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How many times while playing a game you wish it was yours? Perhaps you would change the character or imagine it in a different background? How would the Game/App look like with a different set of effect and animation? I feel it almost every time: the same gameplay may attract totally different types of audience with just a few changes. But, how to achieve it when you have no specialized skills, and perhaps only some imagination and possibilities and creative ideas running all through your mind? How to make money quickly from this ever growing market of Games and Apps? The answers to all these questions lies in purchasing the source code of a Game/App and re­skinning ­it in the simplest way possible.

I, Sachin Sachdeva, joined Chupamobile with a dream of making this possible in every aspect of the mobile world. Chupamobile is one such platform which has helped developers, designers and producers from all over the world to come together and transform this mobile world with all possible reskin options.

Starting off with kids learning apps we are now upgrading our skills to make single touch and mind screening games. Thanks to Chupamobile, we have published several source code apps on their Marketplace and in addition, provide total reskinning of these Games/Apps. All you need is the idea to make your version stand out from the existing ones and make it visible to your target audience. With that one single idea you can make the app/game totally different  from the existing ones and who knows, it might beat all the records and become the hottest app ever! Time for party! That’s the power of re­skinning.

Design Process and Why design is important for any App/Game

The design process is a crucial step in creating an App/Game. It usually starts with the Brainstorming session in order to extract all the good ideas from the team and create a plan. Next comes the concept development. Here, the App/Game is defined in greater detail. As soon as the concept is ready, the Coloring part comes next where a color selection is made based on the concept development. Lastly, the Animation part is dealt with if needed. In brief this is the process:

  1. Research the type of Game/App wanted & what will be the target audience

  2. Brainstorming session with team

  3. Concept development definition

  4. Colouring part of concepts

  5. User Interface design mock­ups

  6. Animations (if required)

  7. Mock­up video of Game Play (to help programmer understand exactly how the Game/App must look like)

We believe that making a compelling and beautiful artwork for any game is crucial. The artwork has to be attractive to the eye. Most of the developers who purchase source codes try to launch the game as soon as possible by getting the artwork done quickly and with little budget. However, even in this business, one must pay for quality work. The artwork of a game is how many users evaluate a Game/App and hence, whether to download it or not. The functionality of the gameplay is also very important but it comes in second place during the evaluation of the user (since the gameplay can only be checked after downloading the game). Therefore, the artwork of any Game/App is one of the most important aspects. By having awesomely looking graphics you will definitely increase the number of your downloads!

This is a guest post by Sachin Sachdeva. Sachin is head of creativity on Quackart Studios in India. You can browse all their products here, including the last hit Brick It On!. Enjoy!



Want to meet who is behind most of the addictive Flappies that populate the App Store? You cannot miss this interview! Vojtech Svarc (VinCity Apps), owner of the Flappy Crocodile source code, tells us how he managed to earn tens of thousands of dollars in a few days by selling only one app source code. His secret? He was the first to notice the Flappy Bird trend. Read his whole story here:

Chupamobile: Hi Vojtech, nice to meet you! How are you?
Vojtech: Hello, busy but can’t complain. Thank you

C: For a start, I would love you to tell us how come did you arrive to the app source code business and how long have you been working on it.
V: I actually just got started with source codes but I have been in the app biz for about a year now. I got into source codes first as a buyer but wasn’t too happy with the variety of source codes available so I decided to start making my own. I still actively buy all good source codes I find as it saves so much time and money it’s a great way how to grow my app portfolio and stay ROI positive.

C: Talking about Flappy Crocodile; all of us know about Flappy Bird success, an app that reached the top of App Store and Google Play charts just a few weeks ago and was later shut down from the application stores making it become almost a legend; was this blooming surge that brought you to launch Flappy Crocodile?
V: Absolutely. There was so much media attention around this app and mystery about the developer itself I knew “Flappy” will be the new “Candy” of the app store for the next few months.

C: How did you manage to follow an important market trend like Flappy Bird in such a short time?
V: We actually didn’t start from scratch which was a huge time-saver. I managed to find an already existing code and bought full rights to it, so we got lucky and had a great head start.

