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You’re sure to spend lots of family time together this Christmas, but sometimes you need a break – whether it’s from wrapping presents, or knocking up some mince pies. Download one of these great Christmas apps for kids, apps so that the children can enjoy some festive fun while you get on!

kids playing

Sleeps to Christmas 2

In the run up to Christmas, things can get a little hectic, and constant questions about when Santa is coming won’t help. Download the “Sleeps to Christmas 2” app and let the animated Christmas characters and carols do the job for you.

Talking Santa

If your child would love to talk to Santa perhaps the next best thing is to interact with the big man on an iPad using the Talking Santa app .The app allows your kids (and you – if you want to, of course) to talk to Santa – he’ll repeat their words, and to tickle him, run him over with a huge snowball, and even give him milk and cookies. There’s also an in app purchase to include characters from Talking Tom.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas has to be one of the classic Christmas tales to share with your kids at this time of year, and you can join the Grinch in an interactive book app. The app encourages children aged 3-6 to explore this iconic and much loved  story, learning new vocabulary and keeping the tale of how the Grinch tried ‘to stop Christmas from coming’ alive for another generation.

The Nutcracker

Another timeless Christmas classic, the Nutcracker, features in The Nutcracker and the mystery of the Disappearing Cheese which offers your kids the opportunity to enter Clara’s world of Christmas magic and make believe through games, storytelling and interactive activities, all set to Tchaikovsky’s magnificent music.

Find the Scout Elves

If the Christmas Elf tradition has reached your home, Find the Scout Elves is a great app testing how fast your fingers are, as the elves play hide and seek. The aim of the game is to point to as many elves as they come out of hiding – they’re quick, mind!


Finally, for all elf lovers, ‘Elf Yourself’ is a great app that kids will love: using photos, you can turn up to 5 of you at a time into dancing elves captured in an ‘ElfYourself’ video which you can email or (for older kids) share on Facebook.

We’re sure that you will enjoy these great Christmas apps for kids as much as they will, just remember to share! If you too would like to launch your own app for kids whether is for Christmas or not here are some great templates to start from: Santa Claus Hero, Christmas Physics Game!, Christmas Dream Jump and Santa And Aladdin. Oh, and you won’t need to be a skilled developers to do it, Chupamobile can do it for you. Have fun!


Location based apps are huge money spinners for developers as they can easily drive downloads. However, coming up with an app takes time and effort and it’s not a bad idea to have a look at what’s out there before you spend an age developing and testing a new app. If you’re savvy enough to know a way round the time consuming process of getting an app developed, you’re likely to be first off the blocks when it comes to making money; and the clever developers these days are turning to app templates, which can be customized to your requirements and then launched quickly, increasing your earning power. With that in mind, we look at some solid location based app templates that could see you making money quickly, wherever you are!

Find Restaurants

find restaurants

When visiting new places in your own country or abroad it can be a bit of a hassle finding good places to eat. Not if you have Restaurant Finder App it isn’t! This app works on iOS and besides a stunning display, it actually helps you locate nearby restaurants. This is a great solution to tourists as it certainly offers a trustworthy, inexpensive guide to new places (if their GPS is enabled).

The app has capacity to find you any restaurant in any part of the world with resources gathered from reliable sources. Developers who would like to invest in this easy to operate app can delight in the fact that you can alter many different facets to add a personal touch and create a completely new app from the source. This is a great investment that you can tailor to your locality to make great money by helping people find places to eat with the best meals and service.

Car Solution Finder

car solution finder

Car owners sometimes have a hassle finding reliable services but with this app, everything will be a breeze. The Car Solution Finder is an app you can put your money on as the ultimate car owner’s assistant. Besides working for every city on the global map, this app takes stress out of owning a car by pointing you to everything car related. From petrol stations, parking spaces, taxi stands, car dealers, repair services – the app offers virtually anything you need to keep your motor running. There is a comprehensive list of services, current addresses and websites to make it even easier to access help. The app works on iOS 8 and supports the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. There’s very little maintenance required too, as you don’t need to gather fresh data to update the database. With proper marketing, this phenomenal app optimised for the iOS platform one of the best options for making money.

