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Real Estate Template application is a native Android application that comes in help when you need to promote real estate campaigns.

Demo Video


The application is bundled with lots of features:

  • Displaying homes in a list as well as on a map view

  • Filter homes based on various criteria

  • Searching for particular houses based on various criteria

  • Easy navigation

  • Android 4.0 design

  • Smart and optimized displaying of homes on the map

  • In-app contacting broker

  • Splash Screen

The Real Estate Template application is built using Android SDK under Android 4.1 – Google APIs (api level 16) and Eclipse Java EE Juno as an IDE.

The downloaded package contains 3 parts:

  • The Android client

  • The Java Web Service (API that connects the client to the external database)

  • The SQL script for generating the database: Download here

The documentation bundled with the package provides extensive explanations (including videos)of how to configure with minimum of effort the entire application.

Video links:

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