C: Tell us more about this app source code: What part of the game has been more difficult for you to work on?
V: Hands down the most difficult part comes when the code is out there and selling. Coming up with updates, bug fixes and still provide support to all the questions is something that proved to be very challenging. I am taking on board all the feedback I am getting and will definitely learn from this and do a better job next time.

C: What would you say to our community, why should they buy this product? Which are the key points that make it a safe bet for a reskinning?
V: The amount of assets you need to change makes this one of the easiest reskins you will come across. Cheap price, huge trend and addicting gameplay makes for a great ROI on your investment. The coding part is proving to be little challenging for less experienced users but we now have a free Udemy course for the iOS version which allow anyone to reskin and launch their version.

C: For you who are reading, you must know that Vojtech made record revenues with the sales of Flappy Crocodile for iOS and Android in just a few days, how does it feel to rise such high numbers in less than one month?
V: It feels like we are onto something, but what makes us even more happy is seeing our buyers having a success with the code. When Flappy Miley hit number 8 free overall on the app store with our code it was an amazing feeling. When Tiny Flying Drizzy hit number 1 overall (the same spot the original flappy bird was at) I just couldn’t believe it. It literally can’t get any better than that.

C: Our community is loving your source code, are there going to be more products on Chupamobile? Could you give us any sneak peak of what is coming next?
V: There is definitely going to be more codes and we are working on a couple right now. Can’t say what exactly we’re working on but can promise we want to keep the great ROI factor in all our codes. The only way this can work is if our buyers are making money as well so that will always be our top priority.

C: As I’ve seen you are good on detecting app trends, I would love to know which do you think will be the next killer app on the market.
V: Trends like Flappy don’t come too often. Flappy is still going strong and I think it will take a while till it gets replaced in the top charts. But I will definitely keep my eyes open and try to be ready when it happens.

C: Anything else you want to add? Any general advice for our community about app development?
V: If anyone wants to connect and talk apps you can reach me here.
And regarding app development, if you are reading this you are already on the right track. Buying source codes is a great way to get cheaply into the app industry and as you can see sky is the limit even with a $100 source code.

C: Thanks for your time! It has been a pleasure to interview you!
V: Thank you for the opportunity and the great support you provide to me and your users.

You can browse all the products by Vojtech here. Hope you like them!


Our team keeps growing and this week are excited to introduce you the lady that will manage most of your requests for our recently released customization service: Liliana. If you haven’t met her yet by email, you are going to love this dynamic and smiling girl. Read below her self-presentation:

Hi Chupamobilers!

I’m a 26 year old mobile addict and tech enthusiast who loves all things related to design and innovation.

I recently joined the Chupamobile team as an account manager, and…hey, just a few weeks have passed and it is enough to make me superproud!

Right now, I’m all about rigging up the newly launched customization service. Have you already heard about it? My mission is to help people build high quality apps and become a trusted advisor for appreneurs all over the world. I provide them resources to work faster and maximize results…with no stress! The best part of it? It’s not only professional developers, but also for all the tech enthusiasts out there, with a valuable idea and a dream to participate in the growing digital business.

Why is this so exciting to me? Well, I feel somewhat close to them!

My academic background is related to the mobile industry: roughly one year ago, I gained an SM in Finance at LUISS Guido Carli (Rome), and I’ve worked for the past few months as financial reporter at MF-DowJones News, in Milan. While improving as a journalist, I also put my editorial skills into practice as a community and content manager of Atooma -a very successful mobile toolkit that helps users create contextual mini-apps with absolutely no coding skills.

This experience, together with being part of InnovActionLab -a selective course on how to effectively present ideas in front of investors.- brought me into the lively and proactive roman start-up environment and made it clear to me that mobile industry was definitely my call!

This being said, Chupamobile is a really nice place to be! And beware, it’s not just the huge growth potential of our market. Our special strength is an international, eclectic team, which results in an incomparably powerful and inspiring fusion of perspectives, voices, and opinions that make us serve our customers’ needs at the best.

Whether you’re a professional app-coder needing help/advice or you have thought “I wish there was an app to …” without an idea of where to start, well…together, we can make it happen!

