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Restaurant App Template is a native Android template app to let you easily create a Food&Beverage App in minutes.

It has all the interesting features from reservation to menu listing. Clients can spot any near-by location on map for reservation.


This module has four packages with their set of classes. Main package has all activities while Utility classes have a separate package. Then there are two packages; one each for Facebook and Twitter classes. We will talk about activity classes for this app.

Main class Holds the tabbing view for the whole application. Each tab view (Menu, News, Reservation and Location) has one parent activity.

App Structure

Menu tab has collection of activities comprising:

  • Intro

    Intro activity shows images of dishes among menus. It supports swiping between images.

  • Listing

    Listing activity highlights all menus available with the restaurant. Each menu has further detail on each menu on detail page.

  • Detailed One

    Detail page has all the things about that menu. Here client can share the menu with friends over social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

News Tab follows same pattern as menu though there isn’t any intro on this tab.

On Reservation Tab, intuitively, client can call right-away or book the reservation by filling and sending relevant data. In addition the App user can see near-by franchises on Location tab map and pretty much get the instructions to locate it. Information about the franchises is quite easy to see through overlays.

P-list Configuration

Project includes restaurant.plist file that stores data about annotations. Each <dict/> item defines one tab data which are:

  • Menu

  • News

  • Reservation

  • Location

Menu has two childs:

  • introImagesNames

  • and menuItems

MenuItems has further menuItem childs with annotations like:

  • Title – of menu

  • Overview – about menu

  • ImageName – of the menu

  • Description – on menu.

News has children with the name newsItem following same annotation as menuItem.

Reservation has an annotation with the name of Description.

Location has locationItem children with annotation below.

  • Title – of location

  • Address – of location

  • Latitude – of the location

  • Longitude – of the location

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  • Hey guys, nice product!

  • lelandwsmith Buyer 2014-12-14 21:46:49 Thread #53054

    Do you still support this project? I have some google map questions

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    dear Sir,

    I downloaded the app and it is not working could you please send me a contact mail to discuss further


  • sublimenet 2013-11-08 12:06:37 Thread #6965

    wow, i was ready for buy this app in Android and iOS version but readed this comments first so i ill not buy. The author is not answering to the buyers, is not good support.

  • jronnybravo 2013-10-03 12:40:29 Thread #5434

    Is this a native app?

    Also, I am planning to run this on eclipse, but based on previous comments, they were not able to use eclipse.

    By the way, what do the licenses mean? I'll be augmenting my features on the codes, but it's for JUST ONE application. But a lot of users could download this app once published. Please explain which license fits my need. Thanks