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Author: Phyora
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Let your users interact with the world around them by using this toolkit to add an augmented reality view to your app.

Transform landmarks nearby into coordinates on your screen with this Augmented Reality Toolkit for Android. The toolkit uses an algorithm to convert spherical GPS coordinates into a set of X,Y screen coordinates. Therefore, if you point your phones camera at an object and that object appears on the screen, this toolkit will calculate at which point on the screen that object appears!


Getting Started

The AR-Toolkit.jar must be added to the build path of your app.

How to Use

The supplied Javadoc documents the available methods within the AR Toolkit.

To begin using the toolkit it is recommended you begin by taking a look at the example app provided. Open the project in Eclipse and navigate to ARProjectionActivity. The app is concise, fully commented and ready to install and run on your device.


Q: How accurate is the AR Toolkit?

A: Short answer - Very. Long answer - As accurate as the sensors on your device. You will notice in the example app we have included code to smooth sensor readings. This is necessary as the readings from some phones can be erratic.

Q: Does the Toolkit have any limitations?

A: The sensors in most devices will not work correctly in certain situations due to interference I.e. in vehicles or next to electronic equipment. Also sensors may sometimes need recalibrating, this can usually be achieved by holding your phone in the air and making several "figure of eight" motions.

Support If you have any questions you can contact me, email provided in the documentation file.

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