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There is an new game template on Chupamobile that is having super success amongst our community, have you already guessed which it is? Right, I’m talking about Swinging Copters, an A+ source code that follows the trend of the last Dong Nguyen’s hit, Swing Copters.

We had the chance to interview its developer, Harsh Rajat, part of the 3magicshots team. It is the first app template they published – yesterday! – on Chupamobile and they have already made incredible high revenues in only 24 hours. Want to see how a top app development team works (and succeeds)? All the details in the interview below!

swinging coptersChupamobile: Hi Harsh, thanks for being with us today, I’m sure these are hectic moments for you and your team! Let’s start with a brief self-introduction; tell us your story on app development.

Harsh: Hi Chupamobile,

Well, to begin with, we are a bunch of super close three friends who started venturing out into Apps and everything related to it. It also helped that us three friends carried different specializations and I would just credit our company to weird circumstances and incredible coincidences that just worked.

We started app development at the time of iOS 4 and iPhone 3GS. The entire mobile industry was going through a revolution and we decided to give it a go which soon transformed into a full time thing, leading to a repeat of ideation and growth cycles and that’s how we reached where we are.

C: I imagine it’s not easy to find the perfect idea when developing an app. This time you managed to get the trend with perfect timing, how did you decided to start building Swinging Copters and when did you do it?

H: After Flappy Bird, we were impressed with Dong Nyugen and that really helped us when the video of his next hit, Swing Copters, was released.

We went through that video again and again, jotted down all the things which can happen and then removed everything we thought Dong Nyugen stands against. It’s kind of like following a person enough to know the choices he will make.

We knew that the timing is important and that’s where caffeine played its part so in short. It was the fan inside us which contributed to the gameplay, the developer inside us did the source code right and fast and the entrepreneur inside us which predicted the trend.

C: Usually top Chupamobile authors get this kind of success after having published some products on our marketplace, in your case you’ve touched the sky with your very first app template published! How does it feel?

H: It feels amazing, more feelings and rush than what can be described to in words. Let just put it like that this that we had already stretched ourselves to the limit on working on this project, keeping track of deadline and still clinging to the quality controls we assert. In short, we were exhausted by the time we finished Swinging Copters and were planning to call it a day when all of a sudden we got an email of our first purchase, then another and many more which kept on just coming our way as soon as we tabbed away from our email, we had another ping on it.

That feeling of high was enough motivation for us to forget that we hadn’t had any rest and keep on reading, replying to the comments and feel good about ourselves. In my opinion, nothing can replace that.

C: Success on Chupamobile comes together with great rewards in terms of revenues. You sold over $10,000 in just 24 hours, did you expect this level of revenues in such a short time?

H: We didn’t really expect the response to be this huge but were pleasantly surprised when it happened. It’s amazing feeling to see that you are rewarded for the work you do but I will go ahead and emphasize that hard work is only half the journey, having an Idea and an Ideation process is the thing which will make it click.

C: I’m sure after this warm welcome you plan to release more app and game templates. Can you tell us which will be your next product on Chupamobile or you prefer to keep it secret for now? We are so curious to know!

H: We draw inspiration from Apple and the way they are super secret about their projects. Though let me add this that we are working on an amazing number of projects and Chupamobile will be the first one to know as soon as they are ready.

C: The Swinging Copters template is built on Cocos2D. Is this how you usually work, or do you also use other platforms? Why?

H: Actually Swinging Copters is build on Cocos2d-iPhone Version 3.0. We are a traditional bunch and prefer native deployments as in our opinion, they do justice to the users of your app by giving them something which is thoroughly optimized. This is again due to our keenness to do things like the way Apple does it (or at least try to come somewhat close to their standards).

The same reason is why we build everything natively and convert via Apportable. It’s an amazing tool which fits with our ideologies as they convert the code without any emulators, virtual machines, etc., which means that the ported code for Android runs as smoothly as it does on iOS.

C: Your game template of Swinging Copters is already optimized for the iOS 8 Beta version. What are your thoughts on the new Apple OS? Has it changed significantly from iOS 7 in terms of development?

H: Development on iOS is really pleasant because Apple is really consistent with what they do and that really helps us developers in picking up the language and becoming an expert on it in lesser time than all the other platforms out there.

There are things which you have to pick up from the new versions but they are documented well and the intuition process of Apple really nails it most of the time. There is also the fact that Apple only removes their APIs after giving Developers two years to learn it which is more than enough to come to terms with the new trends.

I guess what I am saying here is that iOS 8 is amazing when you compare to iOS 7 in terms of a developer with new language Swift coming out. It will make sure that more people pick up development which is always a good news for the community.

C: I’m sure the Chupamobile community would appreciate your suggestions in terms of app development and app reskinning. Which is the most valuable advice you could give them? Would you share with us your motto on app development?

H: Sure, I would like to suggest them to always re-iterate on their code once they finish it. During the development cycle, make sure you go through all the methods and variables you are defining and ask the question whether this plays an important role or if you would like to tweak it once the game is in testing phase. If the answer to that question is yes, then document it.

Once you are done with the development, then move all these variables to a single file. Make sure it carries all the description and you will end up with a gorgeous source code which anybody can pick and tweak by just tweaking that single file. It’s actually simple but a lot of developers try to cut corners which you shouldn’t do as you should always try to ask yourself the question: Would I prefer to have this source code if I have done this or that?

For reskinning, the answer is again the same, create everything related to Images inside a single folder, name it properly so the other developers doesn’t have to go here and there to edit it.

In short, just iterate the process of development and reskinning till the steps and time required to modify your code cannot be shortened any more and you will end up with a fantastic product.

C: Any other important comments you’d like to add are more than welcome!

H: Would just want to emphasize on the advice given above, Iteration of the process is really important for the success.

C: Thanks again for your time and availability. Keep up with the good work! We truly hope your Swinging Copters arrives to our top sellers chart! 😉

H: Thanks for the Interview and thanks for existing around to help us reach out to the masses which we alone could simply not do. As for being in the top sellers chart, we certainly share the same sentiments :).