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Time to talk about iOS applications and, more specifically, about their User Interface design. We have found the perfect conversational partner for this: Tope Abayomi, founder of App Design Vault and an expert on mobile applications design. Interviewed by Melissa, our community manager, he gives some tips to make your app UI rock!

But before leaving you with the interview, let’s talk a little bit about this outstanding company. App Design Vault offers beautiful (and very functional) iPhone app design templates that will set you apart in the Apple App Store, but shortening the development time to the minimum. An easy way to get a professional designed application instead of the tough, difficult and expensive option of hiring a designer! You can learn more visiting App Design Vault website here.

Don’t waste your time hiring a designer, make your app stand out!

Melissa: Hi Tope, nice to meet you, can you please briefly explain us what is your role in App Design Vault? What are you working on?

Tope: I am the Founder of App Design Vault, we provide iOS design templates for developers so they can make their apps look good on the App Store. Right now we are currently working on new iOS 7 templates that follow the new iOS 7 design guidelines.

M: Ok, so as you must know everything about mobile apps design, how do you think it is evolving and how will it be in the future?

T: The app market has become mature, cost of acquiring users is now rising since there are a lot of well funded players now in the space. It will become more and more important to differentiate yourself using design/marketing techniques to get an audience.

M: What do you think about the changes introduced by Apple with iOS7?

T: I embrace the changes. Design-wise, I think a lot of good things have been done. Some did not like it when it was first released but I think people are getting used to it slowly. And we are now seeing a lot of good design being released in iOS 7 apps. I love browsing the “Made for iOS 7” category in the App store.

M: For you, how important is the user interface for an application to be successful? Could you please explain us why?

T: Well, it is what the user interacts with the most in your app. It is the easiest way to set yourself apart from other apps. If your interface is clunky or hard to use, no one will come back to using the app. If it gives them a fuzzy good feeling, then they will remember that and want to keep using it more and more.

M: How App Design Vault is helping iOS developers in their research of the perfect design?

T: Our templates give you ideas of different styles you can have in your app. We have about 30 templates and we just don’t offer design assets. We actually implement these assets in a mocked up app. For example, we have a design template called Trackbeam and the template shows you how you can use those assets in a Music app. I took the same assets and made a movie trailer app which you can download for free on the App Store here.

M: Why App Design Vault is better than just hiring a designer? Why are you different?

T: It isn’t better, but it is surely cheaper. App Design Vault is for the independent developer who doesn’t have $2000 to go hire a designer. You can still get a stunning app on the store. If developers do have the budget, I always advise them to go hire a designer as they will get good value for their money.

M: Do you have an example of one successful app which has used your service?

T: We do have loads of app that have used our service. You can see some of them listed here.

M: And what can you say about us, do you like the Chupamobile concept?

T: It is a similar concept to what App Design Vault is. Giving developers a jump start in their design or code without having to do everything from scratch. I think your service is surely one that is needed in the space. Good job!.

M: Do you have any advice regarding graphics and design for the Chupamobile community?

T: Yes, always think about your end user when you are designing your app. Don’t add unnecessary assets or design just to make your app look pretty. Functionality comes first.


Last two weeks have been frenetic, an intense period for mobile development because of the Flappy Bird fever that exploded the firsts days of February and that got even bigger after the indie developer Dong Nguyen announced its imminent shut-down. Hectic times for us too because, after 15 days of hard deliberation, our team has chosen the winners of the mobile development Competition that will get the $45,000 prize! It has been a difficult decision as lots of great projects took part of the contest, but we have pronounced our verdict (and added a further list of ten products that really merit to be mentioned).

A roll off the drum for the three winners of the 2013 Chupamobile App Developer Competition!

$20,000 Grand Prize

Here it is! The absolute winner, the app source code that most rocked on our marketplace Competition is PWD – Password Manager! An iOS project by Ricardo Funk (rfunk82) that fascinated us since the beginning. A full application to create and manage passwords that comes with several “mini-apps”. All this with a fully functional and beautiful user interface that provides a great user experience taking the app to the next level! Thanks as well to its many features like password strength checking, AES-256 encryption or a self-destruction security feature. A mobile application just like 1Password – Password Manager and Security Wallet that sells at $17.99 and keeps rocking on the App Store!

