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App Trend: Spiral – Community Interaction

Communicating and interacting with other people plays an important role in our lives and people are always trying to improve this, making local connections easier. Recently, a new application known as Spiral was launched in the market. This app, which is available both on iOS and Android devices, is set to change how we connect and share with the people around us.

spiralSpiral was designed and developed by a group of techies from different backgrounds. Two of the developers attended Coachella and wanted to improve the way people connect and share information whilst attending festivals and community events like this, so they have worked together to create Spiral. The app allows user to receive posts and news near to where they are. They can add updates as well as comment on posts shared by other people. In addition, users are also able to modify the filters to widen the geographical coverage, always staying in control of their anonymity when adding comments and details to posts.

The app uses a series of codes to identify a location hosting an event. Actually, one of the developers behind the app, Gerry Colyer, refers to it as the location pulse. Users who are not at an event will be able to know what’s happening there, like people’s thoughts on the event or the availability of spare tickets so that they can turn up and get in.

Since its launch, the Spiral app has been gaining a lot of popularity. Some reasons fuelling its popularity are as follows:

  • It offers up to date information about the current happenings at the event. (Traffic near the area, ticket availability and scheduling, etc.)
  • People are able to share their comments and posts on real-time to update users that are not there of any interesting happenings
  • Users remain anonymous hence secure their privacy

The app is certainly turning heads in the market. Nonetheless, it has joined the likes of Whisper, Secret and Yik Yak that also work in a similarly. There is certainly space in the market for these types of apps, and it may be of interest to you to try and create your own version. You don’t necessarily have to know any coding, as on our website we have many like Places Near and Nearby’s that will guide you building of your own App, and you never know, you may become Spiral’s new competitor! There’s no complex coding involved and you’d be surprised how easy it is, so why not give it a go!


Humin: Adding Convenience to your Contacts

Many people find it daunting to keep tabs on different people in their contacts list. However, Humin, the app designed to replace your phone’s contact list, makes it easy to find out comprehensive information about the people you have added.

humin appThe App works on a similar principle to Google’s search engine and LinkedIn’s newly released standalone app Connected. It works by retrieving information on the people in your contacts list from platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. This allows a more “rounded education” about those who you’re connected with.

It is able to provide information like when and where you first met the different people in your list, your relationship to them, where they work and so much more depending on the information found about them.

It also syncs the information about the different people with your phone’s calendar, voicemail and email. This further allows it to alert you on other aspects like, when is the next time you’ll meet the person in your contact list, when the person is set to visit your city, whether both of you are free to hang out, and so much more.

Unlike LinkedIn’s Connected, Humin goes beyond providing professional information to also provide social and personal details. As such, it goes further to also retrieve pictures of your contacts from their social media accounts, information on mutual friends you might have in common, their work, hobbies and so much more depending on the information found.  Although some people might think it’s a little “Big Brother is Watching”, many people find it valuable when it comes to remembering birthdays and appointments.

The app’s CEO, Ankur Jain, explains that the app was inspired by people’s forgetfulness and the inconvenience that comes with it. The app was designed to act as a sort of a search engine, providing detailed and relevant information about people based on their phone numbers.

However, while this alone is convenient enough, the best thing about the app is the ease of its functionality. It is designed to “think like you think”. To this end, users are able to find contacts easily by simply entering relevant information, regardless of how scanty. As such, typing a phrase like “met last week” will bring you a list of all the contacts you met the previous week.

Furthermore, the app goes on gathering information about your preferences as you go on using it. This consequently equips it to better manage your contacts.

The Humin app is currently available only for the iOS platform. However, the CEO has said that a version of the app for the Android platform is set to be released soon, no doubt making a small fortune for the Appreneur.

In a period when mobile technology is growing incredibly fast and exponentially, it is easy and fast for you too to create an app for both the iOS and Android platforms using app templates from our website. The best thing about it’s that you don’t need any detailed knowledge and skills in coding and programming, and if you’re lucky enough to come up with a great idea like Humin, you never know, it could pay off well!


6 Apps For The Perfect Diet

Need help adopting a healthy lifestyle with a perfect diet? Well search no more! We have for you some of the most awesome health apps in the market that are both highly effective and efficient. These Android and iOS apps are perfect for sorting out your health and nutrition! Keep reading to find out which they are.

