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Best App And Game Templates Of The Week [2nd Week Of April]

Hold on tight, incredible App and Game Templates have joined our catalogue! Rebeloper has published a Template which takes just 1 hour to reskin; Appindusty is riding the wave of the Top Charts with Bouncing Ball and Atik97 offers a Template ready for the Apple Watch. Besides them, other original proposals are waiting for you!

Scroll down and be amazed!

iOS App Templates


Whack Koo

Built with the leading engine for iOS indie games: Cocos2D with SpriteBuilder, all written in Swift! A simple yet engaging game has been created to launch your own app in one hour. AdMob, Chartboost and in-app purchases are included!


Color Match

This universal Template, written in Swift, is compatible with Apple Watch! IAP included.

Android App Templates


Battery Saver Pro

It provides three types of mode to save your battery: saving mode (in the lowest battery status), sleep mode (while sleeping), customised mode (with editable setting). StartApp and AdMob ad networks are included to monetize!


Flip Me

Users have to flip the sequence of tiles in this new puzzle game with 2 ad networks to monetize!

Unity App Templates


Bouncing Ball

A top Game Template with top features! 7 ad networks, IAP, share buttons and leaderboard!

kick a droid

Kick a Droid

Built with Unity3D version 5! 3 ad networks and 1 IAP installed to make you monetize!


Best Apps And Games Of The 1st Week Of April!

Whether you are a #socialaddict, an #artaddict or a #gameaddict, we have the right Template for you! Don’t miss out our Top picks of the week.

Make your talent reach the Top!

iOS App Templates


Instagram Liker

Don’t miss the chance to make users promote their accounts! Their photos can be visible to others, they can discover and like photos to earn coins – or buy virtual coins. With Parse backend included. Two ad networks and seven IAP available.


Don’t Bird Don’t

An extremely addictive tap Game. Two ad networks and IAP are included!

Android App Templates



Zomboy, cute but still undead… always looking for new brains to eat. Users need to guide him through multiple levels to eat more brains! Features: 32 levels, 2 worlds and smooth graphics and sounds. Two ad networks included to monetize!


Paint Together

A social-painting App to allow users to paint and chat in realtime with friends. It has Firebase as backend.

Unity App Templates


League of Lords

A complete Unity Game with Photon Network! Stunning battles and heroes included!


Unity – Oribitum

This Game is a hypnotic rhythm-based reflex of light and darkness. With AdMob included!



UI Graphic Assets Now Available On Chupamobile


Our marketplace changes but our goal doesn’t: we want to provide you all you need to create and monetize awesome Apps and Games, saving you time, money and effort.

We already have the most amazing catalog of App and Game Templates and, now, we are building the most incredible catalog of – drumroll – UI Graphic Assets!


UI is a vital part of Apps and Games. Did you know that graphics make up 60% of a Game? Graphics drive gameplay, graphics make user experience (good or bad)! Are you ready to know more? Let’s go!

Only one stop to make a full App or Game

What do you need to make an outstanding App? A solid source code and a beautiful user interface. If you want to create both from scratch, you are gonna need a bunch of time and money, but… if you want to save your time and your money, now Chupamobile is the answer!

The process is simple:

  1. Choose the App Template you want to reskin amongst our 2,000+ products listed.
  2. Then choose the graphics that best fit your project on our new UI Asset Catalogue.
  3. Finally, replace the old graphic assets with the new ones (or let us do it for you!) and your new App or Game will be ready to launch!

Could it be easier? Chupamobile is now the one-stop destination for creating and App or a Game!

Whatever UI you need, we have it!

An endless runner game? A quiz app? A puzzle game? A recipes app? Whatever kind of App or Game you are planning to build, we have the UI assets for it: game graphic assets, character sprites, game backgrounds, maps, icons, full app layouts… everything! Here some examples:

Character sprites: Wizard of Frost


Icons: Iconify


Backgrounds: 6 Vector Backgrounds


Game assets: Pixel-Art Game Assets #2


Maps: Map Game UI Graphic Assets


Full app layouts: Coloristic


Full game layouts: 2048 Game Style GUI


Tilesets: The Pyramid Platformer Tileset

platformer tileset

Game UI assets: Casual Mobile Game GUI


And the best news is that our catalog is growing extra fast! Make sure to be updated with the new releases! ;)

Now, the magic wand is on your hand!

