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We’ve been often receiving mails from our users asking us about the difference between purchasing a single app license and a multiple one; because of that, we’ve decided to write an article on it so that whenever you have a doubt you’ll be able to come back to this post and clear your mind.


First of all, what’s an app license?

As you know on Chupamobile you’ll be able to find thousands of app templates of every kind. If you want to save a lot of time and money in developing an app, the best thing to do is purchase an app template. When you buy a template you obviously don’t buy the app itself but only the license to use it for customization purposes.

There are two types of app licenses you can buy: a Single one and a Multiple one. As you may imagine the main difference is that with the single license you can buy one template and use it for only one customization and with the multiple license you buy one template but you can do as many customizations as you like. Here are some details to know about each of them.

Single App Template License

What you can do with a single app license

With a single app license you can use the app template you bought for either personal or commercial use and no additional payment is required after the initial download.

Buying a single app license gives you the right to use you purchased item for one project, which could be for you or on behalf of a client. You can reskin, modify, adapt or translate the app template in one separate app or project.

What you cannot do with a single app license

If you buy a single app license you do not have the right to use the app template for more than one project. Additionally you are not allowed to resell or distribute the app template ‘as-is’, modified or as part any other collection of files.

Multiple App Template License

What you can do with a multiple license

The multiple license allows you to use the purchased item for an unlimited amount of projects which can be for your personal use or on behalf of a client. Similarly you can reskin, modify, adapt or translate the app template and sell it as a stand-alone app or project.

What you cannot do with a Multiple App License

Buying a multiple app license does not give you the right to sell or redistribute the app template ‘as-is’ whether alone, as part of a single project or as part of multiple projects or collections of apps.

So, let’s say you own a restaurant and you need an app to keep your customer engaged, you will more likely buy a single license as you need to customize only that app. If instead you want a sticker app for Christmas you will buy a multiple license as you’ll use the same template to create a sticker app for Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween and much more.

That’s all you need to know about Chupamobile app license! You can find  these information also on our official app license page.