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Picture the scenario – You’re out shopping, the plan is to grab a coffee, shop around for a nice outfit and finish the day off with a nice dinner and a movie. But, hold on, this new app is telling you to sacrifice your wants for the moment and ‘Instead’ make a micro donation to any charity of your choosing.

insteadIt’s understandable,to become self indulged in our day-to-day lives, especially for those living on the go in this corporate world, it becomes the norm to neglect innocently those less fortunate than us. This new app hopes to change that, with its slogan ‘make a small change to your routine to make a BIG change in someone else’s life’. The idea behind the app is simple; find something to give up, which could be something as small as a coffee, or a movie treat, or anything you want to indulge in, and then decide how much you want to donate, and in which charity you want to spend that extra little change you now have lying around.

Developed by Ovenbites, LLC, Instead is essentially a reminder to give something back once in a while. They are quite straightforward with the fact that they take 5% of the donation as part of the operating cost, which is pretty reasonable considering the bigger picture. The app is really simple to use, and once you have signed up, you have a choice of interesting challenges you can partake to suit your donating needs. As a coffee lover myself, it’s become the norm for me on the way to work, to stop by a coffee shop and pick a large latte and be on my way. That is why the challenge ‘brew your coffee 3 times and provide clean water for 3 people’ really intrigued me. The idea is pretty simple; instead of buying coffee for three days, I’ll make it at home and each time I do so, I’ll donate the $3 that I save to the charity ‘Water Is Basic’.

No app is perfect, and even with their perfect intentions; it does however transport you to the web browser when making a donation, though I assume this courtesy is thanks to requirements set out by Apple and not Instead. Not the ideal scenario, especially if you’re in a giving mood and want to make a quick donation, before you just get tempted enough to get that vanilla caramel Frappuccino. It’s as simple as that, and once you’ve made your donation, a great feature of the app allows you to track every micro donation you make, so whenever you’re feeling low or feel that you don’t do many charitable acts, you can take a look at your log and feel a sense of gratification for all that you have given. Most charities can do a lot with as little as $3, so be not despondent as every dollar goes a long way.

Instead is just one of the number of growing apps that allow you to make charitable donations in a fun, innovative way. There are other apps that works on similar principles as Instead, like, ‘I Can Go Without’ which is just like the one discussed; ‘Charity Miles’ which you can use anytime you exercise to donate to your chosen charity; ‘One Today’ which was developed by Google; or ‘Donate a Photo’ by Johnson and Johnson which donates $1 for every photo you share. A great tool for many, though for some, it is simply easier to just donate directly to their chosen charity. Why not give it a try and join me in the ‘brew your coffee 3 times and provide clean water for 3 people’ challenge.


This year’s Google I/O conference had interesting news for the consumers as well as the developers, and the Google keynote included various devices and advanced technologies that are to be introduced by Google in the future. The Google keynote at the Google I/O conference revealed what is to be expected from Google in the coming year and what surprises the industry giant has in store for us.

Among other revelations at Google I/O, the Google keynote also mentioned the release of Google Fit, which allows collaboration between health apps and wearables to provide the users with relevant health data.

google fitAs a counter argument to budding controversies regarding the sharing of users’ health data with the marketers, Google has explained that Google Fit is designed with a customized approach. To elaborate it further, Google Fit gives control to the users to monitor what part of their health data they would want to be monitored via this latest technology.

However, it is suggested that primarily, Google needs to win consumer appreciation for the newly introduced Google Fit. Apple, Samsung and Google have all been involved in creating and modifying technology to provide an unconventional platform for the monitoring of health data, with the introduction of health apps and compatible wearables. However, attracting consumers and making them appreciate the offered services has proved to be a challenge, which many suggest Google might overcome the emergence of Google Fit.

Google Fit works with Android to provide the users with the needed health information and metrics like knowledge about sleep and the number of steps taken by the user. Google Fit will help developers life thanks to the sensory APIs, history APIs and recording APIs, which will facilitate the integration with apps. In this manner, Google Fit is capable of adopting a three dimensional work mechanism.