Ideal Weight (BMI)

ideal weight1

Having a tool to check your Body Mass Index could prove to be very handy at times. The Ideal Weight (BMI) apps operate as an optimal choice to know if you are underweight, overweight or in a perfectly good condition. The app has been a favorite among health and diet conscious for its super friendly interface, easy input method and most importantly accurate results. A great app indeed!


goodfoodGoodFood is a remarkable and extremely useful app that gives you access to thousands of healthy recipes. Get extremely healthy and nutritious dishes right off your smartphone and master your skills as a cook. GoodFood is super easy to use, supporting a huge ever-growing catalog of recipes for all kinds of healthy dishes. An amazing app to maintain a perfect diet.



Want to know what it would feel like to have your own diet expert guiding you through your everyday meals? Well that’s exactly what SuperFoods does for you. The app is simply amazing and lets you make the much needed informed decisions about what you eat on a daily basis. Get a chance to live a smart and healthy life with SuperFoods


NutrinoNutrino is a very smart app that is the absolute ideal for anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle. Nutrino lets you know about the nutritional importance of any food in question hence allowing you to choose what to eat and at what time you should eat it. The app has allowed people to shift to a better diet, making lives healthier all around the world.

My Diet Coach


My diet coach is the complete package! As the name suggest, the app is your own personal coach, motivating you along the way and guiding you in each step of your diet plan. The app successfully connects with its owner and does amazing things to keep them on track of their diet plan every day.

Whole Foods Market


This brilliant, handy little iOS app ensures you never run out of ideas for healthy meals. With over 3000 recipes, you can choose what you want and add all of the different ingredients to your own shopping list, ready for you to hit the shops. Knowing how great some of these recipes are will keep you from snacking too!

Want to create your own health app? With an app template it’s much easier than you think. For example, if you want to create an app that lets you calculate calories, then check out the Calories Calculator template! Customize your app in any style you want without needing any particular coding or programming skills. Be creative and who knows, maybe your iOS or Android app will someday be in the top charts.

calculate calories


App Trend: GroupMe – The New (Best) Messaging App

Recently Cowboy Ventures conducted a very interesting research on high school and college students to learn which apps are currently growing in popularity.  Among all, we have Notability at the first place, GroupMe at the second and 2048 at the third. After reading the research we decide to dedicate an entire post for each of the most loved apps. So, to discover each of them with us stay tuned. Today, we decided to start with an app dedicated to all of you that like to share all your life details with your friends. Which one? GroupMe!

Messaging has been an important part of our lives ever since the very advent of mobile phones, as the time went by, we found newer and better ways to chat with our friends and families from all the corners of the world. There are a huge number of messaging apps in the iOS and Android app store for this purpose, each one having its own special feature which distinguishes them from the flood of similar apps… or at least try to. We all know there are plenty of messaging apps, however, those apps specific for groups aren’t that great. Well that’s until now! This year we have a very welcome addition in the app store with an app that has to fulfil the latent needs of every individual who is even slightly interested in chatting in groups with friends.


GroupMe is an amazing messaging app which is specifically designed to make group chats both highly accessible to all kinds of mobile users and a great fun of an experience. GroupMe offers an amazingly designed interface which is very easy to use and makes the user feel like they know the app for decades only after a few minutes of use. The app not only feels good, but it also looks very good. Careful attention has been given to the iOS and Android app design, making it an absolute ideal for all.

The chatting experience is also very awesome. Users can create a number of chat rooms at once, categorizing each with different friends, topics of discussions, etc.  You never actually feel the restrictions of chatting in a group chat like in other platforms. By this I mean you are allowed to do anything you want in the group chat you are in. From attaching photos and videos to share with your group to sending locations, GroupMe never lets you feel like you are not on a one-on-one chat and gives all the options you would expect from an app that has perfected the group chatting experience.

My favourite thing about GroupMe is the diversity the app offers as to which platform it operates on. Well, in a simple way, you can gain access to the app from ANY phone you have. There is simply no limit to where the app can reach. This again makes GroupMe ideal for group chats among people that have different phones and OS.

There is no doubt that GroupMe is a perfect group messaging app and is sure to gain much stardom in the coming years. That being said, there is still much room for apps like GroupMe in the market. This presents an awesome opportunity for creative individuals to show off their talent and use it to create an app that makes group chatting both memorable and fun.

