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We all hear a lot about how stock trading is both exciting and rewarding, but very few of us actually know how the whole system works. Well, The Firm is here to offer us an answer. Like other similar iOS games of a similar sort, The Firm helps players experience what it’s like to be a stock trader by providing them a repetitive and pixel art infused gameplay that is designed to simulate the life of the average stock trader.

the firm

Like other famous PC games, such as “Papers, Please”, The Firm is all about money management. Its core mechanics basically involve trading stocks as well as buying or selling various types of commodities. When a player goes into a buy mode, their main goal is to buy stocks that have dropping values, but at the same time, they have the potential to rise and increase later on. On the other hand, when the player switches to sell mode, their goal is to sell their stocks while their prices are still high but also hold to low value stocks with the hope that they will increase later on.

Now, the concept behind the game may sound simple, and perhaps even a little boring, but what makes The Firm unique compared to most iOS games is that it incorporates quite a bit of gambling and a little bit of chance. A few unlucky swipes are all it takes to put a player in a precarious position, whilst a lucky break can really put a player in a winning streak. In other words, The Firm is the kind of iOS game that’s appropriate for those people who enjoy high stakes and quick rewards.

The only problem, however, is that The Firm always ends with defeat, which is what makes the whole thing rather repetitive. The Firm always ends each game with the player jumping off the window of a skyscraper after they’ve lost all their money. This is inevitable, which means that the goal of the game is to see how long you’ll last before you’re forced to go to the big stock exchange in the sky. This may sound depressing, but if you enjoy challenges and a little bit of self-inflicted misery, then you’re bound to enjoy this game.

The Firm is just one of many game apps designed to cater a growing number of iPhone gamers. The good news, though, is if you’re interested in becoming an Appreneur, there’s no reason you couldn’t have a go and create your own App with The Firm’ app template. Go ahead and create something with perhaps, a little more chance of a happy ending!

the firm template


At the break of the 20th century, mobile phones and technology have revolutionised the way we live our lives. Thanks to our smartphones, we are able to do so much more than we ever thought of just 50 years ago. Now, you can use it for fitness and health, games, emails, productivity and much more. This is highly advantageous for many businesses, and with smartphone technology, there’s no excuse for exclusion. To beat your competitors and enhance your presence as a business, the use of a mobile phone has never been so important. With social media, it has become increasingly imperative to create a strong online presence, and let’s face it; you’re not always going to be connected to a computer, hence reaffirming the importance of a mobile phone in our daily lives.

restaurant appEvery business is getting involved; from the fitness to the sports and the retail industry. In these times, to be at the top of your game, you have to incorporate your company with mobile technology, and this applies just as much to the restaurant industry. For those who haven’t already done so, this message will be hard to ‘swallow’, but there are many benefits to having an app for your business.  You may be thinking ‘all I do is make food and serve customers, why would I need an app’. The answer is simple, to make more money. If you are not reaching out to your customers, not building a strong online presence, then you are short-selling your company.

Get started with your restaurant app

Now that I have your attention, let me explain in further detail. With a mobile phone, you are always connected with your customers. Either by posting updates on social media, posting images of your latest culinary inventions or simply receiving reviews. By doing this, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be ahead of your competition, but it gives you a fighting chance. More people carry out searches on their phones, and for this reason, the first thing you should do is ensure your website is responsive for mobile and tablet browsers. Once you have that covered, it’s time to develop an app. I’ll get to the reasons shortly, but by having an app available on the major stores such as iOS and Android, it will intensify your marketing tactics and drive your revenue. The apps will allow your customer to do many things, from booking tables, leaving reviews and looking at your menu; this will definitely increase productivity.

The opportunities of having an app for your business are endless. But the most important of all is establishing a trusted relationship with you clients. How can you do it? Engage your customers with a game in your app, while waiting for their meal, playing on your app is a good way to keep everyone entertained and let the time move quicker; additionally, anyone with kids will find it brilliant. Through the app you can offer special deals or discounts for your loyal clients, and if you let them register on the app, a birthday coupon will not only make them feel appreciated but they will also have a reason to spend a special occasion with you instead of going somewhere else. If you have a client that is celiac, vegetarian or has any other special requirement, through the app, you will know it ahead of time and be prepared to offer an excellent service. Remember that a happy customer is a returning customer.