The sensory APIs assist the health apps in accomplishing the challenging task of communicating with devices like bike computers and heart-rate straps to gain health information. Similarly, the recording APIs are devoted to collecting real-time health statistics, working in collaboration with external devices and wearables. History APIs are concerned with erasing the overlapping data collected as a result of employing more than one device and health apps for the collection of fitness data.

Google’s initiative with the launch of Google Fit is closely preceded by the launch of Apple’s HealthKit. Though many appreciate the wider selection range with the health and fitness initiatives taken by both the giants, this also means that now developers would be required to develop health apps that are compatible with Google Fit and HealthKit for increased utility.

Google Fit is expected to be released by the second half of this year and users as well as developers, will be able to operate it in association with the Android technology. However, it is planned to update in the future to support all devices. Google Fit is also expected to support web-based apps that may need to retrieve or store health and fitness information, and this indicates the possibility of making it available for mobiles, to work in coherence with mobile fitness and health apps.

And if you’d like to create you own innovative health apps here are some app templates that you can custom to your choice: iMed 101, MyHealthOTG.



Yesterday we talked about the imminent launch of the Nguyen’s new app, Swing Copters, and now that is out, we are here to give you the latest news on what the world thinks about the most talked game.

swinging coptersSwing Copters released today, and is available for both iOS and Android. To download it, you’ll need to head to the Nguyen’s page on the Apple Store or to Gears Studios on Google Play. As predicted, the game is free, and if the ads really bug you, tip the developer $0.99 and you’ll get rid of them. The game structure is the same as the previous hit, Flappy Bird, the only difference is that Swing Copters evolves vertically. The game design has been completely reinvented, as the last game was accused of taking a little too much inspiration from Super Mario, this time Nguyen thought well of adding his unique touch to the game.

Just like Flappy Bird, the game is addicting! Only a few hours after the release and the web was already booming of people sharing their experience; the game in fact is already 2nd under U.S. Family. Even though Swing Copters is structured in a very silly simple way, you’ll get surprised of how easily this game will frustrate you; you will reach the point where you’ll flip your desk and leave, but trust me when I say, you WILL come back and play again, and again, and again.

We went browsing the internet to check what is people’s reaction and we found out the web is divided into two groups of people: those who love it and those against it. The majority, of course loves it, despite being able to hit just a single point and some not even that one, the frustration of the game is exactly what keeps them playing. Users say Swing Copters is much harder than Flappy Bird, almost impossible, but hopefully not so difficult to let down all those non-geeks people out there. Everyone else that doesn’t like the game is upset for the same reason of those who love it, they are frustrated! Some criticize Nguyen’s new app for the layout and the graphic, others instead find the game pointless and without an actual “game experience”.

Overall the game is going great but if you too find it hard to play, join our talented developers and create an easier version of the game. If you have tried playing Swing Copter you’ll know that is no-easy-thing to get a score higher than 5. So get your creativity on and start developing your app similar to Swing Copters. If you need a template to do so, here are our best  Swing Copters templates: Swinging Copters, Swing Copter reskin in Cocos 2D-x Android, Swing Copters in Cocos 2D-x iOSSwing Copters Unity.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the new game and what is your best score!


If utter domination of the game app market is your goal, you’re probably wondering how to make an app or how to invent the next genre of apps that’s going to be the next big game-changer.

We wish there was a simple 3-step guide on how to make an app that will appeal to the vast majority of gamers, but anticipating what will strike a chord with the masses actually lies with you.

We can’t tell you how to make an app that will appeal to everyone because there isn’t one type of app that does. According to information released by Big Fish Games, women now account for 47 percent of the gaming audience in the United States, while people over 50 account for 29 percent.

how to make an appGames that shake things up aren’t necessarily apps you’d think would appeal to gamers across the board — and yet they do. You need only consider the popularity of Angry Birds to see that a simple concept can captivate the imagination of millions.
While we can’t tell you what will be the next big hit, we can tell you that your best chance of creating a must-have app is to make a game that you would like to play by designing an experience that you’d like to have.