If you are interested in making an app like GroupMe, with Chupamobile app templates you can get a chance to explore your creativity. And don’t worry, you do not need any kind of programming or coding experience; here are some of the app templates you can find useful: Chatt Android app template, Whats Chat iOS, Chat iOS. chatt


Run Forrest Run – The American Triumph

Remember our last post on the Hanx Writer? This week we have another post on Mr. Hanks. There is no doubt that his 1994 classic “Forrest Gump”, is still one of the best movie of all time. But to have an iOS or Android game about it is a whole other thing. Released this year the new Run Forrest Run app takes its name from the ever so memorable dialogue that Forrest’s childhood love Jenny used to motivate the young Forrest to run, an advice that he would remember and use very frequently in his life.

run forrest runThe game starts with you, being the young Forrest. At this point the player is introduced with a tutorial explaining how to jump and slide in the endless run that lies ahead. After you turn into the adult version of Forrest, running game officially starts. Run Forrest Run uses amazing visuals for an endless run game and is constantly keeping players at the edge of their seats with tons of obstacles in the way. But it’s not just running and sliding all the way, there are tons of power ups to make your gaming experience much more fun.

You get to run in traffic just like the real Forrest often would. Jumping over cars, sliding under traffic cones, the game always keeps a fresh gameplay experience and never ceases to get repetitive or old in any sense.

As an endless runner, players simply run or play till Forrest eventually crashes in something. Thus the main objective of the game is again to achieve and maintain a high score. This gets harder and harder to achieve as the game faster and faster as you move ahead, just another example of keeping it fresh always for the players.

Run Forrest Run gained praise from critics and fans, toping most of the iOS and Android app charts with flying colours. One week after it release the app became #1 in U.S. Games, U.S. Arcade, U.S. Family and #2 on U.S. Overall.

Owing to the game’s success, it would seem like a smart idea to launch your own endless running game that is somehow more addictive and more creative than any other game in the genre. I am not saying this is easy, but it is certainly not impossible. Especially if you use this Rickshaw Run app template to create your own endless runner much like the famous Run Forrest Run. Who knows, with your imagination and your unique take on the whole game design, your new app would be the next big thing to hit the app stores. So check out these amazing app templates and let the world know of your creativity and your imagination with your own Run Forrest Run game.

rickshaw run


App Trend: Ooloo – Your Humanized Siri

We all get tangled in strange responses from our search engines and apps like Google Now for Android and Siri for iOS. And what’s a smartphone without a user related search engine app? The problem with Siri and Google and other search based iOS and Android Apps now is that they function based on artificial intelligence and algorithms stored in them related to the most frequently asked questions from the users like knowing the directions to a famous restaurant.

oolooA new search engine based Android and iOS app which works in a little old fashioned but effective way was launched on the first Friday of August this very year. The name Ooloo which is Hindi for owl symbolizing intelligence and wisdom has never been so apt. The app is a search engine which answers all your questions like other apps but without giving all the useless details to it. It has been designed by the people working at iDrive and the most amazing thing about this app is that real people are there to answer your questions and we all know how easier it is to ask questions to another human being than to ask them to a machine. Because, let’s face it, a human can actually understand and the artificial intelligence right now, sadly can’t.

The app works like any other search engine. You speak the related words via your smartphone’s microphone and the person on the other end searches the web for your answer and sends you the required data along with a link to the site containing the related article. Instead of giving details to Siri, you can easily categorize your search with tags to make it more understandable for the person at the other end answering your questions like if you wish to know the directions to the most popular restaurants in an unknown town. You just categorize it with the suitable tag and the person on the other end answers after searching for the most related site and also gives you the directions after the app asks permission for using the location of your phone.

The app is currently only available for the US audience but, seeing as how quickly and rapidly it is gaining a fan following, it only a matter of time when it dominates the entire world market. Till then, let’s just hope for much more improvements in the whole model because the app does have great potential to give Android’s Google Now and Apple’s Siri a run for their money.


