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Chupamobile presents Hallmark’s Maxine’s Snack Attack

Chupamobile is proud to publish the first game under licensing agreement with Hallmark, the world’s best-known greeting card brand!

Maxine, Hallmark’s beloved character now has her very own mobile game. If you haven’t met her yet, Maxine arrived on the scene 30 years ago — created by John Wagner for Hallmark’s edgy, hilarious card line, Shoebox Greetings. She’s the queen of crabbiness, but people love her and keep coming back for more.

Maxine’s Snack Attack is a Match 3 food-themed game that features 100 challenging levels and laugh-out-loud quotes — guaranteed to entertain for hours.

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Congratulations, You Are Part Of The World’s Largest Game Publishing Community

We made it easy to enter the Gaming Business, allowing everyone – even non-programmers “with 99 bucks and a free afternoon” – to launch a Mobile Game. You embraced this opportunity, creating and publishing a lot (really, a lot) of amazing Games in the iOS and Android App Stores; and now, you have helped to build something amazing:

Chupamobile has become, in 2014, the largest Game Publisher in the World!

Yes, that’s right. Here some numbers: last year, 138,000 Games were launched in the iTunes App Store, 25% of the 520,000 total Apps published; while on the Android scene,  91,000 were the new Games hitting  the Google Play store on 2014, according to Pocketgamer. On the Chupamobile side, Chupamobilers launched over 5,600 Games, 3,600 of them for iOS and 2,000 for Android.

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UI Graphic Assets Now Available On Chupamobile

Our marketplace changes but our goal doesn’t: we want to provide you all you need to create and monetize awesome Apps and Games, saving you time, money and effort.

We already have the most amazing catalog of App and Game Templates and, now, we are building the most incredible catalog of – drumroll – UI Graphic Assets!

UI is a vital part of Apps and Games. Did you know that graphics make up 60% of a Game? Graphics drive gameplay, graphics make user experience (good or bad)! Are you ready to know more? Let’s go!

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LookFor, The Story Behind The World’s Dumbest App

I’m sure you have already heard about it as it’s in everybody’s mouth. They call it “the dumbest app ever” and there are right; it’s so simple and so brilliant that it seems absurd nobody had this idea before. I’m talking about LookFor, the recently launched app that helps you find the people you are looking for in a crowd; one of those first world problems we face every day. And do you know another great thing about LookFor? It has been funded and entirely developed by Chupamobile! Once again, a Chupamobile app is climbing the top app store charts! Now, let me tell you the whole story behind it…

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Single And Multiple App License: What’s The Difference?

We’ve been often receiving mails from our users asking us about the difference between purchasing a single app license and a multiple one; because of that, we’ve decided to write an article on it so that whenever you have a doubt you’ll be able to come back to this post and clear your mind.

First of all, what’s an app license?

As you know on Chupamobile you’ll be able to find thousands of app templates of every kind. If you want to save a lot of time and money in developing an app, the best thing to do is purchase an app template. When you buy a template you obviously don’t buy the app itself but only the license to use it for customization purposes.

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Our Team Keeps Growing: Meet Leya!

Hey Chupamobilers!

It’s Leya! I bet you have seen me posting on the blog lately. It’s been a month since I’ve joined the Chupamobile team and I think it’s about time I introduce myself.

I’m of southern Indian origins but I was born in Rome and lived almost my entire life here, in this beautiful city. As far as my academic background, I hold a BSc in International Business and I’m currently pursuing an MBA.

During my high school years I enjoyed travelling across Europe and once I’ve started going to college, well, I did the same! Just kidding, I wish I was though. Instead, I kept myself busy with some serious work. I started by working in the tourist sector as a tour operator and tour organizer. Once I realized that wasn’t exactly the path I wanted to take, I started working as an event manager. Later on, I moved to London to continue my studies and there, I decided to cultivate my passion for fashion and joined a fast-growing retail company as a marketing manager.

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Chupamobile Closes $1.3M In Crowdfunding – Thanks To You!

Today’s news is a little different; let’s talk about Chupamobile – and you!

We have a special announcement that we’ve been eagerly wanting to tell you. As you know, Chupamobile keeps growing; during the last months we have expanded our team, we have a much broader app template catalog but most of all, we have a wider community of users, developers and publishers. After a long period of dedicated work we are proud to say that we have closed a $1.3M crowdfunding round on Crowdcube. You heard right, hard work pays off!

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A New Ninja On The Support Team: Andrea Is Here To Help You!

Chupamobile keeps growing and so does our team! As our main concern is to provide all of you with the best user experience possible, this time we have hired a super expert ninja to help the customer care team: he is Andrea Giordano! We like his cheerful and friendly personality and we have already tested he’s a hard-worker! Andrea will solve all your doubts about the platform and provide you any support you need, I’m sure you will like him as much as we do. If you want to know a little bit more about the new Chupa-ninja, read his self-presentation below:

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Launch An App For Free With Chupamobile

Our developers and publishers keep surprising us day by day. Authors that make tons of sales of their products on Chupamobile and customers that get big success with their reskinned apps and games on the app stores. No need to say that we are extremely happy of this and that we love to work together with all of them (all of you!) to keep reaching new milestones everyday.

This time, one of our top developers wanted to share his success with the whole Chupamobile community and he prepared a big present to you. Want to know what it is? Read below what Gareth from One Dreamer is giving away (Hint: You will be able to launch an app for free!):

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New Entry On The Chupateam: Meet Gianluigi!

Hi Chupamobilers!

As every queen has a king, let us introduce you Gianluigi, who will take care of the customization kingdom together with Liliana! They will be working side-by-side in order to provide you the best app reskinning service ever. So, now, let’s meet Gianluigi in his self-presentation for the Chupa-community! You can read it below:

Hi guys!

I’m  glad to introduce myself to all Chupamobilers!

I’m a 26-year-old Italian boy, a good communicator and motivated person.

Now, I am going to briefly describe myself and what I have lately done.

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