Taking What Is Popular and Making It Even Better

With popular games like Candy Crush and Temple Run providing gaming experiences that busy moms and bored kids alike can enjoy in the waiting rooms at doctors’ offices, we were curious as to whether games that provide instant gratification are more popular than other types of games.

More specifically, we wanted to know whether game apps that present storylines and character development (in so much as games can offer them) are more popular than those that offer more “mindless” entertainment.

Apple reported that Candy Crush was indeed the most popular app of 2013, and Temple Run 2 was also among the top 10. Though audience demographics are expanding, Apple’s list does indicate that games without much in the way of character development or storylines rated highly across the board.

There are also fewer storyline-involved games and role-playing games (RPGs) on the market compared to other types of games such as puzzle, sports, action, and strategy games.

Role-playing games, which can be categorized as strategy games, proved popular on the desktop. Because they are more complicated games, they are typically more costly than many simpler apps. Likewise, they require more work to develop, but also tend to inspire very loyal and passionate audiences that would likely follow an app through multiple sequels.

Android Authority’s recent list of the 22 best role-playing games for Android included all Final Fantasy games, as well as Ravensword: Shadowland 3D RPG and The Bard’s Tale. Because the vast majority of RPGs are set within the realm of dragons (and, yes, dungeons), there’s certainly room for growth in the genre. Consider the possibilities of an RPG that doesn’t take place in Medieval times, but in outer space, in 1950s Las Vegas, or in Victorian England. An RPG based upon the adventures of Sherlock Holmes may not have much appeal for a diehard D&D fan — but their parents may enjoy it. Gamers are always on the lookout for something new, different, challenging, and fun.

With so much opportunity and room for growth in every genre, knowing how to make an app that will resonate with players begins with being inspired by the player within.


You know Chupamobile has the best developers, and usually we introduce you only to the loyal ones but from now on, we decided to let you meet also the newcomers in our community. Today, let’s welcome Muhammed Emin, one of our new Android developers, which you might already know as kngfrhzs, for creating the Smart Tv Template  and To Do List Android app. To get to know Muhammed a little more read the interview below.

smart tvChupamobile: Hi Muhammed! We are happy to have you here today. Can you please describe yourself to the community, what kind of “developer” are you!

Muhammed: Hi! What kind of developer am I? Good question , I had never thought about it. But with one word I can describe myself as hardworking developer. I can’t sleep without finishing my job. Most people think good developers are talented people. I  agree with them to some disagree. Talent is important in development but if you want to create a difference, then, you will need more than talent . So if to sum it up, I am a little talented, a lot hardworking and totally dedicated to my work.

C: Why did you choose iOS/Android/Unity to develop your apps?

M:It was a coincidence to meet with Android. About 4 years ago I bought a new phone. My first smartphone and it was an Android. So, like everyone else, I was always searching apps on Play Store (it was called ‘android market’ in those years). So one day I told myself how hard can it be to create an app like this ? This question was the start of my adventure. Since that day I am developing, and in fact I didnt take any course or any education on developing an app. I’m a newly graduated industrial engineer, and as I mentioned this is the reason I am mainly focused on Android, I also developed Unity games and some small iOS apps but I’m focusing on Android mainly. Maybe If I bought an iphone as my first smartphone, probably today I would have focused mainly on iOS development.

 C: As an indie dev, do you think you have a chance in front of big agencies?Why?

M: As an indie dev, I dont think I have too much chance in front of big agencies. I mean, I can achieve many things but you know, there is a breaking point. So after passing this point, our desires, the Money that we earned, quality of the job, will not make us happy. So I’m also thinking to build a company. I met with amazing guys in the last 4 years. I have a really big network. So with time, I think it is unavoidable to change and I think this is not only my idea, many developers that I met are thinking same thing.

C: In your opinion, how mobile apps can serve the user needs – do you have any example?

M: Mobile apps are future. If we look the our usage of mobile phone today, we can see in almost every area we are using mobile apps. To be honest , I didnt go to a bank to pay a bill for using mobile banking services, and I’m not using short messaging services since we met with chat applications. One more simple example, today everyone is photographer. People are using photo filtering app and honestly we can see amazing results, I can provide too many example but everyone knows all of them I have an example about one of my app. Now I’m developing a medical app with one of my friend. It is mainly based on diabet ilness. It will connect doctor and patient. Doctors every minute can control their patients and can ccheck what their patients eat, and also send them instant messages. I mean complete patient-doctor management system. If i sum, mobile apps are serving user needs in all areas of life.