We have put at your disposal all the tools you need to create and launch amazing Apps and Games; now, it’s your turn to make the magic happen! Don’t forget to share with us your creations and, if you need any help or lack ideas, let us know by leaving a comment on the space below. We are always ready (and happy) to give you a hand! :)

Let’s get down to work!



Dubsmash App: The New Selfie (That Everybody Loves)


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, its more than likely that you have heard of the video selfie/messaging app, Dubsmash. And if you’re like the other 20million+ people out there, you have it on your iPhone or Android phone already.

The New Selfie

Whether you are the self-appointed clown in your group of friends, or if you want to take your selfies to the next level, the Dubsmash app has become a social media and communication staple. A simple yet addictively fun concept, that rapidly blossomed into a viral sensation.

Why it works

The common desire to amuse and entertain our friends and loved ones mixed with a smidge of narcissism that most of us social media junkies (AKA everyone) seem to possess these days make this engaging little gem of an app for any age, all gender must have.

Making messaging fun

Sure, you can type “BRB”. But why do that when you can send a video of yourself saying “I’ll be back” in that unmistakable Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator voice. That kind of effort, just shows you really care! Posting a video of your new puppy chewing up your slippers is sweet and all, but posting a video of yourself cuddling little Rover whilst saying, “Say hello to my little friend!” with an Al Pacino dub over, well that’s just epic!

Why didn’t I think of that?  

It’s probably fair to say that the developers of the Dubsmash app had virtually no idea the viral frenzy it would cause. As genius as this app is, it was by no means the most original idea to ever hit the scene.

It’s not like dubbing over had never been done before. In fact it’s been around long before apps or even the internet for that matter. Dubsmash merely took a long relished form of entertainment and made it into a user-friendly app available for the masses. Regardless of the simplicity of the concept, it has certainly paid off for the developers.

Make an app your own

App templates are great for adding any personal touch to your favourite apps. There are currently tons of app templates available at Chupamobile and acquiring your own app template gives you the freedom to recreate the app to your own personal taste. There are two app templates pretty similar to Dubsmash on Chupamobile, Dubsmix and Dubsfun, that give you the ability, to add, remove, or change features in order to tailor it to your own liking. The original idea may not be yours, but the tweaked up improved version you can build from an app template will be all your own!


If you want to hop on the Dub related apps train, then don’t hesitate to take a look at the templates on Chupamobile, so you can create your very own version!

Bonus: Some funny Dubsmash videos



New Top App and Game Templates for iOS and Android! [3rd week of March]

So many incredible Templates for iOS and Android have been released this week! 2City, perfect to create events; 3D Card Battle RPG, to fight against your friends and Slots 777 Vegas, a non-stop slot machine to measure your luck!

This time, it is really hard to choose!

iOS App Templates

2City – Event App


Launch your event and party App Template today with awesome features designed to give your users an awesome night experience! It has an intuitive admin panel, web checkout to integrate payment gateway, social sharing, Uber connection and push notifications via Parse!

Spring Ninja


A puzzle game to make users master the art of nin-jump! Four ad networks and IAP available.

Android App Templates

Slots 777 Vegas Game for Android


Challenging levels with beautiful design. Spin, hold, and nudge your users to play this amazing slot machine even with no Internet connection! With high eCPM to make you generate good revenues. AdMob ads are integrated!

Android – Trending Glitch Photo


Edit photos with Glitch, Gameboy, 8-bit, Inverse, 3D and VHS effects! Two ad networks and IAP included!

Unity App Templates

3D Card Battle RPG


This incredible Unity engine game is even provided with Photon Network!

Unity – Spring Monster

spring monster

Built using Unity3D, AdMob interstitial and banner ads included as Google Analytics to track traffic!



