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I know most of you are concerned about the best ways to monetize your app portfolio and boost your revenues: in-app purchases, banners, interstitials, sharing tools… the choice is wide! But when you have to decide your app monetization strategy, mobile ad networks are probably the most important part. Today I have the chance to talk with an Industry expert, someone who is inside the mobile advertising world and who will solve all our doubts around it.

App-monetization-strategy2Let me introduce you to Adam Ben-David, Head of Developer Operations at the international in-app monetization and user acquisition platform Supersonic. I’m sure many of you already know this Company; Supersonic is one of the most powerful advertising technology stacks for mobile apps in the World, used by developers like EA and others across more than 200 countries. Let’s start!

Melissa: Hi, it’s a pleasure to have you with us. I would like to start with a brief introduction for our readers: what can you tell us about Supersonic and your role in the company?

Adam: As you mentioned Supersonic provides In-App Monetization and User-acquisition tools. We operate an end-to-end platform for developers to both drive users to their app and then monetize this user-base with premium Brand Advertising engagements. We work with leading mobile developers in the space, companies like EA and Zynga, as well as first-time developers making a fun game on the side. Whatever your size or status, we’re here to work with you and help you achieve success.

My specific role at Supersonic is helping our developers hands-on every day to utilize our tools and systems to grow and succeed. My #1 priority is our clients success.

M: I guess working with mobile advertising makes you a master on app monetization, one of the most controversial topics in the app business. How would you describe the situation on app monetization nowadays and how do you think it will evolve in the upcoming years?

A: The current state is somewhat paradoxical. The processes people are using are quite sophisticated, but the overall scope they consider is quite rudimentary. Generally the most successful model has been; In-app purchases associated with resources scarcity or ‘gating’ within an app. This method has been refined to a high level, but new methods or opportunities are often not pursued.

A lot of this has to do with user acquisition and retention. Acquiring new users and more-so holding onto them once they have come to your app has been a large challenge and a very shaky proposition. Developers have looked for ways to hedge their bets, by focusing their scope and limiting certain amount of creativity/exploration because they don’t have a long enough runway to work with.

This is changing now. Large and mid-size developers are able to curate a more consistent user-base by creating ‘serialized’ content experiences, similar to a TV sitcom. The user is now in it for the long haul. With this stability in place, it allows developers the breathing room to step back and think of creative and interesting new ways to engage their users, including new monetization avenues and opportunities.

M: Integrating the right ad networks in your app is critical to the app monetization strategy and can make the difference in your portfolio’s revenues. The point is that there are so many mobile ad networks out there that sometimes it’s hard for app publishers to discover and choose the best one for their apps. What is the value of Supersonic for them? Why should they choose you?

A: There are two main factors a developer should consider which will help them to fairly accurately narrow down their selection set and feel confident about their decisions.

The size of the Advertising ‘Demand’ an Ad Network can bring them. Which advertisers does the Ad Network work with and how much of these dollars can you get access to? After 5 years in operation, Supersonic has established itself as a leading international advertising platform, working with some of the largest Advertisers in the world; P&G, Coke etc. This allows us to bring instant revenue scale to the developers we partner with.

The second factor to consider is the stability and establishment of their technology. Mobile development is hard, I don’t care who you are. Its takes a lot of effort and coordination to produce software that can work reliably across millions of different devices, cellular networks and connection types with a good user experience.

Supersonic has a development/engineering team of over 60 people, including engineers, QA, product teams and analysts. All coordinated together to provide the most robust platform in the market. Few companies have made the same investment to build such an operation and as a developer this makes all the difference.

M: For those interested in monetizing, which formats of advertising do you offer? Which one is indicated for the different kind of apps or games?

A: We offer a single SDK which provides the highest revenue generating Ad formats. For the developer it’s a one-stop shop for the best around. When I say ‘highest revenue generating’, I specifically mean that from a performance, revenue and user-experience standpoint these Ad formats are the best in terms of global use and adoption from developers in the ecosystem.


The first is Rewarded Video. This Ad format allows developers to offer users a chance to earn any type of premium content in their application in exchange for watching a video from a sponsored advertiser. This is fast becoming the top ad format in use. Users love videos, being able to watch a trailer for a new movie launching that weekend while earning premium content in their favorite game is an excellent combination and user-experience.