C: As we can see, big social networks like Facebook or Foursquare decided to split their service in different applications, do you think it is better to get a multi-function app or an app for every use? Why?

M: I think this move of social networks is a part of their marketing strategy. I think it is better to get a multifunction app. If I can do 2 task with 1 app, why do I need to use 2 apps? As I mentioned in my first sentence, I’m seeing it as a marketing strategy. We cant predict the future but just think about a theory, today facebook is free with also facebook messenger but in the future if you want to use facebook Messenger(not facebook) then you will need to pay something. The same with other micro apps that are published by big companies.

C: For you what is the phone of the future?

M: If anyone asked me this question 10 years ago, probably I couldn’t have told any of the attributes of today’s phone. Technology is developing with an incredible acceleration. I can’t even tell how will phones be like in next year. We are hearing every day a new technologies but my opinions and predictions are abou phones of future, it will be mainly based on artificial intelligence. May be with this development , our phones can scan someone’s face and it can find who is she/he ? Or maybe our phones will be our friends, we can talk and ask anything to them . It sounds like a science fiction movie but we can’t really know what is the future of mobile phones.

C: How do you think your work will evolve in the next few years? Are you thinking about making applications for the different wearable devices that are coming?

M: This is absolutely one of my dream. I am thinking about developing games for virtual reality. There are too many  people workings on this, everyone knows facebook bought oculus vr. but I’m not thinking as a view, instead, while playing people need to feel pain (of course this will not be too realistic), or wind, or wet. Maybe in future I will try to develop this kind of game.

C: What do you think about the wearable technology? Success or fail? Why?

M: Absolutely big success but not common in these days. Maybe in next 1 or 2 years it will be more common for people. They will use it in every moment of life. While doing sport, or taking instant photo or videos, people will use wearable technology. But I think that with it we will have some problems. I mean, just think you have a Google glass and you can record any video or any photo without permission. Just one sentence is needed to do it – Ok Glass take a photo !! So I think governments will make some arrangement about usage of wearables.

C: When you were a child how did you imagine the world would be? Are you happily surprised or disappointed? Why?

M: I was a big dreamer when I was a child. Of course the world in my mind when I was child was not completely the same with today’s world but I dreamed almost the same. As I remember, when I was 8 years old, I imagined digital frames :) but about mobile of course I didnt imagined anything. It appeared suddenly and reached peak in a short time, it is new technology for me although I’m 22 years old. About other problems in the world, you know, wars, diseases, famine, children marriages, and other countless thing, I must confess I didnt imagine that world will be bad place to live. As being human we need to restore the world. We must not forget is the only place where we can live in the universe for now.  I believe if we use resources in a good way and if we learn to share, the world will be a more beautiful place in future then today.

 C: What about your next app?

M: Which one ? :) I’m working on many new projects. It is important for me to create good quality apps. First I need to like it :) And about my next apps ; I’m developing a really really beautiful car game that have amazing graphics. For Chupa Mobile I’m creating a new finance app; it will serve users in all finance needs. I am designing it to count everything and analyze everything.  I’m also working on developing an algorithm to make predictions about user’s spendings. The app will tell users anything about their financial status.

C: Thanks so much ;)

M: I’m so happy to be in a community like Chupamobile. Being a developerIt is really a great way to turn our ability and talents into money. I hope this community will get bigger in the next days. Before finishing, I am really sorry about my English, I know it is not perfect but I hope you all understand me. Thanks so much!

Don’t miss Muhammed apps! Here’s a link to his profile on our Chupamobile website!

to do list


Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird, is about to launch his new app, Swing Copters. The release date set for the game is tomorrow, August 21. What are we expecting? Another addictive game just as frustrating and time consuming as the previous one. Want to know something even more exciting? Chupamobile authors have already developed a Swing Copters template to give you the opportunity to get in a live competition with Flappy Bird’s creator! Watch the video below for a spoiler of what the game is gonna look like.