For more information, tips or ideas, please drop me an email at


Candy Crush Saga by King is loved by people of all ages from around the globe and has been dominating the app charts for well over a year now. It is one of the most played and downloaded games of this generation available on Android, iOS, Facebook and online with 93 million daily active users.
Like other match three games, you simply need to match three or more pieces either horizontally or vertically to clear them in an attempt to score points, complete tasks and progress through the numerous levels.
But its popularity is mainly due to its broad appeal and addictive nature which King has dialed in beautifully. The game starts off very simple to play, but levels become increasingly difficult to complete as the user progresses through the early levels. By the time this happens, the user is already addicted to the feeling of accomplishment and gratification they got early on when the game was considerably easier to play. Most hit games you see in the App Store trigger similar behavior in their users and function in a similar way.
It is this deep physiological need to bring back those great feelings of winning, similar to a gambler in a casino, that they are willing to pay to bring it back by purchasing additional lives and power ups (called boosters) in order to pass a level they are stuck on and move to the next. These various in-app purchases bring developer King a reported 2.4 million in daily revenue!
Prior to releasing Candy Crush Saga, King was no household name but Candy Crush Saga has consistently been in the top charts in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. It is also the most played game on Facebook, surpassing past popular titles like Farmville, Tetris and Mafia Wars.
You may be asking yourself if you should create your own match three game and the answer is big yes! People love them and it’s a simple yet addictive gameplay that never gets old.
More importantly, when you publish a match three puzzle game with ad networks integrated, you are providing big game studios like King highly relevant traffic for their advertisements. Traffic that they spend big money on and are more than willing to send your way to acquire more users.
When you’re ready to get started and take a piece of the pie, we have some great match three puzzle game source codes available on Chupamobile. You never know, you can be the creator of the next big match three puzzle game! Good luck in the App Store!
This guest post has been written by Chris Silveira, as known as Appypocket on Chupamobile. You can browse all his products here. Do not miss his last hit, Puzzle Battle Zoo, a source code that will allow you to create your own multiplayer Candy Crush!

We are excited to introduce you Lucia, our new front end developer that has just joined us and is already working hard! We are very happy to have a dev girl on board and we are sure you will love her. If you want to know more about Lucia, read below her self-presentation. We take the chance to wish you a happy Wednesday!

Hello world! It is my turn to introduce myself and I’m very excited!

It’s been a few days since I’m in Chupamobile and I’m really proud to be part of this wonderful team. When I decided to join this company it was like starting an amazing adventure, making me feel happy and eager at the same time. But now let’s talk a little about me…

I’m 31 years old and I come from Vicenza, in the north of Italy. I grew up with a computer, firstly interacting with only a simple DOS white-on-black words. In my early years after high school I studied graphic design in Padua, trying to merge my passion for the .bin world with my artistic-side. And later, I worked many years on print-publishing. I confess, I still love fresh-printed paper smell!

Meanwhile, I expanded my skills on web and I built a new job opportunity on web-based applications, particularly WordPress managed. That was not the time to stop improving myself, so one year ago I decided to better understand what was “under the surface” and I joined a developing course, which was focused on Javascript language (but not only!). I lived in Bolzano for about 6 months, enjoying coding with a good sachertorte slice! That cake was not a lie! At the end of my studies, I caught the occasion with Chupamobile after a meeting call with Stefano. I took my luggage (not only a towel and the Guide, I’m sorry) and moved to the beautiful eternal city of Rome.

My passions? I like painting, reading, poetry and playing quite all kind of games (PC, console, table, card, RPG). I love animals and I live with my two cats. I also like cooking: my friends really appreciate it… And yes, I’m proud to be a geek girl!

DON’T PANIC! If you want, you can contact me at!

Good Coding and GG to all!


As an App Developer myself, I think Re Skinning Apps is a fantastic way of building up you App portfolio quite quickly. Building an App from scratch can take months of planning, development, testing and finally releasing your App to the world. With App Re Skinning, this time frame can be cut down to just 1 week. Or less depending on the kind of App. That’s a huge difference! Let’s break it down for a minute:

- Building a game from scratch: 2 months per app (if everything runs perfectly and on time) x 12 months in a year. Total Apps = 6

- Re Skinning Apps: 1 week per App x 4 Apps per month—Yep there is still 12 months in a year! Total Apps = 48

As you can see from the simple calculations above, why App Re Skinning is becoming more and more popular these days. Even to those who have never written a line of code in their life. You don’t need to be a programmer to get started in App Re Skinning, in fact I believe it is the best way to get started in this industry. But you need to make sure you are doing things the right way, otherwise chances are you will fail and be put off the App industry forever. Let’s talk a bit about how you can get started and some mistakes to avoid when starting in App Re Skinning.

