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Dear mobile developers, we are proud to invite you to ChupaMobile  “quiet launch”– the online marketplace where mobile developers buy and sell, from each other,  cutting edge source-code packages and components for a variety of Mobile development languages and frameworks.

We invited a list of selected developers in start populating our MarketPlace, maybe you’re one of them, or maybe not, in any case you are warmly welcome to pitch in.

My name is Stefano Argiolas, CEO and co-founder of ChupaMobile and I really hope you like this project.

Just a few word about Chupa and the reason we built this place for you.

Mobile development is the HOTTEST one right now. The demand is unbelievable, every brand or company around the world want a mobile app, that’s why thousands of developers are getting into smartphone and mobile development.

Now, out there, a lot of developers are in need to complete their project faster and reduce costs.

On the other hand, professional developers have a stock of components they have used in their projects. So, why not earning money selling these portfolio pieces to other developers at a fraction of the cost that it would take to build it from scratch?

The result is a huge Marketplace and library of good ready-made components, and better-documented code examples only for Mobile development.
Chupa aggregates and categorises quality code and UI elements for a variety of Mobile development frameworks like jQuery MobileSencha touchPhonegapTitanium and, of course, iOS and Android.

We launched very recently and are now in the middle of our first major marketing, the next months we’ll be exciting, stay tuned!