The second is the Offerwall. Similar to Rewarded Video, this is an Ad format which allows users to interact with Advertising engagements in exchange for receiving advancements in the app itself; content, currency, items etc. Offerwall is unique in that it provides dozens of engagement types for users to select from. They can sign-up for free services, take surveys, discover additional applications etc. It allows the user to select the brand and engagement type they want.


The last Ad format we offer currently is the Full-Screen Interstitial. This is a Full screen image which presents an advertisement from a brand. The advertisements are High Definition and beautifully designed, ensuring that they bring a level of quality and class which has positive effects on the ‘feel’ of the application itself. This Ad format is perfect as a ‘soft-engagement’ tool which developers can use as ‘bridges’ during down-times in their application such a loading screens.

M: What about those publishers who want to promote their app and reach a bigger audience? Is Supersonic a good tool for them? Why?

A: App Promotion is the Left-hand of Supersonic to go with our Right-hand in Monetization. We have one of the largest mobile footprints in the ecosystem using our Advertising SDK. This means as an advertiser, you can tap into a massive pool of advertising inventory and promote your application across the ecosystem. Supersonic has 100% direct developer relationships, meaning developers have integrated our technology. You know you are getting the most immediate access to advertising inventory without your spend being exchanged across many different hands which reduces the purchasing power of your dollars.

M: Supersonic started, on 2009, focused on the European market and now you have expanded to more than 200 countries around the world. Which would you say are the hottest markets now for the app business and which are growing the most?

A: Supersonic has established offices around the globe from: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London, Tel Aviv, Hyderabad India and Beijing. These offices allow us to command a strong presence in each region and we are growing aggressively globally. In the last year we doubled our global headcount and this year we are on plan to do the same. For us the most exciting emerging growth is in India, China and South East Asia. Our advertising relationships there have grown tremendously and mobile advertising is maturing extremely fast, which means increased revenue for our developers.

M: Can you give us some numbers about Supersonic? App publishers, users acquired, apps, revenues, impressions…

A: Supersonic reaches over 500 million unique users across the globe monthly. We drive over a quarter of a million daily installs for mobile developers advertising their apps across our network.

M: As you know, Chupamobile services are used by all kinds of app publishers, from iOS to Android, with app portfolios of different sizes and types. What can you tell us about your users? Are they indie devs, publishers, or top publishers / iOS or Android? How do they use your services and platform?

A: Supersonic provides cross platform support, both for iOS/Android and Web. We work with all kinds. Our platform is designed to be simple to use and completely self-serve for small or indie developers who like to manage and tweak things completely on their own, all the way to Top developers like EA, Zynga, Gree, Kongregate etc. who utilize our most advanced system and require curated support to assist their business needs.

M: You know Chupamobile, what do you like about its services and features? Would you suggest an app developer to take advantage of it?

A: What we like best about Chupamobile is its approachability and simplicity to ‘get-in-the-game’. As I mentioned before, mobile app development is not easy. It can be a struggle to figure everything out. The community which Chupamobile has built, focused around empowering people and developers to connect and create together in successful ways is an amazing feat. We have immense respect for the impact Chupamobile is making on the mobile ecosystem.

M: Do you have any other advice about app monetization that may be interesting for our community?

A: My best advice can be – Ask Questions! We have an open line of communication to all our developers, or anyone who is seeking help and would like advice. Development is a collaborative process and we view the entire ecosystem in the same way. We want to partner and share with as many people as we can so we can all grow together.

M: Thanks a lot for your time and your tips! I’m sure they will be very useful for our readers!

A: Thank you!


For those of you willing to improve your apps monetization strategy, we have great news! We are combining our power with Supersonic to help you, app publishers, successfully launch and monetize high-quality apps in a faster, cheaper and more efficient way. If you sign up now, you will get $100 to promote your app! What are you waiting for?


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    I found out that Kazoolink offers a nice solution for app developers to replace in app purchase by an app wall. you don’t need an SDK, its only an HTML5 code, with a self-service platform which is pretty cool!