We asked the developer about this opportunity and this is what he said: “The Chupamobile competition was the perfect opportunity to complete the Password Management application I’ve had kicking around in my head for about a year. Knowing that I was competing against so many talented developers helped me push my limits and find the motivation to perfect every screen. In addition, the Chupamobile team was very supportive whenever I had any questions. In fact, the process was so easy that I’m currently working on my third application submission with them! Thanks Chupamobile Team!”, were Ricardo Funk’s words about our contest.

$14,000 Runner Up

The second prize goes to Jelly Slash – Addictive 50 Level Arcade Puzzler! Built by RisingHigh, this addictive iOS puzzle game is based on the ever popular game iSlash that got over 2.5 million downloads on the Apple App Store. Very easy to reskin, this project has four integrated ad SDKs and has been developed in Cocos 2d.

“As app developers we’re always excited to see new source code and there’s no better place than Chupamobile! When we learned of the competition and the awesome Top Sponsors involved, we felt compelled to work extra hard to get our submission in! Such a fantastic idea and great to see Chupa leading the way in the mobile industry, great job!”, said Kevin Wolstenholme from RisingHigh.

$9,500 3rd Place

On the third place we have WeLike – Photo Sharing Social Network source code developed by Planet1107! This is the second time that the studio headed by Goran Vuksic wins a prize on our Competition. This time thanks to a cutting-edge project that we love; an iOS and Android mobile application full of amazing features like geolocation and nearby map view, user timeline, recent and popular posts feed and a complete photo editor.

This is what Goran from Planet1107 told us; “Planet 1107 has been a member of Chupamobile for a bit more than two years now and I’m glad to see how in those two years Chupamobile grown to be a great resource place for mobile developers. My team (Josip, Niksa and I) gave our best for this competition to create a solution that will help others to build their own photo sharing social network easily. We are really happy that our hard work on WeLike project was recognized”.

Honorable Mentions

- Perkutut by pongodev

- Snapify (Instagram Clone) by cristopher.coudriet

- Remote VNC by Dilmerv

- Words Versus Words Solo – Full Game for Reskin by Yohann305

- iOS Runner App by fbiphone81

- Mega Drop: Jump Rush by llcdraco

- InstaStar – Instagram New Effects, Full PhotoEditor by radu.romanov

- Space Effects FX Photo App by allzone

- Ultimate Screen Recorder with Finger Gestures by scott.manthey

- Jewel Blitz – Android Match 3 Puzzle Game by AppyPocket

We want to remember as well the Flappy Bird source code that didn’t make it to enter the competition by inches. Flappy Bird is literally conquering the Chupamobile community (and the App & Play Stores)!

Soon on our blog, the video interviews with the three winners! Remember also the fourth prize of the 2013 Chupamobile App Developer Competition that will award one our Facebook or Twitter fans with $500 in cash? The winner of the Social Special Prize will be published very soon here. Stay tuned for what is coming!

In the meanwhile, why not having a look to our last app source code entries? See them here.


Special thanks to our amazing sponsors:

MagicSolver brings you 3 paid apps for free every day, without having to hunt through over 400,000 applications in the App Store. A global app discovery platform which boasts a portfolio of apps with a loyal, non-incentivised user base of over a million users.


Appwiz is a global platform, geared to provide Android developers a unique, targeted and cutoomizable cosystem for Android application monetization.


Revmob is the worldwide leading ad network when it comes to mobile traffic monetization!



Kii provides a scalable carrier-grade cloud back-end and analytics solution for app developers to build, analyze, scale and monetize apps.


Appsee is a simple and powerful visual in-app analytics platform that enables app developers to measure, understand and improve the user experience in their mobile app.


Apptamin provides you with app promotional videos and app websites for better app promotion.



JetBrains makes professional developer tools that people love to use and can’t work without once they try them.



App Design Vault provides Clean & Modern iPhone App Design TemplatesThat Will Set You Apart in the App Store.



Apptentive helps you improving Retention and Engagement Communicate directly with customers in-app to gain actionable feedback. Improve your app and earn customer love.


Through its mobile games marketing platform, AppLift helps mobile game advertisers acquire loyer, quality gaming users at scale on a CPI basis.


With the move away from paid apps to the freemium model, getting the most value from your users is more important than ever. But with the Wall Street Journal estimating that only 6% of players will actually spend in a freemium app, how do you get the majority of players who don’t pay (the so called freeloaders) to deliver value to your company?

The answer lies in ensuring that your app has a well constructed in app marketing network. What is it? Well, I define in app marketing as any marketing that takes place within an application that either boosts your apps status to outside consumers or drives organic installs.