Local Guides

local guide

You need to put in some effort with the Local Guides app with Google maps server panel in order to build a local directory with Google Maps. This app allows you to organize information into categories for easier access. The app is iOS 8 compatible and features advanced data filters, different modes, manageable favorites list, a media gallery and a list of local events with search and calendar features. You can easily re-skin by changing the name and some images without it taking you a lot of time to do so.  This app is a great business opportunity for developers who need to tap into peoples’ need for a credible source of directions to specific areas of a city or country.

Places Near

places near

Places near is a great app. With user-generated content, it’s the best way to find those places you’ve heard of, but are off the beaten track.  The app features a stunning display with which users can add places, deals, or upload photos, and adding content is an easy process. The starter kit can be integrated in other projects or used alone to create a phenomenal location based iOS app. The modern user interface, powerful filters and ability of users to like and write reviews is a plus for developers who would like the app as a marketing platform.

Let me Worship

let me worship

The Let Me Worship app is set up to help people find places of worship in cities they’ve never been. Those who are religious can find place to worship wherever they go and with this app, there is definitely no excuse for missing prayers. There is a telephone number for each location so that users can call for precise directions, or details of the times of services. This is a great investment as it can earn you money daily with proper marketing.

All in all, there really is no better time to get on the location based app bandwagon. With the revenue you could make from just one of these great app templates, it’s clear to see you could be going places!


It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when it comes to Christmas shopping. Whether you are super organized or a last minute buyer, there is still time to get ahead with these Christmas shopping apps. Here are 8 apps that might just save you time and money, meaning you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

Christmas presents shopping apps

Craigslist Mobile

The much loved Craigslist is now available as an app, allowing you to browse products and sellers to get the best deal. The one downside is you cannot buy through the app yet, but it is still a valuable tool. Available for free, it’s a great way to browse on the go.


This app is perfect for doing your Christmas shopping online. It’s easy to use with neat categories and a click and buy function that means you can shop on the go with no fuss. Whoever you want to buy for, there’s something for them at Macy’s

UO Mobile

The Urban Outfitters app lets you shop for stylish gifts for boys and girls. All you need to do is set up an account and get clicking! Be warned though, you may end up getting a little too excited and spending all your Christmas money!


Everyone loves eBay and you’re sure to find the perfect Christmas gift with this slick app. You can browse and bid on items you like and even buy and pay through the app too. It couldn’t be easier. You can grab some great bargains after Christmas too, when those who weren’t too keen on their gifts find a way to offload them!

Amazon Mobile

Amazon shopping just got easier, you can now search and purchase from the palm of your hand. This app lists all the products on the main website too so you won’t miss out. You can shop by category and your suggested items will still appear too!


The PayPal app is a great way to give & receive the gift of cash this Christmas. Not only that, but you can use it to split a bill, making sure you are not left paying for all of Christmas lunch!  Paypal is a great tool for going halves on Christmas presents too, so make sure you have it handy this Christmas!


The Target App is the perfect addition for keeping tabs on your Christmas list, whether its presents or Brussels sprouts! This app allows you to check stocks and add it to an in-store list. Plus you can view weekly ads, featured products, product categories and discount coupons!

We hope these apps give you some help with your Christmas shopping. It is always a hectic time, but being able to shop on the go from your mobile will make sure that the season is less fraught and more festive! And if you’d like to manage all your gifts, here is a great app template that you can easily customize the way you like. Christmas Gift List is perfect to stay organized during this festive season.


Today with us we have Joshin Shaji, which you might know for being one of our iOS developers, author of Office Suit, Talkon and 2048 PRO. If you’re interested to know how he became a developer, keep reading, it’s a story you shouldn’t miss!


Chupamobile: Hi Joshin, It’s great to have you here on Chupamobile. We already know who you are, but would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Joshin: My name is Joshin Shaji, from India living in Bahrain. My interest in computers and technology started when I was 4. My favorite toys were wires, batteries, screwdrivers and motors. I was the happiest kid in the world when I had all these items to play with. I used to connect wire to motors create fans and hover crafts. I first used a computer when I was 4. I learned the basics quite quickly and started installing games and softwares.

My desire for programming started when I was in 5th grade. During my school years I was introduced to visual basic where I learned to create a calculator and later on, throughout the years I learned advanced versions online and started building small apps like: Web Browsers, Notepad, Reminders, Sending Mails and created a few games. I never thought of publishing them or sharing it online. With my first iPad and iMac I started the iOS adventure. From the day I owned an iPad my dream was to build an app. I started with the basics online and built my first app, BMI Calculator. At this point I didn’t have the apple developer program so I couldn’t upload it to the app store.

