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Our developers and publishers keep surprising us day by day. Authors that make tons of sales of their products on Chupamobile and customers that get big success with their reskinned apps and games on the app stores. No need to say that we are extremely happy of this and that we love to work together with all of them (all of you!) to keep reaching new milestones everyday.

This time, one of our top developers wanted to share his success with the whole Chupamobile community and he prepared a big present to you. Want to know what it is? Read below what Gareth from One Dreamer is giving away (Hint: You will be able to launch an app for free!):

Hey guys,

It’s Gareth, proud author on Chupamobile. Today I am very excited to give the wonderful community here something I’ve spent a long time working on. I’m happy to offer all of you the Cute Rush source code for free here on Chupamobile. It includes a full Udemy course that will help you through every single step: from setting up your developer account to submitting to the App Store. It also includes a user friendly Editor, making it perfect for beginners or for quickly adding a new app to your portfolio. This is my personal thank you to all the loyal Chupamobile members and an encouragement to all aspiring developers to give it a shot! You have nothing to lose!



Quick introduction to the Editor

I’m just going to give you a quick introduction to the Editor and why it was made. Throughout my experiences as an author on Chupamobile it was clear many people were having trouble setting up features such as Game Center or in-app ratings. This can be especially frustrating if you are not familiar with code or the author’s style of programming. That is why I will now provide a user-friendly Editor with all my new source codes to keep customers best interests in mind. All you have to do is load the settings.plist file and edit away!

Please keep in mind there is also a pro version of Cute Rush on Chupamobile, which includes additional features such as Chartboost, Applovin, more customization options and the original illustrator files. The pro version is not required for the Udemy course however does give you a great option to monetize. It’s completely up to you!

Best Regards,

An awesome present, isn’t it? Trust us, Gareth’s Editor is simply amazing, you will love it! If you were wondering how to make an app, this is the perfect chance to do it and get started on the app business. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to do it for free! 

If you were looking for the Pro version of Cute Rush, here it is:

We hope you arrive to the top of the App Stores charts with this top quality app template!