And it can be a really effective tactic for driving downloads. Just take a look at this article about Candy Crush Saga’s social strategy and how it drives meaningful virality – it’s clear that the very best in the business take their in app marketing very seriously.

How therefore can you go about improving your efforts? I’m going to lead you through three main areas where you can upgrade your in app marketing to generate additional organic downloads. It’s worth bearing in mind these tactics work better for free to play games but they can also be applied for paid titles if you’re savvy.

1) Generate Better Reviews

Reviews are really important in the app ecosystem. Not only do they give you a stamp of approval on your app page that no-one can take away from you, they also help you boost your app store ranking results as the distributors give extra prominence to those well reviewed products.

But how can you go about getting those great reviews? Aside from the always obvious piece of advice about building a great app, you need to make sure that you have the right in app mechanics to encourage people to leave a good review.

There are two key things you need to do to make sure you get those good reviews. First, you need to ask in the right way for a good review. A pop up saying “Leave us a nice review” might seem great but if a disgruntled consumer sees it then they may well end up giving your app a kicking in the review section. But a two stage pop up that asks people whether they’re enjoying your app and that only directs positive responses to leave a review can filter that out. If you ask in the right way, you can receive great results.

Second, it’s also about asking at the right time. A mid flow pop up is going to annoy the hell out of your user base, so why not wait for a more natural moment in your game to ask to leave a review? Whether it’s the end of a particularly dramatic level or the moment after a player has reached level 10, a user who is engaged and enjoying themselves is going to be far more likely to leave a nice review. Best of all, if you’ve got your analytics perfectly honed you should be able to identify the best moments for a review – helping to give your app an extra uplift simply by looking into the numbers.

2) Integrate Social Media Meaningfully

Social media is the Moby Dick to most app marketing efforts. Appreciated as important and a way of getting people downloading your apps, it is nonetheless true that most companies either get it wrong or don’t maximise social media’s potential within their marketing efforts.

So what’s the best way to get round this? Ultimately, it’s about allowing users to make social interactions that are meaningful to them and building the architecture that facilitates that.

As mentioned previously, King really gets this in their games. Combining the in game progress maps which show where your friends have gotten to, making sharing essential to the generation of new lives and the need to ask three friends to enter a new area in game, games like Papa Pear Saga are living breathing social experiences which mix collaboration and competition effortlessly.

The main thing you need to do as developer is to make sure that you create shareable experiences in game.Getting social media to work for your app isn’t about bribing users to post on Facebook, building ways for them to spam their friends or simply slapping sharing buttons onto menus; it’s about finding what your users enjoy about your app and building a rewarding sharing system for them to use to tell people about it.

And, fortunately for you, it’s easier than ever to build this into your apps. Facebook offers a variety of sharing plugins the developers can build into their apps to tap into the activity feed, integrate Facebook login and build in sharing amongst other things. It’s down to you to make sure that it’s used in a meaningful manner to keep your users happy.

3) Promote Effectively

The final major tool in your arsenal are well deployed adverts that either promote your apps or your in app purchases effectively. With paid games it can be hard to build adverts effectively into anything other than pause/results screens (Angry Birds does that particularly well) but free to play suffers less from that problem as users are happier to deal with adverts.

The main thing therefore is to ensure that the promotions aren’t overly disruptive and are released in the best format possible. On the first point – while it might be tempting to pop them up whenever possible, it really makes a lot more sense to wait for convenient breaks in play to put them in. People who have a spare moment in game are less likely to click the cross in the top corner than those who are busy playing so make sure you put that common sense advice into practice.

Beyond that though, you want to be paying attention to which type of ad format works best. A full screen interstitial is a great way to advertise a price drop within your iAP economy but if you’re cross promoting your app portfolio then you may consider an app list or wall instead. Formats can make a big difference to how effective your ad based marketing is, so make sure that you take time to consider what’s the best way to mobilise your efforts.

If you want more tips or want to discuss buying users then contact to get in touch with us.


We are proud to say that Chupamobile app developers are great professionals that create good quality mobile applications and give valuable support to their buyers, so we want our community to meet them! That’s why today we inaugurate a new section on our blog where the Chupamobile best authors will be featured.

This time, our community manager Elodie has talked with Ho Cuong from ProjecTemplate and with two of their team leaders, Huong and Dang. ProjecTemplate team creates amazing iOS and Android app templates of different kinds, like Photo Album App Template for Android or News App Template for iOS. You can browse all their products here.

We leave you now with the interview that you can watch or read below:

Elodie: Please give us a brief bio of yourself.

Cuong: I’m Cuong Ho, CEO of I come from Vietnam and have 10 years’ experience in IT in many roles, from a developer, technical leader, project manager and now, an executive. I specialize in web & mobile app development and we also provide outsourcing service. And I am here with Dang and Hoang who are ios and android leader in my team. They will join me to have a talk with you.

E: What did your very first App looks like?

Hoang: Our very first app is the news reader app which is able to read news from any CMS such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, etc. This app is very useful for any website out there.

E: What development blog/site do you visit daily?

H: apart from google and ios developer website, We visit daily, because we can learn many solutions from there. We visit to learn design ideas from there.

E: How a Mobile App Source Code, like the ones you sell on, can help other Developers in completing their project?

C: We made an offline app templates working with local database such as sqlite, xml configuration. And when other developers buy our source codes, the remaining for them is to implement the online part connecting to their existing servers. The template can save from 30% to 70% of cost and time compared to build from the scratch. However, I highly recommend you hire me customize and complete the apps, because I know the codes and will implement faster with less price.

E: What do you think about your experience in selling Apps Source Code on Chupamobile?

C: We listen to the customers’ comments; answer their problems very as quickly as possible. Additionally, we keep up upgrading the source code overtime. Therefore, the source code is supported and improved continuously. That is my experience in selling apps source.

E: There must be a project that you have always dreamed of doing, what is it?

Dang: I really like to make an app which can assist the user in making decision. The app should base on the previous decisions, current preferences, trendy and some custom inputs. And as the result, the app

will suggest some best options for the user to decide. I think this app is necessary today, it makes the life easier. But it is not difficult to make that kind of app.

E: Are you working on anything cool now that will be released on Chupamobile? Anything we should keep our eyes open for?

C: Yes, our plan is to make 5-10 app templates in every 3 months. And the next 3 months, our mobile apps will focus on some famous CMS and Ecommerce website such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. You know, today, there are many websites that are written under above CMSs, and my mission is to make an app for all websites out there. So if you have a website, please contact me to get your mobile app.

E: Do you have any suggestions for all the other aspiring authors out there?

D: My suggestion is don’t waste your codes. In my opinion, as developer, every lines of your code can be reusable, meaningful and valuable to others. So don’t keep in the box, collect your codes, make it perfect then put them on Chupamobile. That is my suggestion.

E: Anything else you would like to say?

C: New Year 2014 is coming, we promise to bring to the world more and more apps to customize.

E: It has been a privilege, thanks very much.

C:Thank you very much for this interview.


Today we want to introduce you Kii, an outstanding company that gives 360° help to mobile developers, offering useful services from the development process to distribution and monetization of the apps.

Our community manager Melissa had an interesting talk with Kii Chief Product Officer, Phani Pandrangi, about all your apps will need to succeed on the market. You can watch the interview and know more about Kii below!


What is Kii?

Kii is a company with a mission to help mobile app developers succeed in building global app businesses. Kii does this with product, services and capital -­ (a) Kii Cloud is a backend-­as-­a-­service and app analytics platform that enables mobile app developers build, analyze and monetize apps (b) Kii’s distribution services like Kii­-to-­China help app developers acquire new users by leveraging Kii’s global partner network (c) Kii’s capital fund invests in promising app startups to help them scale.

Kii and Chupa Mobile’s Developer Competition

Kii is excited to sponsor Chupa Developer Competition because we believe that a strong backend like Kii Cloud allows app developers to develop a lot more reusable components to both highlight their coding skills and also to maximize their earnings potential in the Chupa marketplace with high impact, scalable server-­backed components that allow other app developers (buyers) to make apps more quickly and efficiently.

Prizes: First Place: $1500 in cash/gift certificate

Runnerups: (2 prizes): $500 each in cash/gift certificates

PLUS: Each of 3 winners will receive 6 months of Kii’s backend service (PRO level) to be used within 12 months of winning.

What can be built with Kii?

Kii Cloud’s backend services around user management, data management, push notifications, geo points/queries, app analytics etc. allow app developers to create more compelling reusable apps and app components that other app developers can readily use to take their apps to market more quickly. Plus, Kii Cloud’s server extensions functionality allows app developers to create backend modules that can be sold to other Kii Cloud developers as well.

