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I’m sure you have already heard about it as it’s in everybody’s mouth. They call it “the dumbest app ever” and there are right; it’s so simple and so brilliant that it seems absurd nobody had this idea before. I’m talking about LookFor, the recently launched app that helps you find the people you are looking for in a crowd; one of those first world problems we face every day. And do you know another great thing about LookFor? It has been funded and entirely developed by Chupamobile! Once again, a Chupamobile app is climbing the top app store charts! Now, let me tell you the whole story behind it…

We found the project on Kickstarter one afternoon and, as we love this kind of crazy ideas, we thought it would be awesome to help Logan, LookFor’s creator, to develop and launch the app. Five minutes later we contacted him – you can imagine how excited he was about the news! We were all Look-ing For-ward to having that amazing app on our phones, so we got down to work! The goal was to bring Logan’s idea to life in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Logan didn’t have coding skills, so we contacted one of the top authors of our customization service, Planet1107, to take care of the project. Their team arrived #1 and #3 on two of our App Developer Competitions – we couldn’t find better devs for the job! Starting from one of our templates, they customized it with new features and graphics to fit Logan’s requirements for the app.  As Logan said, “Developers who contribute to Chupamobile bring top quality work. Planet1107 literally exceeded all of my expectations!”. The process was fast and easy, and the result speaks for itself: LookFor for iOS is now on the top 10 of the most downloaded apps ion the Netherlands and has reached the top places in the Navigation category in countries like the U.S., China or the United Arab Emirates. Not bad for such a dumb app!

Since it has been live on the app stores, LookFor has become almost a celebrity in the app ecosystem. Featured by magazines like Cnet, Business Insider, BGR, Engadget, ProductHunt, Daily Mail or Techcrunch, and on its way to the trending topic prize on Twitter. We are so happy to be part of this exciting project and to have made Logan’s dream come true.

Everybody is getting it so, if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, it’s your time to download LookFor, which available for iOS and Android.


  • Sounds great app but still you called it World’s dumbest app, why? Also in Play store it is mentioned that The world’s Dumbest Free App!
    Please explain.
    Its best mobile app

    • Hi there! As I say in the beginning, “They call it “the dumbest app ever” and there are right; it’s so simple and so brilliant that it seems absurd nobody had this idea before.”

      It’s such a simple app that it seems almost dumb, but it’s actually quite smart and, above all, super useful 😉

      • Yeah Exactly it is, thats why i was wondering that why it is called like that, but really it is great app but its still needs some deep Q/A and performance, as you can see the reviews on the play store.

        • We’ll keep improving it 🙂 Thanks for your comment, BTW 🙂 🙂

          • Yeah that should be and that would make this app more powerful. Will wait for next version. 🙂