Buying Source Code

Obviously the first step is to find an app you want to Re Skin. Head on over to and begin your search. They have the biggest variety of Apps you will ever need. Browse through the categories, and start with something simple for your first attempt. Look for Source Codes that are already popular on the App Store.

For example: Word / Trivia Games are very popular. So have a look at this onethat it’s very easy to Re Skin, it’s a Word / Trivia Game about the World Cup which is a huge selling point for a developer especially with the World Cup just around the corner and its the price is nice and low. Or you can have a look at Bruno Bunny,again it’s in the popular category. It’s a re make of the Flappy style game but takes a completely different approach which is very important (you will understand why when you read below about being Different). It’s also priced very well and extremely easy to Re Skin.

Be Different

When people think of Re Skinning, they believe it’s a matter of buying the source code, change a few graphics, change the name and submit it to Apple for Approval. Well, I did say it was a quick way to build up your portfolio, but you are going to have to become more imaginative than that to succeed in the App store.

Let’s take Flappy Bird as an example (why not? everyone else does!). Unless you have been living on Mars for the past few months, you have more than likely seen the hundreds upon hundreds of Flappy Bird clones hitting the App Store. In fact if you have a look at the Games adventure and Family categories, you wonder why Apple just doesn’t go ahead and rename those categories to Flappy Category, because they are filled with them.

Anyway, back to the point. If you download these apps, you will probably notice 2 things:

1: They are exactly the same


Same gameplay, same UI, same, same ,same. And same = lame. (I’m a poet and didn’t know it)

So why do I mention this? Because people have just been buying up Flappy Clone source codes, they change the name, change the flying character —sometimes— and then submit the game. And then they wonder why Apple and Google Play started rejecting these Apps. Yes, users obviously need their fix of Flappy ever since the original creator pulled it off the stores, but you need to get a little creative.

I know what you are thinking: How am I supposed to change the game when I have no experience in programming? Simple, OUTSOURCE! Which takes me to my next point.

Outsource For Help: Chupamobile Customization Service

So, you have purchased your source code, and you don’t want to be like hundreds of other developers and want to add an exciting twist to your game. You have a fantastic idea, and no clue how to implement it. Well, now it’s time to find someone who can help you out. Customizing and reskinning your app source code has never been easier. Chupamobile has just launched a new reskinning and customization service that will save you lots of time and effort.

Just ask for a free quotation for the customization of the product you are interested in. Make sure you write a descriptive request so the Chupamobile team’s quotation is the most real possible. Reskinning and customization services are usually commended to the own athor of the product if possible, so the job is in good hands! After you have accepted the quotation, the customization process will start and in a few days you’ll have your new app ready!

One last thing I would like to mention, which I believe is one of the most important parts of having your App noticed is ASO.

What is ASO

App Store Optimisation (ASO). What does this include? Your Icon, Your Screenshots, Your App Name, Your Keywords. All these are vey important to understand if you want to succeed in this business. And there is no better way of understanding ASO than going to Gabriel Machuret is the ASO king. There is no one better to learn from when it comes to ASO, and after you check out his site and watch his ASO video tips you will see why. I am not going to pretend I know all there is to know about ASO, so I don’t have a lot to write on this subject except for guiding you to the best resources you will ever find on the net on this subject. (I have just saved you countless hours of research on ASO… Your welcome).

Remember Re Skinning is a way of building a portfolio, so don’t get too attached to your Apps. Make the changes that you want and then move on to the next one. Granted your first couple of Apps may take a little more than a week to finish, but as you gain more experience, the Apps will be flying out the door.

I wish you the best of luck on your App Re Skinning venture and I hope it brings you the fortune you are looking for. I hope this post has been helpful to get you started.

