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Yesterday, Google announced the acquisition of the cloud base service Firebase, the platform is used to help developers build web and mobile apps in real time. Strategic move? Let’s find out!


Firebase has already been added to Google’s Cloud Platform. Currently the service has over 110,000 registered developers and according to its team, it will continue to work as it is

The platform can be used to develop both iOS and Android apps and can store and sync data instantly.

The Reason Behind

Google believes that acquiring Firebase will help expand its platform  end-to-end mobile applications. Moreover, the web giant believes the deal will bring new technology and talent to its platform. This is Google’s third big acquisition for its Cloud Platform, should the competition start worrying about it?

What’s in it for Firebase

Firebase, which was launched almost three years ago, through the acquisition will be able to offer better cloud infrastructure to its developers and it will be able to provide a better service that will reach to wider audience.

Despite the recent news, Firebase will remain platform-agnostic, so that its developers won’t be facing drastic changes for now. The company will work complementary with Google

The Google Cloud Platform Live Event happening the 4th of November in San Francisco, will be talking in more details about  the two companies.


Apple’s iOS has come a long way. We have already gone through 7 years of innovative development since the first generation iPhone was released. If you have been loyal to Apple trough all these years or if you’re just a fan of the company and a tech savvy then take a trip with us down memory lane.

It was January 9th, 2007 when one of the greatest presentation took place. Steve Job introduced the first iPhone to the world and it was a great success. The device revolutionized the entire industry of mobile computing. Since then Apple came out with new iPhones, iPads and iPod (Touch). Just recently we have seen the launch of the new devices including a brand new OS, but as the world moves, iOS is already among the oldest mobile operating systems in active development.

This doesn’t absolutely mean that Apple’s age has come to an end, on the contrary, iOS is still the leading platform on the market. To remember this, we decided to create an infographic that would brush up the life and history of iOS with some fun facts you might have not known!



So, did you know that Apple in 2011 earned more that the U.S. Governement? I guess that’s the price of innovation! ;)

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If, like many of us, you’re getting bored with the amount of different messenger programs for your smartphone, you’re likely to be rolling your eyes at the next sentence. Microsoft, purveyors of the famous Skype messaging service, has developed a competitor to SnapChat, in the form of their video only messaging app, Skype Qik. We’ve downloaded and checked it out for you, and bring you the skinny on this new service so you can decide whether it’s worth adding it to your app list!

So what is it?

Basically speaking, it’s a video messaging app. Simply set it up to link to your contacts on your smartphone, press a button, record your message, then send it. Sounds pretty simple eh? It allows you to send messages to one person, or groups, and you can save your created groups so that you can make collaborating via video quite easy. You can send messages to anyone who’s in your phone contacts list, simply recording and tapping a button to send.

My friends don’t have it!

Microsoft, in its attempt to break into the video messaging sector, has created a sneaky little feature in order to try and tap into this slightly over saturated market. Basically, when you send a message to a friend who doesn’t currently have the app, a link is sent to your contact in order to send them to the app/play store to go and get it. Of course this only works if your friend wants to actually download the app, and if not, your message is likely to go into the ether, never to be seen again, but we can see where they were going with this.

The good bits

It’s well designed and easy to use, with a great little interface that makes messaging really quite easy, and its feature allows you to send a pre-recorded message if you’re too busy, allowing you to stay connected without much effort. However, whilst recording a generic happy birthday message and being able to send a video greeting at a push of a button might seem like a good idea, if your friend is with another friend that’s had the same message from you on their birthday, then chances are you’ll have to send flowers!

Is it worth it?

If you’re looking for something that you can send video messages on with ease, then yes. Otherwise, Microsoft has got it a little wrong. SnapChat works by capturing moments and is more “off the cuff”. This way of messaging seems a little forced, although some people might prefer it to using messengers such as WhatsApp or iMessage. It’s an alternative, but really no better than any of the other messaging services out there.

Among all these social apps you still haven’t found one that suits you? You can always make your own with one these thousands app templates. Customize it to your preference without the need of learning complicated coding. Anyone can develop an app, here are some suggestions to get you started: Quickie, Sneakpeek, Snaplt.


After months of speculations, Google has finally launched its new Android smartphone, the Nexus 6. As many had predicted, the Motorola-made device, is the company’s first phablet. What’s new about it? Let’s find out.

nexus 6

The features

The first thing you notice about the device, apart from the resemblance with the Moto X, is its screen. With  5.9 inches is the latest in a long line of devices with larger screens. It’s just one inch away from the Google Nexus 7 tablet. The resolution is of  1440×with a good 496 ppi pixel density.

