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According to the year-end report on mobile trends released by Flurry (a mobile analytics firm owned by Yahoo), mobile app usage has continued to escalate in the last 12 months, recording a significant growth. The overall app usage grew by 76% in 2014 and top app categories including Utilities, Productivity, Messaging and Shopping experienced a triple-digit growth, contributing significantly to the overall increased usage of mobile apps.


Are we using our smartphones more for organization?

As mobile gadgets become more and more a part of consumers’ everyday life, they are increasingly using them for not only communication but also for shopping and working. Smartphone users opened more Utilities & Productivity apps in 2014, establishing that mobile gadgets and tablets have become essential devices that enable people to be productive and keep their lives organized. Throughout the year, the company tracked over 2 trillion app sessions, with a daily session recording taking place on the last day of the year when 8.5 billion sessions were recorded as consumers celebrated the New Year’s Eve.

However, in as much as growth in the Games, Entertainment, Music and Media categories was noted, there was a slight downtrend as compared to the previous years.

Office mobile could have had an influence on productivity apps

Increase in the Utilities & Productivity category last year shows that users are getting more and more comfortable performing tasks from their gadgets especially after Microsoft introduced Office to mobile, making the app not only available on Windows devices but also on Android and iOS.

Shopping via mobile app sees significant growth

Each app store category saw a significant growth session over the year but shopping category was the highest. The report found that on Android and iOS sessions in this category escalated by 174%, while on Android alone, these sessions were up by 220%. Addressing mobile trends, Flurry pointed out that 2014 was the year retail came to mobile in a big way.

Popular app category of 2014

Several e-commerce start-ups including; Shop-Hers, Curbside, Kwoller, Downtown, Threadless, Strut and Paytm just to mention a few, were launched on the mobile platform in 2014. However, the category growth is not just about consumers trying new apps  ̶  it is about them getting more comfortable buying products through their smartphones and tablets in general. Whether that means purchasing from giant retailers like Walmart, checking out coupons and offers on related apps, social shopping, browsing popular market places or comparison shopping with barcode scanners consumers are looking to their apps to give them the best deal.

The analytics says it all

In 2014, one of the top analytic firms globally took a deep dive into shopping apps as well as consumer behavior and found out that consumers shop on their tablets and smart phones while out and about during the day, with shopping app usage peaking during commute times in the morning hours and at midday when people are heading to lunch. It also peaks again in the evening during prime time (mostly 8PM) making using the apps some sort of a leisure activity that takes place as users unwind after work and supper.

It’s clear to see that we are turning more and more to our smartphones and tablets to assist us with daily living. We therefore can’t wait to see what innovative apps are launched to make mobile apps even more popular in 2015. And if you are looking to get into the mobile business Chupamobile is the leading platform that helps you build app easily even if you’re not a skilled developer. Here you’ll find over two thousand apps from which to choose; pick your favorite and make it unique with your own ideas.

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