Manually, there’s always room for human error and you may have been in an embarrassing situation where you’ve double booked customers. With an app, all this can be avoided, by allowing users to make reservations, which gets stored on your side and prevents double bookings. Reservations, cancellations, changes all through the app; it leaves you time to concentrate on more important things; better not burn that meat. Another great feature is referrals, every time a user checks in to your restaurant via social media; it’s free marketing for you and can get you more customers. Once these customer have eaten and are fully satisfied, they can post reviews, either on your app or online for thousands to see. I know I’ve always looked at online reviews before trying out a restaurant; you also have the opportunity to reply to these reviews and grow.

Now you’re probably great at combining ingredients, making delicious mouth-watering food but don’t have a clue about app development. Well, that’s where we come in; with our app templates you can have your own personalised app within hours. We have it all from the Restaurant Ordering App, to the Restaurant Reservation app template and even a fully functional iOS7 ready restaurant app template. Don’t waste another second – get your app now!



Rememeber our post on student’s most used app? Today we will talk about another one of them! Note-taking has seen a new trend in the recent years thanks to the advent of some of the most amazing and helpful note-taking apps in the iOS and Android app store. These apps quickly got everyone’s attention and much love simply because they were so much useful and had made note taking so much easier and fun. But there is one particular app which has recently had a great success among students with its beautiful design, amazing features and awesome user interface. Yes, we are talking about none other than the famous Notability.

notabilityNotability is simply a perfect app, and I mean that in the full sense of the word. The app is capable of doing anything you would expect from any note taking app. The only difference is that the app delivers all these features in the best possible way, making it ideal for every kind of note taking related work.

My favourite thing about the app is its design. It is absolutely sleek and user friendly and if you tried note-taking before, you know how important a functional design is. Also the organization the app offers is really good. The app lets you create various folders and subfolders to beautifully categorize your work according to your preference. This again is a very useful feature to take notes as it lets you easily save the work to be re-used or edited. The app also offers a variety of tools like pen of different sizes and colorful highlighters, helping you take notes the way you like. Regardless of what device you use it on, the handwriting quality is awesome.

There are also many other features that the app offers and PDF annotations is one of them, very handy if you often work with PDF files. Notability lets you also take audio notes and save them on the app. Want to share your notes in the social networks you are signed in? With Notability, you don’t need an extra app or file browsers for this purpose, instead, sharing can be done with the only touch of a button. This makes the app perfect for anyone that is always on the go.

Notability is available for both Android and iOS and it has seen its share of fandom and success in the app store among students. But, as it happens in the business and technology world, there is always room for improvement. If you want to create your own note-taking app like Notability, then check out this iQuad app template. This app template is a great way for creative individuals to explore new dimensions of the whole note-taking app genre, adding their own suggestions and creative additions to the app to make it stand out in the market. Channel your creativity towards making something better than Notability.



It’s official! September 9 Apple will be hosting an event for…well, we don’t know yet. The technology giant sent out invites for the special occasion where we will hopefully take a look at the new iPhone 6. Here below you can see a picture of what the invite looks like.

apple event date9.9.2014 – Wish we could say more”, that’s all the company had to say to the world about the event. We, on the other hand, wish we could know more.

During the event Apple will most likely talk about the release of the iOS8, which as appears on the company’s website, will be ‘coming this fall’. We talked about Apple’s operating system in previous posts, and it’s expected to be a flow of innovation, with features like Healthkit, family sharing, quicktype keyboard, an improved Siri and much more.

iPhone 6 – or whatever its name will be – is reported to release during the event as well. Rumors say the smartphone will come in two sizes, probably a month apart and will have a sapphire crystal display which should benefit durability and resistance. Also the timing of the event falls perfectly with the launches of the previous iPhones. Another possible thing to be discussed during the event is Apple’s position regarding wearable technology and the production of an iWatch.

The event will be held in the company’s hometown, Cupertino, California at pacific time, possibly in a structure nearby the De Anza College, but obviously, nothing is confirmed.

We hope you enjoyed reading this quick update and fingers-crossed, our next post on Apple will be about a new iPhone.


It is official! Disney’s Japanese flagship, the famous, Disney Tsum Tsum is finally being launched worldwide! (yay)

Now for all of you that don’t share my enthusiasm for the launch of this amazing game, don’t worry! Soon enough you will fall in love with what is probably the most addictive and cutest game of all time.

tsum tsumDisney Tsum Tsum is a tap to play game which requires users to score high points by matching similar famous Disney and Pixar characters who are trapped inside a sort of box. The game is really catchy and fun to play. To give you an idea, upon its release in Japan, the game reached a total of 14 million downloads! Excited now? Well, you should be!

There are tons of Disney and Pixar characters in the game, all in their cutest form and design, and in fact, they represent the most liked feature of the game. The public was so enthusiast that the characters have even been transformed into physical merchandize.

