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Author: jo_dev
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Car in Sale app is an application template under Android platform ver 2.2, to help you create some app to showing all preview of describe car, informations, price, image and other. you can easily to customized this app and add many data about car into this application


  1. Using SQLite Database : All informations about car stored in this functions.

  2. Google Map Android Api V2, this app build in new version android map V2 for better map new feature in 3D.

  3. Gallery View : Include 3 stored image preview in Car descriptions using Gallery View on Android.

  4. Good UI Design : This app include icon and background for all screen size, and describe in user guide.

  5. User Guide : Documentation about this app included into main file for guide you.


  1. Java Development Kit above 1.6
  2. Eclipse IDE
  3. Android SDK
  4. ADT plug-in
  5. Android Paltform min ver 2.2


All image of all car preview from

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