Think about Flappy Bird, replace the bird with a tiny guy with a helicopter-helmet, make it fly vertically, avoid anything that swings and you have Swing Copters. The game itself is simple, maybe even a little too much, but it definitely has the right characteristics to become the next hit in the game world. Your only task in Swing Copters is to tap the screen and guide the flying man to avoid the obstacles. The trick, is trying not to get hammered and get as high as you can.

The app should come as free of download and the user can decide to pay $0.99 for an ad-free version. Rumors say that the app is going to be another Amazon exclusive, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Toucharcade, who had the exclusive on the launching date, tried the game and finds it really difficult, more than Flappy Bird ever was. No wonder why their score was a very sad and tasteless 5, but again, a single point could be motivating enough to keep you playing on the phone for hours.

swinging coptersHaving in mind an extremely addictive game we wonder what Nguyen will have to say, given the fact that he pulled Flappy Bird out of the market as it was ‘too addictive’. Hopefully this time he won’t do the same. During an interview with Rolling Stones, Flappy Bird Creator, said he was considering to bring back the much loved game; after all, the stress of success maybe wasn’t too much to handle!

As ironic as it may sound, David McCandless, creator of The Helicopter Game, initially complained that Flappy Bird was ‘another rip of his helicopter game’, we are curious to know what he’s gonna say now that the similarity is even stronger.

If you would like to create your very own version of Swing Copters, the easiest way to do it is by personalizing these Swing Copters app templates. Think about a completely new idea, with a basic template in you hand you could create a totally genuine and original game. Rememeber all those celebrity games that are braking the charts? Why not doing the same with Swing Copters? You could have your favorite – or most hated – celebrity floating between hammers, it would go much more viral than a little guy with a helmet (and for sure won’t be rejected by the App Store)! Another idea would be to design a unique charachter, specifically developed for the target you aim to hit, and if you want to bring it to a whole new level, add unique features, creave new levels and if you like it, a catchy beat is always a win!

And since tomorrow is the official release date, hurry to create your own, it could become the best Swing Copters style game available on the market. To help you build yor very unique Swing Copters app here are some templates: Swinging Copters, Swing Copter reskin in Cocos 2D-x Android, Swing Copters in Cocos 2D-x iOSSwing Copters Unity.

swinging copters pavel


On august 15 Circle The Dot launched on the App Store and immediately became the #1 best selling game app. The application was developed by Katchapp, the same company that came up with Amazing Brick, which launched last week as well, and Totem Smash.

circle the dotCircle The Dot is a simple yet challenging puzzle game in which you need to trap a tricky little blue dot, and trust me, it’s not easy, you will need more luck than strategy to do it. To trap it you have to surround the blue dot with orange dots, make sure it won’t escape by covering the edge of the field and you’ll already be a step ahead.

How to play Circle The Dot

As we said before, unlike the other Katchapp games, with this one, luck is the main aspect. Each time you begin a new game you will find the game field with the orange dots already set, and that is why we say you need more luck than technique, as the whole game depends from where these orange dots are initially placed. Sometimes, the orange dots are set in a way to give you a good start, others instead, you can only hope the blue dot doesn’t escape before you even realize it. The challenge is to circle the dot with the least movements as possible.

The first thing you need to do as the game begins, is to cover all the corners of the board. Even though there isn’t an accurate way to anticipate where the blue dot will move, blocking the edges is the best defence to prevent its escape.

The next step for success is connecting the dots. You want to reduce chances of escaping as much as possible and to do so you basically have to create a wall around the dot, and, if you can, make it as small as possible. Remember to follow the shortest path to fill up the gaps, that’s not easy job if your initial patent has the orange dots all cluttered together, but try anyway, it’s your best option.

Unfortunately, there will be times where no matter how hard you will try you will just not be able to win. Our best advice is to accept it and start a new game! Circle The Dot is available for iPhone and iPad, through the Game Centre you can keep track of your achievements, leaderboards and why not, even challenge your friends.