Later when my dad asked me what gift I wanted for my birthday I said “The Apple Developer Program Please”. My dad thought it would be a great opportunity for me to develop and publish apps, so he agreed and I uploaded my first app to the app store. I got a few hundred downloads, I was not so happy as I wanted more. Then I built Office Suite an app that increases productivity. I was really happy with the results I got: above 1000 downloads in a week. It grew every week and now has above 20,000. Then when I researched online I understood that social networking is one of the most downloaded category. I wanted to build a masterpiece, I faced difficulties with servers and various codes and then found something that would cover all those and make it much easier. It took me 6-9 months but finally made it. That was Talkon. But the problem was that I had a lot of bugs, I was not such a good beta tester. Later I fixed most of them. Then I came across Chupamobile, This was a big opportunity for me to sell my app’s codes. I uploaded all the apps and earned some extra cash. It was a really good opportunity to interact with customers and help them out. So that’s all about me.

C:       Great story!    So, we know you are an iOS developer, what do you think about the new iOS 8? How does it benefit you as a developer and which difficulties did you find?

J:         According to me, iOS 8 was a huge hit for the developers. The release of iOS 8 showed the potential for iOS. With iOS 8 the way we interact with the phone and the computer changed. With features like Handoff, continuity etc. things became much more simple and easy. I was really excited with the release, I wanted to create more apps with awesome user experience thanks to iOS 8. With iOS 8 developers can use some of the features that was restricted by Apple before, like the touch ID and the widgets. Some other features include Health Kit, Home Kit, iCloud drive and Watch Kit. As a developer we can offer more to the user with the iOS 8, better experience, better design and better apps. Apps can use touch ID for login or for other secure transactions or profile details. Handoff lets you continue on your Mac what you started on the iPad. Home kit lets you lock your doors, switch of the light with a simple command “Good Night”. How cool is that? Developers in the health category can develop much more powerful apps that can keep track of health records more efficiently than ever before. One can even have his complete health profile right on his phone, easy for the doctors too. iOS 8 has potential, it shows where Apple can reach, it shows what the future of iPhones will be.

C:        I’m sure you have heard about the recent release of the WatchKit, are you planning to develop an app with it in the future?

J:        An App for the Apple Watch?. Yeah definitely, just waiting for the release. Personally I feel Apple Watch is one of the best innovations Apple has made in 2014, especially with the digital crown and the touch display. Apple Watch has the best interaction possible compared to other smart watches in the market. It makes accessing apps and features on a watch with a small display much more easy and intuitive. Once I get my hands on the Apple Watch I will definitely make an app. Apple has done a great job with the watch. Developers are going to change the way we use our watches.

C:        What can you tell us about your app? How did you come up with the idea?

J:        Let me start with Talkon: Talkon is considered my master piece. That’s because it’s the app I spent a lot of time working on making it better every day. Talkon lets you chat/talk/video call your loved ones who are far away. The app uses email ID to register so you can have multiple accounts on one device and the best part is that it works on iPod too as it does not require phone numbers or SMS confirmation to register. So you can have all the fun of Whatsapp with video calling and voice calling. Talkon offers a theme option, so you don’t have to always stick with the same UI Color.


I’ve always wanted to build a chatting app, as those are the most famous and most downloaded apps. Whatsapp being my inspiration. Some Features that I can list down are:

  • Chat unlimited with your friends
  • Voice Call/Video Call – HD
  • Add groups for video conference/voice conference
  • Add friends easily by just typing in their email or phone number.
  • Change the theme to suit your mood/style
  • Add favorites so that you can access them quickly
  • Recent chat- you can find out who you had a chat with recently

The next one is Office Suite: As I mentioned before it’s an app that increases your productivity. Office suite is a suite of apps for a normal person, business man or nearly anybody. It contains the following features:

  • Dropbox Browser – where you can connect to your dropbox account and view all files on your   device.
  • SketchPad – You can take down notes, draw or just unleash your imagination.
  • USB File Sharing – Have an iDevice with high storage, why not use it as a USB. Transfer files to your phone and also you can view them.
  • Budget Planner – Why waste time calculating and writing down whatever you purchased in a diary. Make a digital database, Budget planner allows you to plan your Budget efficiently.
  • Scientific Calculator – Want a scientific calculator, now you got one.
  • Currency Converter – Get Updated currency rates and also convert currency.
  • Master Password – Got a lot of things to keep in your mind, and a lot of passwords or data that you need with you wherever you go. Master Password stores your data in a highly encrypted database. Now just remember one password.

office suite

C:        What are your plans for the future?

