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Chupamobile keeps growing and so does our team! As our main concern is to provide all of you with the best user experience possible, this time we have hired a super expert ninja to help the customer care team: he is Andrea Giordano! We like his cheerful and friendly personality and we have already tested he’s a hard-worker! Andrea will solve all your doubts about the platform and provide you any support you need, I’m sure you will like him as much as we do. If you want to know a little bit more about the new Chupa-ninja, read his self-presentation below:


Hi guys,

I’m really enthusiastic to introduce myself to all Chupamobilers.

I’m Andrea, 26, born and raised in Rome.

I recently graduated from the University of Roma Tre with a Master degree in Economics & Management. During my college career I have had the chance to often travel and discover new cultures. I interned at the “Italian Trade Commission” in New York, I studied abroad in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen and traveled to more than 50 cities in more than 30 countries.

I have put much interest in the world of the start up business and new technologies. After attending one of the most important conferences of entrepreneurial formation in Europe, “Innovaction Lab”, I founded Fanraise, an innovative way to create and sell custom apparel with zero upfront costs, and zero risk. This experience only lasted half an year, I have failed but I also learned a lot from my mistakes. “Fail fast, cheap and frequently” is a great advice.

Later on, I worked for General Electric in Florence, like a Market Analyst. I spent several months asking myself if that had been the right choice, I then decided to follow my passion and look a more dynamic enviroment where to challenge myself.

So I met, Paolo and Stefano, the founders of Chupamobile. First interview, few days awaiting for a response and finally the desired phone call: “Andrea welcome on board…”.

Steve Jobs was right: “Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?

I hope to hear from you soon at: