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Spend Less Time On App Development And More On Marketing

App developers, appreneurs, app publishers and anyone looking to get in on the app game face some serious challenges. Many of these challenges come from them thinking that if they build it, the downloads, users and revenue will come on their own. Well, let me put it to you straight. Just building it means nothing. I know, the truth hurts. Take a look out there in app land. See the thousands of apps launched every month on the different app stores. It boils down to the question: why should anyone care about your app to even download it?

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7 Things You Should Know When Hiring A Mobile App Developer

Mobile app development today, can take a huge toll on the resources of app publishers. Just deciding and planning how to make an app can take time and lots of money. You already know that we offer a variety of templates to make you save upto 90% of time and money, but if there isn’t a template for the app you want to create, hiring a developer is your best option.

When you realize that it’s a good investment for you to develop a mobile app, you need to search for the best developer you can find to suit your needs, whether it be for business, gaming, or something else. There are many app developers out there, but you need to find the one that is best for you and your needs. I can’t stress that enough.

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App User Experience: The Key To Retaining Your Users

A lot of publishers, mobile developers and appreneurs out there look at downloads as a great achievement. And of course they are! However, just getting users to download your app via app marketing, while a huge accomplishment with the thousands of apps out there, isn’t enough. You want to provide the ultimate app user experience.

You’ve just launched your app on the respective app stores and have generated thousands of downloads in your first week. You need to take advantage of those downloads and turn those first-time users into returning, active users. Otherwise, what’s the point? You need them coming back, so you can raise the chances of them converting, monetizing and contributing to your revenue. If you don’t go past basic app marketing, you won’t realize any ROI (Return on Investment).

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Apps Aren’t All Fun And Games: Business Apps Rule!

If you are a mobile consumer, developer, student or appreneur, the chances are very high that you don’t leave home without your smart device. The chances are also very high for the rest of the population, as these gadgets transform our daily lives. Whether it is for playing games, consuming information, booking a flight, hotel, or buying clothes, mobile has already become ingrained in our lives. While knowing how to make an app is a great start, you can also expand your portfolio to include business apps. You can do this easily by checking out app templates of other business apps and making them your own.

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How Much Does It Cost To Make An App

In just a few short years, the market for mobile apps has been exploding. With billions of downloads and millions of apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and just about every other mobile device under the blue sky, there are also lots of opportunities for a developer or an appreneur such as yourself.

This is not just a passing fad. Developing an app for your business, to promote and monetize can be just the tool you need to drive traffic and increase revenue. It can be game changing. So, you might be thinking how much does it cost to develop an app. You’ve seriously been thinking about making an app for a while. Your friend has all the app templates you need to make your own version of Flappy Bird. You have a pretty good handle on how to make an app. What are you waiting for? Well, many times a developer or an appreneur such as yourself might be hesitating because of the cost.

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