J:        Well my plan is to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Which I think is quite impossible, I don’t know why. It’s my dream college, maybe because people who graduate from MIT get the best jobs. I want to become a software developer and work in Google. Hope God helps me through the way. I want to create the next BIG THING. By next BIG THING, I mean something like facebook or instagram or something that people will love to use.

C:        What would you tell to wanna-be developers?

J:         Work hard and aim high. Some indie developers give up after 2 apps as they are demotivated by the result. Never give up, you are a developer the only thing stopping you from your masterpiece is your imagination, so let your imagination flow.

C:        Great Joshin! It was great having you here. We wish you the best of luck for the future!

J:        Thanks, It was great to take part in the interview. Thanks to Chupamobile for all the support and tips to improve on my apps.


Christmas is one of the best times to catch up on the latest movies and re-watch some of the classics. People tend to have a lot of free time over the holidays and what better way to spend it than watching movies? If you are a movie buff, there are several apps that you can take advantage of this Christmas to stream full-length movies on any device. Without further ado, here are 6 of the best movie apps.



This app has everything you need to know about movies. MovieQuest highlights the top and most hated movies from every genre. MovieQuest gives you video clips, summaries, poster art and Wikipedia links to several Hollywood movies, enabling you to find out all about a movie before you watch it.  It even makes it easier to find a great movie by offering search options based on popularity or genre. If you want to discover some the greatest movies ever made, or laugh your socks off at one of the worst, this is the best app to use.


This is an app by Sony. Crackle offers a regularly updated film collection and also has some TV programming, although the main focus is on movies. One of the drawbacks of this app is advertising breaks during the movies but the advantage is that you do not have to subscribe or sign up. To get Crackle on your device, simply download it for free and enjoy a diverse film collection.


RunPee is a mobile app that should be featured on every iPhone if you enjoy watching films in theatres. alerts you about the best time to go to the ladies or gents as the film goes on. You will not miss any of the good parts in the film with this app, and you’ll easily be able to get back into the films. A cute handy feature on this app is that it also lets you know about hidden scenes that appear after the credits.

Film Study

For movie buffs that are looking for detailed analysis of their favorite films, Film Study is a wonderful app. It allows you to watch public domain movies or import some from iTunes. You can then take notes as the film plays. The app also allows you to refer to the notes in future, so if you’ve a future as a movie critic, this is the one to go for.


If you want to know how movies are related, Solyaris is a good app to download. It will give you details about directors, actors and other aspects that may be similar in each of the movies you want to watch. This app requires a paid subscription, but allows you to find movies you’re most likely to enjoy watching.

MovieMatch HD

This app lets you test your film knowledge. MovieMatch HD also has a match game. It features summaries of more than 230 movies. You can test your friends and family and see who is the biggest movie expert this Christmas, much more fun than charades!

All in all, there’s no better time to watch a movie than in the holidays, and having these handy apps makes it even more fun. Happy viewing!


Apple’s 2d game engine Sprite Kit was first released in iOS 7 and deeply updated in iOS 8 . After two iOS versions we can affirm that it occupies an important place in the native 2d frameworks league where Cocos2d is one of the leaders.

Native frameworks count with the advantage of having a short learning curve, that’s one of the reasons why Cocos2d has been positioned in a privileged position during its years of life, until the appearance of Sprite Kit.

Smartphone with social media icons.Illustration EPS10

Apple has taken its time to create a robust framework to live up the potential of Cocos2d, and Sprite Kit’s last features have set it at the forefront of the race. Cocos2d has responded quickly to this latest news but let’s see which aspects they have in common and in which points they differ.


The work with scenes is easier and more intuitive in Cocos2d than Sprite Kit as it concentrates all the needed behavior in the CCScene class while Apple’s framework uses two classes, SKView and SKScene, for the same.


Despite both game engines have a similar potential in this field, Sprite Kit allows the creation of interesting transitions such as doorsCloseHorizontalWithDuration, doorsCloseVerticalWithDuration,
doorsOpenHorizontalWithDuration, doorsOpenVerticalWithDuration, or doorwayWithDuration.