Guest post by John Angemi, founder of Bluemoon Studios. Bluemoon Studios was established in 2012 with the goal of producing entertainment for game junkies to quench their gaming thirst. Bluemoon Studios aims to satisfy all gaming skills and needs by developing animated apps with pursuits which will get the player hooked.


We are very happy to introduce you today our new Business Development Manager, Pierre-Olivier! Meet him better in this short self-presentation:

Hello fellow Chupamobilers!

It is with great pleasure that I join the Chupamobile team. My responsibility here at Chupamobile will be focusing at 360° on all the Business Development working closely with the whole Chupa team.

I am 23 years-old, graduated in Brussels, Belgium at Vesalius College in Business Management.

Since I was born I have lived in many different countries around Europe, attending international schools in English. My parents being Belgian, I was raised in French. At the age of 9 years-old I moved to Rome, Italy where I inevitably learned to speak Italian.

Towards the end of high school, it was obvious to me that I would, one day, become an Entrepreneur. This very quickly became a dream, my ambition. My focus then became very clear to me on what I had to study and what I had to do during my “free-time” in order to make my dream a reality.

During my last semester at Vesalius College, I started working in a start-up called Raz*War – the first company (e-commerce) to introduce the “shaving-as-a-service concept”. Over the 20 months at Raz*War I leveraged on: social media marketing, e-mail marketing campaigns and assisted in the international development, leading to an exponential growth of users community.

My entrepreneurial mindset has lead me to read more on consumer behavior which explains why I am so passionate about (Social) Marketing and everything that revolves around the subject. Confronting myself on a daily basis with my dad (ex-P&G Corporate Sales Director & ex-GE VP Commercial Operations Europe) allows me to constantly challenge my ideas, coming up with better ones, and never giving up. Always in line with my entrepreneurial mindset, I have recently taken the challenge to follow the Process Communication Model training – a practical tool which allows you to better interact with your entourage, being professional or personal – in order to become a PCM Trainer.

Overall, my interests have evolved within the internet arena and my recent experiences have confirmed that this is the path I want to pursue. Chupamobile being part of one – if not – the hottest market today is a phenomenal opportunity for me.

I am extremely excited to start working here at Chupamobile. I am looking forward in making the business strive and making it a better place for all of you Chupamobilers.

If you have any suggestions on how to make the Chupamobile community a better place, do not hesitate to drop me a line:

To finish my presentation, here is a quote which I strongly associate myself to:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


The Flappy Bird phenomenon showed us that also indie developers can make it to the top charts and get a place on the App Store history with a simple game like the one from Dong Nguyen. A phenomenon on the ranks because of the huge number of downloads but as well because the many clones that popolated the charts, proving that good and innovative clones had also their place on the top charts, arriving even to the number one on the list.

The whole Flappy-movement proved as well a very important point for the industry: Users love simple and funny mobile games that are easy to play on their mobile phones and tablets and, on this precise moment, they are specially loving the bit-sized ones like Flappy Bird or Jumpy Jack.

As I said before, many fast and smart developers and non developers that got the trend at the key moment, managed to clone those super apps and to place theirs on the top of the charts and found themselves with staggering successes on their hands, driving thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of downloads per day… and good amounts of money on their pocket!

That’s where Don’t Step The White Tile comes in. A new simple and easy-to-play game that had first proven to be a huge success in Japan before being imported to the US App Store where it is number #2 on the free chart. Don’t Step The White Tile is a reaction game that has become the ultimate test of reflexes! Try to avoid the white tiles by stepping only in the coloured ones; very simple but as well very loved by the App Stores users!

With this game we can see the lessons learned from Flappy Bird: Some of the White Tile clones are already filling the top charts! Like this one below.

The always fast redBit team was between the first to release a good and innovative clone, based on the same easy gameplay but with a nice and original idea that has already hit the Top 20 US Overall! Their success might not seem typical, but it just shows you the power of a good idea and a fast reaction based on a game with a gameplay that App Store users have demonstrated they love.

You are still on time to launch your White Tile and to be between the first on the run. We have just released a very easy-to-reskin source code to avoid any unnecessary work, you can see it here. Time is gold guys!