Six Top App and Game Templates for iOS and Android (2nd Week of March)

This week we have an awesome Action Game Template ready to be reskinned and launched on the App Stores: Tower Defense! Additionally, don’t miss the new Dating Apps, Social Networks and Location-based Apps that have just arrived in our catalog!

App or Game? Which one will you launch next? Below, you’ll find the best app and game templates of the week!

Multiplatform App Templates


Tower Defense Game for iOS and Android

Built in Cocos2d, it supports both iOS and Android. Tower Defense is an awesome Game that costs more than $30,000 to implement! It has been built to boost revenues: Chartboost, Vungle, Flurry and 3 in-app purchases are integrated.


Unity – ZigZag Zump

Make your multiplatform Game with this Unity Template. The next level of ZigZag is here!

iOS App Templates


iOS – Finder Dating App

A complete Tinder-like dating solution! Built in Swift and integrated with Parse backend.


iOS – SnapSecret (Snapchat-style)

Built using Xcode 6 and powered by a Parse backend. Extremely easy to customize!

Android App Templates


Taxi Cab Business for Android

A unique responsive App Template built especially for Taxi Companies. Comes with all the features needed to create your Taxi App. Includes cool module ideas that can be easily replaced with your content!


Android – Places Near

Allow your users to discover recommended places near their current location!


48hrs Flash Sale: Pac-Man App Template for Android


It is the classic of the classics, an extremely addictive game loved by all generations: today I bring you a Pac-Man App Template. It’s super easy to reskin and, most importantly, has been built to monetize.

Get this Pac-Man Template for Android at $49 now, instead of its original price of $149. Only for 48 hours!


Can you imagine the monetization power of an addictive game like Pac-Man made mobile? I can tell you it’s huge! Here there are some more of the Game Template features:

  • Developed in native Android
  • Using Andengine library for UI
  • Implemented exact algorithms used by the original game
  • Airpush SDK already integrated and working
  • Infinite levels
  • High scores locally saved, so no need to implement a server
  • Android 5.0 ready
  • Works perfectly and smoothly in old Android versions and cells (Android v2.2+)
  • Huge success in the App Stores!

With $49, now you can launch your own version of this evergreen game on the App Stores. 8-bit games are more up-to-date than ever, it’s an exceptional opportunity to ride the wave!


Best Apps and Games of the First Week of March

We are sure you are going to love the App and Game Templates we have selected for your portfolio this week! Social networks, Top Ranked Games and much more!

Take a look and pick yours!

iOS App Templates


Peekee for iOS

This is an anonymous location-based photo-sharing community. Features: No sign-up needed, share images anonymously, upvote or downvote posts, add captions to images, see what is being shared around. Users can also set a location if they don’t want to use GPS.


iOS – SpeedTracker

A Swift App Template to help users track the speed of their car, bike and even bus!

Android App Templates


Feed the Shark for Android

This funny and retro-arcade-style game is fast-paced and has an addictive gameplay: shoot the enemies and eat all the meat, small fishes and sea stars to collect points. AdMob and MoPub ad networks included!


Android – SnapSecret

A Parse backend is included to help you create the best social photo and video sharing app!

Unity App Templates


Unity – ZigZag

An incredible addictive game with rate buttons and AdMob included!


Unity – Crossy Street

Move the character across river, rails, car, London bus, airplane landing and more in this endless game!


Time to Kill? Create an App That Makes It More Fun!


Whether you’re waiting for a train, plane or lift at home, chances are you’ll be found, bored, fiddling with your phone. Whether you’re checking Facebook or looking for something to read online, you’re probably likely to have at least one or two time killing apps sitting there for times like this. From the funny, to the downright addictive, selling time killing apps is a really good way to kill some time you may have on your hands, and with some of the great app templates around, it doesn’t take long to get started. Here we look at some of the top time killing app templates from Chupamobile that you can use to make some serious income, and it’ll still leave you some time to kill!

