Fruit Jewel (match 3 game) Android

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Fruit Jewel (match 3 game) | App Code for Sale | Hero
Fruit Jewel (match 3 game) | App Code for Sale | Hero



Fruit Jewel is another match 3 game. Match 3 is very popular type of game, in this game we implement 2 modes: arcade and classic. This is the demo apk


  • Cool UI

  • Easy to customize

  • Admob supported (admob banner and interstitial)

  • 12 levels in arcade mode

  • Support Android 2.2+

  • Leaderboard with SwarmConnect

  • Google analytics integrated

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Before starting to use this source code and developing this app, firstly, you need to install the following softwares to your computer.

  • JDK 6 or above: Install Java Development Kit (JDK) 6 or greater.

  • ADT Bundle: Luckily Google have combined Eclipse, ADT Plugin, Android SDK Tools, Android Platform-tools, The latest Android platform into one thing, it's called ADT Bundle.

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  • avi.lev.73 2014-12-21 12:33:14 Thread #53880

    i am interested in the code. downloaded the apk and tested on bluestack. game menu loads, but when trying playing the game it just goes out .

    • nguyentam Author 2014-12-21 13:07:04

      This game need android arm to run (all real devices support it). Maybe your emulator use intel x86 so it can't run.

  • salvo91 2014-11-17 20:37:03 Thread #49743


    I want to purchase. I would like to know if detailed instructions are given for the reskin and how to customize the game to my liking. Thank you.

  • mykola 2014-10-21 23:18:00 Thread #46277


    what mean this values from integeres.xml?

    <integer name="quicklytime">8</integer>

    <integer name="quicklycount">10</integer>

    • nguyentam Author 2014-11-06 03:18:42

      please don't care about those values. Leave it as default.

  • mykola Buyer 2014-10-21 23:01:37 Thread #46276

    Cool App!

  • leozeng 2014-09-04 03:53:11 Thread #38764


    Can this game support android api level 7? 

  • appsorg 2014-07-02 09:07:35 Thread #30248

    i want to add more 3 levels (15 levels) to arcade mode., but have an issue.

    this what i changed:

    1) if (mChapter >= 15)  ---- in JewelsArcade

    2) publicstaticintCELLS_VERTICAL = 5;

    3) added more 3 levels to arcade.json


                "brick3": [   


                "brick2": [


            }, x3 time

     when i go to level 13, everything crashes. what i doing wrong? :-)

    • nguyentam Author 2014-07-02 16:17:42

      Why do you need to fill levels with empty bricks ? Can you try to fill it with at least 1 brick ? If it doesn't work please send me a screenshot of error to the email in documentation.

  • wykweb 2014-06-15 16:37:58 Thread #28229

    Hello, looks like there are some errors right from begining after inporting to Eclipse. error under manifest xml and 

    2. under: src folder looks like the path is not found. Please advice asap. Thank you!

    • wykweb Buyer 2014-06-15 21:05:18

      Problem solved SwarmConnect library was missing. Added SwarmConnect to Eclipse and VOILA it works now.

      • nguyentam Author 2014-06-16 07:03:20

        Hi, Sorry for the delay, it's weekend. Just answer your email.

    • wykweb Buyer 2014-06-16 07:58:50

      thank you! Awesome support!

  • notaclue88 2014-05-09 15:34:42 Thread #23213

    Hello, I am very interested in buying this app. Can you tell me how easy is it to use as I am a first time beginner.

    Thank you


    • nguyentam Author 2014-05-09 17:32:09

      It's easy but if you're beginner you will need to google a little bit. Chupamobile also provide a customization service so you can contact them if you can't make the app run.

  • carlitopkr 2014-04-01 16:45:10 Thread #18693

    What is new on the update?

  • appsorg Buyer 2014-04-01 15:44:28 Thread #18683

    I want more levels in arcade mode...

    ps - Product Fruit Jewel (match 3 game) has been updated!

    what is new in the new version? )

    • nguyentam Author 2014-04-01 16:20:33

      You can add it by yourself. I've updated loading scene when transition between levels.