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Time to Kill? Create an App That Makes It More Fun!


Whether you’re waiting for a train, plane or lift at home, chances are you’ll be found, bored, fiddling with your phone. Whether you’re checking Facebook or looking for something to read online, you’re probably likely to have at least one or two time killing apps sitting there for times like this. From the funny, to the downright addictive, selling time killing apps is a really good way to kill some time you may have on your hands, and with some of the great app templates around, it doesn’t take long to get started. Here we look at some of the top time killing app templates from Chupamobile that you can use to make some serious income, and it’ll still leave you some time to kill!

Super Commando Ops for iOS


There’s nothing more fun than running around shooting things, and if you’re a fan of these types of games, you can’t go wrong with the Super Commando Ops template. Built for iOS, this fun, yet addictive game has plenty of power-ups to find, along with a big bad boss at the end of every level. This app is extremely easy to customize, and the graphics can be changed quickly, giving you a whole host of options to go with. With the ability to add a multiplayer option, and for an extremely good price, you could have on your hands the blueprint to creating a great time killing app.

Killer Cross Platform Game Template for iOS and Android


If you’re into cute games that end up driving you crazy, they’re so addictive, then one of the best templates you’ll find is Flying Flea, a killer cross-platform game. This popular template works on both Android and iOS so you’ll be able to double your income from the get go. Of course one of the most important things about this is it’s Facebook integration, which will mean you’re far more likely to be able to grow your app’s reach, and with consumable and non-consumable in-app purchases, you’re likely to grow your bank balance too!

Funny Picks – Funny Pictures App for iOS with Admin Panel


Some of the most popular posts on social media are funny pictures. Whether they’re cartoons or memes, people go nuts for social sharing, and when your app is the one that’s producing the pics that people share, then your reach could be widened further than you ever thought possible. Some of the most popular apps on the App Store are now pictorial ones, and this app template allows you to simply change the icon, splash and background image and you’re ready to launch. This is great for those developers that want to get their app into the App Store quickly, and requires only limited development knowledge. You’ll likely make your money through banner ads on your app, and it’s worth telling your advertisers that these apps are in high demand at the moment!

How Much My Body Costs? iOS App Template


Ever wanted to know how much you’re worth? Then How Much My Body Costs could tell you. These kinds of apps are absolutely brilliant, as people take the quiz to find out how valuable they are, and then get their friends to do the same to find out who’s the most expensive of their social. It’s a great time killer, and can really become a great talking point too. This template comes in iOS only, but with the ability to share their score with their buddies, you’re likely to find word spreads like wildfire, and your downloads should benefit.

Heroes – New Killer Game for iOS


Want to kill some time by being a hero? Who doesn’t? With this fantastic app template, based loosely on the mega-popular Flappy Bird, you’ll be amazed at how many players you’ll have. The game itself has the three elements you really need to get those downloads, it’s cute, it’s difficult, and it’s addictive. Interested? We bet you are! With in-app purchases you can count on people buying, and the fact that it’s available for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, the only time you’ll be killing once you’ve reskinned this app, is the time you’ll be spending in the queue at the bank to draw out your earnings!

Of course, these are just a few examples of time killing apps from Chupamobile that you could develop. If you’ve time to kill – why not check out the whole range of app templates offered at our site. You could find it’s time well spent.


48hrs Flash Sale: The Ultimate Quiz App Template for iOS at 72% Off!


Feeling lucky? You should! The App Template we have selected this week has a great potential in terms of reskin. I’m talking about The Ultimate Quiz App for iOS. Quiz games are highly demanded on the App Store and this one has been built with monetization in mind.

Get this Top App Template now for only $69 instead of its original price of $249.


Now, you will understand exactly why I say it has a great potential. Here are some of its features:

First of all, The Ultimate Quiz App includes a web-based Admin Panel that will allow you to configure everything, from ad networks to questions content and time. But that’s not all;

  • Multiple choice questions
  • iPad and iPhone ready (Universal app)
  • Unlimited categories and questions (1,500 questions included!)
  • Settings option for the user to select mode (easy/medium/hard)
  • Music on/off option
  • Random Questions option according to selected mode
  • User high scores for each category saved automatically
  • Option to submit high scores in server
  • Difficulty bonus for medium and hard modes + speed bonus for quick performers
  • Report a Question option
  • Facebook fan page and About us page
  • Sharing: Share App option and Share High Score with Screenshot option
  • Rate Us option
  • Advertising: Admob banner and interstitial, Applovin interstitial, Startapp interstitial
  • Local notification to bring the user back to the app
  • iOS 8 and 64-bit ready

This offer lasts only 48hrs: Get The Ultimate Quiz App Template at 72% off now. It’s worth $249 and now you can have it at only $69! I’m super excited to see what you can do with it, share it with us on the comments below!