As we said, this catchy game reached the #1 position in U.S. games and #2 in U.S. Overall in less than a week. If you too would like to create the next best selling app, create your version of Circle The Dot with this Circle the Dot template. Customize it to best suit your taste, make it colorful, change the dots into fruits, add music and whatever else you like. Just have fun and be creative!



App Reskinning is not easy money as many people think, but it is a good inversion if it is done properly. With only $100 and a few hours of your time you can get benefits in less than 20 days.

Follow these five steps and you will get a regular passive income with your apps.

1. Buy a high-quality multi-license app template and start with your idea

Buy a multi-license in the Chupamobile marketplace to reskin your game as many times you want. Choose it thinking of your budget and the ideas you have for it.

1More audience means more money. A good way to stand out is focusing on current trends: Celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Obama…) or Top Games (Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Timberman…).

To cover a big range of your audience without using current trends necessarily, do your reskins as different as possible between one another. The same Match-3 source code game can be a happy world with funny candy or a post-apocalyptic world playing with scary zombie heads.

2. Monetize your apps with advertising

To monetize your application with ads, you can choose two strategies: a lot of ads or a few.

If you choose to fill your application with ads in an aggressive way, you will get a lot of money at the beginning, however, the users who downloaded your application will get tired and they will delete the game soon. This strategy is mostly used for low-quality reskins because users will get tired of the game after playing a few hours, regardless of whether they have ads or not.

In this 33-day chart you can see how in the first days you win a lot of money, but you will run out of steam after a while.

2However, if you choose the option of showing a few ads, you will not disturb users and they will stay. Obviously, the advertising revenue will be less, so if you want to generate more money you will need to find another way: In-App-Purchases or IAP are a good alternative for a long-term investment.

Both strategies are valid in this business, but it is much more long-term profitable to make a good quality reskin. Users will recognize your name and it will help to build a good reputation.

3. Give users plenty of in-app purchase options

If you focus on making a high-quality reskin without too many ads, a good option to make money from players is introducing IAP.

Some highly requested IAP are the “Save me!” option (Seen on Subway Surfers), “Remove Advertisements” option or the “Show Statistics“; besides the typical “Buy a New Hat or Character,” for example, the users will buy if it is something similar such as a zombie dressed with a ballet tutu, a red refrigerator with wings, the president or a pop star.

Do not be afraid to set a high price for your items. Hats or characters for $3.99, $5.99 or even $19.99 are good. In addition, there are players called “Whales”, who are less than 1% of all your users, but they will be able to buy items up to $80 or more. Your game has the option to remove advertisements for $2; if only one person buys the “Unlimited Lives” buff for $80, will be like 40 people buying the option to remove ads, so, it is worth to have the option.

34. Sell your graphics

Another very different way to make money with your reskin is selling the graphics created. You cannot re-sell the license bought, but the graphics are completely yours once you reskined the game.

You can make money selling sprites, characters, icons and menus designed.

5. Sit down and relax… or repeat!

Now it’s time to wait and get the passive income of your efforts.

The freemium game Subway Surfers, for example, make each day a revenue of ~$16.500, that means ~$495.000 a month. That’s one case between 1 million, but there is the prove that if you make a good quality game, you can keep earning benefits for more than a year!

A good point of buying a multi-app license is that you can repeat as many times as you want. If you chose a good app template, you can reskin plenty of times with really different themes, focusing on different target audiences: from old men to young teenage girls.


How awesome would it be to have a virtual changing room when you are out buying clothes on the internet? Anyone who has tried this tedious deed is very properly aware of the hardships one has to go through to find the perfect size or the perfect style that would suit their preferences. This is where Fitle comes along. As obvious by the name, the app lets you find the perfect clothes that both fit your body and your taste for style. All this in a fabulous way, by creating your virtual avatar!

fitle appYes, that’s right! You will now get a chance to create your own 3D avatar to scale and then use it to try out different items of clothing when making a decision on what to buy. Users can also store certain items in their virtual closets with the intention of trying them out with different items in the future.  The Android and iOS app will make it much easier to find great clothing in the absurd world of online shopping where one only realizes that he has made a bad choice after the item is delivered at his doorsteps.

