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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, its more than likely that you have heard of the video selfie/messaging app, Dubsmash. And if you’re like the other 20million+ people out there, you have it on your iPhone or Android phone already.

The New Selfie

Whether you are the self-appointed clown in your group of friends, or if you want to take your selfies to the next level, the Dubsmash app has become a social media and communication staple. A simple yet addictively fun concept, that rapidly blossomed into a viral sensation.

Why it works

The common desire to amuse and entertain our friends and loved ones mixed with a smidge of narcissism that most of us social media junkies (AKA everyone) seem to possess these days make this engaging little gem of an app for any age, all gender must have.

Making messaging fun

Sure, you can type “BRB”. But why do that when you can send a video of yourself saying “I’ll be back” in that unmistakable Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator voice. That kind of effort, just shows you really care! Posting a video of your new puppy chewing up your slippers is sweet and all, but posting a video of yourself cuddling little Rover whilst saying, “Say hello to my little friend!” with an Al Pacino dub over, well that’s just epic!

Why didn’t I think of that?  

It’s probably fair to say that the developers of the Dubsmash app had virtually no idea the viral frenzy it would cause. As genius as this app is, it was by no means the most original idea to ever hit the scene.

It’s not like dubbing over had never been done before. In fact it’s been around long before apps or even the internet for that matter. Dubsmash merely took a long relished form of entertainment and made it into a user-friendly app available for the masses. Regardless of the simplicity of the concept, it has certainly paid off for the developers.

Make an app your own

App templates are great for adding any personal touch to your favourite apps. There are currently tons of app templates available at Chupamobile and acquiring your own app template gives you the freedom to recreate the app to your own personal taste. There are two app templates pretty similar to Dubsmash on Chupamobile, Dubsmix and Dubsfun, that give you the ability, to add, remove, or change features in order to tailor it to your own liking. The original idea may not be yours, but the tweaked up improved version you can build from an app template will be all your own!


If you want to hop on the Dub related apps train, then don’t hesitate to take a look at the templates on Chupamobile, so you can create your very own version!

Bonus: Some funny Dubsmash videos


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