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We made it easy to enter the Gaming Business, allowing everyone – even non-programmers “with 99 bucks and a free afternoon” – to launch a Mobile Game. You embraced this opportunity, creating and publishing a lot (really, a lot) of amazing Games in the iOS and Android App Stores; and now, you have helped to build something amazing:


Chupamobile has become, in 2014, the largest Game Publisher in the World!

Yes, that’s right. Here some numbers: last year, 138,000 Games were launched in the iTunes App Store, 25% of the 520,000 total Apps published; while on the Android scene,  91,000 were the new Games hitting  the Google Play store on 2014, according to Pocketgamer. On the Chupamobile side, Chupamobilers launched over 5,600 Games, 3,600 of them for iOS and 2,000 for Android.



Doing a quick math, this means that the 2.5% of the Games published last year on the App Stores were created by Chupamobilers like you (2.6% of the iOS Games and 2.1% of the Android ones). And we cannot be happier about this! More than 15,000 Top Games based on Chupamobile templates have already been launched in the iOS and Android App Stores so far. These outstanding numbers make You, our community, the largest Game publisher in the world!

The community of the long-tail app publishers…

With those 15,000+ Games live on the App Stores, the Chupamobile community aggregates the long tail of App publishers and reaches billions of users which generate billions of impressions per month. Actually, there’s a lot of money to be made on that long tail and you know it; above all if we consider most indie publishers like you work on app portfolios instead of single apps.


The shape of the App Store based on one example: Overcast. Source:

Advertising companies are fully aware of this huge money-maker potential and are fighting each other for that booty. Almost all Chupamobile publishers choose advertising as a way to monetize their apps and games, selecting the best and most performing ad network SDKs for their apps. Moreover, In-App advertising is forecasted to grow more than 10% per year while the number of mobile app downloads is expected to double within 2018. And the cherry on top is that the App Business is concentrated in gaming: according to Midia Research, 84.9% of the top grossing apps are games. Actually, mobile game revenue will top $30 billion in 2015, overtaking consoles. Yes! You are on the right track!

…that conquered the App Stores Top Charts


The first positions in the App Stores Top Charts are usually covered by big publishing companies like King, Zynga or agencies like Supercell, that made $1.8bn in 2014 with only one game (Clash of Clans). But there are (many) exceptions, and those exceptions are frequently Apps made with a Chupamobile Template. Your Games have reached the Top Ten of the iTunes App Store in many countries like the United States, United Kingdom or Germany, and they have even reached the first position worldwide! This rate of success means a lot to us: it certificates the high quality of our app templates and confirms that the dream of indie publishers can actually (and quite easily) become true.

blek-app-store-itunes tiny-flyring-drizzy tippy-tap-app-store


Rank history of four Games created with Chupamobile Templates. Source:

Congratulations to you, our amazing community of 100K+ Appreneurs

None of this could’ve been possible without you, our awesome community! More than 100,000 people connected with Chupamobile, all with a common passion: Apps and Games. A community of App and Game developers, gamers, publishers, marketers and Appreneurs from all over the World that keeps growing every day.

From the Chupamobile Team, we want to say “CONGRATULATIONS”  to all for what you have achieved: this means a lot to us,  a dream come true. And we know this is just the beginning! 🙂


While you were reading this article…

The App Store never sleeps and the Gaming Business takes profit of this to keep growing. In the 3.5 minutes you spend reading this article, 3 apps were published on the App Store. One of them is a game, probably created with a Chupamobile App Template! Want the next to be yours?