But it’s not only because of them that the game managed to attract 14 million downloads in the country, there are tons of other things to look into. First of all, the gameplay. For a tap to play game, Disney Tsum Tsum provides users with an amazing experience which requires users to be both smart and quick. Its addictive nature is also due to the fact the game never feels repetitive even for the slightest moment. Every now and then the game throws you things like shiny objects that explode or a Fever Mode that allows players access to more bonuses.

With tons of cute characters from movies we all loved as kids, Disney Tsum Tsum shows much potential for the worldwide market and is expected to reach the same kind of success worldwide as it did with the Japanese users!

If you are in any way interested in making an app similar to Disney Tsum Tsum, then feel free to check out these templates which will allow you to release your creativity and customize the app without coding or programming expertise.


Quora is a Q&A platform where people answer question on everything from tips when buying a new house to life existence questions. Despite not being the most popular Q&A app service, the company has recently received a lot of attention but most of all, Quora just launched its iPad app.

quora appQuora is the place where people share their knowledge and after 4 years from its debut, CEO Adam D’Angelo decides it’s about time to launch an app for the iPad. But why did he wait so long? D’Angelo said the company was restricted by having a relatively small team. In a blog post, he wrote that he wanted his first tablet app to bring further growth to the company. And that’s probably why it took 6 months of brainstorming to come up with the app. Quora launched its iPhone app nearly three years ago, and a year after, released also an Android version. Yesterday, D’Angelo unleashed the much awaited app for iPad.

Apparently last week was “Quora’s highest week ever, across many metrics” and the launch of the app falls perfectly for further acceleration. In the next year, the company is planning to reach the total number of answers published in the last four and a half years, if not more. Definitely an ambitious plan!

The Quora iPad app was designed to resemble the company’s web platform which is aimed on making a text-based service more visually appealing. As D’angelo wrote in his blog post, they focused on having  a clear navigation and a typography that is actually enjoyable to read. Quora developed a way to make asking and answering questions a lot easier with the new app. Whenever you ask a question, Quora allows you to see other similar questions that were previously posted by others, this, will let you save time and help you find an answer rather than duplicating efforts. The platform also inspires its users to use images and formatting into their answers. And for that Quora built a custom keyboard with various built-in functions. They also made improvements to other aspects of the app to ensure a bug-free experience. The changes will be extended to all the other devices as well.

Quora recently closed an $80 million round of funding and is currently valued at about $900 million.  The platform is totally an ad-free site, but has recently begun thinking about monetizing its site. Currently the company is entirely dedicated on its growth but within the next year, is planning to charge a premium fee for advertisers looking to reach certain users.


The word “app” tends to conjure images of frivolous-but-fun 99-cent games and handy tools that make navigating daily life just a little, and sometimes a lot, easier.

While most of us don’t expect our apps to cost more than a greeting card or a fancy coffee, there are pricier apps that offer all kinds of life hacks you never knew you needed.

When it comes to the apps that will take the biggest bite out of your bank account, there are a fair number of choices that will cost you more than a premium concert ticket — or even a fairly upscale mountain bike.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of those apps were created specifically to empower users to do their jobs more efficiently, and to ultimately enjoy some serious return on their investments.

Counting Down to $1,000: Expensive iOS Apps from $400 and Up

10. Tap Menu, $399.99

tap me appFacebook and Instagram are loaded with pictures of last night’s fancy dinner out on the town, but doesn’t it seem like only about a third of those images make you want to actually eat the food? Such is not the case with Tap Menu, which uses top-notch graphics and designs to help create menus that make diners want to dig in.

9. iDIA – Diagnostic Imaging Atlas, Small Animal, $399.99

vetDesigned as a practical diagnostic-assistance tool for veterinarians, this iPAD app may just be Dr. Doolittle’s new best friend.  With beautifully detailed graphics, iDIA it’s also an ideal means of explaining medical conditions to clients. If you’re a veterinarian, this one will probably pay for itself in no time. If you aren’t, you’ll learn enough about veterinary medicine to be afraid every time your pet coughs.

8. DDS GP Yes!, $499.99

ddds gp appCreated to make trips to the dentist easier for both doctor and patient, this app is all about improving communication with patients. With professional, accurately rendered and — dare we say — beautiful graphics, conditions and treatment plans can be presented with visual flair that makes options crystal clear.

7. BarMax CA, $999.99

barmaxBarMax CA is all about business and was designed to fulfill a specific niche: helping future lawyers pass the California Bar Exam. With audio lectures, flash cards, real test questions, and much more, this app could very well be the world’s best study buddy.