After the ProjecTemplate team, today we have with us another of our Top App Developers who recently had a huge success on the platform. He is Gareth Ffoulkes, the Australian developer behind the amazing Jumpy Skating and Multiplayer Flappy Bird iOS source codes that our community is loving. Under the name gareth.ffoulkes.3, he and his team joined Chupamobile only a few months ago but one of their apps is already between our iOS bestsellers and more are coming! They have just launched Space Escape, a Red Bit Escape style game source code very easy to reskin, and they have more great projects on mind that will be soon on the Chupamobile iOS catalogue.

After this short introduction, here you can read the complete interview we made to Gareth. Enjoy!

Chupamobile: Hi Gareth, we are very happy to have you with us today. For a start, we would love you to give us a brief bio of yourself.

Gareth: Hi there! My name is Gareth Ffoulkes, founder of One Dreamer, a small mobile software development studio currently based in the tropics of Darwin, Australia. I graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in a double bachelor degree of Business and IT. However, I must express to the fellow aspiring developers, my IT degree has not been the basis of my mobile development. You don’t need a degree to make beautiful apps!

C: As you have been on the business for a while, let’s go back to the beginning. What did your very first App look like?

G: I have developed a large variety of software throughout my years, however was introduced to Objective-C and iOS development by a relative who founded the app Servicem8. My first iOS app was a small fitness app used to track one’s diet plans and eating habits. The design was very simple and the graphics were made by my roommate at the time. It made me quite a bit of pocket money during my university years before I sold it to a fitness enthusiast website.

C: What development blog or site do you visit daily?

G: You really can’t go past Raywenderlich for learning and tutorials. I would think almost every developer has used his website for information. However if you need to get into the technical side, Apples iOS Development Library contains the most detailed documentation.

C: How a mobile app source code, like the ones you sell on, can help other developers in completing their projects?

G: I really wished I stumbled across Chupamobile in my earlier days as a developer. You really save yourself a whole lot of time learning off a pre-made package rather than grabbing bits and pieces from unverified resources scattered across different projects and developers on the web. It’s also great to quick start your app portfolio in a matter of hours!

C: You are quite new on Chupamobile and your app Jumpy Skating is having a lot of success, why do you think it works so well?

G: I really tried to make our Jumpy Skating package as simple as possible for buyers to learn pure Objective-C while adding a very addictive game to their portfolio. It can be really difficult for those looking to start to learn the basics of programming when they are thrown into a Cocos2d environment.

C: You are really engaged with the support of your customers, do you think it is an advantage for you and your buyers? Why?

G: I really want to help my customers in as many ways as possible. It can be very difficult for them if it is their first reskin and I really want them to experience the same exciting environment I enjoy on the Appstore. Furthermore, I also gain crucial information from supporting customers as they provide input into what exciting new things I can add to the app and what features could be better explained or improved! So really, providing support is a win win for both parties!

C: What do you think about your experience in selling apps source code on Chupamobile?

G: It’s been a wonderful experience selling source code in the Chupa Community. I’ve had the privilege to meet and help so many wonderful people on my journey here. I will definitely be using Chupamobile for my future endeavours and hope I can improve my products by taking in as much feedback as possible from the loyal customers.

C: There must be a project that you have always dreamed of doing, what is it?

G: I’ve always dreamed of working on a larger style game such as Clash of Clans. Hopefully I can assemble a team and make that dream a reality in the near future!

C: Are you working on anything cool now that will be released on Chupamobile? Anything we should keep our eyes open for?

G: My team is currently working on something I think will be very helpful for buyers on Chupamobile. We are adding another Mac application to our products which will allow users to change all the game settings, set up their advertising, game centre and in app purchases in a user friendly environment! We really think this will give buyers complete customisation control without even taking a look at the code. It’s definitely a game changer!

C: Do you have any suggestions for all the other aspiring authors out there?

G: If you’re passionate about your products and want to help your customers you really can’t go wrong! Being an author is an extremely satisfying feeling and if you put time and effort into creating what customers want you are sure to succeed!

C: Anything else you would like to say?

