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City Application Template is a native Android application that provides you an easy way to create a presentation application of a particular city. It doesn't require programming knowledge, all you have to do is to edit a couple of configuration files.


The application has 3 main parts:

  • General Info screen
    • presents general info about the user defined city
  • Pictures screen
    • presents user defined pictures of the city
  • Hotels screen
    • presents user defined hotels of the city in a list form

The Pictures and Hotels screens have additional details screens for every picture and hotel defined by the user.

Importing the project

In order to import the project all you have to do is :

  • File -> Import -> Android existing code -> select eclipse project (CityApp1)

  • Right click on project -> Properties -> Android -> Project Build Target: check Google Apis - api level 14

Configuration Files

The application is easy to configure in order to populate it with desired data.


This .xml file contains general information about the city. The fields that the user must edit are:

  • Name

  • Population

  • Area

  • Mayor


In this .xml file the user can define for the current city. Every tag must contain the following information:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Address

  • Telephone

  • Email

  • Website

  • Latitude

  • Longitude

  • Average Price

  • Rating

This .java file contains a map of key-value properties representing the name of the picture - key and its caption-value. !Attention: The name of the picture provided in the map must exactly match the name of the actual picture defined into the /drawable-hdpi folder.

Additional configurations

If you want to configure the 3 launcher icons from the main activity you must override the following files with your own version:

  • launcher_info.png: for the info launcher icon

  • launcher_picture.png: for the picture launcher icon

  • launcher_hotel.png : for the hotel launcher icon

In order to edit the background pictures of each screen you must override the following files with your own version:

  • main_bg: for the launcher screen background

  • general_info_bg: for the general info screen background

  • pictures_bg: for the pictures screen background

  • hotels_bg: for the hotels screen background

Map Key Configuration

Into the /res/layout/activityhoteldetails.xml you have the following map component:

        android:clickable="true" />

You must replace the android:apiKey field with your own key. See details here.

After these configurations the app is ready to run. An example of configuration is provided in the source code.

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