Below are a few examples, but the opportunities are endless!

Viral Growth Component – Create a component that other app developers can easily plugin to virally promote their app thru users’ social networks. For example, the component allows users to sign­in with Facebook ­ and then for each user, presents a UI that allows them to refer the app to their friends. The component stores user/referral information in the backend (who referred how many etc.)

Picture Component – Picture taking & uploading component that other apps can use. Perhaps this component can interface with the native camera/gallery code and upload pictures to Kii Cloud. Allows users to view pictures from any device.

Game Components – Create scoreboards, leaderboards etc. ­ for game developers to easily plugin. Enhance those with push notifications to allow notifications to be sent to friends when leaderboard changes, for example.

List Component – A per­user list component that many apps can use. The component uses Kii Cloud’s user management and data management features together to allow making of arbitrary lists and store them as objects in Kii Cloud under users. The buyers can use this component to create apps like TO-­DO List app, Tasks app etc.

Pluggable Messaging Component - Use Kii’s push notification APIs and topic/subscribe architecture to create a messaging component that other apps can readily use to enhance inter­user communication.

File sharing app component between users and devices – Use Kii’s file management to sync files among different devices belonging to a user or among groups of users.

Cloud Connectors - Create a Kii Cloud Server Extension that facilitates integration between Kii Cloud and other cloud solutions ­ like SalesForce, ZenDesk, ZohoCRM, EverNote, DropBox etc.

Again, these are just some examples only.

Getting Started

You can get started in 3 easy steps:

1. Sign up on­ and create an app.

2. Start coding away, with the assigned API keys of the app, with your favorite SDKs or REST APIs. (Of course, you can also download the sample code and walk through our step­-by-­step tutorial to familiarize yourself with the backend.)

3. Join the discussions and ask questions on to get additional community support.

Depending on your platform you can check our guides and API references to get up and running quickly:

The first steps are clearly shown in the Quick Start Guides which you can find here:

iOS Quick Start Guide

Android Quick Start Guide

Javascript Quick Start Guide

Unity Quick Start Guide

Once you are set up, head over to the Feature Guides, which provide great copy/paste examples for you to see examples of exactly what you’re looking for. You can find those here:

iOS Feature Guides

Android Feature Guides

Javascript Feature Guides

Unity Feature Guides

● REST Feature Guides

Finally, once you are digging in, you might need specific SDK reference docs which show all classes and methods the SDKs provide. For that information, see the links here:

iOS Reference Docs

Android Reference Docs

Javascript Reference Docs

Unity Reference Docs

REST API Reference Docs

How to contact Kii

You can contact us using the “Contests” section in the Kii Developer Community. Feel free to participate by asking and answering questions. You can also contact our support: email at



The countdown is over! Submissions to the 2013 Chupamobile App Developer Competition are officially closed and we want now to thank all of you who have participated with your projects! We are greatly surprised of all the good works you have created for the contest; beautiful templates, useful components, super funny games and astounding full apps.

Now it’s time for our team to work: We have already started to review all the amazing products you sent us during the last 50 days and we can tell you by now that the choice is going to be very difficult!

Anyway, alea iacta est! The winners of the $45,000 Grand Prize will be announced next February 11th on our blog and through our newsletter. So, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and… stay tuned!


We are sure that many of you already know them but, for those who don’t, let us introduce you Apptamin. This amazing company provides you with services to help you better promote your app, mainly app marketing videos and promotional websites.

We know marketing an app is hard, but making a promotional video is a great start; a way to explain to your users and investors what your app is all about and how it works. That’s why Apptamin team is specialized in quickly and efficiently creating amazing app videos for promoting your products. You can have a look to some of their works on their website.

Chupamobile interviews Sylvain Gauchet

Our community manager Melissa had the chance to interview Apptamin CEO and Co-founder, Sylvain Gauchet. They had an interesting talk about mobile apps marketing world, and promotion videos in particular, that you cannot miss

Watch the video or read the complete interview below.


Melissa: Hi Sylvain, nice to talk to you! Can you please briefly explain what is your role in Aptamin? What are you working on?

Sylvain: Hi! At Apptamin we produce promotional videos for mobile apps and games: small videos, between 15 and 60 seconds, to show what the app is all about. I’m one of the two co-founders, and I deal mostly with Sales and Marketing.

M: OK, so you’ll have a good knowledge about the world of the mobile application, what do you think about the future of mobile promotion?