Among the many other features, the Nexus 6 has a 2.7-GHz Snapdragon quad-core processor, a 13-megapixel rear camera,  a 6-inch Quad HD display and of course the freshly released Android Lollipop OS. The internal storage can be chose between 32GB or 64GB and the price, according to Motorola, will be of $649 from the Google Play Store.

Best battery ever?

The smartphone has dual front-facing speakers and a charger that according to Motorola can add 6 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. Not bad right? And as we said in a previous post, Lollipop’s battery saver feature will increase your phone’s life up to 90 minutes.

When can I get it?

The new smartphone, successor of the the Nexus 5, despite being announced October 15th, will be available to pre-order from October 29th and you’ll be able to purchase it in-store from November. It will be available in 28 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

The price, according to Motorola, will be of $649 from the Google Play Store. So if you were looking to buy another cheap Nexus device you’ll be disappointed; quite a substantial rise from the $349 Nexus 5!

What do you think about Google’s new headset? Is it worth the wait? Let us know your thoughts!


Nowadays health is one of the issues that most concern people and I’m sure all of you know at least one person who is a runner, am I wrong?

On the other hand, we know a lot of apps on the App Store that register the routes, distances, calories, and time spent of our physical activities and Apple has given a step forward in this direction: they have built and integrated into their iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus devices a specific motion processor (the M8, big brother of the iPhone5S’ M7), and they also have developed and included in iOS8 an independent framework, HealthKit, to maximize its full potential.


This new framework helps communicating health data between applications and keeps it stored and privately protected until the user decides make it available.

What you need to know

If you are planning to develop an app that makes use of HealthKit you should take into account the following aspects:

  • Enable the HealthKit capability in Xcode.
  • Check the availability of HealthKit by calling the isHealthDataAvailable
  • Create an instance of HKHealthStore, which is the responsable of interacting with the HealthKit data base.
  • Request user’s authorization by calling the requestAuthorizationToShareTypes:readTypes:completion: This authorization can be checked at any time by calling authorizationStatusForType:.

Add samples

At this point lets imagine that we are developing an app that controls the heart rate of the user and want to add some samples (HKSample), which are a representation of any kind of data, to the HealthKit store.

In this case we should create an HKObjectType (HKQuantityType specifically) by calling the quantityTypeForIdentifier:HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBodyTemperature class method and then create a HKQuantitySample with the object type. Finally, we can save this date by calling the saveObject:withCompletion: method.

Besides quantity samples there are three more types of samples:

  • Category samples: It represents data that can be classified into a finite set of categories, sleep analysis for example.
  • Correlations: Complex data formed by one or more simple samples such us blood pressure or food.
  • Workouts: Physical activities that are attributed by type, duration, distance, and energy burned.
  • Quantity samples: As we have mentioned, the most common data such as blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, step counts, distance covered while walking or cycling, energy burned, body mass, height, or body mass index.

The final touches

Once the data is saved in the HealthKit store we can retrieve it in different ways:

  • Reading characteristic data directly: By calling the biologicalSexWithError, bloodTypeWithError, or dateOfBirthWithError we can retrieve the characteristic data.
  • Querying data by executing one of the different types of HKQuery:
  1. HKSampleQuery retrieves any type of data.
  2. HKAnchoredObjectQuery alerts of any changes on a specific data.
  3. HKCorrelationQuery retrieves data contained in a correlation.
  4. HKObserverQuery returns the data that has been last added.
  5. HKSourceQuery gets the apps and devices linked to the HealthKit store.
  6. HKStatisticsQuery exports statistics over a set of samples.
  7. HKStatisticsCollectionQuery executes multiple statistics queries.

After this overview you may have made a picture of the potential this framework provides but the best of all is that all this data traveling from devices to apps passing from HealthKit is made in a safe way as it provides ways to share this sensitive data just with trusted devices.

I hope this kit is used to develop amazing apps beyond fitness ones, such as medical care. Do you have any applications you would like to be created with HealthKit?


British budget airline EasyJet is renowned for trying to make getting from A to B a little easier, and have made more of an in-road into hassle free travel by introducing advanced iOS and Android apps that are designed to make life a lot easier for people who frequently use their flights to fly across Europe.

easyjet appThe backstory

EasyJet, who are based at London Luton Airport started their journey back in 1995 and are currently the largest UK based airline. They covers over 600 routes across 32 countries and have so far carried over 60 million passengers. As of September 2013, the airliner has approximately 8300 people employed mostly based in UK.

Since their inception, EasyJet’s aim was to make air travel significantly cheaper for the travelers and managed to develop a strong customer base rapidly within a very short period of time. Introduction of the latest features only shows the company’s commitment to relentlessly work and upgrade their system to make flying even more hassle free for people with the use of latest technologies and a touch of innovation.

