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First of all a special thanks to all mobile developers who participated in our survey.

The sample of the survey was composed both by Chupamobile users and developers belonging to different professional networks and development groups. In both cases over 60% of the responses came from ‘independent Developers’, less than 40% by Developers working full time for an organization. Over 65% of the respondents develop for mobile since at least 1 year.

Some Key points from the results show that:
– Most respondents develop for more than one platformlanguage. iOS and android account for over 50% of the responses, but Html5 is growing very fast and accounts for over 16% of the answer, as well as Windows Mobile (9%).

– Almost 50% of the respondents have already used 3rd party components into their mobile applications. Another 30% plans to use them for their next project. The times of developing an app from scratch are over and developers want to re-use and buy already made components.

– Over 45% of the developers already integrating external components use between 1 and 3 components per App. Another 20% integrates even more than 3 external components.

– Most developers strongly believe that this way of building applications can make them save time, money and let them become more efficient and competitive: over 50% of the sample declares they believe they can save over 30% of their time by using and integrating external components.

– While integrating 3rd party components is becoming quite rapidly the standard for mobile developers, most of them complain about difficulties in finding deep catalogues, marketplaces and sites where to purchase high quality, reliable components.

– Over 80% of all developers have not made available to others any of their own components yet. On the other hand, over 70% of them believe there is an opportunity there and plan to market their own components to 3rd parties.

We are very excited about  the results of this Survey and it clearly shows that all developers have a very positive attitude toward the new model of building apps integrating external components instead of ‘re-inventing the wheel. It also shows that there is a clear issue with trust and quality, which we are addressing and focusing on.

Thanks again to everyone for helping us, check out our infographic!