Flappy Crocodile Source Code - Easiest Reskin Android

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Flappy Crocodile Source Code - Easiest Reskin | App Code for Sale | Hero
Flappy Crocodile Source Code - Easiest Reskin | App Code for Sale | Hero



Sales for this product are closed, we suggest you this other A+ app template by our top author: Flappy Bee vs Flappy Fish for Android

Get in while it's HOT! The best version out there. Forget all the crappy codes. You can checkout the android version here

The Code:

  • done in cocos2d-x
  • has RevMob and Chartboost
  • has Flurry, Tapjoy, Adcolony
  • has iAd, Admob
  • Facebook, Twitter and Email sharing
  • Google Game Services
  • runs on Android phones and tablets

The Reskin Difficulty

This is the easiest reskin you will ever make. If you thought surf slots were easy, wait till you see this. One background, 12 pictures for character animations, menu screen and a couple of buttons. That’s it.

The Updates:

This is a basic version with Flappy Bird like functionality. We are currently working on a more advanced version and we are looking to add some fun things like more characters, in game currency and possibly multiplayer. If you purchase this code you will get the update for FREE!. As I said speed is a huge factor here so let’s get some lite versions into the store first while we work on a more advanced code.

The Support:

We provide full support so when you have questions, we’re here to answer. Hope you are as excited as me about this one. So let’s get flapping


Project is located in folder games/gameflappycrocodile/proj.android

You must install Android SDK, API 8 and API 10 and API 13, and latest version of Android NDK. To build it you need to navigate to proj.android folder and run doIt.sh (debug) or release.sh(pass 101010). The script will build native library, then Android app, and then it will upload .apk to connected android device. You can edit scripts to better feet your needs. You need use your keystore file of course for submission or testing in-app purchases.

You must change sdk.dir path in doIt.sh or/and release.sh to match you Android SDK location.

Artwork is located in games/gameflappycrocodile/Resources

In order to setup ad networks codes you should edit only one file - SKGameMetadata.h File is located in games/gameflappycrocodile/Classes.

You should setup the following codes (you will find samples in SKGameMetadata.h file):

  • APPSTOREURL - your app url, used for RateMe button.

  • ADMOBMEDIATIONID - Admob mediation id. You must enable mediation from your Admob account, and ad iAd network from Admob website to show iAd ads in your game.


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  • gabriel.kenworthy 2015-01-08 09:27:58 Thread #55963

    Where do I change the link for the "More Games" button? I can't seem to find it in the SKGameMetadata.h file.

  • appsorg Buyer 2014-03-12 12:24:23 Thread #15985


    great game, thank you!

    I need to fix this issue:

    ---> Unable to terminate application by BACK key

    1. Execute Application
    2. Select BACK Key on main menu > Check the screen

    Application should be terminated by BACK KEY

    How do I fix this please?

    • Chupa Team 2014-03-12 12:32:25

      You can override onBackPressed method in home activity, for example like this:

      public void onBackPressed() { Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTIONMAIN); intent.addCategory(Intent.CATEGORYHOME); intent.setFlags(Intent.FLAGACTIVITYNEW_TASK); startActivity(intent); }

  • alpesh27 Buyer 2014-03-11 09:41:17 Thread #15809

    Hello can you please guide me on how to make all the configs on a windows based OS ..

    i am unable to config this project and am getting many errors.

    please help me soon..

    • Chupa Team 2014-03-12 11:56:18

      Project setup is explained in step by step instructions, please make sure to follow it, setting up Windows environment is explained here: http://www.cocos2d-x.org/wiki/Howtosetuptheandroidcocos2d-xdevelopmentenvironmentonWindows_7

  • toux 2014-03-11 05:09:53 Thread #15789

    This project was made in Cocos2d I can´t make this steps. I need a solution ASAP or my money back, this project it´s a disaster, hidden configurations, the config file it´s a mess, Documentation is not complete. I still having troubles to configure the Google game service.... and the OWNER ads still appearing.... as others the pub: link (this last not in my case I found the line). Make clear instrucctions.

    • Chupa Team 2014-03-12 12:24:38

      Which step you were not able to complete? Cocos2d is very well explained in official documentation: http://www.cocos2d-x.org/wiki/

  • toux 2014-03-11 04:53:24 Thread #15778

    I have downloaded the txt version in the ChupaMobile release. I have edited the file of admob mediation, and published my code, my game does not have any ad impression and I can see ads. How to fix that? Documentation and support Disaster.

    • Chupa Team 2014-03-12 12:42:12

      Please make sure you edited SKGameMetadata.h and entered correct keys in it, also make sure you do this before you built Cocos2d project. This looks like you followed steps and compiled Cocos2d (step 11) and after that you edited this file.

  • mavs41 Buyer 2014-03-10 23:07:56 Thread #15732

    In my app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hlay.floppylebron) I've noticed that on lower resolution devices the bottom right of the screen turns black (where the "ground" is supposed to be) as the game is being played. This also happens in the actual flappy crocodile game on the playstore. Will this bug be fixed soon?

    • Chupa Team 2014-03-12 12:46:10

      On which resolution this happens? We tested on 320*480 and this is not happening.

  • ramzii Buyer 2014-03-10 15:31:57 Thread #15662

    i Have 1 issue and a question issue: leader board is not working. question: how can i have an admob Interstitial fire up on game over or when user is not playing.

    • Chupa Team 2014-03-12 13:09:06

      You should set up AdMob to show when _nodeGameOver becomes active, it is in file: FlappyGameplayLayer.cpp

  • You know I got pretty much everything working after installing new version.

    except for

    1. logging in/signing on to leaderboards

    2. getting my ad to work, and chartboost. The config file contains a lot of information from a lot of different ad servers. I've input most of that information in.

    But leaderboards and the ads/chartboost is not working. I'm not even sure which ad network it's using but it seems to be admob.

    • Chupa Team 2014-03-12 13:14:39

      Please make sure you compile Cocos after you edit keys (step 12).

  • mun365 2014-03-07 08:05:20 Thread #15107

    I keep getting an error saying 03-07 02:04:13.350: E/AndroidRuntime(1938): java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load game from loader dalvik.system.PathClassLoader[DexPathList[[zip file "/data/app/com.dracollc.flappycrocodile-1.apk"],nativeLibraryDirectories=[/data/app-lib/com.dracollc.flappycrocodile-1, /system/lib]]]: findLibrary returned null in the emulator running Intel Atom.

    • Chupa Team 2014-03-07 13:14:15

      Please make sure you finished all steps in instructions, this looks like there was some problem after step 10.

      • mun365 2014-03-08 12:44:54

        I have followed all steps in the instructions.

  • mavs41 Buyer 2014-03-07 07:00:58 Thread #15105

    how do you setup twitter sharing? As well as revmob?