity of your choosing.

insteadIt’s understandable,to become self indulged in our day-to-day lives, especially for those living on the go in this corporate world, it becomes the norm to neglect innocently those less fortunate than us. This new app hopes to change that, with its slogan ‘make a small change to your routine to make a BIG change in someone else’s life’. The idea behind the app is simple; find something to give up, which could be something as small as a coffee, or a movie treat, or anything you want to indulge in, and then decide how much you want to donate, and in which charity you want to spend that extra little change you now have lying around.

Developed by Ovenbites, LLC, Instead is essentially a reminder to give something back once in a while. They are quite straightforward with the fact that they take 5% of the donation as part of the operating cost, which is pretty reasonable considering the bigger picture. The app is really simple to use, and once you have signed up, you have a choice of interesting challenges you can partake to suit your donating needs. As a coffee lover myself, it’s become the norm for me on the way to work, to stop by a coffee shop and pick a large latte and be on my way. That is why the challenge ‘brew your coffee 3 times and provide clean water for 3 people’ really intrigued me. The idea is pretty simple; instead of buying coffee for three days, I’ll make it at home and each time I do so, I’ll donate the $3 that I save to the charity ‘Water Is Basic’.

No app is perfect, and even with their perfect intentions; it does however transport you to the web browser when making a donation, though I assume this courtesy is thanks to requirements set out by Apple and not Instead. Not the ideal scenario, especially if you’re in a giving mood and want to make a quick donation, before you just get tempted enough to get that vanilla caramel Frappuccino. It’s as simple as that, and once you’ve made your donation, a great feature of the app allows you to track every micro donation you make, so whenever you’re feeling low or feel that you don’t do many charitable acts, you can take a look at your log and feel a sense of gratification for all that you have given. Most charities can do a lot with as little as $3, so be not despondent as every dollar goes a long way.

Instead is just one of the number of growing apps that allow you to make charitable donations in a fun, innovative way. There are other apps that works on similar principles as Instead, like, ‘I Can Go Without’ which is just like the one discussed; ‘Charity Miles’ which you can use anytime you exercise to donate to your chosen charity; ‘One Today’ which was developed by Google; or ‘Donate a Photo’ by Johnson and Johnson which donates $1 for every photo you share. A great tool for many, though for some, it is simply easier to just donate directly to their chosen charity. Why not give it a try and join me in the ‘brew your coffee 3 times and provide clean water for 3 people’ challenge.