App Trend: Amazing Brick- Simple, Addictive And Just Plain Good Fun

In the recent years we have seen some of the most tremendous gaming titles in the iOS and Android app world which have gained a very special place in all our hearts. And by this I mean being simply so awesome that they have very successfully dominated their particular target demographic in no time, enjoying top positions in app charts all over the world. If there is one thing that you learn from some of the most amazing games in the history of apps is that simplicity and creativity goes a long way. And what better example to demonstrate this beautiful truth then the recent success of the hit game Amazing Brick.

amazing brickAt first look, Amazing Bricks does not manage to impress anyone with its simple graphic and decent interface, and I believe it isn’t aiming for it either. But as soon as you plug in and taste the fruit, as they say, you get hooked!

The game is a brilliant combination of talent and creativity and shows the same potential of fan praise and addictiveness as the Flappy Bird did. Amazing Brick is a rather simple game with the core objective of making the highest score by carefully tapping the part of the screen to move your “brick” in the right direction.

As simple as it sounds, the game is ridiculously amazing and so much addictive. The game quickly got great ratings from users and critics alike and has thus gained top position in many app charts around the world. The app released on August 14th, and just 5 days after, the game was ranked 1st on U.S. Arcade, 2nd on U.S. Action and 3rd on U.S. Games.  Why? Simply because of its addictive nature and creative gameplay that requires utter determination and dedication from an individual to gain any noticeable score achievement. That’s the key! The iOS and Android game makes you fall in love with it and does so in such an amazing way that you don’t care if it isn’t a game with great visual graphics anymore.

Amazing Bricks is a great game and it truly deserves the praise it has received for its gameplay, its visual and its awesome conceptualization.

But wait, here is the best part, the amazing concept and design that makes Amazing Brick an outstanding and memorable experience could just easily be yours. If you are interested in developing a game much like the awesome Amazing Brick, just head down to our website and check out these Amazing Brick app templates: Amazing Brick Blueprint, Amazing Bricks Template, Amazing Brick. These app templates do not in any way require you to know anything about coding or programming. Be creative with your template and launch a new game just as addictive as the great Amazing Brick.

amazing brick blueprint


Fitle: The Future Of Clothes Shopping?

How awesome would it be to have a virtual changing room when you are out buying clothes on the internet? Anyone who has tried this tedious deed is very properly aware of the hardships one has to go through to find the perfect size or the perfect style that would suit their preferences. This is where Fitle comes along. As obvious by the name, the app lets you find the perfect clothes that both fit your body and your taste for style. All this in a fabulous way, by creating your virtual avatar!

fitle appYes, that’s right! You will now get a chance to create your own 3D avatar to scale and then use it to try out different items of clothing when making a decision on what to buy. Users can also store certain items in their virtual closets with the intention of trying them out with different items in the future.  The Android and iOS app will make it much easier to find great clothing in the absurd world of online shopping where one only realizes that he has made a bad choice after the item is delivered at his doorsteps.

Creating an avatar isn’t as complicated as it seems, you don’t have to go through the boring process of choosing out every single detail and giving the app thousands of different dimensions to make an avatar. Instead, with Fitle, you can make a perfect avatar simply by taking your photos from you phone from various angles and providing your height and weight. After you have done these simple deeds, the app will create your avatar in the mere time frame of 30 seconds. Thus making the whole process take no longer than about 2 minutes.

Fitle’s creators are also aiming to get bigger brands on board with their amazing project, which, is planned to launch in the coming year. If they succeed, the app would revolutionize the world of online shopping and would definitely increase the number of shoppers and retailers online.

There are tons of other features that the app offers which are to be announced soon by the creators. There is also a fundraising campaign currently being held to breathe life in this amazing idea of an app. So hold tight and get ready for a revolutionary soon-to-be-launched product that will change online shopping forever.

If you are interested in creating something like Fitle then head down to our website and check out some of our amazing templates. You can do tons of customization with whatever you think suits best to your iOs or Android app and thus make it unique in every way.


7 Apps For Car Lovers

There’s an app for everything – a slogan we hear one too many times, but rightly so. Like a builder without his tools, these top 7 apps are a must for all car lovers around there. Imagine you were sitting with a group of friends and the hot topic was cars, would you be a Wikipedia of information, or an empty vessel. On the way to an urgent meeting, you’re running late, you need to avoid traffic jams and road works, how would you plan your journey? Well, there’s an app for everything. So, don’t lose hope; these top 7 car apps will help you in your time of need.

