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LookFor, The Story Behind The World’s Dumbest App

I’m sure you have already heard about it as it’s in everybody’s mouth. They call it “the dumbest app ever” and there are right; it’s so simple and so brilliant that it seems absurd nobody had this idea before. I’m talking about LookFor, the recently launched app that helps you find the people you are looking for in a crowd; one of those first world problems we face every day. And do you know another great thing about LookFor? It has been funded and entirely developed by Chupamobile! Once again, a Chupamobile app is climbing the top app store charts! Now, let me tell you the whole story behind it…

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Meet Kevin: Chupamobile Appreneur!

We always tell you how more and more people are becoming appreneurs. Today with us we have one of the best ones. Who is he? Kevin Brown; he created his first app on our marketplace and his story is pretty unique. Keep Reading to find out more about his journey.

Chupamobile: Hi Kevin Can you present yourself to our community?

Kevin: Hello, my name is Kevin A. Brown. I live in the USA in the metro Washington, D.C. area.

C: Can you tell us a bit more about you, how and when did you get in the app business, in other words, became an appreneur?

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Chupamobile From Your Point Of View: App Developers And App Publishers

You know you, our community, are our biggest treasure; we constantly get feedbacks from our users that help us keep improving our service and provide new and better features to make both authors and buyers optimize your earnings.

We usually share with you stories of our top developers: their opinions on the most important events such as the Google I/O and the Apple’s WWDC, their success selling app templates on Chupamobile and their own guest posts about the topics they (and us!) consider more interesting. Today, we have as well the other side of the coin: our app publishers, who are building big app portfolios thanks to the app templates purchased on Chupamobile.

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Impressions Of The Apple WWDC 2014 By An App Developer: Ioannis Gkoutzamanis

The interview of today is Ioannis Gkoutzamanis, a new app developer that runs the greek website Applemania. Read below what he told us regarding the new Swift language introduced on the Apple’s WWDC 2014.

Chupamobile: Can you present yourself briefly?

Ioannis: Newly developer for the last seven months. Still studying Objective-C language. My main occupation is not related to programming but it’s something that would like to develop even further.

C: What is your impression about the Apple’s WWDC 2014?

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