Best App and Game Templates Of the Week – Third Week of February

Wow! This week we have published so many awesome app and game templates! It has been extremely difficult to choose the 6 best products among all of them but, here they are!

iOS App Templates

Photo Stitch for iOS


Apply filters, stickers and doodles to your collages and share it in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Features: 4 free starter packs (backgrounds, borders, doodles and quotes), 244 free collages. To monetize: 15 in-app purchase packs and Applovin integrated!

iOS – Block Up!


A simple and challenging tap game! Chartboost, AdMob and IAP to remove ads are included!

Unity – Crossy Highway


Make it as far as you can! With Chartboost, Vungle ads and in-app purchases to monetize!

Android App Templates

Yip Yap App for Android


After the resounding success, this app is finally available in its Android version! Some features: post comments or news and share them, join new conversations, upvote or downvote and look what’s happening at other places. Chartboost and RevMob are installed to boost your earnings!

Android – Photo Editor


Many editing features are included. Google IAP, AdMob and Tapjoy to monetize.

Unity – ZigZag


Stay on the wall trying not to fall off the edges! With four ad networks integrated and IAP to remove ads.


LookFor, The Story Behind The World’s Dumbest App


I’m sure you have already heard about it as it’s in everybody’s mouth. They call it “the dumbest app ever” and there are right; it’s so simple and so brilliant that it seems absurd nobody had this idea before. I’m talking about LookFor, the recently launched app that helps you find the people you are looking for in a crowd; one of those first world problems we face every day. And do you know another great thing about LookFor? It has been funded and entirely developed by Chupamobile! Once again, a Chupamobile app is climbing the top app store charts! Now, let me tell you the whole story behind it…

We found the project on Kickstarter one afternoon and, as we love this kind of crazy ideas, we thought it would be awesome to help Logan, LookFor’s creator, to develop and launch the app. Five minutes later we contacted him – you can imagine how excited he was about the news! We were all Look-ing For-ward to having that amazing app on our phones, so we got down to work! The goal was to bring Logan’s idea to life in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Logan didn’t have coding skills, so we contacted one of the top authors of our customization service, Planet1107, to take care of the project. Their team arrived #1 and #3 on two of our App Developer Competitions – we couldn’t find better devs for the job! Starting from one of our templates, they customized it with new features and graphics to fit Logan’s requirements for the app.  As Logan said, “Developers who contribute to Chupamobile bring top quality work. Planet1107 literally exceeded all of my expectations!”. The process was fast and easy, and the result speaks for itself: LookFor for iOS is now on the top 10 of the most downloaded apps ion the Netherlands and has reached the top places in the Navigation category in countries like the U.S., China or the United Arab Emirates. Not bad for such a dumb app!

Since it has been live on the app stores, LookFor has become almost a celebrity in the app ecosystem. Featured by magazines like Cnet, Business Insider, BGR, Engadget, ProductHunt, Daily Mail or Techcrunch, and on its way to the trending topic prize on Twitter. We are so happy to be part of this exciting project and to have made Logan’s dream come true.

Everybody is getting it so, if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, it’s your time to download LookFor, which available for iOS and Android.



48hrs Flash Sale: Get Word Search Game for Android at 70% off!

Today I bring you a classic type of game loved by all kinds of users: a Word Search Game for Android. Word Games mean a good bet for app publishers looking forward to targeting specific user groups. Think about interest categories, topic targeting or geographic and language targeting.


Wosega – Word Search Game is a simple and funny Word Game very easy to customize. It contains over 3000 words which will help your users overcome boredom while training their brains. If you want to know more about this Game Template, read the features below:

  • Unlimited new puzzles
  • Large database of English words
  • Colorful display
  • Pause and resume feature
  • Banner and interstitial ads
  • Easy to reskin and customize
  • Built in Eclipse
  • Easily add words in SQLite database

It’s an app template worth $199 and we are offering it for $59. Remember that the offer lasts only 48hrs! Get Wosega now at 70% off!