CarBuzzCar Buzz

As you carry on reading, I will rightly guess that you’re a car enthusiast. And, for every enthusiast, there lies a source of divine knowledge and that is Car Buzz. A simple app, Car Buzz is filled with reviews, updates, car rumors and videos, all compiled for over 50 car manufacturers. So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you just have to know the specs of a particular car, then Car Buzz will be there to save the day!


If you’ve ever been caught speeding, or got caught in a traffic jam on your way to an important meeting, then let me introduce you to Trapstar. An app for all you racers and long distance drivers; Trapstar is a community of over 20 million users all working together to alert you of any road traps, accidents, traffic jams or live police. Never get a ticket again, and other than your battery life, what do you have to lose?


Have you ever wondered if your mechanic is charging you more than he needs to? Or, you simply broke down on unfamiliar territory and need to find a reliable mechanic? Then Repairpal is the app for you.  Available on both iOS and Android, Repairpal will generate a fair quote on the cost of car repairs, and it will also find you a mechanic in the area whose services have been rated. Never get cheated again and never work with a bad mechanic.

iCariCar App

That awkward moment after a great nigh out, all the fun, frolicking and laughter has caused you to forget where you parked the car. It wouldn’t be so bad if you spent 10-15 minutes trying to locate your car, except the meter’s time is about to run out and you need to act quickly! The iCar App, which is only available on the iOS, is your best friend at times like this. The app has amazing features such as locating your parked car, letting you know if the meter is about to run out, and it will also direct you to the nearest parking lot or petrol station; always be in the know with the iCar app.


One of the smartest apps, Speedtracker is available on both Android and iOS, and with so many cool built-in features. It would be a loss not to download it. As you gathered from the name, the app stores information on speed, travel time, distance, direction, height and so on. One amazing function, which is exclusive to the app, is the HUD (head-up-display) feature, which allows you to gather information on your current speed in real time. The downside is for access to all the features, you have the buy the full version.

car solution finderCar Solution Finder

Similar to the iCar app, but without the added feature of locating your car, car solution finder will direct you to the nearest fuel station, parking space, repair, taxi stand and more, all without the use of GPS. You can be sure to save on battery life than with other apps, and it also works in any city in the world!

spedometre chupaSpeedometer GPS

If you’re looking to create a similar app to Speedtracker, then this template is perfect for you. Not only is it very simple to use, you are also free to change many aspects of the design by doing a complete reskin. The Speedometer GPS can track your speed, distance, time, location and can also get a start time, time elapsed, average speed, max speed and altitude.


App Trend: A Dark Room – Unlock Your Imagination

When you think about making an awesome game app that would just top every chart it enters and simply dominate the app market, you think about something with dazzling high definition graphics, tons of cool stages and amazing characters, all blended with an marvellous story line and brilliantly crafted gameplay design. Well if you sincerely believe in this point of view, then you may have a shock when you play the simply divine A Dark Room.


At first, A Dark Room may not look like the most appealing app but a few seconds in the game and believe me, you will fall in love. The game is quite different from any other app that you have ever played. It all starts off in a dark room. No visual, nothing, just some texts running over your screen telling you about what is happening around the room. The game is entirely left at the mercy of your imagination. Soon after you decide to go out the room to collect wood and, just like that, you are hooked. The game then transforms into simply brilliancy. You have to collect various resources and build things to advance in the game and survive the never ending night. There are no specific instructions as in what to do, but it’s pretty easy to figure out everything. It’s very hard to put the entire experience of the game into words but it’s unbelievably addictive and simply amazing. This is why it is one of the Top chart games about.

The best thing about A Dark Room, though, is that the game actually gets to engage its audience on a level that no normal app ever could. It allows the player to freely use their imagination to picture all that is written on the screen in their heads. Players get indulge in the story. They want to move forward, they want to collect more resources, they want to build new things, all of this because the sheer level of dedication they have for the game.

A Dark Room has been very highly received by critics and users alike. The game app’s simplicity and its addictive gameplay has made it a top chart game in various countries with thousands of downloads in the very first week of its launch.

But the most surprising part of the game’s story are its price changes. The app was first released on November of last year as a paid app but then changed up to 12 times – so far – its price, from free to $2,99. Might this be part of the winning strategy adopted by the publisher?

The app, owing to its remarkable gameplay and innovative conception, proves that a low processing game could just as easily enjoy prominence in the competitive market of smartphones game. All you need is a creative way of separating your app from the pool of thousands of other out there.