S: That’s a tough one. I think the ways to promote mobile apps are going to become more and more diverse, and that developers will have to find which marketing channels work best for them.

M: Who is your target, for who are you working?

S: Our clients range from indie app developers, to startups and Fortune 500 companies. What is pretty cool is that they’re all over the world. US of course, France but also a lot of other countries.

M: If I am a mobile developer, which channel do you think will be the best to publish my video? Why?

S: First step is YouTube, and the Google Play Store if you have an Android app. But there is no need to choose only one canal : you can have the video on your website, send it to bloggers and journalists in your email pitch, use it when submitting to app contests, etc.

M: Do you think video is the best format for promotions? Why?

S: Several formats and channels are needed for a good app promotion. That being said, I also believe that video is the best thing next to actually trying an app and can be very powerful.

M: How AppTamin can help developers to make more revenues?

S: We can show what your app is all about in seconds. That helps you pitch your app and convert more visitors into customers.

M: What’s the point, why are you different?

S: We’ve done close to 200 videos, so I like to think we’ve optimized the way we work. And even though we produce videos, mobile app promotion and marketing is in our culture (and our blog!) so we always keep that aspect in mind.

M: How did you get the idea of Apptamin?

S: I wanted to create a video to promote a mobile app, and had a hard time finding a service that I liked. I then partnered with my friend that had a video production company.

M: Do you have an example of one successful app which has used your service?

S: Some of them were already pretty famous but I can think of Spun. Or Week calendar.

M: Difficult question: What do you think about Chupamobile?

S: I think that it’s a great idea to let developers buy and sell source code. I’m a big believer in not re-inventing the wheel.

M: What would you say to our community? Any advice ?

S: Don’t wait your app release to start marketing it and get user feedback. Start from day 1.


Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! (To those who celebrate, as we know Chupamobilers are from everywhere in the world) and a Happy New Year! :)

This moment is always important for the Chupamobile Team because it is the moment to assess the situation and to analyze all the things that have happened during the year. On our part we were happy to see the Chupa Team becoming bigger, welcoming Elodie and Melissa that a lot of you have already met. Then, we were happy to see that the community has grown up, and it’s still doing it!

To get off 2014 to a flying start, why don’t you participate in the 2013 Chupamobile App Developer Competition that will give you the chance to win $45,000 in cash and services.  The Chupa-Klaus is generous for the more deserving Chupamobilers that have made the most amazing work of the year. In short, a way to say THANK YOU to our community.

So everybody, have a merry Christmas and we hope you are all ready for 2014.

The Chupamobile Team



The most important appointment of the year has arrived for all the mobile developers out there: The 2013 Chupamobile App Developer Competition has started! No matter if you develop iOS or Android, components or full apps, games or other applications; we want you to submit your best projects before January 28th and we have great prizes up for grabs.

Why a Competition?

The Chupamobile community has grown a lot during this year -and keeps doing it!- so we are very happy about it and want to celebrate this big step with all of you, as your satisfaction is the measure of our success. We want to thank you for your support and the best way we have found is to reward you with a great prize. That’s why we are launching this competition for all our current members and also for those mobile developers who want to join our Chupa-family.

You must participate!

When we say great prizes, we mean it: we are giving away $45,000, thanks to our awesome sponsors:  Revmob, MagicSolver, Kii, Appwiz, Apptamin, Appsee, JetBrains, Apptentive, App Design Vault, Apps4All and AppLift; and to our media partners. What’s more, your app source code will be promoted on our social networks, newsletter and homepage! And, of course, as a Chupamobile author you will earn 70% of the revenues of each sale your product will make.

How to join the Competition?

Choose, submit, win! Pick up your best project, that amazing app idea in which you have put all your creativity and developing skills! Remember that you may create any kind of mobile application or component for iOS or Android platforms. After this hard part of the work is done, just submit your app source code to our marketplace using competition2013 as one of the tags and, once our review team would have approved your entry, you will be in the run for the prizes! Could it be easier?

Social Special Prize

But that’s not all, folks! We will give away an extra $500 cash prize to one of our Twitter or Facebook followers. It may be you! You just need to share the news on your Twitter of Facebook profile (or both!) and you’ll automatically enter the Social Special Prize. Every tweet and Facebook share means a new chance to win, so don’t wait until tomorrow to spread the word of Chupamobile, do it now!