Super Commando Ops for iOS


There’s nothing more fun than running around shooting things, and if you’re a fan of these types of games, you can’t go wrong with the Super Commando Ops template. Built for iOS, this fun, yet addictive game has plenty of power-ups to find, along with a big bad boss at the end of every level. This app is extremely easy to customize, and the graphics can be changed quickly, giving you a whole host of options to go with. With the ability to add a multiplayer option, and for an extremely good price, you could have on your hands the blueprint to creating a great time killing app.

Killer Cross Platform Game Template for iOS and Android


If you’re into cute games that end up driving you crazy, they’re so addictive, then one of the best templates you’ll find is Flying Flea, a killer cross-platform game. This popular template works on both Android and iOS so you’ll be able to double your income from the get go. Of course one of the most important things about this is it’s Facebook integration, which will mean you’re far more likely to be able to grow your app’s reach, and with consumable and non-consumable in-app purchases, you’re likely to grow your bank balance too!

Funny Picks – Funny Pictures App for iOS with Admin Panel


Some of the most popular posts on social media are funny pictures. Whether they’re cartoons or memes, people go nuts for social sharing, and when your app is the one that’s producing the pics that people share, then your reach could be widened further than you ever thought possible. Some of the most popular apps on the App Store are now pictorial ones, and this app template allows you to simply change the icon, splash and background image and you’re ready to launch. This is great for those developers that want to get their app into the App Store quickly, and requires only limited development knowledge. You’ll likely make your money through banner ads on your app, and it’s worth telling your advertisers that these apps are in high demand at the moment!

How Much My Body Costs? iOS App Template


Ever wanted to know how much you’re worth? Then How Much My Body Costs could tell you. These kinds of apps are absolutely brilliant, as people take the quiz to find out how valuable they are, and then get their friends to do the same to find out who’s the most expensive of their social. It’s a great time killer, and can really become a great talking point too. This template comes in iOS only, but with the ability to share their score with their buddies, you’re likely to find word spreads like wildfire, and your downloads should benefit.

Heroes – New Killer Game for iOS


Want to kill some time by being a hero? Who doesn’t? With this fantastic app template, based loosely on the mega-popular Flappy Bird, you’ll be amazed at how many players you’ll have. The game itself has the three elements you really need to get those downloads, it’s cute, it’s difficult, and it’s addictive. Interested? We bet you are! With in-app purchases you can count on people buying, and the fact that it’s available for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, the only time you’ll be killing once you’ve reskinned this app, is the time you’ll be spending in the queue at the bank to draw out your earnings!

Of course, these are just a few examples of time killing apps from Chupamobile that you could develop. If you’ve time to kill – why not check out the whole range of app templates offered at our site. You could find it’s time well spent.


48hrs Flash Sale: The Ultimate Quiz App Template for iOS at 72% Off!


Feeling lucky? You should! The App Template we have selected this week has a great potential in terms of reskin. I’m talking about The Ultimate Quiz App for iOS. Quiz games are highly demanded on the App Store and this one has been built with monetization in mind.

Get this Top App Template now for only $69 instead of its original price of $249.


Now, you will understand exactly why I say it has a great potential. Here are some of its features:

First of all, The Ultimate Quiz App includes a web-based Admin Panel that will allow you to configure everything, from ad networks to questions content and time. But that’s not all;

  • Multiple choice questions
  • iPad and iPhone ready (Universal app)
  • Unlimited categories and questions (1,500 questions included!)
  • Settings option for the user to select mode (easy/medium/hard)
  • Music on/off option
  • Random Questions option according to selected mode
  • User high scores for each category saved automatically
  • Option to submit high scores in server
  • Difficulty bonus for medium and hard modes + speed bonus for quick performers
  • Report a Question option
  • Facebook fan page and About us page
  • Sharing: Share App option and Share High Score with Screenshot option
  • Rate Us option
  • Advertising: Admob banner and interstitial, Applovin interstitial, Startapp interstitial
  • Local notification to bring the user back to the app
  • iOS 8 and 64-bit ready

This offer lasts only 48hrs: Get The Ultimate Quiz App Template at 72% off now. It’s worth $249 and now you can have it at only $69! I’m super excited to see what you can do with it, share it with us on the comments below!