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The more difficult task is coming up with an item to sell!

When you are in the decisional process of “what to develop?”, you should start thinking about creating scripts that other mobile developers  would have a hard time implementing themselves.
Something that  cuts the development time and cost of other coders/designers.
You can also read some  forums about mobile development and take note of the developers need in posts like this “Pls help me. I don’t know how to code ….”.

Just trying to make your items suitable for someone with little programming knowledge will help in boost your sale.

  • Bryce

    Would this marketplace be a good medium to publish mobile applications created with the Javascript Phonegap library?

    • admin_chupa

      Hi Bryce, Chupa Mobile is a marketplace whre Mobile Developers sell great scripts, code, components for Mobile application development.
      You can publish and sell Phonegap components/source-code that you developed but you cannot publish mobile app with no source files/documentation.