Best App Templates Of the Week – Second Week of February

Don’t underestimate your power, here are six reasons to help you make it to the Top Charts! For you, we have selected the best App Templates of the week!

Place your bet!

iOS App Templates

Mini Fat Heroes for iOS

fat marketA dive-bombing game, taught in a way to engage users the maximum! Features: 10 characters (5 free – 5 purchasable), Facebook and Twitter sharings, Game Center leaderboard and rate button. To monetize, AdMob, Chartboost and in-app purchases are integrated!

Super Stunt Bird – iOS 8 64-bit Ready

7828This utterly addictive game has 45 levels, Playhaven, Xplode and Chartboost to monetize!

Major Tom Unity


With two skins available: Major Tom and Spaceman Sam! In this endless game, Chartboost is included.

Android App Templates

Eatorder for Android

7845A native Android App Template to let you easily create food beverage App in minutes! Splash screen, login screen, and menu with six options: home, profile, chat, order status, discount and about. The SQLite database is already installed!


Animal Faces App for Android


Replace your friend’s faces with animals! AdMob, Tapjoy and Google IAP are implemented.

Bridges YEAH – Unity


Build the bridge to cross the gap, simple yet very entertaining! With four ad networks integrated.



48hrs Flash Sale: Get Places Near for iOS at 70% Off!

This is another, super-exciting 48hrs Flash Sale. Today’s proposal is an App Template that is a slam dunk!


Why you cannot miss it?

Places Near is a location-based native iPhone application that allows users to discover recommended places near their current location. Now, you can create your own location based app thanks to Places Near.

This starter kit provides a working base for building location-based iOS apps. It can either be used as a standalone application or integrated as a module in other projects.

That’s not all…

The app comes with a powerful Parse admin panel. You can manage your application data on admin panel such as your categories, places, deals and user reviews!

Believe me when I say this is one of the nicest App Template I’ve seen in a while.

Are you still considering the option whether or not to buy it? This app’s real value is $299 and now is 70% Off – this means for 48hrs you can get it at $89!

The countdown has already started! Get Places Near for iOS here.



App Trend: Spiral – Community Interaction

Communicating and interacting with other people plays an important role in our lives and people are always trying to improve this, making local connections easier. Recently, a new application known as Spiral was launched in the market. This app, which is available both on iOS and Android devices, is set to change how we connect and share with the people around us.

spiralSpiral was designed and developed by a group of techies from different backgrounds. Two of the developers attended Coachella and wanted to improve the way people connect and share information whilst attending festivals and community events like this, so they have worked together to create Spiral. The app allows user to receive posts and news near to where they are. They can add updates as well as comment on posts shared by other people. In addition, users are also able to modify the filters to widen the geographical coverage, always staying in control of their anonymity when adding comments and details to posts.

The app uses a series of codes to identify a location hosting an event. Actually, one of the developers behind the app, Gerry Colyer, refers to it as the location pulse. Users who are not at an event will be able to know what’s happening there, like people’s thoughts on the event or the availability of spare tickets so that they can turn up and get in.

Since its launch, the Spiral app has been gaining a lot of popularity. Some reasons fuelling its popularity are as follows:

  • It offers up to date information about the current happenings at the event. (Traffic near the area, ticket availability and scheduling, etc.)
  • People are able to share their comments and posts on real-time to update users that are not there of any interesting happenings
  • Users remain anonymous hence secure their privacy

The app is certainly turning heads in the market. Nonetheless, it has joined the likes of Whisper, Secret and Yik Yak that also work in a similarly. There is certainly space in the market for these types of apps, and it may be of interest to you to try and create your own version. You don’t necessarily have to know any coding, as on our website we have many like Places Near and Nearby’s that will guide you building of your own App, and you never know, you may become Spiral’s new competitor! There’s no complex coding involved and you’d be surprised how easy it is, so why not give it a go!


Humin: Adding Convenience to your Contacts

Many people find it daunting to keep tabs on different people in their contacts list. However, Humin, the app designed to replace your phone’s contact list, makes it easy to find out comprehensive information about the people you have added.

humin appThe App works on a similar principle to Google’s search engine and LinkedIn’s newly released standalone app Connected. It works by retrieving information on the people in your contacts list from platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. This allows a more “rounded education” about those who you’re connected with.