There is no doubt that SKLightNode has been one of the most important features included in iOS 8. It’s amazing to have the availability of creating lights in our 2d games to provide our scenes with a more realistic outcome. However, Cocos2d has reacted very quickly developing CCLightNode, its own lighting class, which needs a little improvement.

Particle Systems

Both Sprite Kit and Cocos2d have the ability of creating realistic effects such as smoke, fire, or explosions and customize their properties in an easy an intuitive way. With either game framework we can also generate ad hoc effects by applying textures.


In this topic there are a lot of equivalences, both engines have multiple methods to create every action needed, with slight differences, but this is one of Cocos2d’s key points as it counts with a wide set of classes for this purpose.


Both frameworks allow game developers to create bodies with physical behavior easily, we can apply forces, edit properties, and define collisions to achieve the desired result.


Sprite Kit and Cocos2d manage textures very powerfully but it’s Apple’s engine the one which provides wider variety of creating textures from images, from raw pixel data, normal map textures, and noise textures.


SKShader is another of the news included in iOS 8, which combined with lights gives the ability of including realistic scenarios in our games. On the other hand Cocos2d has also developed its own CCShader class to be at the same level than Apple and avoid losing developers.

Cocos2d has been in the game for long time and its very adapted to the environment, with a lot of third party tools that makes easier working with it and complements some of its lacks, and counts with a brand new editor: Sprite Builder.

The framework has the advantage of being open source, which is a cool point for a wide group of developers, and having the support of Apportable, a tool to export your games to Android (it’s paid).

In addition, Cocos2d has the advantage of being constantly updated, as we have seen in the development of CCShader and CCLightNode, which is a very interesting property as you don’t need to wait for another year to find new features.

On the other side, Sprite Kit counts with the advantage of being fully integrated with Xcode, which is a very powerful editor currently. Apple has developed it so we can be sure that its performance and integration with the low level layers and the iOS architecture is better than Cocos2d.

The third party tools have reacted quickly to the appearance of Sprite Kit and we can take advantage of them to make easier the work with Apple’s engine. Also, Sprite Kit has the amazing availability of integrating 3d nodes created by Scene Kit classes into 2d games, feature that provides a big potential.

Finally, we know that Apple is behind Sprite Kit and for sure they are working very hard year after year to improve their frameworks, and I’m sure this is one of their priorities at this moment so we can expect amazing news during next year’s WWDC!

And you, what game framework do you use to create your games and why do you prefer it?


Everyone has a competitive side, and it’s easy to see why quiz apps appeal to the general app market. It’s fun to test your own knowledge and that of your friends and family, and if you can develop a quiz app that works well, is coded well, and has some really good features, there’s money to be made. However, you don’t need to start from scratch when building a quiz app, and here’s where you can make a very clever choice. Take a look at these app templates for quiz games, and you could be smarter, and richer than all of your friends!

The Ultimate Quiz app with web based admin Panel iOS

the ultimate quiz panel

The Ultimate Quiz app is a wonderful multiple choice quiz app with trivia on various topics like sports, history, plants and animals, IT and other general knowledge topics. It is easy to play and therefore appeals to a wide market. Choose the category or subject you want to test your skills and the app will test your knowledge. Each question presented comes with multiple choices. Choose the answer your feel is correct and hit the button. Each correct answer means the app flashes with a green bar and the wrong choices are signaled with a red bar. This is a fully professional template with web based admin, making it easy to run and addictive to play.

The Ultimate Quiz App With 1000 Free Questions iOS

the ultimate quiz 1000

This app, just like the one before makes it very easy to learn on the go and get hooked on getting further and further each time as you answer questions on a variety of topics. After a round of play the score card appears with various parameters like time taken to play, bonus time, correct and wrong answers. The scorecard as well as the app itself can be shared on social media sites. It displays local and global scores as well. The icing on the cake is that the template comes  packaged with 10 different categories and 1000 unique questions for free. This enables the app to be launched in no time without adding any new questions.



Another great app is MathFun which is a Mathematics game where for each random sum that is displayed you have to guess the right symbol, such as +, -, x etc. Great for building mathematics skills and easy to play, this can be a great challenge for all ages. It’s easy to customize and add sums, so you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like.  It works on iOS devices and is iOS8 ready so it’s perfect for the latest Apple devices.