6. Alpha Trader, $999.99


Alpha Trader is like a personal electronic millionaire mentor with all the real-time information needed to make the big bucks. Offering stock prices, asset correlation and a lot of other stuff that only the financially savvy truly understand; this app is all about raking in the dough.

5. Mobi Gage NDI, $999.99

mobi gageThis one’s for the guys in the machine shop, who know that the measurement of parts is all in a day’s work. This metrology app not only generates, edits, and applies measurement plans, but actually automates inspection processes.

4. Agro, $999.99

agroHoning in on another niche market, the makers of this app created a useful solution for all you agronomists out there. “Agronomist” is a fancy term for those who deal with the science of crop management and must create detailed reports regarding chemical requirements, crop, pests, and much more.

3. QSFFStats, $999.99

qffstat2Certainly the most expensive app designed for a leisure activity, this one is all about keeping track of flag football leagues. We can only assume that those who purchase this app really, really like flag football.

2. Cyber Tuner, $999.99

pianoBased upon popular pre-existing software created for piano tuners, Cyber Tuner is a professional tool for piano technicians. It’s another expensive app designed to streamline the job process and ultimately increase profits.

1. VIP Black, $999.99

vip blackOne of these apps is not like the others. (Hint: It’s this one.)

VIP Black not only costs a cool grand, but users have to prove that they have a million dollars in assets to take advantage of perks offered by the app’s luxury partners. Yes, it’s an app, but it’s also a very exclusive club.

We hope you enjoyed discovering with us the top 10 most expansive iOS apps. We’re curious to know, if you were to buy one of these apps, which one would it be? Let us know in the comments below.


In a world where technology is exponentially growing, combined with rapid declines in health and outbreaks of disease, it is only a matter of time where your smartphone will be able to diagnose and treat your conditions. This time is closer than ever, with Apple and Google both releasing groundbreaking health platforms to take us into a new age. Apple will be unveiling their groundbreaking Healthkit developer framework with their iOS release, together with their very own iOS health app.  Many of you may already be assuming that these medical apps will be just like any other fitness app, which in recent times have stormed the market, but don’t be not deceived, the difference between the fitness side and the medical side will be major.

helthkitFor all fitness fanatics and health-conscious individuals, this sounds amazing; just wait until you read about the apps functionality. The health app will inform you of metrics such as your heart rate, blood pressure, fitness, nutrition,  glucose and cholesterol levels. It is a simpler way of self-monitoring, long gone are the days’ of blood pressure machines, pulse oximeters, and other monitoring systems. The new dawn of technology is taking us to places we would have never imagined 50 years ago.

The healthkit platform is an exciting prospect for device manufacturers, who will be able to connect to the platform via Bluetooth. So, instead of investing time and money developing an app to work with the device, they can focus more on  device innovation. Though, we do expect some major medical device manufacturers to develop a companion app, especially if it hasa user profilesand its own marketing strategy.

The healthcare apps are still few in number, and unlike fitness apps they are subject to government regulations. There has been much talk in recent years about the growing tightness of FDA regulations and the impacts on innovation, and we can only hope that these devices will be allowed on the market in the most safe way. Doctors are certainly excited about it; Dr Dusan Gunasekerra founder of the myhealthcare clinic says, ”Harvesting of patient data would help doctors to pinpoint trends and anomalies, on a national and individual level,” Gunasekera told Gizmodo UK. “Patterns can be tracked and monitored, helping doctors to understand the historic progression of the health concern, thereby potentially allowing them to reach a more conclusive diagnosis within a shorter timeframe“.

There are concerns, however, regarding how this would impact the doctor patient confidentiality as well as personal privacy concerns. Personal medical data could be made available to manufacturers, IT workers, Engineers etc. And, we do tend to store a lot of personal information on our phones, combine that with our medical history; it may leave us open to attack, particularly if your phone gets stolen. It’s an “extremely valid” concern, says Gunasekera. “Manufacturers must prove that their systems are secure and adhere to data protection laws“, he stresses.

As an avid health fanatic, with a passion for fitness, the groundbreaking possibility of this system gives me goosebumps. I look forward to seeing how far it can go, though many of us will have privacy concerns we hope there will be strict guidelines issued by the FDA to help protect our confidential data. I think I speak for many when I say, I look forward to the day where the apps are not only helping doctors diagnose and treat, but also reduce waiting times.


Need help adopting a healthy lifestyle with a perfect diet? Well search no more! We have for you some of the most awesome health apps in the market that are both highly effective and efficient. These Android and iOS apps are perfect for sorting out your health and nutrition! Keep reading to find out which they are.