It is able to provide information like when and where you first met the different people in your list, your relationship to them, where they work and so much more depending on the information found about them.

It also syncs the information about the different people with your phone’s calendar, voicemail and email. This further allows it to alert you on other aspects like, when is the next time you’ll meet the person in your contact list, when the person is set to visit your city, whether both of you are free to hang out, and so much more.

Unlike LinkedIn’s Connected, Humin goes beyond providing professional information to also provide social and personal details. As such, it goes further to also retrieve pictures of your contacts from their social media accounts, information on mutual friends you might have in common, their work, hobbies and so much more depending on the information found.  Although some people might think it’s a little “Big Brother is Watching”, many people find it valuable when it comes to remembering birthdays and appointments.

The app’s CEO, Ankur Jain, explains that the app was inspired by people’s forgetfulness and the inconvenience that comes with it. The app was designed to act as a sort of a search engine, providing detailed and relevant information about people based on their phone numbers.

However, while this alone is convenient enough, the best thing about the app is the ease of its functionality. It is designed to “think like you think”. To this end, users are able to find contacts easily by simply entering relevant information, regardless of how scanty. As such, typing a phrase like “met last week” will bring you a list of all the contacts you met the previous week.

Furthermore, the app goes on gathering information about your preferences as you go on using it. This consequently equips it to better manage your contacts.

The Humin app is currently available only for the iOS platform. However, the CEO has said that a version of the app for the Android platform is set to be released soon, no doubt making a small fortune for the Appreneur.

In a period when mobile technology is growing incredibly fast and exponentially, it is easy and fast for you too to create an app for both the iOS and Android platforms using app templates from our website. The best thing about it’s that you don’t need any detailed knowledge and skills in coding and programming, and if you’re lucky enough to come up with a great idea like Humin, you never know, it could pay off well!


6 Apps For The Perfect Diet

Need help adopting a healthy lifestyle with a perfect diet? Well search no more! We have for you some of the most awesome health apps in the market that are both highly effective and efficient. These Android and iOS apps are perfect for sorting out your health and nutrition! Keep reading to find out which they are.

Ideal Weight (BMI)

ideal weight1

Having a tool to check your Body Mass Index could prove to be very handy at times. The Ideal Weight (BMI) apps operate as an optimal choice to know if you are underweight, overweight or in a perfectly good condition. The app has been a favorite among health and diet conscious for its super friendly interface, easy input method and most importantly accurate results. A great app indeed!


goodfoodGoodFood is a remarkable and extremely useful app that gives you access to thousands of healthy recipes. Get extremely healthy and nutritious dishes right off your smartphone and master your skills as a cook. GoodFood is super easy to use, supporting a huge ever-growing catalog of recipes for all kinds of healthy dishes. An amazing app to maintain a perfect diet.



Want to know what it would feel like to have your own diet expert guiding you through your everyday meals? Well that’s exactly what SuperFoods does for you. The app is simply amazing and lets you make the much needed informed decisions about what you eat on a daily basis. Get a chance to live a smart and healthy life with SuperFoods


NutrinoNutrino is a very smart app that is the absolute ideal for anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle. Nutrino lets you know about the nutritional importance of any food in question hence allowing you to choose what to eat and at what time you should eat it. The app has allowed people to shift to a better diet, making lives healthier all around the world.

My Diet Coach


My diet coach is the complete package! As the name suggest, the app is your own personal coach, motivating you along the way and guiding you in each step of your diet plan. The app successfully connects with its owner and does amazing things to keep them on track of their diet plan every day.

Whole Foods Market


This brilliant, handy little iOS app ensures you never run out of ideas for healthy meals. With over 3000 recipes, you can choose what you want and add all of the different ingredients to your own shopping list, ready for you to hit the shops. Knowing how great some of these recipes are will keep you from snacking too!

Want to create your own health app? With an app template it’s much easier than you think. For example, if you want to create an app that lets you calculate calories, then check out the Calories Calculator template! Customize your app in any style you want without needing any particular coding or programming skills. Be creative and who knows, maybe your iOS or Android app will someday be in the top charts.

calculate calories