Now the airline has come up with a new feature which many EasyJet travelers will find quite fascinating- an option for scanning passports through its Android and iOS apps. With this new feature, now you can say goodbye to the hassle of inserting your long passport number for checking in once you book your flight which was once a very common scenario. Life is now much easier. All you need to do is, get your travel document and take a picture, that’s it. The EasyJet app will take care of the rest.

What are the benefits of using the app, and how safe is it?

EasyJet believes that this new feature is going to make flying hassle free for millions of people in Europe. In their announcement to introduce the new feature, EasyJet stated that they have worked closely with credentials management service Jumio to add the new scanning feature to their apps which will make sure that all the passports scanned in can be recorded with ease, safely and securely. Travelers who use EasyJet flights in the future will be able to check-in with their smartphones up to two hours prior to their flight in conjunction with the airliner’s mobile boarding passes in as many as 110 airports where EasyJet operates in Europe. As it was mentioned earlier, it’s not just iPhone users that will benefit. Those who are using Android devices will also enjoy the recent updates made by the airline.

Is it just at check-in that the app has improved?

Alongside the ability to scan passports, EasyJet have updated the Advanced Passenger information screens. Any passenger using Android will receive a reminder regarding his or her seat selection before checking in. It is something of note that EasyJet is the very first airline in Europe to introduce these features through their apps which is expected to make the documentation and online check-in much easier. Of course, as you would expect, this is also set to save the budget airline money too.

Airline apps are becoming more and more innovative and it may soon be the case that every bit of personal information is kept on our smartphones when we travel. This opens up a massive wealth of opportunities for app developers to get in on the ground floor and launch their own apps, whether for security, storage, or travel in general. If you’re thinking of creating and launching your own app, then visiting our website should certainly be on your list. You can choose among more than 1500 app templates, we’ll be there to offer support and guidance along the entire process and to get you started, here are some templates related to the travel industry: Image It, Route Director, Flight Tracker and MySafetyGuard.


Remember the days when videogames were considered a living room activity? Now, deciding when, where and how to play them is entirely up to you. Who would have said the smartphone industry could have such an impact on videogames. The future of gaming lies in the hand of competent mobile game developers, and today, we’re here with 5 tools that every mobile game developer should use.


viximoAn important part of developing a mobile game is let people know of its existence. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of time distributing your apps on every social media platform Viximo will do it for you. Viximo helps app and game developers expand the functionality and reach of their products. They partner with social game developers to publish their games on over a dozen social networks throughout the world.

Game Closure

gameclosureThis small startup based in Silicon Valley builds cutting edge gaming technology. They’ve open-sourced their multiplatform Java game SDK for you to use. Game Closure runs on both mobile and tablet devices.


scoreoidThis is the ultimate server platform for game developers. If you’d like to talk with game experts while developing your app this is the place for you. Scoreoid is an advanced gaming platform from backend to real time interaction with game players.

Construct 2

construct 2This is a mobile game maker for Windows that lets you create iOS, Android and even Facebook games without the need of being a programming genius. Construct 2 is also known as the Photoshop for games and it uses a simple ‘event-based’ interface.  What are your waiting to try it?

YoYo Games

yoyogamesYoYo Games is the home of ‘GameMaker: Studio’, the fastest and easiest to use cross-platform game development technology. The platform uses a drag and drop visual interface to let you create games for Android and iOS.

These were the top 5 tools game developers should use but if you don’t want to develop a game from scratch then Chupamobile is just what you need. Develop your game bychoosing one of the thousands app templates, don’t worry, you won’t need any coding skilsl. Developing a game has never been so easy, what are you waiting for?


We’ve been referring to it as Android L, the new version of the Google Operative system has officially been revealed. After months of speculation of which sweet-themed name it would chose, they opted for Lollipop. Sounds familiar? To us it does ;)

android lollipop

Google calls it “the largest, most ambitious” Android OS ever released yet. The most obvious change is its design language, ‘Material Design’ which is supposed to create seamless user experience across multiple devices that run Android, including wearables. The ‘Material Design’ has a flatter look with bolder colors and fonts and over. According to Google the new operative system runtime, ART, which is replacing DALVIK, will be much more responsive and intuitive.

What’s new on Android Lollipop?

The new sleek and colorful system will also bring new setting adjustments like notifications and security features. Users will be able to hide unwanted updates and prioritize their notifications allowing only their preferred notifications to get through.  Lollipop will support a kill switch that will keep thieves from stealing your device by turning on encryption by default.

According to Google if your device is on battery saver mode, the life of your battery will last up to 90 minutes more. For all those people that charge their phone multiple times a day this is a win. Additionally you’ll be able to see how much time you’ve left of your charge and how long it will take to charge it to 100%.

Multiple profiles will now be available on smartphones. So if you’re kid keeps playing with it and tweeting randomly to your friends and colleagues you no longer have to worry about that.