Now you have the ball in your court: Start to think on the next Chupamobile hit, we want you to win the competition!

You can read more about the competition here.


Want to reskin an app and make sure it is popular with the public? George Osborn, Head of Editorial Content at, has trawled through the thousands of apps featured in Free App Magic to find three popular types of apps to give you a bit of inspiration.

Reskinning an app can be a recipe for App Store success. Finding a popular game or utility, giving it a lick of paint and a fresh new style can be a fantastic way to have a hit on your hands – just ask the makers of Candy Crush Saga after all!

But the problem most of you will have is choosing that all important type of app to achieve popular success. But what types of apps are actually really popular with users across the world and how can you go about evolving them into a hit of your own?

Fortunately, we think that we might be able to help. Having run Free App Magic for over two years as well as dozens of calendar apps, we have featured literally thousands of different apps and seen how often they’ve been downloaded by our users.

So here are three categories of apps that our users have told us they love for you to go and think about when you’re planning your next reskin.


Photo Filter Apps

With the rise of Instagram, you’d think that the market for photo filter apps would be limited. But when we looked at our data, this category of app remains a consistent high performer across our suite of App Discovery apps and they continue to attract great numbers of downloads.

There are two ways you can achieve success using filters. The first is by going toe to toe with Instagram and offering editing options to your users. From adding those now legendary vintage filters to snaps through to offering real photo editing tools like red-eye reduction, photo filtering apps that give the user a broader suite of editing tools than Instagram are still finding their ways into the hearts of users.

Second, and perhaps more unique, novelty filtering apps remain ever popular. Whether they deploy manipulation in the manner of a fatbooth app or allow you to layer on hilarious moustaches onto mugshots, these humourous apps tend to find their way to the top. One such app called Christmas Booth which we featured in Advent last year managed to accrue a million downloads in a couple of days, something that suggests these fun bringing photo apps are always a hit with users.


Photo Editor, Instawrite, Mustache Bash


Newspaper Games

Everyone has, at some time, opened a newspaper and flicked to the fun and games section at some point. Classic puzzles like crosswords, word searches and Su-Doku are regular fare in publications across the world and their ubiquity makes them perfectly placed for App Store success.

There are numerous advantages to reskinning a game like this. First, as mentioned above, they are seriously popular. By the time most people across the world have started reading newspapers, they have learned what to do with a puzzle like this. And those who do love these puzzles tend to get hooked, expecting daily content. That makes them the perfect type of users for a developer to build a business on: long term, valuable and bound to advocate your app.

But beyond that, the nature of the content makes it perfect for reskinning. In the case of most of these puzzles, content can be quickly generated with the help of random Sudoku generators or you can get themes for word searches/crosswords with the help of outsourced content workers relatively cheaply.

Lastly, they are perfect games for inserting a number of handy monetisation tools into. The long nature of puzzles mean that interstitials can be easily inserted at the end without causing annoyance and you can easily create extra content for the game. If you’re looking for an easy way to launch your first game as a service, then newspaper games could be well up your street!

Ideas for titles:

Sudoku Game Puzzle, Tic Tac Toe, Wordfall Word Game


Infinite Runners

Temple Run in 2011 opened up the mobile audience to a type of game that has proven to be endlessly adaptable and popular: the infinite runner.

The genre, which gets players to survive as long as possible in an ever evolving environment, has proven surprisingly durable as a result of its adaptability. While running through the world dodging things might seem simple, the genre has evolved remarkably well as a result of some serious creativity.

Despicable Me 2: Minion Rush by Gameloft became their first major free to play hit after it successfully piggybacked the popular film to monetisation success. Disney’s soon to be released Marvel: Run, Jump, Smash adapts the premise to a 2D side scrolling adventure to give it some extra weight. And Sega managed to bring Sonic to life on mobile in Sonic Dash, using an infinite runner to deliver a much richer and more fulfilling than Sonic games on on home consoles.

Ultimately, the big strengths with infinite runners is that they are endlessly adaptable and the monetisation strategies are recognised by users and developers alike. Provided you can give your game a smart lick of paint to deliver real character to it, infinite runners are an excellent way to get a fun game that’ll perform well into your portfolio.


Ninja Kiwi Pro, Hobbit Jetpack Runner, Avalanche Mountain 2


So those are my three top genres of apps for reskinning success. If you want to get started on the road to App Store domination, check out and discover hundreds of different apps that are ready and waiting for you to turn into app magic.