G: A big thank you to the Chupa Community for your wonderful feedback that has made this adventure worth it! I hope to take in all of your suggestions and integrate them into all of my future source codes!

C: It has been a privilege, thanks very much.


If you are an Android developer, you cannot miss this interview. We have talked to Anni Ben Yair, publisher relations manager of Appwiz, about the best ways to monetize your apps. She has the best tips if you want to take the highest revenue from your Android projects as well as a super overview about the situation of the app business nowadays.

Appwiz is a global platform that provides Android developers a unique, targeted, and customizable ecosystem for monetizing Android apps. They offer innovative monetization channels to help you maximize your revenues in an easy way; integrate with Appwiz in just a couple of minutes and start getting paid! To make it even easier, all the campaign optimization processes are individually followed by a dedicated account manager that will guide you on every step and provide you any kind of support you need. If you want to know more about Appwiz services, you will find more information on their website.

Here, the amazing interview our team made to Anni. Ready to learn? Give it a read:

Chupamobile: Hi, nice to meet you, can you please briefly explain what is your role in Appwiz? What are you working on?

Anni: My job title is Publisher Relations Manager, and I am responsible for anything and everything that has to do with our Publishers, and our Publisher Recruitment Team – from finding them, to contacting them, to bringing them on board, and then managing their account. I manage our team, and put all efforts to bringing as many publishers to work with Appwiz, and ensuring that we optimize their potential to the fullest.

C: As you must have a good overview of the future of mobile applications? How do you think it will evolve within the next 5 years.

A: The way I see it, 5 years from now, a larger portion of our daily activities will be carried out using our mobile device – from grocery shopping, to education, to price comparisons, to entertainment, and so-on. So most of us will be spending more and more time using the device, and this presents a tremendous opportunity for application developers, and platforms like us, to both enhance the user experience, while ensuring that it is a profitable ecosystem.

C: Can you tell us a bit more about the profile of your users, Who are they?

A: Our users cover all the spectrum of those using mobile devices. Since we have such a wide range and variety of applications, naturally the distribution covers a lot of different sectors of the population – presenting us with a substantial challenge to provide monetization solutions that fit such a variety.

C: We know Appwiz is formed by a team of mobile developers and advertising veterans, what does that mean for your clients? Is that your main strength?

A: Our founders and initial core of employees have dozens of years of combined experience in the mobile application world, and in the world of online marketing and advertising. This combination is what enables us to evolve and make our mark in this world of mobile application monetization. It is very early in the life of this company, and we are keen to build a comprehensive solution for application developers that will allow them to focus on what they know – building innovative and neat applications – while allowing us to monetize this apps. This ecosystem is very dynamic, and changes constantly, and we are working on a few really cool and unique technological solutions for monetization, and all I can say is that we are here for the long-run – we are marathon runners, not sprinters…

C: Can you tell us how much are your best clients earning every month with your service?

A: Our top developers earn 5-digits per month, both through PPD and revenue share.

C: Wow, great numbers! So, working on such an important ad network must give you a broad view of the market, can you tell us which sector or mobile applications is working the best? Why do you think so?

A: That’s an interesting question, because we have a unique view from 50,000 feet on this… Since we have both PPD and revenue share, we know to say what applications generate a lot of downloads, and what applications generate a lot of revenue from in-apps, and these are not necessarily the same (actually most of the time they are not the same…). Downloads belong to the world of utilities like battery boosters, security apps, screensavers, and theme-related launchers. But revenue from in-app are those that people obviously spend more time using like social apps and games. So we try to find the right balance and accompany the developers to make sure they understand how to earn from both models.

C: What about Chupamobile, do you like what we provide? Why?

A: I think you guys have a great site, and that the need for such a site exists today, and will grow over time even more. Having a marketplace for source code is a great way to have a place for developers and marketers to ‘meet’ and each can get a lot out of it. Some developers are good at just that – writing code for cool apps, but have no idea what to do with it. This marketplace that enables a handshake between those developers and companies or individuals that want to focus on distribution and marketing is super.

C: Do you have any advices for the Chupamobile community?

A: Monetization is the key, if you play your cards right, choose the right set of monetization tools, you can make each of your apps a gold mine!

C: Thanks for everything!

A: Thanks!

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