Google just released the new Nexus 6, which will obviously run Lollipop. The new OS system will be available to the Nexus owners starting from November. As usual with other Android devices, it’s up to your manufacturer to get the update ready.


Shopping for furniture? Need to figure out how much paint you require for your living room makeover? Planning to sell your house? If any of these apply, you could really benefit from having a floor plan before you begin, but who has time and money to hire an architect and draw one?

Now, anyone can draw floor plans quickly, with the new Roomscan app and without the need to go out and purchase a tape measure. The app can create floor plans simply by holding your mobile phone or tablet against the wall.

roomscan app

Sounds complicated…. Is it?

In spite of the fact that the app does some complicated calculations, it’s really very easy to use. After launching, step-by-step prompts and instructions will take you through the whole procedure but to be honest, you probably won’t need to use the instructions. To use Roomscan, all you have to do is walk around your room and place your mobile/tablet against the wall for a couple of seconds till you get a beep, then move on to each subsequent wall.

Of course it’s important that you take account of each wall and door, but after you have completed “scanning” your room, the app will compile a remarkably precise area map. Roomscan will generate a room plan drawing, and gives you wall lengths and floor area, in meters or feet. You can use your phone’s GPS, Wifi and gyroscope to determine measurements and walls orientation. The app is able to approximate dimensions to within half foot, which ought to be exact if you just need a rough floor plan to determine, for instance, where to place your furniture or you want to give your prospective buyers with a general layout. It’s quick, easy to use and if needed, you can edit your wall measurements manually simply by tapping one.

What if I need exact measurements?

Roomscan does not advertise itself to be ultraprecise: it’ll calculate to the next half a foot, so you will still have to use a tape measure if you need precise figures.  Or alternatively you can choose the Pro version ($5), which gives you the option to stipulate precise measurements, and will auto-correct the whole room if you modify some measurements. The Pro-version will also allow you to scan multiple rooms, combining them to form one, integrated map of your whole space. It even enables you to include doors as you continued with the process rather than the standard way of dragging and dropping.

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good

Initial use of the app may cause some frustration because the swift movements it suggests can cause to task to fail. However if you use gentle, slow movements will help it track the phones position and draw the floor plan more easily. Either way this app is a truly smart idea and you can download this iOS App for free.

Using smart phones sensors is becoming more popular when it comes to app development, and developers are making more and more inroads into this kind of technology. If you fancy yourself as a budding app developer but have no idea how to launch, it’s best you check out Chupamobile app templates, to give you all you need to launch your app and have it downloaded. You could be the person who creates the next room-scanning app, and yours could be even better than Roomscan.



As the week is about to end, we are here with the 6 best apps of the week. Games, social media, or wallperper, the choice is yours.  Which one will you pick?

iOS App Templates

Let Them Fight

Let them fightLet them fight is an iOS 8 optimized game inspired by top iOS game. Get your hands on this app before anyone else! The game was built with Cocos2d and SpriteBuilder, it makes re-skinning and modifications easier than ever. Among the features there are: Game Center (4 leaderboards and 21 achievements) character selection (different color characters to choose), four gameplay modes (normal, nightmare, hell and inferno)

Lock Screen Wallpaper Design

Lock screen wallpaper appThis template allows user to create stunning lock screen wallpapers by using their photos and design templates within the app. You will be amazed when you see how simple photo turn into beautiful wallpaper by simple swipes. The app has a minimalist user interface and comes with six unique designs. You can easily use or alter the interface according to your taste. One more reason to get it? The template was written in Swift!

Followers Tracker

followers trackerAn incredible digital marketing tool that helps you track your Instagram analytics. The template can be used for both iPhone and iPad devices.  It organizes different sections of your account in a clear manner so that you can analyze the information properly. The app shows your feed publications, photos you liked and followers information.And, it’s iOS8 ready!

Android App Templates


corundumA basic but addictive gameplay, where you must score blocks of the same color. Score enough pointsans you’ll get to the next level. Google Play leaderboard and achievements are included. Monetization: AdMob integration and in-app purchase included!

Catch The Shape

Catch the shape android appVery funny addictive game. Tap buttons to change their color and catch the shape. Every time you catch the shape, beautiful bell sounds. So, while playing, you are also making some music. Different game modes are available, from easy to hard. AdMob interstitials included.

Crazy Russian Roulette

Crazy RouletteRussian roulette is a very simple game: load the chamber, roll the cylinder and pull the trigger to fire! Crazy Roulette brings you the most realistic experience of the classic Russian roulette: you just need to put the phone on your ear to pull the trigger and guess if you are dead or still alive. The experience of gaming is enhanced by superb animation and realistic sound effects.

Hope you all enjoyed the post and we wish you a wonderful week-end!