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Launched this week is an update to travel app Quicket. The app’s developers have now built in the ability to check into your airplane seat through Facebook. Why? Well why not. The social media giant already lets you check into a whole host of venues and locations and the Quicket upgrade is another addition to the trend.

quicket app

Getting social on your flight?

By using Quicket to check in, users can make their Facebook profiles visible to other people on the same flight. The catch here is that others on the flight must also be registered on Quicket, both for them to view your info but to allow you to do the same. However users have the option to check in but remain anonymous or check in and then decide the level of personal detail that is shared. Is this just a gimmick? There is every possibility that it may remain as it is, since the usefulness of the feature is entirely dependent on mass uptake of the app.

But why?

While Facebooking stalking may seem like an attractive choice to some, there is skepticism surrounding the exact uses of Quicket’s new feature. Of course, those who like to travel in peace and quiet may think it is the ideal solution to avoid passengers travelling with children and babies; it may also give some comfort to lone passengers who experience anxiety at the mere thought of sitting next to a stranger.

It has its uses

In practical terms, the app may be of most benefit to groups of passengers that travel together, whether they are business colleagues or friends. By checking in, users can negotiate seats with others or just be satisfied in knowing where others from the same party are seated.

But seriously….

Quicket is much more than just a medium to check in via Facebook. The app aims to be everything to the keen traveller and offers the options to purchase tickets, check in, and receive updates on baggage allowances as well as providing access to detailed airport maps and flight plans – useful when thinking ahead, leaving you more time to start your journey off as relaxed as possible.

It remains to be seen whether Quickets new update is going to be the next big thing in social media circles, but at the very least it can help to make your journey that little bit more interesting.

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