Creating an avatar isn’t as complicated as it seems, you don’t have to go through the boring process of choosing out every single detail and giving the app thousands of different dimensions to make an avatar. Instead, with Fitle, you can make a perfect avatar simply by taking your photos from you phone from various angles and providing your height and weight. After you have done these simple deeds, the app will create your avatar in the mere time frame of 30 seconds. Thus making the whole process take no longer than about 2 minutes.

Fitle’s creators are also aiming to get bigger brands on board with their amazing project, which, is planned to launch in the coming year. If they succeed, the app would revolutionize the world of online shopping and would definitely increase the number of shoppers and retailers online.

There are tons of other features that the app offers which are to be announced soon by the creators. There is also a fundraising campaign currently being held to breathe life in this amazing idea of an app. So hold tight and get ready for a revolutionary soon-to-be-launched product that will change online shopping forever.

If you are interested in creating something like Fitle then head down to our website and check out some of our amazing templates. You can do tons of customization with whatever you think suits best to your iOs or Android app and thus make it unique in every way.


There’s an app for everything – a slogan we hear one too many times, but rightly so. Like a builder without his tools, these top 7 apps are a must for all car lovers around there. Imagine you were sitting with a group of friends and the hot topic was cars, would you be a Wikipedia of information, or an empty vessel. On the way to an urgent meeting, you’re running late, you need to avoid traffic jams and road works, how would you plan your journey? Well, there’s an app for everything. So, don’t lose hope; these top 7 car apps will help you in your time of need.

CarBuzzCar Buzz

As you carry on reading, I will rightly guess that you’re a car enthusiast. And, for every enthusiast, there lies a source of divine knowledge and that is Car Buzz. A simple app, Car Buzz is filled with reviews, updates, car rumors and videos, all compiled for over 50 car manufacturers. So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you just have to know the specs of a particular car, then Car Buzz will be there to save the day!


If you’ve ever been caught speeding, or got caught in a traffic jam on your way to an important meeting, then let me introduce you to Trapstar. An app for all you racers and long distance drivers; Trapstar is a community of over 20 million users all working together to alert you of any road traps, accidents, traffic jams or live police. Never get a ticket again, and other than your battery life, what do you have to lose?


Have you ever wondered if your mechanic is charging you more than he needs to? Or, you simply broke down on unfamiliar territory and need to find a reliable mechanic? Then Repairpal is the app for you.  Available on both iOS and Android, Repairpal will generate a fair quote on the cost of car repairs, and it will also find you a mechanic in the area whose services have been rated. Never get cheated again and never work with a bad mechanic.

iCariCar App

That awkward moment after a great nigh out, all the fun, frolicking and laughter has caused you to forget where you parked the car. It wouldn’t be so bad if you spent 10-15 minutes trying to locate your car, except the meter’s time is about to run out and you need to act quickly! The iCar App, which is only available on the iOS, is your best friend at times like this. The app has amazing features such as locating your parked car, letting you know if the meter is about to run out, and it will also direct you to the nearest parking lot or petrol station; always be in the know with the iCar app.


One of the smartest apps, Speedtracker is available on both Android and iOS, and with so many cool built-in features. It would be a loss not to download it. As you gathered from the name, the app stores information on speed, travel time, distance, direction, height and so on. One amazing function, which is exclusive to the app, is the HUD (head-up-display) feature, which allows you to gather information on your current speed in real time. The downside is for access to all the features, you have the buy the full version.

car solution finderCar Solution Finder

Similar to the iCar app, but without the added feature of locating your car, car solution finder will direct you to the nearest fuel station, parking space, repair, taxi stand and more, all without the use of GPS. You can be sure to save on battery life than with other apps, and it also works in any city in the world!

spedometre chupaSpeedometer GPS

If you’re looking to create a similar app to Speedtracker, then this template is perfect for you. Not only is it very simple to use, you are also free to change many aspects of the design by doing a complete reskin. The Speedometer GPS can track your speed, distance, time, location and can also get a start time, time elapsed, average speed, max speed and altitude.