Train the Memory

train the memory

Yet another fun app template to customize is the Train the Memory app which is a fantastic memory builder and perfect for kids. It contains 36 cards. This app has a timer, scores, two levels of difficulty, background music and its navigation is simple. It’s also compatible with both iPhone and iPad and works on iOS 5 and later.

The templates of all these apps are up for grabs and each one can be transformed into a totally new app with very little work. All of them are apps that have been in high demand, and yours could be too, with just a little effort and marketing put into it. With the ability to download for free, and then pay for removal of ads you could be the brainy one for choosing to develop one of these great apps.


The mobile game industry is rapidly growing expanding more than the traditional video games. The players in the industry are not limited to a single one, but there is one particular area that leads this market industry, and that is the Asia-Pacific region.

Why you should be part of it

A research conducted by Applift shows that the mobile game revenues are expected to double by 2017 reaching $40.9 billion. The market research shows that the expansion is spreading worldwide, despite so the opportunities for the growth very considerably for each country.  As a consequence this  growth caused a shift in gamers from PC based games to mobile versions.

Not as a surprise, the Asia-Pacific region represents the world’s largest market for the mobile game industry. Being part of this profitable market is a wish of many publishers worldwide, but analyzing each trend for this market is an essential step of this competitive business.

If you are planning to enter this profitable industry we found an infographic from SuperDataReasearch that you might find helpful.

infographic asian mobile market



There are a lot of apps we come across every day, that cover things you’d never have thought of, and probably don’t really need, but there are few which are actually very useful. The Peek Retina app is one of those. The Peek app works like a Smartphone camera adapter and allows you to conduct a thorough eye check-up from any part of the world. Now that, is something that could be really useful, especially for those living in more remote areas.

peek appA smartphone eye test? Who came up with that?

An experienced team of professionals, which includes software developers, eye care personal and product designers have created this innovative app. The biggest advantage of this app is that it is suitable for all those who need special eye care, but cannot visit the doctor. In fact, the main aim of the app is to provide proper eye care to those places where most people don’t have access to any doctors, let alone the optometrist.

How does it work?

The creators of Peek have designed the retina app with a small camera adapter that easily fits into your Smartphone and syncs with the app on your device. These two components together allow eye professionals to carefully examine the patient’s eyes without any bulky cameras or any instrument at all. The phone’s GPS is used to find the patient’s location, which helps the professionals to provide the necessary medical support to the individual, directing them to the place most able to give them assistance if needed. Apart from this, another feature of the app is that people without healthcare knowledge can also be trained to use the kit.

Where and how can it be used

Peek can be used by medical professionals in preventative exams, as well as helping medics to diagnose cataracts and various other eye problems. Based on the collected information the doctors see in the images, they can even detect high blood pressure and diabetes. The app also allows professionals to provide eye care support to those who don’t have any access to eye care across the globe, effectively helping people take better care of their eye health.

It sounds excellent, particularly for use in remote locations. What’s next?

Peek’s creators are trying their best to come up with improvements and innovations to make this app even more successful. With it, they hope to raise awareness of good eye care, and regular checkups, wherever in the world you are. We wish them all the luck in the word with this worthy app.


The 8th of December Google officially announced the release of Android Studio. The new IDE built for Android developers is supposed to make their life a lot easier when building apps.

android studio

Android Studio was initially announced in May 2013 at GoogleI/O conference and after a year of development the development tool finally got from RC status to 1.0.

We know how most of the Android development tools that are available are based on the open source Eclipse project. Despite being very flexible, Eclipse, can at times be cluttered by its numerous plug-ins. Android Studio instead, focuses mainly on Android giving users a more seamless experience.

What does it mean for developers?

It is definitely a big improvement for all the Android developers, the most relevant updates are the splash screen and a migration wizard that is useful to import all your settings if you were previously using either the RC or beta versions.

Among the other changes with the development environment, developers will be able to import Google Code samples and access to the Google cloud services that can be used as a backend for their apps. A lot of improvements have been done also to code editing, UI and even designing for multiple screens as you’ll be able to see how your app looks like in different screen sizes and different languages.

With all these possibilities Android Studio is a must for all the Android developers. Additionally the improvements brought to the environment might allow the Android community to grow further.