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Are you looking for an app with a simple design that will not eat up most of your precious time, yet has great features and high success opportunities? We’ve got what you need.

Millions of users worldwide use more their smartphones than a camera to capture photographs. If you want to tap into this potential market of photo editing apps, then there are templates that you can use to make the process easier and faster. We’ve gathered juts for you the best photo editing app templates. Why not look at developing one for your customers?

Rainbow Photos

rainow photo

Everybody is inclined to look at rainbows. People love color and a beautiful rainbow produces it naturally. This photo-editing app will attract quite a number of users because everyone wants its photo to look at its best. The design of the template is simple but attractive, and will take very little effort from you to reskin. Just adding a fun, interesting theme will make it complete and then, you’re good to go!

Wanted Poster

Wanted Poster Photo Booth iOS

Having a bit of fun with photos and making them more interesting is the goal of many smartphone users. Anyone would love the chance to ride a horse and be the hero of the town, or for a great twist, wish to see their picture backed high against the wall at the saloon saying ‘Wanted’ along with a hefty reward? This Photo Booth app allows you to create that poster of yourself and send it to your friends for a bit of a laugh. You may find your app is listed under “Most Wanted” after this!

Beautiful Photo Decoration – 160 Stickers

Beautiful Photo Decoration App - 160 Stickers iOS

Nothing makes a picture more personalized and fun than adding a sticker and some props to complete the scene. This app provides easy control over stickers, whether scaling, rotating or deleting them. You can save your work in the Photo Album, share to your favorite sites, or print them out!

Photo FX Master

Powerful Photo Editor - Photo FX Master iOS

This app, based on Aviary photo editing will be all you’ll ever need to produce awesome photos. It has a notable graphics interface, with sample photos in HD and allows you to share to your favorite photo sharing apps and social networks. Customers will love what they can create with this app, and your downloads will certainly be a thing of beauty!

Photo Puzzle

Photo Puzzle iOS

This app template allows you to create puzzles through your photo album or smartphone camera. This universal application includes infinity puzzles and 2 levels, easy and hard, with an easy to build source code that will let you publish your very own Photo Puzzle App in no time.

All of these Photo editing app templates listed here will help you build an app with features that you can easily put together. Some tweaking here and there would suffice and give you great benefits in return. These most popular designs will let publish an app that the thousands of smartphone photographers will be delighted to use.