Ideal Weight (BMI)

ideal weight1

Having a tool to check your Body Mass Index could prove to be very handy at times. The Ideal Weight (BMI) apps operate as an optimal choice to know if you are underweight, overweight or in a perfectly good condition. The app has been a favorite among health and diet conscious for its super friendly interface, easy input method and most importantly accurate results. A great app indeed!


goodfoodGoodFood is a remarkable and extremely useful app that gives you access to thousands of healthy recipes. Get extremely healthy and nutritious dishes right off your smartphone and master your skills as a cook. GoodFood is super easy to use, supporting a huge ever-growing catalog of recipes for all kinds of healthy dishes. An amazing app to maintain a perfect diet.



Want to know what it would feel like to have your own diet expert guiding you through your everyday meals? Well that’s exactly what SuperFoods does for you. The app is simply amazing and lets you make the much needed informed decisions about what you eat on a daily basis. Get a chance to live a smart and healthy life with SuperFoods


NutrinoNutrino is a very smart app that is the absolute ideal for anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle. Nutrino lets you know about the nutritional importance of any food in question hence allowing you to choose what to eat and at what time you should eat it. The app has allowed people to shift to a better diet, making lives healthier all around the world.

My Diet Coach


My diet coach is the complete package! As the name suggest, the app is your own personal coach, motivating you along the way and guiding you in each step of your diet plan. The app successfully connects with its owner and does amazing things to keep them on track of their diet plan every day.

Whole Foods Market


This brilliant, handy little iOS app ensures you never run out of ideas for healthy meals. With over 3000 recipes, you can choose what you want and add all of the different ingredients to your own shopping list, ready for you to hit the shops. Knowing how great some of these recipes are will keep you from snacking too!

Want to create your own health app? With an app template it’s much easier than you think. For example, if you want to create an app that lets you calculate calories, then check out the Calories Calculator template! Customize your app in any style you want without needing any particular coding or programming skills. Be creative and who knows, maybe your iOS or Android app will someday be in the top charts.

calculate calories


Named after the phenomenon that is seen amongst the stars, app constellation is a term coined in a recent post by Fred Wilson, when describing the move we are seeing in the world of mobile apps. An app constellation is a collection of apps that share a single login, and instead of a company having one app with many features, they share these features through other apps, which makes up the constellation. Wilson explains ‘’Putting a ton of functionality into a single app is not the right way to do it on mobile. Having a constellation of mobile apps that all work tightly with each other seems to be the better way. And the leading mobile app companies are all headed in that direction now. Pay attention to this trend”.

The trend we are now seeing is that larger companies are distributing their apps in groups like Dropbox, Google Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and others. By logging into one of their apps, you consequently become logged into all the apps within the group, and users will find themselves spending more time on these apps, making it harder for them leave hence allowing these companies to dominate the market. Not only that, by promoting their apps across apps, they will be able to hold a lot of the users, which is especially great for Facebook as they have a large system of users. And, as Fred so beautifully describes, the dynamics are that the rich gets richer.

“Today, it often takes you a few steps to get to the part of an app that you’re interested in. You have to enter through the “front door” by tapping an icon on your device’s home screen, and then navigate within the app. With deep linking, you can go straight to the part of an app you care about,’’ writes Re/Code’s Liron Shapira. Deep Linking – a superglue that holds all the channels together, which allows users to move effortlessly between apps, either through your website, email, newsletter and social feeds. Not only does it allow users to move between apps part of the same constellations, it is also possible to do deep linking between apps that aren’t. As Fred says “this is a very big deal because it creates a web like experience on mobile and the fluidity of that experience is very engaging, further drawing users in”. Among the companies that adopted the mobile constellation we have Instagram, which recently launched two apps, Bolt and Hyperlapse Foursquare, which after an in-depth analysis released Swarm; and Facebook, which has 5 other apps related to its social network, including Facebook Messanger, Facebook Mentions, Facebook Pages Manager, Paper and Slingshot.

This change in the mobile ecosystem can be quite significant for an independent or a new app publisher. It may seem too hard to find strength in a market dominated by these larger companies, but they should not lose hope. We often see how a simple innovative idea can take the market by storm; all it takes is one good idea. To break into the market, you should develop your idea, release it and test it with real users. After that, keep developing updates depending on feedback, and this will dramatically improve the success of your app. Again, the world of apps is ever changing, and companies like Facebook and Google are always developing strategies to stay on top, and as the market matures, we will see a more sophisticated and advanced mobile interface.