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You’ve worked hard to make your app perfect and you’ve released it ready for download. At first it seems to get a few downloads, and then it’s gone quiet and you’re getting worried. No downloads means no money. Any app developer will know that the workload doesn’t finish when you press the upload button. Increasing your user downloads is vital if you’re hoping to turn a healthy profit. You need to engage and encourage new users to download your app, and if you’re a first time app developer, that can seem a tricky process. Increasing the downloads means your app will become more popular and in turn help you to make more money. Here are 6 great tips to help increase user downloads for your app:

  • 1. Infuse keywords: This first tip is the main point of ASO. Aim to include popular keywords into your title and description so you will have the best chance of landing at the top of the page. Ensure the keywords are relevant to the app as well and don’t overuse them. Good quality content will help your app come across as more professional and therefore help increase your user downloads. Also ensure your title is relevant to the function and use of the app.
  • 2. Get reviews: Research popular blogs who might want to review your app. If you can get some reviews published about your app this can really help increase user downloads. Many medium sized blogs will be interested in reviewing your app, and if you succeed in getting a review why not spread the word on your own social media channels?
  • 3. Have a website: Your app should have a website which should look professional and be easy for the reader to use. You can include extra items and news on your website about your app and also keywords to help pick up organic traffic from popular search engines.
  • 4. Use social media: Social media is great because it’s free, and it’s even better when you can use different online apps such as Buffer or Hootsuite to manage your social media all in one place. Use Twitter to get interest and followers for your app and also keep up to date on what is happening on the online world of apps.
  • 5. Offer discounts or freebies: Nothing will reel in new customers better that a great bargain! You can use software to help manage the timescale and timing of your discount. By offering your app free or half price for a set period this can help give you the boost in downloads and also help place your app higher up the list of popularity.
  • 6. Keep your customers up to date: If there’s a new update for your app aim to keep in touch with your customers using newsletters or sending them regular updates about the app so they can get the most out of it.

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There are many other ways to increase user downloads for your app, this can also include CPI Campaigns which can vary in cost but can help get the advert to your app out to a wider audience. With the above tips you can start increasing the downloads for your app and start making money today!

There are over 3,000,000 apps listed so far on the app stores, and that number keeps growing.

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