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City Application Template

City Application Template

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City Application Template

City Application Template

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From: $16.99

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**City Application Template** is a native Android application that provides you an easy way to create a presentation application of a particular city. It doesn't require programming knowledge, all you have to do is to edit a couple of configuration files.
The application has 3 main parts: - **General Info screen** - presents general info about the user defined city - **Pictures screen** - presents user defined pictures of the city - **Hotels screen** - presents user defined hotels of the city in a list form The **Pictures** and **Hotels** screens have additional details screens for every picture and hotel defined by the user. **Importing the project** In order to import the project all you have to do is : - File -> Import -> Android existing code -> select eclipse project (CityApp1) - Right click on project -> Properties -> Android -> Project Build Target: check Google Apis - **api level 14**
The application is easy to configure in order to populate it with desired data. **GeneralInfo.xml** This .xml file contains general information about the city. The fields that the user must edit are: - Name - Population - Area - Mayor **Hotels.xml** In this .xml file the user can define for the current city. Every tag must contain the following information: - Name - Description - Address - Telephone - Email - Website - Latitude - Longitude - Average Price - Rating **PicturesMap.java** This .java file contains a map of key-value properties representing the name of the picture - key and its caption-value. !Attention: The name of the picture provided in the map must exactly match the name of the actual picture defined into the /drawable-hdpi folder. **Additional configurations** If you want to configure the 3 launcher icons from the main activity you must override the following files with your own version: - launcher\_info.png: for the info launcher icon - launcher\_picture.png: for the picture launcher icon - launcher\_hotel.png : for the hotel launcher icon In order to edit the background pictures of each screen you must override the following files with your own version: - main\_bg: for the launcher screen background - general\_info\_bg: for the general info screen background - pictures\_bg: for the pictures screen background - hotels\_bg: for the hotels screen background **Map Key Configuration** Into the **/res/layout/activity_hotel_details.xml** you have the following map component: You must replace the **android:apiKey** field with your own key. See details [**here**](https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/android/mapkey "Obtaining Maps API Key"). After these configurations the app is ready to run. An example of configuration is provided in the source code.

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    14 Days Money Back Guarantee

    We stand behind everything we sell.

    One of the greatest thing on purchasing an App Template on Chupamobile is our 14 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy.


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